Home‐School Certification Form 

Office of Financial Aid
Home‐School Certification Form Name: Student ID: Current Address: City: State: Phone: ZIP Code: Date of Birth: Email address: Please place a check next to either A or B below and fill‐in the name of your home state. HOME‐SCHOOL CERTIFICATION STATEMENT I certify that I completed secondary school through a home‐school program. A. □ My home state of ____________________________ does not issue a secondary school completion credential. B. □ My home state of ____________________________ does issue a secondary school completion credential, and I have received this credential from my state. Certification: I certify that all the information I have reported to qualify for federal student aid is complete and correct. Student Signature: Date: For Office Use Only: Return this form to the Office of Financial Aid via mail, email, or fax: 6101 Grayson Drive ● Denison, TX 75020 Email: [email protected] Fax: 903‐463‐3908 F: Forms/2015-2016/Home School Cert 15_16
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