II. Character Flaw Brainstorm Name___________________________ Your character flaw:

II. Character Flaw Brainstorm
Your character flaw:
Scenario (the event that is the basis of your narrative):
Your extended metaphor:
Associated words/phrases to help extend it:
Words—What you say
AND HOW you say it.
Use realistic dialogue.
Inner thoughts
Others’ reactions to you
Setting (reflecting the
III. Plot outline—Present a basic list of the events/story board, explaining the various stages
in your story. A bulleted list under each section is sufficient.
1) Exposition: establish setting and main characters, and suggest what main conflict will
be. Give a hint of or introduce your metaphor.
2) Rising action: Series of events in which the conflict intensifies; will probably constitute
the bulk of your narrative. If you did not introduce your metaphor in the exposition,
introduce it here.
3)Climax: The turning point—when your flaw is at its worst OR the point of recognition
when you realize your behavior must change. Be sure to put ample detail into this moment
in your story. Bring up your metaphor.
4) Falling action/dénouement: The consequences of your behavior become evident, or
your personal reflection begins.
5) Resolution: The end result of the situation, as a consequence of your flaw; brief
reflections on the event or about yourself. Be sure to sprinkle in your metaphor—use in
the last lines if possible.
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