The Home Security  Scam 

The Home Security Scam This scam involves replacing or installing a new home
security system. The majority of the salespeople are not
licensed to sell door to door. There are three phases to
the contract: installation, monitoring and sales, and each
person receives a part of the commission. During the
sales pitch the consumer is not made aware of this and
canceling the contract becomes a nightmare. The
consumer is transferred several times during the process
and typically will hang up out of frustration or is unsure
whom they should talk to about canceling the
agreement. More times than not, the time limit to cancel
has expired and the consumer has to pay the monthly
payments for the system.
Below are some additional tips to follow:
 Ask to see the contractor’s license- the number, the
state where they are registered and the name under
which the licensed is filed. Verify this information
before going further.
 Ask the salesperson for references from previous
customers, and contact the customers to find out
about the equipment and service.
 Make sure everything you have agreed to is written
into the contract and you have checked the fine print
for commitments you might be signing up for, such
as monitoring fees.
The best defense to this scam: Do not answer the door.
If you have questions or suspect fraud, call
1-877-MY-FL-CFO (1-877-693-5236).
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