Name: _________________________________Date:______________class:_______________ Take Home Quiz: Science Lab Techniques and Equipment

Name: _________________________________Date:______________class:_______________
Take Home Quiz: Science Lab Techniques and Equipment
Measuring the volume of a liquid with a graduated cylinder:
1. The surface of a liquid confined in a cylinder curves to form what is known as a ____________.
2. Always read the top/bottom (circle one) of the meniscus when measuring the volume in a
graduated cylinder.
3. How much is each graduation (hash mark) worth?
Measuring mass with an electronic balance:
4. Because we never place a chemical directly on the balance pan, some container must be used.
Since we do not want the mass of the container included in our measurement, we press the
______________ button on the balance to reset it to zero.
5. When using an electronic balance, there are two things you must do before placing the object to
be massed on the balance. They are: 1)__________________________________ and
2) ___________________________________________________________________.
Using the laboratory Bunsen burner:
When using a Bunsen burner, the air control vent must be adjusted so the flame has the proper
____________. (Yellow flame = lack of oxygen, open air vent; light blue outer cone = normal
heating; bright inner blue cone = strong heating; gentle heating – moving container back and
forth through outer cone.)
Lab equipment:
Identify the laboratory equipment:
a) _____________________________
d) _________________________
b) _____________________________
e) __________________________
c) ______________________________
f) ___________________________