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Research Paper
Self-Evaluation Checklist
 My research paper is at least 6 FULL pages long EXCLUDING the annotated bibliography and afterward
 I have followed MLA format:
 1 inch margins on top, bottom, left, and right
 Appropriate heading on first page (example at Purdue OWL website)
 Header with last name and page # on each page (see website)
 12 Times New Roman Font throughout
 Double-spaced throughout; no extra space between anything.
 I have included 8 sources on my annotated bibliography page; the sources meet type requirements (website, two
periodicals, book, non-traditional…)
 I have listed ALL sources that I have used (even if they exceed the original 8)
 I have included at least 12 parenthetical citations in my paper; at least 6 of my sources are used in the paper and are
represented in parenthetical citations.
 I have included a two-page reflection (Afterward) that follows my bibliography
 I have printed the full assignment as one document and submitted it to
NOTE: Paper will be penalized for missing requirements.
Content and Organization
 I have included an introduction that captures the reader’s attention, gives background, and ends with my thesis
 I have followed the basic order of my outline. My paragraphs are sequenced in a logical fashion.
 Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence that states the paragraph’s focus. All ideas in the paragraph relate to that
 I have used transitions to connect ideas, paragraphs, and sections.
 I have elaborated on my research by explaining, translating, questioning, giving examples, drawing conclusions from,
or elaborating on the facts included in the paper. Used T.I.Q.C.A. method.
 I have shown the connection between the ideas in my body paragraph and my thesis. referring back to it often.
 I have included a conclusion that relates back to my thesis, summarizes the content of the paper, offers suggestions for
future research or action in my topic or new questions to be answered, and ends in an interesting way.
Research and Citation
 I have used research to support my assertions throughout the paper.
 I have placed quotation marks around words taken directly from my sources. (If not, you’ve plagiarized)
 I have paraphrased correctly, changing the author’s words and sentence structure when doing so. (If not, you’ve
 I have given a correct citation for all borrowed ideas, whether paraphrased or quoted.
(If not, you’ve
 I formed my citations correctly.
(Each citation includes the first word(s) listed for the source on the works cited
page.) Incorrect citation can lead to the appearance that a source is missing from your bib., so be certain it’s correct.
Annotated Bibliography Page
 Starts on a new page at the end of the paper (header and pagination should continue)
 I have updated the bibliography to include ALL sources used in my paper.
Failure to list a source is a form of
 I have summarized, discussed the credibility of, and reflected on the usefulness of each source.
 The layout of the page is correct (see example on handout) and the format of each individual source is correct; I
repaired any mistakes noted in the first drafts.
Reflection (afterward)
 I have explained my interest in my topic and what I’ve learned
 I have reflected on the research process
 My writing is personal and narrative in style, and the content is two double-spaced pages long
Mechanics and Style
 I have proofread my paper for errors in spelling, capitalization, usage, punctuation (especially semicolons and
apostrophes), sentence structure (run-ons and fragments), and agreement (pronouns, subject and verb).
 I have had at least one other person read my paper to check for errors
 I have eliminated unnecessary wording and combined sentences that can be combined (no repetitiveness)
 I have used strong, vivid, precise diction throughout the paper
 Sentences read clearly and exhibit variety in structure. Parallel structure is used when possible.
 consistent and appropriate tone
 ideas flow (use transitions)
 pronouns and antecedents agree (everybody needs his privacy)
 subjects and verbs agree (one of the characters is)
 correct spelling (especially homonyms), punctuation, capitalization…
 I have avoided “you” and “I think” type constructions
 I have written out numbers zero through one hundred