Plano East Senior High School

Plano East Senior High School
Nicole Shu
Colleges Accepted to:
UT-Austin, UC-Berkeley, University of Michigan-Ann
Arbor, Cornell, NYU
College Attending:
College Major (planned):
Leadership Experience
Academic Decathlon Team Captain, Red Cross Leadership Board
Extra-curricular Activities
Orchestra, Academic Decathlon, Piano, National Honor Society
Outstanding AP Student (from the school)
National Merit Scholar
National AP Scholar
TMTA Loving-Mansfield Gold Medal Theory Award
TMTA Carolyn Jones Campbell World of Music Award
All Region Orchestra – 9th, 11th, 12th
All Area Orchestra – 9th – 12th
Piano Solo Performance Contest State Semifinalist – 11th grade
Member of the TMEA State Honor String Orchestra – 12th grade
Honorable Mention in vocabulary at the Pan American Student Forum – 12th grade
Community Service
National Honor Society, volunteering for Plano Parks and Services
What words would your teachers use to describe you?
Dedicated, talented, considerate
What is your favorite subject and why?
Since my first Spanish class in middle school, I’ve loved the language and each year of
Spanish classes. There’s just something amazing about being able to communicate with
people in an entirely different language; of course, learning more about a foreign culture
and its literature only makes the class even more fascinating!
Music, jogging, swimming, reading, foreign languages and cultures
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