Service Learning Program Student Time Sheet

Due Date: ____________________.
Turn it in at VV A1314 or RG A125
Service Learning Program
Student Time Sheet
Student Name:
Student ID:
Student Phone #:
Agency Name:
Supervisor Name:
Supervisor Phone #:
Service Learning Requirements:
1. Must serve a minimum of 20 hours per course and per semester (optional: may do more than 20 hours).
2. Must do 20 hours per course per semester in order to get credit through Service Learning.
3. Timesheets turned in after due date will not be accepted for Service Learning credit.
4. Students must do one timesheet for each course.
5. The Service Learning Program will not count hours done before semester begins or prior service hours.
TOTAL HOURS: ______________________
Agency Supervisor Signature: ______________________________________
Due Date: _______________
For questions or additional Information call (915) 831-2489 or email us at [email protected]
FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: Date Rec’d: _______________
Date Entered: ________________
Initials: ________________
In order to receive credit original timesheet for each course you are doing service learning for must be turned
in. Faxed, Copies or Emailed timesheets will not be accepted.
Do’s and Don’ts for Service Learning Students
1. During the work period students are subject to organizations’ rules and regulations (e.g. Work hours,
holidays, dress code, email policies, etc.)
2. Students should never bring friends or anyone outside the class to the service site unless it has been
discussed with both the instructor and the agency/organization supervisor.
3.Personal business conducted during work hours utilizing employer resources, such as time (e.g. doing school
work), telephones, photocopy machines, fax machines, and computers (including email) is strongly
4. The use of controlled substances (alcohol or drugs) prior to or during work is prohibited.
5. Students should strive to be considerate, honest, trustworthy, and cooperative when dealing with others at
the organization/agency.
6. All assignments and responsibilities should be carried out in a reliable and efficient manner.
7. A professional work ethic should be adopted by the student, characterized by use of sound theoretical
principles and a personal value system that are characteristic his/her field.
8. Professional effectiveness will be enhanced by students’ effort to improve skills and acquire new
9. Suggestions offered by supervisors to students for corrective changes in behavior should be accepted in a
constructive manner and attempts should be made by them to improve performance.
10. Should any problems arise on the job (communication with supervisors or coworkers, conflicts between
school and work etc.) the instructor should be notified immediately by the student in order to help solve the
problem in a timely and professional manner.
11. Should any change anticipated or if a serious dilemma arises, the student should notify the Instructor and
the Service Learning Program immediately.
Thank you for your participation in the Service Learning Program.
Don’t forget to attend our Service Learning Reflection Session at the end of the semester to receive your