Whose Line is it Anyway?

Whose Line is it Anyway?
Students are to compose a skit utilizing a dialogue among chosen Civil War
figures. Information about key Civil War figures can be found at the link below:
 As part of your skit, you are not to reveal which figure you are playing—
your classmates have to guess based on the nature of the dialogue.
 Not all Civil War figures have to be utilized, just one Civil War figure per
group member.
 Dialogue can be humorous or not.
 Presentations should be approximately 5-7 minutes in length.
 Presentation will count as a test grade. Presentations will take place on
Thursday, March 5th. For extra credit, groups can dress in costume and/or
videotape their skits.
 Grade will come in two parts, each worth 50 points:
o Presentation:
 Clarity/Accuracy of History: 25 Points
 Preparedness/Organization: 15 Points
 Participation: 10 Points
o Paper
 Clarity/Accuracy of History: 25 Points
 Conventions (Spelling, Grammar, etc.): 15 points
 Organization: 10 Points
o Paper is due at the time of the presentation and will be a copy of the
dialogue you will present.
o If your group can guess every character in another group’s
presentation, your group will receive five points extra credit per