Chapter 25.4 Notes: Men and Women in Uniform Mobilization

Chapter 25.4 Notes: Men and Women in Uniform
 After Pearl Harbor, ______________ Americans volunteered for service
 The Selective Service System was expanded and another 10+ million were drafted (GI’s)
 Women’s Army Corps (WAC’s) and Women Accepted for Voluntary Service = women’s division of the
Navy reserves (WAVES)
 ___________________________ women served in the military during WWII
 Question: What roles did women have in the military during WWII?
The Selective Service Act of 1940
– Men ages ____________________drafted for military service
– U.S. military rejected ___________________ of those examined during the draft
– 16+ million trained
Diversity in the Military
 300,000 __________________________ served
 25,000 _______________________________Americans Served (Navaho Code Talkers)
 ___________________ African Americans served
 At first, blacks were given supporting roles in segregated units; by 1942 African
Americans were given some combat opportunities
 By 1944, some African Americans served in white combat units
 __________________ Japanese and ____________________ Chinese served
The Tuskegee Airmen
“Red Tails”
First Black military airmen
_________________________ Black pilots trained at Tuskegee, Ala
What was the Bataan Death March?
Prisoners of War
Approximately _______________________________ Americans became POWs
Death Rate
– Japan: __________________ of POWs died
– Germany: ________________of POWS died
– Prisoners were subjected to slave labor, cruel punishment & medical experiments