Pennbrook Home & School Volunteer Form

Pennbrook Home & School Volunteer Form
Please review the following list and check all volunteer opportunities that might be of interest
to you! General time frames are noted; however, feel free to contact Heidi Stark at
215-412-0446 or email at with any questions or comments. Thanks in
advance for your help as it is greatly appreciated!
Daytime Opportunities
____Student Picture Day
____Library Volunteer
______Yearbook Sales (Fall & Winter)
______School Nurse Volunteer (Fall)
_____Scholastic Book Fair
______Concession Sales
_____Ticket Sales
School Play (3/12-3/14)
____Organize Concessions
School Dances
_____Help w/ refreshments
______ 9th Grade Semi Formal (4/25)
7th Grade Read In (10/23 – Evening)
_____Help with set up and refreshments
Staff Luncheon (6/11)
____ Donate needed items
_____Help with set up/clean up
Are you available for sporadic requests that come up? Check the days below that you are
generally available and we’ll be in touch! There’s always something going on at PB – Volunteers
make a big difference
Daytime Availability: __Monday __Tuesday __Wednesday __Thursday
Evening Availability: __Monday __Tuesday __Wednesday __Thursday
Volunteer’s Name _______________ Home Phone ____________________________
Email Address* ______________________________________________________
*Please print email address clearly. Volunteers will be contacted primarily via email unless you let us know that a phone call is
I have a child(ren) in the following grade levels (at PB): __7th Grade __8th Grade __9th Grade