Master Course Outline
NURS 263
Transition to Professional Practice
Course Description:
Student will synthesize concepts using unfolding case studies to focus on
leadership and manager of care. Students will have the opportunity to develop a study plan for their
NCLEX-RN® examination success. Preceptorship is intended to facilitate the student’s transition from
student role to professional nursing practice. 2 lecture hours; 15 Clinical/ Preceptorship hours.
Vocational program course. May be used as a general elective in the AA degree.
Credits: 7 (Theory 2 credits: Clinical/Preceptorship 5 credits)
Prerequisites: NURS 262 with a grade of “B-“or better
Learning Outcomes:
By the completion of the course the student will be able to:
1. Analyze own personal strengths and knowledge gaps to develop a personal NCLEX-RN® study
2. Synthesize essential nursing concepts in preparation for the NCLEX-RN®.
3. Manage care for a group of patients in a variety of healthcare settings. (supervise, delegate)
4. Utilize best current evidence to develop a quality improvement plan.
5. Evaluate the culture of an organization to determine best fit for potential professional
Advance Directives
Organizational Culture
Disaster Planning
Management of Care
Quality Insurance
Professional Responsibilities
Supervision and Delegation
Scope of Practice Tool
Instructors: Team
Course Resources/Textbooks/Website: Please consult course instructor regarding current book list.
Technique of instruction:
Lecture, discussion, role play, overheads, computer PowerPoint presentations, CD’s, instructor
demonstrations, scenario analyses, and student presentations
Methods of Evaluation:
Exams, written paper, ATI comprehensive predictor (See Nursing Handbook)
Clinical Appraisal Tool: P/U
Leadership Exam: 100 points
Community Exam: 100 points
Paper: 100 points
Presentation: Complete/Incomplete
Course Requirements
1. Average of 80% or higher on exams and paper
2. *ATI benchmark level 2 on proctored assessment or 98% on practice assessment
3. Passing grade in clinical. See Clinical Appraisal Tool
4. Failure in clinical will result in a grade of C+ for the course.
5. Active class participation.
6. Satisfactory completion of any assigned written and/or presentation projects
General Information – Important!
See the Nursing Student Handbook for the policy related to missing tests.
No provisions are made for late assignments. All assignments must be turned in to pass the course.
Unless otherwise noted, all assignments must be original work. Please do not copy other students’ work
and turn it in as your own. See the Academic Integrity statement below.
Grading Scale
A = 94-100%
A- = 90-93.9%
B+ = 87-89.9%
B = 84-86.9%
B- = 80-83.9%
Not Passing
C+ = 77-79.9%
C = 74-76.9%
C- = 70-73-9%
D = 65-69.9%
F = 64.9% or lower
Academic Integrity: All forms of cheating, falsification, and plagiarism are against the rules of this course
and of Grays Harbor College. Students who are unsure what constitutes academic dishonesty are
responsible for asking the instructor for clarification. Instances of intentional academic dishonesty will
be dealt with severely.
Disability Statement:
Any individual who has a documented disability, which might interfere with his or her ability to fully
participate in this class, may be eligible for accommodations. Feel free to contact the instructors of this
class as soon as possible or contact the Disability Support Program located on campus in Student
Services (HUB), Room 119. Any information regarding disability will be kept confidential.
W Day: W Day, the final day to officially withdraw from a course, is the Thursday of the seventh week
(Thursday of the fourth week for summer quarter). Students who do not withdraw by that date will
receive the grades they have earned, regardless of whether they are attending the course or completing
the work. Students who are considering withdrawal are strongly advised to consult with the instructor,
advisor and financial aid prior to withdrawing. The only withdrawals allowed after W Day are complete
withdrawals from all courses.
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