1 Master Course Outline HUMDV 151 Interpersonal Skills

Master Course Outline
Interpersonal Skills
Course Description: This class is designed to assist students in increasing the effectiveness of their
interactions with others. Students will gain skills in topics such as effective listening, initiating
conversations, assertive communication, conflict resolution, and the use of appropriate body language
and nonverbal communication. The goal is to assist each student to develop an awareness of his or her
own communication strengths and weaknesses and to teach each student how to express thoughts,
feelings, and opinions in an effective, socially appropriate manner. Instruction techniques will include
lecture, role playing, extensive use of group activities and discussion, and practice assignments. 2
lecture hours. Satisfies general elective requirement for the A.A. degree.
Credits: 2
Prerequisites: Placement in READ 080 and ENGL 060
Recommended Preparation: None
Co-requisites: None
Learning Outcomes:
Students will learn about various communication styles, including their advantages and
Students will develop an awareness of communication strengths and weaknesses.
Students will gain skills in active listening.
Students will learn about assertive behavior and why it is important.
Students will learn steps for a successful change to assertive behavior.
Course Resources/Textbooks/Website: Messages: The Communication Skills Book, 3rd Edition, McKay,
Matthew; Davis, Martha; Fanning, Patrick.
Academic Integrity: All forms of cheating, falsification, and plagiarism are against the rules of this course
and of Grays Harbor College. Students who are unsure what constitutes academic dishonesty are
responsible for asking the instructor for clarification. Instances of intentional academic dishonesty will
be dealt with severely.
Disabilities: Students who have documented disabilities that require accommodations in compliance
with the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the Disability Support Services coordinator as
well as the instructor of the course in order to ensure that together we create an optimal environment
for educational achievement.
W Day, the final day to officially withdraw from a course, is the Thursday of the seventh week (Thursday
of the fourth week for summer quarter). Students who do not withdraw by that date will receive the
grades they have earned, regardless of whether they are attending the course or completing the work.
Students who are considering withdrawal are strongly advised to consult with the instructor, advisor and
financial aid prior to withdrawing. The only withdrawals allowed after W Day are complete withdrawals
from all courses.