District: Okanagan Skaha
District Number: #67
Course Proposed: Female Fitness 12
Developed By: Jenny Mitchell/Christy Bevington
Schools: Princess Margaret Secondary School
Date Developed: November 2012
Principal’s Name: Terry Grady
Board Authority Approval Date:
Board Authority Signature:
Grade Level of Course: Grade 12
Number of Course Credits: 4 credits
Hours of Instruction: 120 hours
Prerequisite(s): Completion of Female Fitness 11
Special Training, Facilities or Equipment Required: None required
Course Synopsis:
This course offers female students the opportunity to experience various types of
physical activity that promote a healthy lifestyle. Students will gain an
appreciation for physical activity through exposure to a variety of fitness pursuits
such as yoga, Pilates, and fitness training, as well as strategies for complete
wellness including nutrition, goal setting and relaxation. Students will explore
with the health and skill related components of fitness as they learn to create
and manage personal fitness programs. Students will learn to develop individual
fitness programs through exposure to a variety of activity opportunities.
Due to overwhelming popularity of Female Fitness 11, this course has been
developed to meet the demand of the students. It builds upon the skills and
knowledge established in Female Fitness 11 and offers more complex and higher
level fitness experiences. Students are challenged to develop and assess their
own fitness in order to create healthy fitness habits and routines that will last
through adulthood. The goal is to give students the tools and education to make
positive lifestyle and fitness choices beyond high school. It will also serve as an
interdiction to those students wishing to peruse post-secondary education in
health and fitness.
Organizational Structure:
Personal Fitness Evaluation
Functional Fitness Training
Aerobic Training
Goal Setting/Personal Programs
Total Hours
10 hours
40 hours
20 hours
15 hours
5 hours
10 hours
TOTAL 120 hours
Learning Outcomes:
The following prescribed learning outcomes taken from the PE IRP will
be incorporated into instruction.
 Students will be able to identify both the health-related and skill-related
components of fitness.
 Students will be able to explain the significance of each of the health
related components of fitness for overall personal health.
 Students will be able to describe short-term and long-term benefits of
regular participation in physical activity.
 Students will be able to set personal goals for physical activity and healthy
 Students will be able to conduct self-assessment related to their fitness
plans and adjust accordingly.
 Students will be able to identify personally relevant recreational and
community programs for physical activity.
 Students will be able to identify and give examples of physically active
lifestyles that extend through adulthood.
Curriculum Organizers:
1. Personal Fitness Evaluation
- Students will consider their current fitness level and knowledge, through
review of training concepts from Female Fitness 11. They will begin to
reflect upon current activity levels and lifestyle choices to create an action
plan for the course. This process will serve a starting point to track
2. Functional Fitness Training
Students will build upon training techniques learned in Female Fitness 11
to be able to train at an increased intensity. The focus will also move
towards specialization of training based on individual goal setting.
Students will be able to create individualized training programs and adapt
these accordingly based on achievement. Students will also begin to
perform assessments of fitness and assess technique and performance.
3. Aerobic Training
Students will experience various types of aerobic training with the goal
that students will begin to enjoy and recognize the value of this type of
training. Students will monitor progress through the assistance of tools
such as heart rate monitors to achieve maximum benefits and understand
the importance of aerobic training. Activities such as spin classes, interval
training, kick-boxing, hiking, running, walking, and swimming will be
4. Yoga/Pilates
Students will work to improve flexibility, balance, coordination, core
strength through exposure to yoga and Pilates. These sessions will be led
by certified Yoga instructors and will also involve field trips for students to
learn about local facilities that they may choose to frequent after
5. Relaxation/Mindfullness
Building upon the basic active breathing techniques taught in Female
Fitness 11, students will begin to engage in Mindful practice. This will
combine focused breathing with awareness to the mind, body and
surroundings. Students will learn how to practice breathing and
mindfulness as a positive coping strategy to stress.
6. Goal Setting/Personal Programs
Students will learn how to set appropriate short and long terms fitness,
school and personal goals. Students will explore the SMART goal setting
technique to gain skills which encourage goal setting throughout
adulthood. Students will also learn how to create and adapt personal
fitness programs as goals are met and new ones are set.
7. Wellness
Students will reflect upon current personal wellness practices in an effort
to strive for balance and holistic health. To develop a broad understanding
of health literacy, topics such as mental health, stress, connectedness and
substance use will be explored. Students will learn about positive coping
strategies in order to practice and develop positive well being.
Assessment Component:
 50% Affective Domain (daily participation, attitude, effort)
 30% Psychomotor Domain (fitness improvement, movement skills)
 20% Cognitive Domain (tests, research assignments)
Learning Resources:
 Certified Fitness Instructors
 Okanagan College Human Kinetics
 Community Center Facilities and Aquatic Center
 City Center Fitness
 Women’s Health Publications (fitness training programs and videos)
 Certified Fitness Training DVD’s
 Twist Academy Strength Training Resources
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