4 and 5 Graders

4th and 5th Graders
After-School Robotics Class
* Limit of 10 students per class
* No experience required
* Students who completed session I will work on new models
* Enroll now to confirm your spot for the Spring Session!
Class time: Tuesdays 4:15–5:15, March 1– May 10
* Provided the minimum number of students (8) is enrolled
Cost: $350 for (10) one-hour Classes
Includes use of computers & special LEGO building kits *
*Items built in class cannot be taken home as the same building kits are used weekly.*
This class utilizes hands-on learning and special LEGO kits to introduce students to
robotics as they explore concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math.
Each class begins with a short lesson about simple machines, and is followed by
constructing LEGO models using special building kits that contain motors, sensors, and
gears. The models are then activated by students writing a simple computer program.
Each model and programming will emphasize the lesson taught that day.
In each class, students will build a different model.
Throughout the class, students will be inspired to build skills in problem solving, critical
thinking and teamwork. To encourage teamwork, students will work in groups of two and
share a computer and building kit. However, items built in class cannot be taken home as
the same kit of parts is used for each class.
No experience required!
INSTRUCTOR: Georgia Clark has a degree in electro-mechanical engineering and has
taught Robotics for the past seven years to ages 9-18. She also coaches the team
“RoBUGs” that competes in the FIRST Robotics League.
“RoBUGs” (RoBots Under God) Team accomplishments include:
- Georgia FIRST Tech Challenge State Champions 2012, 2013, & 2014 (FTC is a high school division)
- FIRST World Championship; competed 3 years and won “Best Engineering Notebook” Award in 2013
- Georgia FTC State Championship in 2011, our rookie year we received 2nd place award
- Georgia FIRST LEGO League State Champions 2010 (FLL is for ages 10-14)
For information about FIRST, go to firstinspires.org