Crime Prevention Tips

Crime Prevention Tips
There is safety in numbers. Try to walk with a group or a buddy when out at night.
If you do not have a friend available to walk with call the WKUPD Dusk to Dawn Escort Service:
ALWAYS lock your residence hall doors.
Take a self defense class. WKUPD offers a free course, R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense).
Do not leave your personal belongings unattended while studying in a public place.
Log your model and serial numbers of all valuables and keep information in a safe place.
Keep valuables in your vehicle out of plain view.
Report lost or stolen room keys immediately to the front desk of your hall.
Never leave a message on your door letting others know you are away from your room.
Do not carry large amounts of cash.
Text books are the same as cash. Do not leave them unsecured.
Do not invite people you have just met up to your room.
WKUPD offers numerous Crime Prevention programs. Contact Officer Mandi Johnson for more
information: 745-8886 or