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Question Papers
ExamCode: RA_SOCIAL_l62015
Which one of the following m~thod of social worl' makes an individual to utilize
l) Social Action
2) Socinl Cas~ Work
3) Community Organ isat ion
~ocial Group Work
growth and
Which one of the following makes every individual member Co know about in the process of group
I) The valu~s and principles
j/(rh~ capabilities and the talents of m~mbers
3) Th~
individual p~rsonnl problems
4) The organisationnl values anJ systl!ms of
Social Group work as a method of sodnl work aims at_ _ _ __
I ) D~v~lopm~nt of d~mocratic.: life style
2) Developm~nt of le<~dership qualitil!s
3) D~vdopment of capability of adjustment
tJI!"A II th~ above
'No compromise on law' is a
I) Democratic
~ ur~aucratic
of _ _ _ _ _ l~adership.
2) .Autocratic
4) Laissez Fnire
Which of the following is NOT a model of group work'!
I) Rt:medial
2) Devdopmental
is a graphic representation of the choices or the association of group members using
symbols for people and their interaction.
I) Histogram
4) Genogram
3) Sonogram
Group Morale refers to _ _ _ __
I} C o-op~!ration in a group
3) Unity in a group
2) Co-ordination in a group
Jlf"f~am spirit in n group
Which one of the following is the complex strategy for changing perceptions of emotional s~ts, which
impede the group members abilities to change?
I) Group Dynamics
# ognitiw Restructuring
3) Empathy
4) Psycho- drnma
Which method of social work was developed based on the YMCA & YWCA source'?
I ) Community organisation
2) Social case work
~ocial Group work
4) Socinl Action
10. Which method of social work aims at developing the ability of establishing constructh·e rellltionship in
indi,·iduals through group activities?
I) So~ial L:as.e work
2) Social welfare Administration
4) Social work Research
~odal Group work
Who said that while she/he personally would prefer to use tht• term socialist state but it might become
I) lndir•~ Gandhi
3 ) M.K.Gandhi
~awaharlal N~hru
Rajiv Gandhi
12. Wjp proposed that the approaches for empowerment are voice and exit mechanisms?
JlrRobin Means and Randall Smith
3) Robin Hood & Randall Hood
2) Robin Thompson & Randall Thompson
4) Robin smith & Randall Means
13. It presumes that the social workers should begin the professional ('Onnection without any bias.
I) Principle of self determination
3) Principle of Confidentiality
~inciple of Non- Judgemental Attitud~
4) Principle of Communication
14. In which year, the University Grants Commission appointed the First review committee for social
work Education in India?
3) 1972
2) 1975
4) 1962
Who argued that a code of ethics binds Social workers undrr a common professional identif)· and
publidzes its ideals and intentions?
1) Jane Adams
~arah Bank
2) Eric Erikson
4) Albert Bandura
16. W ho founded Toynbee Hall for men who were not interested in training?
3) Octavia Hill
2) Jane Adams
4) Alice Salomon
17. What w11s the significant event that happened in the year 1936 with regard to professional social work
in India?
1) The practice of Sati was abolished
3) Widow Remarriage got the social approval
# .rst Graduate school of social work was started
4) M.K.Gandhiji became active in freedom struggle
18. In which school was the lirst training of people for jobs with social agencies initiated?
l) Columbia University school of social work
/ N ew York School of philanthrop)
2) Boston school of social work
4) Victorian school of philanthropy
The sen·ants of Indian society was established by Gopal Krishna Gokhale in the yc~u:
3) 1925
20. The functional approa('h is based on the:
l) Psycho-analystic theol)' of Freud
3) Rational emotive Cheor) of Ellis
2) 1915
4) 1935
~he personality theory of Otto Rank
4) Function ofthe families
21. Who wrote the lirst book on social ('ase work i.e., Social diagnosis in the year 1917?
A ary Richrnond
3) Florence Hollis
2) H.H.Perlrnan
4) Gordon Hamilton
Which one ofthe following is defined as the institutional group expectation as to behaviour, attitudes
and other attributes for the occupant of a given position in a social system?
I) Clarification
3) Role conflict
~ocial role
4) Group behaviour
23. Social case worker helps the client for an adequate lmowledge of available resources through the
techniques of:
~iscussion, information, clarification & direction 2) Intervk·wing. diagnosis and follow up
Problem exploration. diagnosis & treatment
4) Rapport building, interviewing diagnosis and
Which are the two types of efforts required for social adjustment?
1) Environment changes & treatment
~nvironmental modification & change in behaviour
and attitudes.
3} Empathy and counselling
4) Attitudinal change & behaviour modification
ldentif)' from the following, which are the two fundamental techniques of social investigation'!
I) Recording and counselling
~ nterview & observation
2) Treatment & follow up
4) Diagnosis and termination
Which refers to a condition when we are able to adjust with other persons in general and the group in
particular to which we belong?
l) Behaviour response
~ocinl adjustment
3) Adjustment with the disadvantaged
4) Personal satisfaction
Identify from the following, which statement is NOT the purpose of social case work?
l) Better solution of clients problem
3) Development of personality
2) Exploitation of means for solving problem
~iving economic services &
help. and supporting.
the individuals through kinds and monetary needs
Who emphasized that one of the main objectives of social case work is to bring a bout an adjustment
between tbe individual client and situation or environment?
I) Perlman & Ellis
2) Watson & Ellis
4) Hamilton & Hollis
~ offett & Hollis
Who opposed the psycho-social model of treatment ami emphasized on ego psychology'!
2) Lee
4) Gordon Hamilton
Which one of the following is appropriate to a situation in which conventional development projects
are not appropriate?
I) Litigation Strategy
~onscientisation strategy
4) None oftht: above
3) Negotiation Strategy
31. Which ofthe following levels or consciousness do people believe that it is due Co lack of facilities that
they are exploited?
I) Magic Jevd of consciousness
j!ff.J. aive level of consciousness
3) Critical level of consciousness
4) Collective level of consciousness
32. Who has described competition as 'Peaceful conflict'?
I) Herbert Spencer
2) Max Weber
4) Frazer
33. Which one or the following method enables people to analyse their own situations and understand their
own alienation?
I) Community development
2) Community organisation
4) Awareness creation
3-t. Who believed that change comes rrom power and power comes rrom organisation?
I) Paulo Freire
2) M.K.Gandhi
~aul Alinsky
4) None of the above
35. Who emphasized that community organisation is a process which necessitates the external stimuli'?
I ) Arthur Dunham
2) M.G.Ross
4) K.C.David
36. Which method of social work can be practiced in any situation il-respective of its co-operative or
conflictual nature?
l ) Social case work
~ommunity organisation
2) Social group work
4) Social work research
37. Which one or the following is related to community chest?
I) Community participation
3) Community awareness
2) Community problems
~ommunity resources
The term which concerns opinions about knowledge is:
I) Abduction
3) Etiology
4) Ethnography
::vlatch the following
a) Ex Post facto
1. Cross s~ctional
hl Plagiarism
:'!. lnv~;;tigating
new ar~a in the
Case Study
3. Expenmental
4. Copying n:oru
other research
d) Explorative
.. ~
.tO. ______ are small circles that are placed next to response options or a closed ended question .
l) Check Boxes
~adio buttons
2) Symbols
4) Alphabets
-H. It
is used to show a time sequence decision sequence or conceptual relationships .
2) Pie chart
I) Bar chnrtlgraph
~low chart
3) Pictogram
T ~ designation
~ tub
3) Head
of the rows or row headings are termed as:
2) Caption
4) Body
·B. - - - - - - a r e the lowest and the highest \"alues that can be included in the class.
~ass limits
2) Class interval
4) Class mid point
3) C lass frequency
"-'· The method of selecting every kth item from the list is known as:
I ) Simple random sampling
~Systematic sampling
2) Stratified random sampling
4) Cluster sampling
-'5. _______ is the factual information used as a basis for reasoning, discussion or calculation.
1) Hypothesis
method ~onsists of a study of ~vents, processes and institutions of the past
civilizations for the purpose of finding the origins.
I ) Experimental type J Method
2) Inverse deductive type J Method
3) Ideal type J Method
~ istorical type I Method
:\'latch the following
l. Primary tool of
data collection
:!. Sampling
3. A tentative
4. Reliability
b) Test-Re-test
c) Snow ball
d} Observation
-~ 3
-'8. The type II error is denoted as _ _ _ _ _ when the researcher is testing the hypothesis.
I) Alpha
~ eta
2) Gamma
4) Central tendency
-49. Defining a problem as perceived by the researrher is called as:
3) Normalization
2) Conceptualization
4) Sanskritisation
so. 'Fact is an empirically verifiable obsen·ation•. Who said this statement?
I) Pauline V.Young
~ oode and Hatt
2) C.R.Kothari
4) Merton
_____ justifies the logic, structure and the principles of the research methodology and methods.
~esearch design
3) Scaling
52. Pure research is designed:
I) With reference to practical result/implications
3) To make policy decision
2) Review of literature
4) Sampling
~ ithout reference to practical result/imp! ications
4) To improve the existing system.
5J. The accuracy of arithmetic mean in a frcq uency distribution by short cut or step deviation method can
be checked by:
~harlier's accuracy check
3) Fischer's accuracy check
2) Spearson's accuracy check
4) Y ate's accuracy check
54. The square-rout of the average of square of deviations is called as:
I) Average deviation
3) Mean average deviation
2) Mean Square deviation
~tandard deviation
55. A type of measurement validity for multiple indicators based on the idea that indicator of different
constructs dh:erge:
I) Convergent validity
3) Mean validity
~iscriminant validity
4) Concurrent validity
Measurement validity requires that a measure represents all the aspects of the conceptual definition of
a construct:
I) Face validity
3) Criterion V<llidity
~ontent v<ilidity
4) Concurrent val iclity
57. Validity of a raring scale refers to its
I} Level of acceptance by the respondents
~bility to measure what it is supposed to measure
2) Ability to measure a variable without personal bias
4) Consistency in measurement of a variable on
repeated administration
58. Correlation is a statistical method used for determining:
I) The degree of association between variables only
~he degree and direction of association between
2) The extent of causal relationship betv;een variables
4) The direction of association between variables only
59. In research report writing, the abbreviation et.al., is used to denote:
I) Many others
~ nd others
2) More than one authors
4) Less than 5 authors
In discrete series arithmetic mean may be
computed by applying direct method using:
--:X=.-\. -~fd
x-- - N
:Lfd .
Which one of the following is the sub type of construct \'a lid ity'!
I) Concurrent validity
2) Predictive validity
3) Face validity
Discriminant validity
Which of the following statement is correct'!
I) Reliability ensures validity
3) Reliability does not depend on objectivity
2) Thomas szasz
3) Torrey
The Social order is maintained largely by:
l) Law
3) State
2) Divisir,n of Labour
~ ocialisation
According to Gisbert
is the division of society into permanent groups or categories linked
with each other by the relationship of superiorities & subonlination.
~cial Stratification
Merton has proposed his theory of role-set in his book titled as _ _ _ _ _ __
Sociological theories
3) Challenges before sociology
~eliability ilnd v<~lidity are independent of each
Whose ideas suggest that "Deviance from social norms m<1y be risky in part because it causes
tliscomfort and distress in others"?
2) Validity ensur~s reliability
2) New trends in sociology
~ ocial
Theory and social structure
Who among the following bas given the structural view of society'!
I) Durkheim
~ iddings
3) MacIver
4) Cooley
68. Park and llurgers distinguished the groups into:
l) Crowds and abstract collectivities
Temporary & permanent
~erritorial & non-territorial groups
4) Primary and secondary
69. The book rThe folk culture ofYucatun' is written by:
l) Oscar Lewis
2) R.E. Park
3) Geddes
;il{tect field
70. The tGroup Mind' was the basis of society. Who initiated this idea?
~ c Dougall
Pl~ ning
aims at:
3) Evaluation of work
n . Highlights of scientific management includes:
~ illingness to use correct methods and skills
2) MacIver
4) Hegal
To increase productivity
2) Directing staff
4) Forecasting the future
2) Having common interest
4) Having higher level of motivation
Association of voluntary agencies for development provides:
l) Co-ordination between agencies
2) Technical support to training programmes
~roviding consultancy services in project
4) Carrying out programme on awareness building
74. Specity the reason for the constitution of social welfare Advisory Boards:
Af'o have suitable supporting organisation and
network at the field level
3} To extend training programme for disabled
4) To co-ordinate the work of voluntary organisations
Which organisation would act as the agency of Government oflndia responsible for the preparation
and co-ordination of the national pian?
l) Directorate of social welfare
~Ianning Commission
2) To sponsor welfare programmes for youth
2) Ministry of Human Resource Development
4) National co-ordination Committee
In which year, did the General Assembly proclaim the International year of the child?
I) 1976
3) 1982
77. Who is the Chief Executive of CSWB?
Executive direc1or
3) President
4) 1985
4) Secretary
78. S '..!;~ tegic planning involves:
4"j"Major goals
3) Co-ordination of departments
2) Available resources
4) Time management
79. Which is essential to build human organisation?
1) Supervision
2) Co-ordination
4) Planning
'Directingt implies in management:
J) To build image of organisation
Jt~~~N ecessary guidelines and instructions
2) To synchronise the efforts
4) Suitability of personnel
In management scientific engineering approach will achit've:
2) Cost effective ness
J) Time management
4) Enhancement of quality
~ ighest productivity
Development primarily aims at:
JrR.emoving: the old feeling of discrimination towards 2) Introducing specialized work for the people
3) Developing economic states of the people
4) Enhancing educational staks of the peopk
83. Who headed the Backward classes commission'!
I) Shri Ananthasayanam Ayyangar
~ lui Kaka Saheb Kal~lkar
2) Shri U.N.Dhebar
4} Shri Ram Manohar Lohia
84. The National policy an edueation (1986) stressed on:
l) Individualistic approach
2) Group approach
~ olistic approach
4) Eclectic approach
85. Mention the approach introduced in the revised ''ersi~ of Sixth Five year plan:
I) Need based approach
3) Integrated approach
A'"A ntyodaya approach
4) Individual approach
What are the important documents needed for adoption?
I) So~;ial states report & family report
2) Economic condition report & employment status
~orne study report &
child study report
4) Health report & education report
Social policy should emphasize on:
I) D ispute resolution
~nforcement of governmental programmes
2) Co-operation
4) Social norm
88. When was National emergency declared'?
l) 197:?.
_ ,1975
2) 1974
. 4) 1978
8'.1. Chapter IV- A in the Factories (Amendment) Aet 1987, relates to:
1) Hours of work
2) Leave with wages
3) Occupational diseases
~mployment in hazardous processes
Which article of the Indian Constitution prohibits the employment of childrt-n below the age of l~
1) i\rticJe I 7
2) Article 27
3) Article 34
~ rticle 24
Article 39 (A) of the Indian Constitution states that:
I) Free drinking water
~ree Legal Aid
Which one of the following is killing of infective micro-organisms '"'ith the use of dis in fecta nts'?
I ) Antiseptics
2) Free subsidies
4) Free education
2) Detergents
4) Sterilisation
In which year did 'WHO' adopted the 'DOWN WITH BLOOD PRESSURE' slogan?
1) 1998
4) 1968
94. In which year was the declaration of Alma- Ata conference held for setting the goal of Health For All
(HFA) by 2000?
2) 1968
4) 1969
3) 1979
95. In the human female, which one of the choices below is responsible for carrying the egg to the uterus?
~allopian tube
I) Urethra
3) Endometrium
4) Vagina
96. What type of hormonal changes do middle-aged men experience?
l) Loss of their capacity to fatht:r children
/r>sychological adjustment to declining physical
2) Modest increase in appetite
4) A dramatic drop in testoster0n~ levels
97. Adolescent's CognitiH abilities diller from those of children primarily in that, unlike children, an
adolescent's thinking is not necessarily tied to _ __
I) Logic
2) Abstract ideas
~ o ncr~te events
3) Fantasy
98. Which development the-or~: was base-d on how children learn by obse-rYing and imitating other's
I ) Psycho social theory
2) Psycho analytic theory
1; Learning theory
~c ial Learning theory
99. Who has developed the most detailed and comprehensive theory of cognitive development?
/ Jean Piaget
3) Sigmund Freud
100. Which of the following arc not
2) Pavlov
4) Carl Jung
ke,y features that characterise emerging adulthood?
I ) Identity Exploration
~ommitment to others
2) Instability
4) Self- Focused
101. Who was the lead~r who focussed attention on the problem of rural reconstruction'?
1) La I Bah<Jdur Shastri
3) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
~ahatma Gandhi
4) All the
102. Primary prevention of mental health on 'i:ommunity basis operates in the following method:
~mproving the
social environment and promotion of2) Improving
the social. emotional and physical well-being of all
3) By judging the physical health of the person
th~ mt:ntal ht:alth of the individual
4) By <Jssessing th~ body strength ofthe individual
103. The concept of health according to WHO does not include:
I) Absence of infirmity or diseases
3) Mental and social well being
2) Physical health
~ inancial well-being
10.-. Tby
uvenile Justice Act 2011 (Amended) gives more power to:
Y :hild welfare commitkes and
2) High courts and child wdfare committees
3) District social welt":lre Boards and child protection 4) State social welfare Board and District Social
welfare Boards
105. NCLP- National child labour projects are carried out by:
~ inistry oflabour
3) Ministr) of women ;:~nd child de"elopment
Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment
Ministr) of Health and Famil)
KHs to the new born babies in Go.,ernment hospitals in Tamil Nadu was introduced in august 2015.
which contains
in it.
Jl'f1 6 items
3) 14
2) 15 items
4) 18 items
Oreze and Reetika Khenl are known for:
Estimation of impact of dimntt! change
3) Estimation of A PL
Estimation of PDS
of BPL
Expand OROA.
I) Directorate of Rural Development Agency
~istrict Rural De..·elopment Agl.!ncy
2) Department of Rural Development and Agriculture
Department of Rural Devdt1pment and Animal
109. Children with IQ's ranging from 140- 200 are termed as:
~ itted Children
3) Problematic children
2) Hyperactive chiklren (Hyperactive)
4) Pseudo mentally retarded children
110. In India, Primary Health Centres (PHC) are monitored in accordance with:
~ ndian Public Health Standards
3) International Public Health Standards
2) Inter- State Public Health Standards
Indian Primary Health Standards
Harmony and integration within the individual. between each individual and other members of the
society implies:
I) Community
~ ocial dimension of health
2) Public health
112. ASHA is:
I) Accredited Social Health Assistant
Sociology of the health
~ccredited Social Health Activist
3) Accredited Social Health r'\dministrator
Accrcdiktl Social Health Advisor
113. The National Progntmme ror control orvisu~l impairment and blindness was launched in the yt•ar:
2) 1977
4) 1979
3) !978
JJ.-. For ever-y _ _ _ _ population in hilly
1) 5.000
3) 15,000
PHC is established.
2) l 0.000
The y e a r - - - - - - was declared as the International Hllr or the ramil\•.
I) 2007
3) 1975
J/ff994 .
4) 1981
116. Pr_2S Adarkar committee was appointed to:
J1Fra me fresh scheme of health insurance for
industrial workers
3) Study the policy of minimum wages
2) Frame fresh policy tor compensation
4) Study the need for bonus
117. The General Fertility Rate (GFR) as per 2011 census was:
118. Schizophrenia means:
I) Splitting of thoughts
3) Splitting of emotions
119. Alcohol is considered to be:
I) Stimulant
3) Tranquilizer
2) Splitting of behaviours
~plitting of mind
4) Amphetamine
120. Obsession is associated with:
~Recurrent thoughts
3) Rigid opinions
2) Repeated actions
4) Rigid ottitude
121. The initial agreement of CARE (NGO) in India was limited to:
I) Distribution of free food and clothes to poor
2) Provision of free lu1Kh to school children from
slum an:as
ontribution of technical books nnd sdentific
equipment tor universities and Research Institutions
4) Relief camps and assistance to hospitals
Which or the following Public Limited company oiTers Fixed Deposit schemes?
123. The oldest Municipal Institution in India is:
Jl{lhe Corporation ofChennai (Madras)
3) The Corporation of Calcutta( Kolkata)
2) The Corporation ofMurnbai (Bombay)
4} The Corporation ofCalicut (Kozhikode)
VHAI- Youth Hostel Association of India is an associate memher of the Hostelling International
located in:
1) Istanbul, Turkey
2) Brussels. Belgium. EU
4) Tennessee. USA
~ elwyn Gt~rden city. England. UK
125. Name the journllls publisbed by CITU- Centre orindian Trade Union.
I) Labour Welfare. Working Class Quarterly
~urking clnss. Kamkaji Mahila Quarterly
2) May Day. Labour welfare quarterly
4) Chalo Trade Union. Labour Welfare quartely
126. NYKS- Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan comes under:
~ inistry ofYouth Affairs & Sports
3) Ministry of women and child Development
4) Ministry of social Justice and Empowerment
The head quarters of YMCA- Young Men's Christian Association is locatfd in:
A Geneva, Switzerland
2) London, UK
3) Amsterdam, The Netherlands
4) Newyork, USA
NIPM- National Institute of Personnel Management was merger of:
I) National Institute of Personnel Management and
2) National Institute of Personnel Management and
National Institute of HR m<magement
National Institute of Public Administration
dian Institute of Personnel Management and
National Institute of Labour Management
4) National Institute of Public Administration and
National Institute of HR Management
In thf HRDN (National HRD Network) logo, Red color represents:
I) Courage and boldness
2) Hard work and genuineness
~nerg) and l:!nthusiasm
4) Hard work and lntt:lligence
130. Which is NOT a nil functioning under National Commission on Women (NCW)'?
I) Complaints and Investigation l:ell
2) Research and studies cell
Non-Resident Indians Cell
and Tribal women cell
131. Jn case of institutional dfli\'u·y, ASHA will make ''isits to all new born according to specified schedule
up to -12 days of life:
1) Five
3) Seven
4) Four
132. National Leprosy Control programme. has been in operation since the year:
I) 1975
)1/1 955
2) 1965
4) 1985
It is the access and control over self, ideology, resources information and decision
2) Consciousness
3) Development
4) Social Welfare
Which conference has brought in the concept of sustainable development?
2) The Doha Conference
3) The Montreal Conference
4) None ofthe above
~he Rio Conference
135. Which of tbe following is not a cause for Mt>ntal Retardation?
I) Chromosomal abnonnalities
3) Birth injuries
2) Rh- incompatibility
One of the objectives of ICDS scheme is to improve tbe nutritional and health status of the children in
the age group of:
I} 0- 3 years
3) 0- 5 years
2} 0-4 years
HJ - 6 years
137. Which of the following vaccine ht'lps in prt>Vt:'nting 'whooping cou~ h' '!
3) OPY
4) TT
138. DAN IDA provides nssistance for the development ofsen·ices under National _ _ _ _ _ _ control
I) Malaria
4} Cancer
139. InJ¥ hkh year was the YMCA movement initiated?
2) t 833
XJ 844
140. Tht' UN agenc~·. which is working for the rehabilitation of children in war ra,·agt'd countries is
2) FAO
I·H. The CSWB initiated "Family and Child Welfare Sen-ices" in the year:
[) 1965
2} 1966
3) 1967
Which is not a function of an industrial Social Worker?
I) Supervision of Provident Fund and E.S.I
2) Management of canteens and mid day meals
3) Orientation and induction of new employees
~onitoring the employees' children's absenteeism
in schools
I·H. The stud)' of the physical and psychological changes which llre incident to old age is called:
I) Geriatrics
3) Gynaecology
4) Gastroenterology
144. The first child guidance clinic was started in the vear:
• 2) 1990
3} 191 9
Mental Retardations is a
1) Disease
3) Genetic condition
4) I 99 I
2) Illness
is an act of directly representing or defending others.
I) Social Action
~ dvocacy
3) Case Work
4) Fact finding
147. The direct expression of one's view of the connict & one's ft'elings about it and at the same time an
invitation to the opposition to do the same is called _ _ _ _ __
1) Mutual Conflict
2) Mutual Understanding
4) Control over others
148. Which of the following methods is not a common method of decision making?
I) Decision making by Consensus
3) Rule by an individual
2) Decision making by Majority
~ersuasion by a Minorit;·
is the process of helping individuals, families, groups, & communities to increase
their personal, interpersonal, Socio ~conomic & Political Strength & to de\'elop influence towards
improving their circumstances.
I) Social Care work
Who is the Father of Group Dynamics?
l) H.B. Warner
3) Johnson & Johnson
3) Diabolic and Systematic Manual
J ' s upervisor
3) Existential approach
Jl'f6 and 8 weeks
4) I 0 and 12 weeks
2) Inter Personal behaviour
4) Emotional growth of the client
4) Satya
Classical approach to management centres on theories or:
I) Welfare measures
3) Managerial EtTectiveness
2) Employee's performance
Hawthorne Experiments were examples of:
l) Classical approach
3) Both are correct
2) Psychoanalytic approach
Jtif'Person centred approach
Which concept of Gandhi was influenced by John Ruskin's "Unto the Last"?
I) Ahimsa
3) Antyodhaya
4) Facilitator
Which or the following is emphasized by the cognitive therapy'!
l) Intra-Psychic forces
~ecognising and changing negative thoughts and
maladaptive beliefs
2) Leader
Many, but not all, crises ~re time limited and last somewhere
l) 4 and 6 weeks
3) 8 and 10 weeks
2) Diagnostk and Social Measurement
~iagnostic and Statistical Manual
Carl Rogers is associated with:
I) Individual Counselling
4) Moreno
is a process by which n designated person watches over a worker'~ performance,
adivities and provides feedback. He/she will help you get your work don~.
I) Administrator
~urt Le'h in
Expand DSM.
I) Diagnostic and Statistical Measurement
2) Advocacy
4) Social Action
il'f"Neo classical approach
4) A is correct 8 is wrong
a) Centralization of authority b) Formalization or procedures and
functions are examples of:
I) Management by objectives {MBO)
3) Classical approaches
c) Spt:eialization of
2) Neo classkal approaches
~ echanistic organization
In systems approach, synergy refers to:
j l fhe whole is greater than the sum of its parts
2) The sum of its pnrts are greater than the whole
3) If subsystem are more then the tota I output will be 4) Gestalt
161. - - - - - - - - i s
the core of client centred approach.
I) Self realization
3) Self-image
2) Self actualization
Khadi and village industries in India were introduced based o n - - - - - - philosophy.
1) Nehruvian
2) Gokale's
4) Snrdar Patel's
Statement A: Crises are caused by Internal Ennts Statement B: Crises are caused by External
oth statements A & B are correct
2) Both Statements A & B are correct. But A is the
explanation of B
3) Both statements A & B are correct. But B is the
explanation of A
4) Both statements A & B are correct. But both are
Community Based Approach mainly evoh·ed from:
A'c;os -Chnrity organization society and settlement
2) Community chest and settlement house movements
house movements
3) Local charity orgnnization movements and
settlement house society
4) Community charity networks and shelter homes for
the homeless
Assessing the happenings in the course of program is known as:
I) Mid term Evaluation
~rocess Evaluntion
2) Mid process Evahmtion
4) Process and content Evaluation
A people's movement for the creution of a new state is:
I) Naxalbari Movement
2) Dravidi;:m Movement
4) Chipk.o Movement
~elangana ~lovement
Initially, the Naxalbari movement had its centre in:
I) Chattisgarh
;J!!West Bengal
2) Odisha
4) Andhra Pradesh
Theosophical Society was founded in:
I) Calcutta
2) Bombay
4) Delhi
Which of the following Organisation worked for th(' abolition of Sati?
I) Arya samaj
3) Theosophical society
~Brahmo samaj
4) Servants of India society
Who is empowered to form National Tribunal?
l) State Government
}tlf:entral Government
2) Supreme Court - Labour Bench
4) High Court- Labour Bench
published the first tract against Sati in 1818.
I) William Cavey
2) Serampore college
~ aja Ram Mohan Roy
4) Kcshab
NaxaiBari Movement in India was started in the y e a r - - - - - 1) I 96 7
2} l 9 70
, r t 972
.t} 1975
173. Swami Vivckananda under Brabmo influence imbibed ;:::--- - - - -
~ntagonism to caste & Ideology
4) Devotion to education
Medical relief
3) Leadership Qualities
174. In 1 8 8 2 - - - - - - - - an Indian Christian missionary, established the Arya Mahila Samaj in
l) C hintaman i
3) Krishna Pillai
~andit Ramabai
4) Jotiba Phule
175. A Society known as Paramabamsa Sabha was founded in 1849 whose main objecth'c was
~reaking of caste
2) Famine Relief
4) Tcmpemncc nnd Charit)'
3) Widow Remarriage
One of the factors responsible for the eal'ly social reforms were _ _ __
I) East India Company
2) Muslim League
3) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
~hristian Missionaries
177. According to F~tctories Act (Amended in 1976), there should be a welfare oflicer in every factory where
I) 400 workers
3 } I 00 workers
or more workers are employed.
,;Jif"'!oo workers
4) 200 workers
According to Juvenile Justice (care and protection of children) Act, 2000, a juvenile ur child means a
person who has nut completed.
1) 16th years of age
2) 1ih years of age
;ii'! 18th years of age
4) l 4th years of age
As of2015, Which Indian state has highest child labour case~'?
I) f{ajasthan
2) Bihar
3) Jammu & Kashmir
~ ttar Pradesh
Which is NOT a condition under whkh a pregnancy can be terminnted unde1· MTP Act 1971'!
l) Medical
2) Humanitarian
4) Failure of Contraceptive
181. In May 2015, the union cabinet ('leared Amendment to the Child labour Law, which will allow children
llelow the age of 14 years.
l) To work and continue their studies
;f'Fo"':'ork in select 'non- hazardous' family
3) To work 4- 5 hrs in a day then attend school
4) To establish family business
The Penalty for contravention of maternity Benefit A~ 1961 by employer is:
l) 4 months to l year of imprisonment and a fine of J'f3 months to I year of imprisonment and a fine of
Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000
Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000
3) 6 months to I year of imprisonment and a fine of
Rs. 5000 to Rs. I 0.000
According to Slum Area improvement and clearance Act 1956, for Demolition and Redevelopment,
buildings which cannot be repaired within reasonable cost then the authority is required to serve a
days of inspection and demolition can be carried out only after _ _ _ _ __
notice within
weeks of expiration of the notice.
I) 60 days. 6 weeks
3) 30 days. 4 weeks
I) Inter role
2) Role Variation
4) Role ambiguity
A study of Mintz berg characterised the managers job as:
I) Ordered
3) Routine
2) A.H. Maslow
4) David McClelland
Felt difficult}· in fulfilling role obligation is known as:
2) 45 days. 4 weeks
days, 6 weeks
j~!'J O
Who propounded theory 'X' and theory 'Y'?
A>ouglas McGregor
3) Fredrick. Herzberg
4) l -2 years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs. I 0.000
toRs. 25.000
4) Structural
Creative behaviour is made more likely:
l) When it is rewarded
2) When the level of stress is appropriate
3) When adequate time is available for com;idering a ~ ll of the above
The managerial skill most clearly advocated is:
I ) Procrastination
3) Timidity
The vast majoril}· ofsu))en·isory decision are:
I) Intuitive
3) Problem - Solving
An unlikely goal of performance appraisal is:
I) To uncover training needs
3) To identifY Candidates/Employees for Promotion
4) Indecisiveness
4) Group decision
identify psychological problems
4) To identify motivntion of the employees
The len) of social work which is used in Rural Cam p ~ Study tour is
l) Micro Practice
3) Macro Practice
~ eu.o Practice
4) Social Action
theory is that audiences depend on media information to meet needs and reach goals
and social institutions and media systems interact witb audiences to create needs.
I ) Stephenson's Play
3) Consistency
2) Modelling Behaviour
edia dependency
Which is a barrier to effective communication?
l) Listening
194. _ _ _ _ _ _
2) Writing
4) Hearing
has been used to reduce pain & to induce rdaxation
1) Cocaine
3) Marijuana
it is illegal to use.
2) Dexedrine
Genuineness, warmth & empathy are the attributes of a good _ _ __
l) Social care given
2) Mezzo practitioner
4) Administrator
are the author on the models of reflective practice.
~orton. Baud. Payne
2) Dominelli, Lynne Healy
3) Collins. Goodman
4) Reynolds. Foucault's
According to Jobari Window, the Blind Area refers to:
I) Aspects known to self and others
2) Aspects not known to self and others
3) Aspects not known to others but known to self
~pects not known to self but known to others
The term 'Proxemics' in counselling refers to---~
I) The social distance between the counsellor and
~he physical distance between the counsellor and
3) The psychological proximity between the
4) The distance between the counsellor and the client's
counsellor and client
Silence is a:
l) Verbal communication
3) Formal communication
~on-Verbal communication
4) Informal communication
200. Which of the following is not an anti-poverty scheme~
4) MNP
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