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JOB TITLE: Desktop Support Technician WAGE/HOUR STATUS: Nonexempt




Director of Telecommunications

& Special Projects

Network & Repair





Provide technical support for the District’s Technology Services.



High School graduate, some college preferred

Special Knowledge/Skills:

Self-motivated and directed, people oriented, and a team player.

An understanding of Windows environment running on x86 and 64 bit hardware, a basic understanding of SQL,

Java, Web browsers, Windows installer, Windows management, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP as they are used on the desktop.

Must know how to install, configure, and maintain Windows desktop.

Create How-To documentation for end users.

Willingness to learn and work on new technologies.


One year experience supporting Windows 7 and Microsoft related products like MS Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer.

One year experience of working on PCs and Laptops repair and maintenance.

One year experience of working on computer networking


Install and troubleshoot Windows applications

Contact end users to determine requirements and scope of installation.

Work with vendor to determine application versions, correct configuration, and requirements.

Check compatibility of new applications with standard desktop configuration.

Package application and deploy either manually or via PISD configuration management tool.

Troubleshoot issues with the application by working with the end user, vendor, and researching topics on the


Install and manage application documentation

Track deployments of applications within an enterprise as assigned.

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JOB TITLE: Desktop Support Technician JD – 780

Establish and enforce documentation standards.

Document application specific information including installation, warranty, support, and any application specific information.

Document application usage and make recommendations based on trends

Provide regular training to campus CTA’s.

Support Application Infrastructure

Work with Application Engineer on determining the root cause of application issues.

Provide first level support for enterprise applications, be able to monitor and report when an issue is present.

Make recommendations on application infrastructure design and implementation.

Provide basic network support

Integrate network printers and support network printing problems.

Troubleshoot network related issues with desktop operating systems

Install/troubleshoot basic network applications on desktops

Perform network server maintenance

Perform basic network diagnostics related to DHCP, DNS, Ethernet cable and switches.

Keep knowledge updated

Keep network certifications current.

Complete network and operating systems courses as required.

Follow all rules, regulations, and policies of Plano ISD and follow directives from superiors.

Follow attendance policy as assigned by supervisor.

Perform other functions that may be assigned by the Administration and/or supervisor.


Mental Demands:

Ability to communicate effectively (verbal and written); maintain emotional control under stress.

Physical Demands/ Environment:

Frequent districtwide travel; occasional prolonged and irregular hours. Frequent standing, stooping, bending, kneeling, pushing and pulling. Prolonged use of computer and repetitive hand motions. Occasional lifting of up to 50 pounds.


Any work related experience or additional education/training resulting in acceptable proficiency levels in the above required knowledge, skills, and abilities may be an acceptable substitute for the above specified education and experience requirements at the sole discretion of

District Administration.

Approved By: W. Noel McBee Compensation Coordinator Date: 04-08-16

The above statements are intended to describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not intended to represent an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills that may be required. District administration and/or my supervisor has the right to add or change duties at any time. This job description supersedes all prior job descriptions for this position as well as rescinding all past and present job descriptions that do not reflect the current requirements of this position.

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