Review your parent letter

Review your parent
• The point is for the parent to get to know
• Do you have atleast three things about you?
• Will they feel good about leaving their kid
with you?
• Are there any errors that need to be fixed?
SS and Science
Planning preschool lessons
What is Social Studies?
• Learning about ourselves, other
people, communities, cooperation and
SS competencies
• Social Studies Competencies
A. Develop self-respect and a
healthy self-concept
B. Investigate other cultures
C. Expresses feelings
• D. Explain the roles and importance of
family and friends
• E. Recognize and explain the role of
community helpers
• F. Explore the school and explain
roles and responsibilities
• G. Make healthy choices/take care of
our body
Things to think about
• Real things are better than fake
• Have fun, invite people in but you still
need a lesson
• Have kids vote on something- set up a
What is Science
• A. Study of natural process and
their products
• B. It involves observing, exploring,
comparing, classifying, predicting
• and discovering
Science Competencies
• A. Identify similarities and
differences in things
• B. Demonstrate animal behaviors
and identify habitats
• C. Demonstrate the role of air,
water, soil, seed, and sun for
plants to grow
• D. Show respect for plant life,
animal life and other aspects of the
• environment
• E. Explain and categorize the many
kinds of animals
• F. Demonstrate that some things
float and others sink in water
• G. Use the senses to explore
• H. Explore the weather. ( wind,
snow, ice, sun)
What do we do now?
• Read through the reset of the
science info
• Look through the bins
• Start planning your lesson
Lesson Planning
• 1. Choose an objective ( due tomorrow)
• 2. Identify the competencies and goals
it meets ( why)
• 3. Complete your lesson plan and the
materials for your lesson plan- Due
Monday at 2:25