Subject / Verb Agreement PARAGRAPH!

Subject / Verb Agreement
Subject-verb Agreement Paragraph
1. Choose a broad topic and write one (1) anecdotal
paragraph with a minimum of eight (8) sentences.
2. Maintain a consistent third-person present tense.
(Why?) Avoid verb phrases as well as perfect and
progressive tenses.
3. Include one (1) compound subject-verb example.
4. In addition, include four subject-verb agreement
examples: (4) different indefinite pronouns as
subjects and four (4) different present tense verbs
that agree with their subjects.
Subject-verb Agreement Paragraph
When you are completely finished, use a colored
pencil to underline each subject-verb example. If
you use more than is required, only underline the
ones to be graded. If you use twenty and underline
all of them, Only the first examples will be graded.
Remember – clarity trumps cleverness!
Lisa and Maddie are really bored. Both of the
girls have a ton of homework, but neither of them
wants to do it. Instead, they decide to head to the
mall. When the girls arrive at the mall, they notice
that some of the stores offer refreshments to their
customers. They enjoy a few treats, but many of the
shoppers seem too busy to stop. After a little while,
Lisa wants to check out Express, but Maddie is tired.
Since they can’t agree on what to do, they just go
home. They have homework to do.