Name _______________ 1. What is soil make of?

Name _______________
Soil Web quest
1. What is soil make of?
2. How do rocks become soil?
3. What are decomposers and how do they help to make soil?
4. What is humus and what does it do for soil? Pgs 15 and 16
5. What is soil texture?
6. How is sand silt and clay different form one another.
7. How does sand affect the drainage of water and why is it not a good soil
for plants?
8. What are aggregates and what particle helps to create them?
9. What is the problem with soils that have too much clay?
10. Why would you not want to build a house on clay soils?
11. What is loam?
12. Plants get carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen from air and water. What are the
three essential nutrients that plants get form soil?
Pg 19
13. What is the best pH for crops?
14. What is the pH of most Pennsylvania soils and why?
15. What processes do you think is happening in this video?
16. How do you think it could be prevented?
Use the internet to define the following terms
Monoculture -
Erosion Dust bowl –
Forested buffer -