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5.3 More Binomial Distribution Graphs of Binomial Distributions A waiter at a restaurant has learned over time that the probability that a lone diner leaves a tip is .7. During one lunch hour he serves six lone diners. Make a graph of the binomial probability distribution that 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 diners leaves tips. Mean and Standard Deviation of the Binomial distribution µ = np is the mean or EXPECTED NUMBER OF SUCCESSES σ = npq that is the standard deviation of number of successes A satellite requires three solar cells for its power. The probability that any one of these cells will fail is .15. What is the least number of cells the satellite should have so that the expected value of the number of working cells is no smaller than three? What is the smallest number of cells the satellite should have to be 97% sure that there will be adequate power? That is at least three cells work.