Name ________________________________________ Date ____________ The Civil War  Mr. Silva  Quiz (In­class) 

Name ________________________________________ Date ____________ The Civil War Mr. Silva Quiz (In­class) Civil War Documentary Place all your answers on the line below each question. 1. How did Professor Cascarino interpret William Sherman’s concept of, “total war?” 2. What did Grant mean when he said that humans are rational beings, even in war? 3. Identify the four motivations of humans established by Dr. Faccio in the video for why he justified Sherman’s behavior as ethical. 4. What did Dr. LaCivita mean by the, “Taco Bell Theory” of war? 5. Professor Ulland claimed that ethics of war are variant among the two genders. In what way did she explain that? 6. What connection did Professor Gionta make between the ethics of war and the leading role in a musical? 7. What is an ethical “schlollop?” Give both the Yiddish and English translations. 8. What ethical principle did Dr. Murin defend by claiming that ethics of war are nothing more than a conspiracy by the left­wing media? 9. Dr. White provided his ethical war theory through a series of bad puns. What point was he trying to make? 10. What is the significance of the number “1221” in ethical war history?