5.1 Rewards and Challenges of Entrepreneurship

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Introduction to Business
Mrs. Rachubinski
5.1 Rewards and Challenges of Entrepreneurship
Directions: Read the statement below and using the link provided, Robert Herjavec Insight ,
answer the questions and give your own insight into Entrepreneurs Advantages and
Sam Jones manages a record store owned by Felipe Santiago. Sam decides to keep the store
open until midnight during the week. If the additional hours bring in customers and
increase profits, Felipe may praise Sam. He may even get a raise. However, Sam won’t
directly receive any of the profits because he is an employee. The additional earnings will
flow to Felipe, the owner.
1. What are some reasons to become an entrepreneur?
2. What does Robert Herjavec believe to be the reason an entrepreneur is successful?
3. Complete the chart below.
Name __________________________
Introduction to Business
Mrs. Rachubinski
3. Watch the following video and answer the questions below.
a. Why are these young Entrepreneurs successful? Use specific examples from
the video to support your statements/ideas.
b. In your own words, what characteristics of entrepreneurs do you believe
they possess?
c. c. In one or two sentences, explain a possible business idea that you would
have the passion and determination to make successful? Take this seriously,
we will be using this later on in the chapter.