truthful and valuable universal and timeless Classic Novel Brainstorm

Classic Novel Brainstorm
truthful and valuable—the book says something universal and timeless—people can apply the book’s
of value, drawing attention to human problems, rather than
simply telling an amusing story
characters, conflicts, or themes to themselves despite the setting;
classics integrate themes that are understood by readers from a wide
range of backgrounds and levels of experience
well-written--creatively or beautifully written with
influential—the book’s characters, themes, conflicts, or writing
effective language; sometimes the language is poetic,
sometimes it is very unique, sometimes it is a sharp imitation
of a character’s voice, sometimes it captures the age that it
was written in very well
style has inspired or influenced other works; it is a model that other
writers and artists aspire to replicate
????—feel free to add your own criterion _______________________________
Brief summary of plot and background of book (publishing date, awards won…)
Thesis (criteria you will address and if it deserves classic status)
Body ¶ 1
Topic sentence (criterion 1)
Details and support (text detail and your insights)
Body ¶2
Topic sentence (criterion 2)
Details and support (text detail and your insights)
Summation of points—what is your overall opinion of its classic status:
Should/could it be a part of Penncrest curriculum (why? for whom? why not?)