A perspective Richards’ on World record-

A perspective
on World
Hijab Day
Purple and gold balloons sailed
into the sky Oct. 8, 2015 after the
University at Albany announced
the largest donation ever received
by the school— $10 million for the
naming rights to the school’s $18
million football stadium, courtesy
of the Bernard and Millie Children’s
Foundation (BMCF)
With the money committed to
UAlbany’s Athletics Department
through the private, not-for-profit
University Foundation, President
Robert J. Jones took to the press
conference podium with excitement, as
he announced the size of the donation
“That sounds good rolling off my
tongue,” Jones said, according to Mark
Singelais’ report in the Albany Times
What Jones didn’t mention at the
press conference was that UAlbany
graduate and BMCF co-creator
William Duker went to prison and
was disbarred in the late ‘90s for
defrauding the Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the
Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC),
two national financial regulatory
agencies. This was all while serving as
attorney for the federal government.
Jones also didn’t mention that
Duker, along with nationally known
lawyer David Boies, have been on the
defense of a decade-long lawsuit over
alleged intellectual property theft,
among other charges.
The plaintiff in the case is former
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Professor John Deep of Cohoes. He
went to Albany County Court in 2005,
alleging that Boies’ law firm and
Duker used his computer software
to illegally enrich themselves for
hundreds of millions in the early
2000s, according to court documents
that the Albany Student Press
Deep has refused multiple times to
comment on the allegations for this
story beyond what is in court papers.
Deep Background
Deep invented a peer-to-peer music
sharing service called Aimster that
turned into a source of constant legal
problems for him. He was brought to
court on multiple charges, including
copyright infringement in a suit
brought by the Recording Industry
Association of America (RIAA) in
The law firm Boies, Schiller, &
Flexner, LLP (BSF) had experience
in these sorts of cases, defending
high profile companies in cases such
as the Napster case. BSF’s Albany
office eventually went on to represent
Deep and his company BuddyUSA,
which was created to oversee the
Aimster software. BSF lawyers George
Carpinello and Adam Shaw took
defensive leads in the RIAA case.
Things become less clear at that
point. One of Deep’s vital allegations
in his 2005 lawsuit was that Duker
acted as additional legal aid with
BSF, and as a line of communication
between him and Boies through
several alleged conference calls. The
problem, Deep wrote in the original
complaint, was that “although [he]
knew that William Duker was a
lawyer, defendants did not tell [him]
Connor Murphy / Albany Student Press
that Duker had been suspended or
Tom and Mary Casey Stadium was the $10 million name bestowed on the stadium that
disbarred and served time in prison as a overlooks Bob Ford Field. The donation was made by the Bernard and Millie’s Children
Please see STADIUM page 8 Foundation.
New York State Writers Institute
heads in new digital direction
in the institute from not only
the UAlbany community, but
also the general public and the
accomplished writers who visit
the institute, the NYS Writers
Institute is looking to digitize
their already established Visiting
Writers Series. By participating in
this series, the writers discuss their
work and provide their audience
with an excerpt from their latest
“This is a really exciting time
for the institute,” Kennedy said.
“So many new things are going on,
it’s kind of a renaissance.”
Kennedy, the founder and
executive director of the Writers
Institute, believes that making
these discussions available to the
general public on its YouTube
page, https://www.youtube.com/
Source: albany.edu user/NYSWritersInstitute, will
William Kennedy is the founder of the
allow the institute’s online site
NYS Writers Institute.
to become more like a magazine.
Visitors to the site will be able to
not only access the actual discussion
showcasing the writer, but additional
As he celebrates his 88th birthday,
interviews or work done by the author
William Kennedy reveals a new
as well.
direction for the New York State
“The subject matter will dictate
Writers Institute here at the University
how we do it,” said Kennedy. The
of Albany.
Please see KENNEDY page 3
To retain and expand interest
UUP runs campaign for adjuncts
SUNY adjuncts deserve better.”
It ran from Jan. 10 through Jan.
23 in the Capital Region, Buffalo, Long Island, and Ulster and
Dutchess counties.
“I think it’s a difficult topic
to discuss openly,” Tolley said.
“We’re just suffering in silence.”
She said that while most contingent professors feel they can’t
talk with their students about
what they’re going through, this
ad and other campaigning will
help raise awareness for them.
Tolley thinks that the conSource: Screengrab from UUP’s commercial video nection between low wages and
increased tuition is especially
Rebekah Tolley was one of three adjuncts featured in
important for students to hear,
UUP’s new commercial campaign.
since that’s the “missing link”
many don’t realize exists.
Contingents are faculty that are hired on a
non-permanent basis, like visiting assistant
If you’ve watched TV since being back on
professors. Adjuncts fall under the category of
campus, you might have noticed a familiar face
contingents and are paid on a per course basis.
on the screen.
The per course minimum pay for UAlbany
Rebekah Tolley, a fine arts professor at the
adjuncts is $2,800, and they’re allowed to teach
University at Albany, is featured in a commertwo classes. Since this comes out to a belowcial created by United University Professions,
poverty level income for the year, many travel
the bargaining unit for SUNY.
between campuses to teach more than two
The commercial, which runs for 30 seconds,
classes or work other jobs to make ends meet.
features three SUNY adjunct professors talking
Mike Lisi, the communications director for
about their accomplishments, followed by a
UUP, said the union “wants to help get the
narrator’s voice saying, “Nearly one-in-three
word out and help these people who deserve
highly qualified SUNY faculty are adjuncts.
better.” When asked why the union chose now
Many paid so little, they struggle to make ends
to start this ad campaign, Lisi said the issue
meet. Yet students pay more than ever before.
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Source : Wikimedia.com
Tulips displayed in the form of a star during one of the Capital District’s annual Tulip Fest. Tulip Fest is held on
Mother’s Day weekend.
Flo Rida. The artists aren’t usually announced until a
few weeks before the event. In 2014 tickets sold out in
a matter of eight hours due to a lack of a ticket purchase
cap. Tickets are free for students.
One of Albany’s most popular events is Tulip Fest,
which is held in May on Mother’s Day weekend.
The festival often has live music, entertainment,
vendors, fine art, and thousands of tulips in bloom across
Washington Park. They also have numerous local vendors
selling their own food and beverages. This year’s Tulip
Fest will be Saturday, May 7 and Sunday, May 8. It’s
always a great festival to celebrate with your friends or
family, and it’s a great way to celebrate the end of Final’s
The University at Albany and the local area has
tons of great events to look forward to this semester. From
festivals to sports to great musicians visiting the city, there
are a bunch of activities to do during your free time this
As with every semester, UAlbany has many great
sports to watch. The basketball season is already
underway, so expect games to continue into the upcoming
weeks of school. Shereesha Richards was recently
selected as a 2015-16 Senior CLASS Award Candidate
for Women’s Basketball. Richards is currently the
program’s all-time scoring leader, passing the 2,000-point
mark. On the UAlbany men’s team, Peter Hooley
recently said in a Times Union article that he plans to
break the shooting slump that he’s been in this semester.
Hooley was chosen to be captain of the team for the third
consecutive season.
The New York State Museum holds events
throughout the year that involve and benefit the
community. This spring they are holding two events:
NY in Bloom and Canstruction. NY in Bloom will be
celebrating its 25th anniversary next month from Friday,
Feb. 19 to Sunday, Feb. 24. The event encourages
members of the region to build floral displays that
they place throughout the museum. The museum does
this to get the community excited about the upcoming
spring. Later in the year is Canstruction, which is a
local food drive that collects cans that are later built into
“canstructions” that are put on display at the museum. At
the end of the event all cans are donated to food pantries
around Albany. Canstruction takes place this coming
Pete Dzintars / Flickr
Above: The New York State Museum, located across
from the Empire State Plaza, is a fun time for all ages.
Albany has always been a great place for musicians
to stop in for a performance, and it’s no different
this year. Albany is bringing in the rock this year with
Bruce Springsteen, O.A.R., and Jackie Greene. First in
town is Springsteen, bringing along his E Street Band
performing at the Times Union Center on Feb. 8. O.A.R.
will make an appearance at the Palace Performing Arts
Center on Feb. 11 and the next night Jackie Green will
be performing at the Egg on Feb. 12. Find tickets at
ParkFest has surprised students each year with
musical artists performing on campus for a minimal
student fee. Held in SEFCU arena, the concert has hosted
hit musicians such as 2 Chainz, Future, J. Cole, Nas, and
Source : UAlbany Athletics Facebook Page
Peter Hooley returns to the basktball court this year for
his final season as a Great Dane.
Unlawful Possession
of Marijuana
A male subject
was found to be in
possession of marijuana
and was arrested.
Fraud on
Transportation without
Report of a male
student that did not pay
for a taxi ride. Referral
was made.
Criminal Possession
of Marijuana
Indian Quad
Three male students
were found to be in
possession of marijuana
and referred for same.
Public Lewdness
Alumni Quad
Report of a male subject
urinating in public
in front of a female
PE Complex
Report of stolen laptops
from SEFCU Arena store
by unknown subject.
Medical Incident
Indian Quad
Report of female
student with abdominal
pain. Transported to
Driving while
A male subject was
found to be driving while
intoxicated and arrested
for the same.
Unlawful Possession
of Marijuana
Dutch Quad
Two male students
were in found to be
in possession of
marijuana. One male
student was arrested.
Unlawful Possession
of Marijuana
A male subject
was found to be in
possession of marijuana
and arrested for the
Petit Larceny
State Quad
Report of a stolen
Forged Certificate
A male subject was
found to be operating
a motor vehicle with a
forged inspection sticker.
A male student was
found to be operating
a vehicle with a
suspended registration
and expired license.
Forged Certificate
A male subject was
found to be operating
a motor vehicle with a
forged inspection sticker.
Property Damage
Empire Commons
Male student locked
himself out of his suite
and broke the door to
regain entrance.
Drug Complaint
Dutch Quad
A female student
was found to be in
possession of marijuana
and referred for the
HAVE A NEWS TIP? EMAIL US AT [email protected]
Check a Vehicle
Verified driver was a
student. Scene cleared.
Drug Complaint
Indian Quad
Report for the odor
of marijuana referrals
Incapacitated Person
Taken for Treatment
Indian Quad
Report of male student
found to be highly
intoxicated. Transported
to hospital.
Maintenance Problem
Maintenance Problem.
Possession Forged
Report of nine forged
licenses mailed to a
male student. Referral
was made.
Unlawful Possession
of Marijuana
Indian Quad
A female student
was found to be in
possession of marijuana
and paraphernalia.
Mentally Ill Person
Taken Into Custody
State Quad
Highly intoxicated male
student found having
possible mental health
[email protected]
Mark Schmidt / UAlbanyphotos.com
The University at Albany campus covered in snow. To avoid feeling down this season, make sure to get some light.
The winter can be a very dull and cold
time of year, especially in areas with such
unpredictable weather patterns like New
York. With months of cold and snow it’s
easy to stay inside for prolonged periods
of time to avoid the icy chills. This leads
to some people becoming more isolated
during the winter months, losing touch with
friends and not having the same lifestyle
they normally would. This can cause what is
known as Seasonal Affective Disorder.
“Seasonal Affective Disorder affects
people the same way that we think about
clinical depression,” said Joyce DewittParker, the coordinator for consultation at
the University at Albany.
Dewitt-Parker explained that some
symptoms of SAD are fatigue, sleeping
more than usual, sadness, and losing
institute will
either post
a Q&A, an
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interview or
the author’s
reading of his or her own work.
The executive director explained that the
institute has posted past discussions on its
YouTube channel which have close to half a
million views, but he hopes that increasing
the amount of videos and the subject matter
in them will increase the views tenfold.
According to their website, the Writers
Institute, which began in 1984, has since
welcomed over a thousand accomplished
writers, performers and filmmakers,
including Nobel Award and Pulitzer Prize
Due to university wide budget cuts,
UAlbany had to cut its funding to the
institute in 2008, but this did not hinder its
ability to host accomplished writers. Now
instead of the university paying writers to
visit, their publishers tend to bear the costs.
“Publishers have decided we are a very
good stop on a book tour for a number
of writers and they pay for their visits,”
Kennedy said.
Co-sponsorships have also made it
relatively easy for the university to host the
interest in activities. Craving foods is also a
symptom, which can be difficult for people
during the holiday season. While people
with clinical depression suffer at different
times of the year, those with SAD only
suffer during the winter months.
“SAD can be a problem because it affects
us when we have less sunlight, when it’s
cold outside and you’re not out as much in
the summer,” Dewitt-Parker said. “Typically
people are most affected from the end of
October, before we shift our clocks, until we
shift our clocks back again in the spring.”
According to “Psychology Today,”
it’s estimated that more than 10 million
Americans are affected with SAD in the
United States - primarily located in the
Northeast. Outside of that, 10 to 20 percent
are diagnosed with a more mild form of
SAD, known as “winter’s blues.” The illness
tends to begin around the age of 20. SAD is
more common the farther north you live.
writer, explained Kennedy. By working with
other groups within the university, like the
business and communications departments,
the institute is able to bring in writers or
scholars in specific disciplines which may
appeal to a wider audience.
Kennedy’s influence on the institute is
not only from a founder’s position, but as a
participant as well. The Albany native is an
accomplished writer who has published over
10 novels, as well as two screenplays and
two theater plays.
He is currently working on a few new
books, one of which he explained will
move through several different eras that are
significant in U.S. history.
“It’s a very unusual book for me to be
writing, but it sounds like it’s going to be
fun for me,” he said.
Over the years, Kennedy has used
his hometown and the history behind it
as a setting for many of his works. On
Sunday, March 6 at 2 p.m., Kennedy
will be presenting a slideshow of various
photographs of Albany that he has
accumulated over the past 50 years at the
Albany Institute of History and Art. At this
event he will discuss how he has used these
photographs to inspire his fictional works.
For a list of the who’s coming
this spring to the Visiting Writers
Series, scan this QR code.
dovetails well
with the Fight
for 15 - the
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push for $15
wage. He also
said that there’s an over-reliance on adjunct
professors now more than ever.
Tolley echoed this sentiment, saying that
the situation has “become more direr now.”
She also said that UUP’s contract expires in
June, so the union’s contract negotiations
are coming up in the spring.
“Getting broader support will help us,”
she said.
Tolley said she was asked to be in the
commercial because she’s been active in the
union and she’s one of the adjuncts who’s
not afraid to speak out on the issue. The
other two adjuncts were William Lee from
SUNY Cortland, who says 192 students
took his course in one semester, and Bentley
Whitfield from SUNY Farmingdale, who
says he has an advanced degree from Columbia University and won SUNY’s Excellence in Teaching Award.
Lisi is hopeful that this ad will help contingents gain a more sympathetic ear from
school administrators.
Missed the
Scan the QR code
and watch it on
UUP’s website.
As prevalent as the disorder can be,
there are many ways to counterattack the
symptoms. Doing things like going outside
and staying active is beneficial. Getting as
much sunlight as possible is also crucial.
“That’s why one of the best treatments for
SAD is light therapy,” said Dewitt-Parker.
“That’s basically daily exposure to very
bright artificial lights during the months that
people are most affected.”
Getting less sunlight means a lack of
exposure to Vitamin D, which can be
harmful to our bodies. Eating healthy is
also important for those who suffer from
SAD. Having a balanced diet and eating
hearty foods such as fruits and vegetables is
important. People with this disorder can also
isolate themselves during the cold months.
“We suggest one way to manage SAD is
to spend more time with family and friends,
being active, and seeing a psychologist if a
student has considered that they might have
seasonal affective disorder,” said DewittParker.
Those suffering from SAD this winter
may be feeling fewer symptoms because of
the lack of snow and chilly temperatures this
“People are able to get out a little more
because the weather has been better,” said
Dewitt-Parker. “It is getting a little light and
so for people who have SAD many of them
are finding a relief from that.”
Dewitt-Parker urged students to come
to the Counseling Center rather than selfdiagnosing themselves. They could speak to
a psychologist and get diagnosed for SAD.
“In terms of how we feel here, it should
be no different for someone to seek help
and support if they are feeling depressed or
anxious, than if you were to see a physician
because you have a sore throat or the
flu,” Dewitt Parker said. “It should be no
The Albany Student
[email protected]
Davidlohr Bueso / Flickr
The 2016 Oscar nominations are to predominately white actors and other players in the film industry. There has been controversy over the Oscars being too “white” and
not properly representing other races and religions.
Academy award backlash due to mostly white nominations
his month, the Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and Sciences announced
many of its expected nominees, such
as Leonardo DiCaprio for “The Revenant”
and Saoirse Ronan for “Brooklyn.” An
unexpected controversy arose, however,
from the announcement.
Many have weighed in on the issue of
the nominations’ complete lack of diversity
in almost all categories. #OscarsSoWhite
was a Twitter hashtag started last year
when the Oscars had a similar lack of
diversity. The hashtag resurfaced almost
instantly this year.
Director Spike Lee and actress Jada
Pinkett Smith publicly voiced their
concerns, saying that they will not be
attending the Oscars. The most ironic part
of this year’s issue is that the Academy
Award President, Cheryl Boone Isaacs,
the first African-American woman elected
president of the Academy, was in charge
of announcing the nominees. Although she
has communicated her disappointment,
Isaacs said she would like to “acknowledge
the wonderful work of this year’s
The backlash for the lack of diversity
this year is not surprising, since there were
films released that featured a predominantly
black cast. “Straight Outta Compton” and
“Creed” made the rounds in the awards
circuit, garnering only one nomination each
(for their white screenwriters and actors).
The one non-nomination that was
personally disappointing was the omission
of Idris Elba for “Beasts of No Nation.”
It was a performance that was almost
guaranteed a nomination and many,
including myself, thought Elba would win.
It was not only the African-American
community that was completely snubbed.
Other unacknowledged nationalities ranged
from Indian to Asian-American. The only
Hispanic person to be nominated in any
major category was “The Revenant’s”
director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.
Other nominations that would
have broken barriers for stereotypical
nominations were the two leads of the
undervalued film, “Tangerine.” Both leads,
Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, a Hispanic actress,
and Mya Taylor, an African-American
actress, could’ve filled in the gaps in
diversity that the Academy so desperately
needed, but those nominations could have
meant so much more. Both actresses are
transgendered women, which is a topic that
has been heavily depicted on both the small
and big screens in the last couple of years.
Eddie Redmayne, deservedly nominated
this year for playing a transgendered man,
is the complete opposite in reality. The
two nominations for “Tangerine” would
have been a right step in the direction of
accepting a different kind of community
that has been misrepresented for years.
There was a choice that the Academy
had. They could have nominated Jennifer
Lawrence for the fourth time, who will
most likely get another four nominations in
the next 10 years, or nominate one of the
leads of “Tangerine,” who frankly, unless
there’s a change in the Hollywood system,
will never see an opportunity like this
Since the Academy’s main demographic
is predominately white and over 60, many
don’t find it hard to believe that there is a
sense of conservative thought behind the
“The White BET awards” was a tweet
that the Oscar’s new host, Chris Rock,
wrote. It’s safe to bet that Chris Rock will
have a plethora of material to work with in
regards to race on Feb. 28. All the backlash
seems to be aimed at the Academy for
their decisions, and those people should be
taking the blame themselves.
This is an issue that involves every
segregated award. There have been fewer
white nominees in the BET awards than
black winners of the Academy Awards.
Every nationality and gender has their
own award ceremony that, arguably,
are biased since they only nominate and
award certain people based on their race
and gender, which is an issue that people
are expressing about the Academy.
The Academy might have more history
and prestige than the BET awards, but
in conjunction with recent issues, it’s
important to note that if there was ever a
need for diversity, it is now, and it needs
to start with all award shows accepting
performers based on the material itself.
New year, new gun control laws
o start off the new year, and his last in
office, President Barack Obama made
an emotional call for action against gun
His first step in his plan to decrease gun
violence is to regulate gun control. Obama is
seeking a more expansive background check for
gun buyers and sellers.
“The measure clarifies that
individuals ‘in the business of
selling firearms’ register as
licensed gun dealers, effectively
narrowing the so-called ‘gun
show loophole,’ which exempts
most small sellers from keeping
formal sales records,” CNN
writers Eric Bradner and Gregory
Krieg reported.
Obama has made a point that
people have been discussing for
what seems like an eternity. We
need to find a way to prevent
random acts of gun violence, and
perhaps creating a more rigorous
background check won’t be the
finite solution to this problem,
but it is a definite step in the right
“We have to be very clear that
this is not going to solve every
violent crime in this country,”
Obama said as a prelude to his
speech the following day. “It’s
not going to prevent every mass
shooting; it’s not going to keep
Kassie Parisi
[email protected]
Madeline St. Amour
Managing Editor
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Russell Oliver
News Editor
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every gun out of the hands of a
A problem like gun violence
is not one that can be solved
overnight, and Obama is very
clear on that. However, it is a
problem that we can’t ignore. In
his speech, Obama mentioned
how Republicans try to sweep this
issue under the rug.
According to the CNN
article, “Obama hammered
congressional Republicans for
opposing measures like expanded
background checks as he called
on Americans to punish them at
the polls. He defended his actions
to strengthen background checks
for purchasing guns, answering
critics who say the measure would
not make it harder for criminals to
obtain firearms.”
I am firmly on Obama’s side
on this one. It seems as though
Republicans are not at all for
stricter background checks
Celia Balf
Sports Editor
[email protected]
Julia Day
A&E Editor
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Kevin Mercado
Opinions Editor
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Keith Heesemann
Business Manager
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or stricter gun control laws in
general because they want to
easily own weapons to hunt and
kill game.
However, I think it is important
to note that Obama is very surely
not saying that there should be a
restriction or ban of guns in the
United States, but he is saying
that something needs to be done.
In his speech he referenced
the infamous Sandy Hook
shooting and how the massacre
was essentially a catalyst for
this move to enforce a stricter
background check. He was clearly
emotional when he brought up
Sandy Hook and went on to say,
“Every time I think about those
kids, it gets me mad.”
According to Michael D. Shear
and Eric Lichtblau, writers for
The New York Times, “Mr.
Obama will hire more personnel
to process background checks in
a timely manner, direct officials
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The Albany Student Press
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May by the Albany Student
Press Corporation, an
independent, not-forprofit organization.
to conduct more gun research,
improve the information in
the background check system,
encourage more domestic
violence prosecutions and order
better tracking of lost guns.”The
article mentioned that the law
will make it simpler for states to
provide mental health information
for the background checks. This
could be the difference between
selling and not selling a gun.
This movement will
most definitely re-hash the
congressional conversations
regarding the 2nd Amendment.
However, Obama made it clear
that this new law is not to outlaw
or prevent the owning of a gun,
but to determine who is most
sound and sane to purchase a
It’s a law to keep an eye out for
and only time will tell if it truly
makes a difference when it comes
to gun violence.
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Learning to look beyond Islamophobia
and celebrate a Muslim symbol
ith the ever-growing Islamophobia spewing
from the mouths of everyone from rightwing politicians down to citizens, World
Hijab Day is much more than a celebration of a symbol
of a Muslim woman’s devotion to Allah. It is a reminder
to other Hijabis that they should never be ashamed of
who they are and what they believe. It is a reminder to
non-Muslims that the hijab isn’t a symbol of hate and
violence, but rather of love and peace.
The backlash against this festive day seems to be
coming from the non-intersectional feminist community
who believe the hijab oppresses the liberties of a women
to be themselves and enforces misogynistic views that
modest women are superior and more Godly than other
While everybody is entitled to their opinions, it is
detrimental to the feminist movement when feminists
argue against Muslim women making a personal choice
to wear a hijab. There are plenty of women who choose
to show their devotion to Allah in another form and reject
wearing a hijab, and then there are women who believe
that that is what has been asked of them so they will
willingly do it out of their love.
Fashion designer Nabaallah Chi writes for World Hijab
Day: “I realized that Hijab made me focus on my inner
self more. Some people think that veiled women are
oppressed, but I feel more empowered than ever, even
though I did struggle to come to terms with it at first.”
There does not seem to be anything easy about covering
your head everyday for the rest of your life and then
facing others out in the open, so while it is still not my
faith, I find it admirable and even inspiring to see how
many women sacrifice a part of themselves that does not
affect anyone else.
Beyond the exclusion and bigoted nature of nonintersectional feminism comes the blatant bigotry of
Islam is the second largest religion in the world,
according to a 2012 Pew Research Center report,
even though it’s the youngest. According to both
the International Security’s dataset and Scott Shane,
journalist for The New York Times, the threat of a
terrorist attack by far right-winged extremists is greater
than the threat of jihadist extremists. Yet we are an
increasingly anti-Muslim society, fearing that Islam is
somehow more dangerous than Christianity or Judaism,
anuarsalleh / Flickr
On World Hijab Day, women across the globe don the Muslim headdress in solidarity in support of the symbol
that the HIjab has on Islamic faith.
even as mosques are burned and Hijabis are targeted.
World Hijab Day helps the underrepresented and hated
community that happens to be one of the largest religion
in the world, all the while pointing out the racist and
sexist power structure of the Western world and how
most of the power lies in the hands of the few who do not
represent the masses.
We are constantly told when it comes to police brutality
to not judge all cops by the actions of some, even though
cops are not fixing the issues in their own community
and apathy is just as evil as the oppressor. However when
it comes to minority groups, the vast majority look for
excuses to justify their own bigotry and no longer utter
their tireless mantras.
Days that appreciate individual groups are some of the
only times these groups get proper representation, so I
give my regards to all Hijabis and hope for the safety of
all Muslims on this day.
Cardi B.’s impact on
female empowerment
ardi B, the stripper who became famous on
Instagram, currently stars on “Love and Hip
Hop New York” on VH1 and is pursuing a
rap career.
She, alongside many other sex workers, has
been underestimated and ridiculed in our society
because they took control of their bodies in
order to make a profit.
It has been established
in our day and age that sex
sells. And so far, society has
used the bodies of women to
make money. So why can’t
women use their own bodies?
People are quick to shame the
women who are sex workers,
yet disregard the men who
indulge in them.
Let us acknowledge the men
who go out of their way to
give money for sex acts and
willfully pursue such favors.
No one is forcing a man to
go to a strip club, however
it’s obviously the fault of the
feminine wiles that a stripper
possesses that makes a guy
lose control and get a lap
Women have been branded
by fragile sexuality. They are
either too sexual or not sexual
enough. Cardi B breaks the
constraint on women and
embraces harmful words
such as “hoe,” “thot” and
“slut.” She owns up to it,
and acknowledges that being
overly sexual is not abnormal
for women.
She embraces these
harmful words and creates
an empowering definition for
them. She is advising women
not to give men power over
them, especially sexually,
and to use their appeal as an
If anything, men have been
praised for being overly
sexual. Why can’t women be
the same thing?
“I’m not telling girls to
just be a hoe and suck dick
every single day, give their
vagina to everybody. What
I’m trying to say to girls is
don’t let these guys be in your
head,” Cardi B said in an
interview with Complex.com.
She acknowledged her
previous job at a supermarket
saying, “I went [to strip] and
it was just so amazing to
me. In one day I made
more than a week’s
Cardi B also
doesn’t shy away
from her origins. She
acknowledged her
upbringings in the
Bronx and takes pride
in her non-affluent
So what if she doesn’t
speak English in a pristine
manner? The reason she
speaks with an “accent” is
due the fact that she grew up
in a place where people speak
like that. The ghetto has its
own vernacular, and that
shouldn’t be shamed.
Of course, professionalism
has its own vernacular. She
is not intimidated by that.
She keeps true to herself and
carries herself high.
She brings attention to how
ghettos are different from the
rest of society because society
isn’t inclusive, thus making
the ghetto its own subculture.
People associate poor
education with sex workers,
which is not necessarily the
case. On top of her being a
stripper, Cardi B’s ghetto
accent has given reason
for people to label her as
stupid. But, Cardi B has a
high school education and
attempted going to college.
She’s playing the game
of entertainment and she’s
building her way to the top.
She has an audience that
continues to grow.
Anyone can judge, yet only
few do research. Cardi B has
used stripping as a means to
escape domestic violence stripping made her enough
money to support herself and
leave the abusive relationship.
According to a VladTV.
com interview her escape was
“stripping, getting my own
money and leaving, how was
I gonna leave if I only made
200 dollars every week?”
Was there a better solution
to her problem? Others may
think so, but to her this was
the best solution and it proved
to be an effective one.
People have to do what they
have to do in order to survive.
And using sex appeal to do so
shouldn’t be frowned upon.
It’s also important
to mention that human
trafficking, or taking people
out of their own free will
and forcing them to perform
sex acts, doesn’t represent
all sex workers. If a person
consciously and willingly
decides to be as a sex worker,
so be it.
We know
you have
Why not
write about
them and get
some clips
for your
The ASP accepts
submissions each week
until Friday at 5 p.m. Email
[email protected]
if you want to write for
We’re also looking for
cartoonists, so if you love
to draw, email [email protected]
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When it comes to origin stories, most
bands start with some sort of long-winded
ramble about how their previous bands fell
through, or how their members just started
playing together for fun and it developed
into something serious. There isn’t anything
wrong with those sorts of answers - the
reality of most band formations is that
they’re rather boring.
However, when a band tells their origin
story with unfiltered honesty and says, “We
all think it’s really cool to go to strangers’
houses, smoke weed, and look through their
video game collections,” it immediately
flags them as something special.
Along with that beautiful string of
words, the members of Prince Daddy &
The Hyena- vocalist/guitarist Kornelious
P. Jenkins, guitarist Cameron Handford,
bassist Zakariya Houacine, and drummer
Alex Ziembiec- eagerly talked about alien
abductions, Smash Bros, and their new
music. The gang was sprawled throughout
the dark confines of a “well-worn” utility
van after their set in Rochester in late
Soon after forming in late 2014, the
band self-released their debut EP “Skip
Cutscenes! Blow Loud!” and began playing
house shows around the East Coast,
building a reputation in their home city of
Albany for high energy performances. Less
than a year later, the band released their first
proper EP “Adult Summers” via the rising
Connecticut label Broken World Media,
which is owned by Derrick ShanholtzerDvorak of The World is a Beautiful Place
& I am No Longer Afraid to Die. Broken
World Media has released a slew of notable
emo/punk/indie albums over the past few
years by bands such as Sorority Noise,
Rozwell Kid, Old Gray, Soda Bomb, and
many of TWIABP’s own releases.
P. Daddy said Broken World has really
helped their band by “hooking us up with
really nice people” and “showing us the
people who don’t know who Prince Daddy
is, but know who Broken World is,” said
Houacine and Jenkins, respectively.
In regards to the release of “Adult
Summers,” Handford said,“We hadn’t had
music in so long and we knew the album
wouldn’t be coming for a while ‘cause we
wanted to record it really nice. So we just
recorded the EP with our friend Drew to
hold people over.”
“We wrote our full length before we
wrote Adult Summers. We wrote Adult
Summers in like two to three days,” added
The long-awaited full-length, set to be
released this spring via Broken World,
was recorded by Joe Reinhart, guitarist
of emo alums Algernon Cadwallader and
up-and-coming indie rockers Hop Along.
The record will be titled “I Thought You
Didn’t Even Like Leaving.” While the band
describes their sound as “Fuzzy Weezer
with influences of early-2000s broken
Gameboy Advance noises” and “Cereal
on the couch watching ‘Ed, Edd, n Eddy’”
rock, the members had less-than-ridiculous
things to say about the album.
“It’s winter versus summer. If ‘Adult
Summers’ is summer, then imagine this is
winter. It’s still fuzzy and punky but it’s
way darker,” Houacine said.
“Besides a couple songs, it’s more
straightforward and less sporatic,” said
“It’s more of a pop record but it’s still
crazy and loud and energetic,” said Jenkins.
Like “Adult Summers,” P. Daddy agreed
that fans should expect their Weezer, Green
Day, and Jeff Rosenstock influences to
bleed through. Their knack for humorous
self-deprecation is something that set
“Adult Summers” apart and the new record
is sure to contain a similar approach
lyrically, but with a darker edge to it.
Jenkins said that “Adult Summers” is
Source: Prince Daddy’s Facebook Page
Throughout the interview, Prince Daddy repeatedly mentioned how close the four of
them are as friends.
about “Partying, smoking weed, beaches
and aliens,” whereas “I Thought You Didn’t
Even Like Leaving” tackles “Depression,
anxiety, my couch, dependency, laziness,
and manic depression.”
“I feel like it’s just a lot of shit that
everyone deals with. Growing up and
turning into a different type of person.
Realizing everything does not work out
perfectly,” said Houacine.
P. Daddy capture their vivacious live
aesthetic on recording and paired that with
lyrics as laughable as they are (worryingly)
relatable. It’s enough to make them a
worthwhile checkout on both Bandcamp
and the live circuit. In their eyes, however,
the real distinction between them and other
bands is their unearthly ability to munch.
“No one can eat like we can eat. It’s
pretty embarrassing actually,” said Jenkins.
‘The Revenant’ is thrilling, but is it Oscar worthy?
Source: collider.com
Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu (left) and Leonardo DiCaprio (right) in the middle of filming a scene for “The Revenant.”
With an impressive 12 nominations and a strong
performance at the box office so far, “The Revenant”
is looking like the film to beat at this year’s Academy
Awards. History is in the film’s favor as well: director
Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s previous films, “Babel” and
“Birdman,” were major Oscar-contenders in their day,
and the movie-going public is eager to see star Leonardo
DiCaprio take home his first Oscar after years of stellar
work as one of Hollywood’s foremost leading men. While
the film is a thrilling and beautiful piece of work, in the end
“The Revenant” lacks substance.
Based loosely on the novel by Michael Punke, which
was itself loosely based on true events, “The Revenant”
follows Hugh Glass (DiCaprio), a rugged frontiersman
and hunter, as he and his half-Pawnee son, Hawk, help a
fur trading company navigate the wilds of Montana. After
a fierce encounter with a mother grizzly leaves Glass
mortally wounded, he is left in the care of John Fitzgerald
(Tom Hardy), a greedy and hateful trapper. This is unclear
to me. Fitzgerald, keen to be rid of him, kills Glass’s son
and leaves Glass in a shallow grave, where he presumes
Glass will die. However, Glass is a stronger man than
Fitzgerald knows, and with revenge in his heart he begins
crawling his way back to the trading outpost across miles of
rough and wintery terrain, bent on killing the man who took
everything from him.
There is no denying that “The Revenant” is
a beautiful film. Iñárritu reteams with his “Birdman”
cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki, and the two have
crafted a film full of striking natural vistas, dizzying
camerawork, and savage set-pieces. Iñárritu infamously
insisted on shooting the film exclusively in natural light –
taking a page from the master Terrence Malick – which,
though it meant they could only shoot for a couple hours
a day, has resulted in a distinct and organic look that often
borders on ethereal. The visual style accomplished in “The
Revenant” easily tops the all pomp, no circumstance, onetake style of the long-winded “Birdman.” Still, while the robust visuals are among the film’s
biggest triumphs, they also tend to be in line with the film’s
most prominent shortcomings. “The Revenant” is a film
full of savage beauty, but it doesn’t get much deeper than
that. The film’s cinematography is never not striking, but a
lot of the film’s compositions have little to add to its story.
Iñárritu employs a lot of the long takes that he explored
with “Birdman,” but they add nothing to the audience’s
understanding of the story and characters, so it often just
feels like he is showing off. Perhaps the frequent emptiness
of the film’s visuals is a symptom of its simple story, which
can be summed up as “A Tale of Revenge and Survival…
and Not Much Else.”
Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance also draws major
attention to “The Revenant,” and while his commitment
and intensity are as impressive as ever, his Hugh Glass is
a fairly one-dimensional character. He is driven by little
more than rage, and the script never calls for him to be
anything other than intense. Looking just at the physical
feats involved, DiCaprio’s performance is mind-blowingly
good, and the highly-publicized lengths he went to for
the role (eating raw bison liver, slipping into a dead horse
carcass) are commendable. Still, it is far from the most
fleshed-out performance of the year, and it is not even the
best performance in the film. That accolade goes to Tom
Hardy, who makes John Fitzgerald one of the more nuanced
scumbags to grace the screen in 2015. Fitzgerald is a real
bastard, deceitful and bigoted, but in some key scenes we
glimpse a surprising sense of honor within him.
To call “The Revenant” one of the best films of 2015
would be to severely overrate it. Many of the year’s best,
like other Best Picture nominees “Mad Max: Fury Road”
and “The Martian,” blend excitement with depth in a way
that the “The Revenant” never manages consistently. Still,
a film with such a distinct look and intense pace can hardly
be called bad, and in fact, it is quite good. It just might not
be all it is being made out to be. Go in expecting something
like an arthouse summer blockbuster and you will be in for
a treat.
[email protected]
Not many people sit in history class thinking, “What if
Shakespeare lived a cool, double life?”
Not many people, that is, besides Giacomo Calabria,
who explores this undiscovered world in his new novel
“License to Quill.”
Calabria, who works under the pen name Jacopo della
Quercia, is a prominent writer in the Capital Region,
serving as a scholar with the New York Council for
the Humanities. Some may recognize Jacopo from his
articles on the humor website Cracked.com. He was also
featured in The New York Times bestselling book “You
Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News.” His work has
also appeared in Reader’s Digest, BBC America, CNN
Money, Slate, The Huffington Post, the International
Screenwriters’ Association, and academic publications
offered by schools like Princeton University. Jacopo
released his first novel, “The Great Abraham Lincoln
Pocket Watch Conspiracy,” in 2014.
Jacopo attempts to rewrite history as an action thriller in
his new book “License to Quill,” a James Bond-esque spy
thriller starring people only heard of in history class. This
book shows a perspective of William Shakespeare and
Christopher Marlowe like never seen before, with quickon-your-feet sarcasm and a great sense of humor.
The first impression “License to Quill” is a sense that
it may be overwhelming with all of the factors that come
into play. The novel engulfs readers with its setting (it
takes place during the Gunpowder Plot), the historical
figures, boundless action, Macbeth, spies, and humor.
While it is a lot to take in, once immersed in the story it is
easy to understand and it flows effortlessly because of how
well-written it is.
“License to Quill” was written in Albany during the
notoriously cold winter of 2014-15, and the novel was
released this past December. The following interview with
Jacopo della Quercia delves into the novel’s beginnings,
character development, and inspiration.
Albany Student Press: How did you get the inspiration
for your character’s personalities?
Jacapo della Quercia: Just about everybody has their
own opinion of what these figures are like. The advantage
that came to writing these people is we have so much
writing on their humor and opinions, and what I try to
do is imagine what life was like for them as an ordinary
person. The best resource I had for that, in terms of how to
write those characters, was the University at Albany’s own
[author and former faculty member] William Kennedy.
I try to separate my characters’ spoken words from their
written words, and I try my best to show that these people
were not statues or women in paintings. They were people
who were not too different from you and me, and
just like you and me, they can find themselves in
extraordinary situations.
ASP: Do any of your characters resemble people
you know in real life? Are some events in the
story based on experience?
JDQ: I’m delighted to say one of UAlbany’s
professors appears in the acknowledgments, Dr.
Gylne Griffith, who I describe as a very towering
friend. I don’t want to say specifically which
character I based on him, but for those who read the
book and know him, they might be able to picture
him towering above the rest of the crowd. But for
most of my characters based on historical figures, I
try to do my best to imagine what they’d do in the
situations they’re put into.
ASP: Your specific writing style can be classified
as historical fiction, but do you see yourself
branching out to any other genre?
JDQ: It’s so interesting because I don’t see myself
narrowed to any particular field. I just try to write
what I like to think I am best at, but I also like to
experiment and see what my limitations are. I am
curious to see what else I can do, but it’s not so much
about what writing style. It’s more about offering
something unique to whatever genre I’m writing in.
ASP: Is there anything you found challenging
while writing the book?
JDQ: I can say with a heavy heart that it was just
physically exhausting to write this book. With my
first book, “The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket
Source: Jacopo della Quercia
Watch Conspiracy,” the challenges were more
The cover of spy thriller “License to Quill.”
mechanical, such as ‘Can I even write a novel?
Can I deliver this on time?’ With my second book
write. In many cases it’s people who doubt this basic
[“License to Quill”], I still did not know how to write a
truth that abstain from the art, so if anyone reading this
book in terms keeping track of my own health. I spent way
is unsure about starting, to quote Dante: “The secret to
too much time sitting and writing and not enough time
getting things done is to act!” Just take a stab at it. If you
exercising. It started to take a physical toll on my body.
have any questions about anything, please track me down.
I really needed to physically rescue myself, and I was
I’m on Twitter all the time, so please contact me. I want to
determined to use this experience in my novel. I punish
help other writers because I would not be here right now
William Shakespeare, I make him sick in the story. That
with a book to discuss unless other writers had helped
was me trying to make the best of what was the worst of
times writing the novel.
ASP: Do you have any advice to aspiring writers and/
or your readers?
JDQ: Anybody can be a writer. If you can live, you can
“License to Quill” was released in December of 2015.
For those interested in history and literature with a
humorous twist, this book is worth a read. Visit Jacopo’s
website at PocketWatchConspiracy.com or follow him on
Twitter at @Jacopo_della_Q for more information.
Remembering Bowie, Lemmy, and Rickman
Sources: rogerebert.com, zumic.com, pagetopremier.
Three English creative legends including David Bowie,
Lemmy Kilmister, and Alan Rickman passed away from
cancer at the start of the new year. Despite their passing,
the impact they have left on the music, television, and film
industries has been monumental.
David Bowie
David Robert Jones, known as David Bowie, passed away
from liver cancer on Jan. 10 at the age of 69. Born in London
in 1947 with a natural inclination towards music and arts,
Bowie was inspired by rock and roll pioneers Elvis Presley
and Little Richards. Following school he chose to pursue his
passion professionally, a decision that would forever change
the world of rock.
His self-titled debut album “David Bowie” was released in
June 1967, the same day The Beatles released their critically
acclaimed album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,”
and was considered a commercial failure.
Bowie’s fourth and fifth albums, “Hunky Dory” in 1971
and “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders
from Mars” in 1972 are what put Bowie permanently on
the map, having finally perfected his signature art rock and
glam pop sound. The rest is rock and roll history. Through a
career spanning four decades Bowie would go on to produce
25 studio albums, all diverse and unique using his fusion of
progressive rock, new wave, and pop styles. Bowie ended his
career with “Blackstar” which was released only two days
before his death.
Bowie further pursued his love of the arts by acting in
several films, including his role in the 1986 fantasy film
“Labyrinth,” and acting in the Broadway production of “The
Elephant Man” in 1980.
He leaves behind his wife of 24 years, Somali fashion
model Iman, as well their 15-year-old daughter Alexandria.
Like the works of Presley and Little Richards that had
inspired him, Bowie’s work has and will continue to inspire
future generations of musicians to come.
Lemmy Kilmister
Ian Fraser Kilmister, known as Lemmy, passed away from
cancer on Dec. 28 at the age of 70. Born in Staffordshire in
1945, Lemmy was inspired by the The Beatles and learned
how to play guitar to their album “Please Please Me.”
Throughout the ‘60s and early ‘70s, Lemmy joined several
local bands including the Rainmakers, Motown sect, the
Rockin’ Vickers, Sam Gopal, and Opal Butterfly. He also
worked as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix for a brief time.
Lemmy performed as a bassist and vocalist for the space
rock band Hawkwind from 1971 until 1975 when he was
fired from the band following his arrest on drug possession.
Following his dismissal, Lemmy formed his own band
titled Mötorhead, acting as the group’s bassist, singer, and
songwriter. The band’s sound has been noted for its use of
heavy metal, hard rock, and serving as a foundation for early
Mötorhead spiraled into the spotlight with its successful
second and third albums “Overkill” in 1979 and “Bomber”
the same year. Over the course of their career, Mötorhead
would go on to record 22 studio albums, 10 live recordings,
12 compilation albums, and 5 EPs, selling over 15 million
albums worldwide. Their last album, “Bad Magic” was
released in August 2015. Although the band has had many
members through the years, Lemmy is noted as being the only
consistent member present during the band’s career.
In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, fellow
musician Ozzy Osbourne remembered his friend, stating
“There’s a big hole in the music industry as far as I’m
concerned…There goes a hero for me.”
Alan Rickman
Alan Rickman passed away from pancreatic cancer on Jan.
14 at the age of 69. Born in London in 1946, Rickman’s father
passed away when he was only eight years old. Living with
his mother and three siblings, Rickman took up a career as a
graphic designer following college, citing it as a more stable
career for him at the time than pursuing acting.
After having success as a graphic designer, Rickman
made the decision to go back to school to pursue his dream
of acting and attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
for two years. From there he joined numerous theater groups
including working for the prominent Royal Shakespeare
Company. During the early ‘80s he appeared in several BBC
produced television shows and films.
In 1988, Rickman was cast as German organized crime
villain Hans Gruber in the wildly popular action film “Die
Hard.” He is also widely known for his role as professor and
wizard Severus Snape in the “Harry Potter” series.
He has starred in films including “Robin Hood: Prince
of Thieves,” “Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny,” and
“Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.”
Although being typecast as an antagonist, Rickman’s career
has actually encompassed a wide variety of genres. He has
starred in numerous romantic films including “Truly, Madly,
Deeply,” “Sense and Sensibility,” and “Love Actually.” He
is also known for his role as Alexander Dane in the sciencefiction comedy “Galaxy Quest,” as well as voice acting
Marvin the Paranoid Android in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to
the Galaxy.”
Rickman leaves behind his wife Rima Horton, whom he
started dating in 1965 at the age of 19 and stayed together
until his death. A highly skilled actor and well respected by
fellow co-stars, Rickman’s presence is sure to be missed.
His last two films “Eye in the Sky” and “Alice Through the
Looking Glass” will be theatrically released later this year.
Other deaths this year include The Eagles guitarist Glenn
Frey, “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams” star Dan
Haggerty, Nat King Cole’s daughter and singer Natalie Cole,
country singer Craig Strickland, and Celine Dion’s husband
and manager René Angélil.
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Source: Screengrab from UAlbany’s YouTube
An aerial view of the stadium.
Source: Screengrab from UAlbany’s YouTube page
Duker and company watch as President Jones announces the gift UAlbany received from the Bernard and Millie Children’s
Foundation. From right to left: Mary Casey, Sharon Duker, William F. Duker, William “West” Duker (Duker’s son) and Milana
Kuznetsova (the latter Duker’s girlfriend).
Continued from Page 1
convicted felon in connection with
a scheme to overcharge the federal
Vincent Bonventre, an Albany Law
School professor specializing in Appeals
Court cases and legal ethics, said that legal
fraud is the practice of giving dishonest
advice to someone that harms them as a
“Nobody has an obligation to disabuse
everybody of every irrational thing they
may think, but if there’s good reason to
think that somebody is a lawyer and you
know that person is relying on advice
you’re giving because they believe you’re
a lawyer, you’ve got an obligation to tell
them, ‘No, I’m not,’” Bonventre said.
Shaw, representing the Albany BSF
office, denied most of what Deep has
alleged in court since 2005.
“Boies, Schiller moved to withdraw from
representing [Deep] and [his] companies,”
Shaw said in a phone interview, “because
he was lying about his activities with the
Along with many lawyers from BSF’s
defensive team in Deep’s lawsuit, Shaw
makes the distinction that Deep and
BuddyUSA are different entities, with the
company rather than the person in actual
ownership of the Aimster software. Stock
records from 2001 show Deep owning
a majority of shares in BuddyUSA.
This points to Deep having the potential
final say in most corporate transactions,
although Deep alleges there were
protections and offsets written into the
contract to protect the interests of Boies
and Duker. Shaw and BSF argue against
most of Deep’s 2005 allegations, citing
the statute of limitations, which states in
these types of cases that the crime and the
lawsuit can’t be separated by more than
three years. The defendants also maintain
in testimony that Deep is lying.
“The cases were built upon
falsehoods,” Shaw said.
Bonventre said, “It is very, very, very
difficult for me to believe that someone
like David Boies would not make it clear
if he was advising somebody to get advice
from Duker, I would imagine —I’m
confident that David Boies would have
made clear that Duker is not a lawyer.”
He went on, “David Boies is not a hack.
David Boies is an eminent lawyer. He’s
one of the great lawyers; he’s not going to
pull crap like that. No, not from anything I
know about him. Everything I know about
him is about as good as a lawyer as you
can be. The other people who I know in
that firm — the same thing.”
Boies himself made four appearances
in court over the case in 2012. In these
appearances, Deep and Boies crossexamine each other, arguing over nearly
every fact in the case.
In one exchange with Boies crossexamining Deep, the alleged conference
calls are examined exhaustively. Deep
concedes that he and Boies rarely talked
on these calls. One thing he does claim
happened nearly every day during the
RIAA case, however, was a meeting with
Duker. Deep claims that Duker made
conference calls once a week for two
years to Boies on his behalf.
Duker himself never appeared in
court, according to records. Deep said in
a 2009 court appearance, “Now I have
not to my knowledge conceded that Mr.
Duker was not served… obviously, he’s
not responding to anything, but I have not
conceded that he was not served.”
A Tale of Two Lawyers
In 1987, Duker co-founded the Duker
& Barrett law firm and garnered a
reputation for being a penny-pincher,
according to sources quoted in a 1997
Wall Street Journal article.
The New York City-based firm picked
up an assignment Boies passed along
in 1990 to represent the FDIC and the
RTC. The legal team sought damages
for those scammed by Michael Milken.
The so-called “Junk Bond King” agreed
to a settlement of more than $1 billion
with the government. Duker’s firm then
investigated the failure of CenTrust Bank
in Miami, with the primary target being
CenTrust’s law firm at the time, Paul,
Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison
(Paul Weiss).
According to Paul M. Barrett’s article
in the WSJ, Duker recommended that
the FDIC sue the firm for millions in
damages. Boies at the time was quoted as
saying, “We all would have been happier
if nobody associated with us was adverse
to Paul Weiss.”
While Duker attempted to hold Paul
Weiss accountable, he simultaneously
engaged in fraudulent practices himself,
amassing a fortune in the process.
According to the FDIC, Duker defrauded
it and the RTC of about $1.4 billion.
In 1993, with persistence from Duker’s
firm, Paul Weiss agreed to pay $45
million to the government, while never
admitting any wrongdoing, according to
the article. Duker’s targeting of highprofile law firms had paid off.
According to an FDIC press release
from 1997, Duker’s firm was earning up
to $5 million annually during the scheme
and he received up to 80 percent of the
The FBI found that Duker & Barrett
was overbilling the banking agencies for
his services by cooking the work hour
books. The FBI’s accusation alleged that
Duker had been “making handwritten
notations on draft bills that directed the
firm’s office manager to increase the
hours reported for individual attorneys,
generally by one to four hours per day.”
Duker pled guilty and was sentenced in
1997 to a 33-month prison term, of which
he only served 16 months. He was fined
$7,500 to enter programs administered
by the U.S. Probation Office, and he paid
the federal government $2.58 million
under a settlement agreement in criminal
restitution and civil damages, according to
the case docket.
Duker was also disbarred and forbidden
to practice law in any form. According to
sworn testimony from Boies, the lawyer
and the disbarred remain good friends to
this day.
that makes us different in this country
is about people giving people second
chances. It’s about redemption.”
“He’s trying to do something good,”
Sanai said.
John Deep disagrees in his court claims.
His allegation is that while Duker and
Boies aided him during his RIAA case,
they simultaneously deprived him of
his beneficial ownership in the software
and shares of BuddyUSA by spreading
his interests thin. They did this through
investments, without his knowledge, into
a plethora of small companies and LLCs
that Duker, Boies and others close to the
pair were involved with.
When confronted with questions of
Duker’s history of litigation, Sanai said,
“You go to the School of Business,
we have Goldman Sachs’s name on it,
Deloitte, you know how many litigations
they’re a part of every day? So it’s a fact
of life when you are dealing with that
kind of business…other than the federal
case, he hasn’t been convicted of anything
Paul Miesing, Ph.D and professor at
UAlbany specializing in business ethics,
talked about the potential motivation
behind the donation, “I don’t know why
[Duker’s] donating to a state university.
Those kind of big bucks you would
expect to go to Harvard…We’re a worthy
cause and we do well, but these are huge
amounts for us.”
Miesing sees the donation as an
example of utilitarianism (greatest good
for the greatest number) rather than
“The ends I’ll say won’t justify the
means, but he’s using it for a good cause,”
Miesing said. “If it was not for him, we
wouldn’t really be able to beef up what’s
important and valuable to the state of New
A Second Chance
A Donor Examined
UAlbany officials took Duker’s past
into account before they accepted the $10
million donation, according to Fardin
Sanai, vice president for University
Development and executive director
since 2007 of the University at Albany
Foundation — the private arm tasked with
handling the university’s donations.
“We are well aware of his past,” he
said. He said the Foundation applauded
Duker when he gave the $25 million to
Albany Medical Center “because one of
our alums doing it — it was wonderful.”
Sanai was also listed as a senior vice
president for development at Albany
Medical Center in 2006, and Duker’s wife
Sharon was appointed to the hospital’s
Board of Directors in 2014.
Sanai gave a personal analogy related
to Duker’s conviction: “I’m from Iran. I
was born and raised there—and you guys
are seeing all the pictures of ISIS and
everything—if you do something wrong
there, you steal something, they cut your
arms off.”
He continued, “You know why they do
that? So that you’d be ashamed for you for
the rest of your life that no one will talk to
you, you will be disassociated; you’d be
an outcast. I think that one of the things
UAlbany is not the only thing Duker
has spent his money on. Duker purchased
a $30 million penthouse in New York City
as “an investment and not as a personal
residence,” according to real estate
reports. According to various boating
news outlets, Duker is also designing
his latest yacht: a 230-foot vessel named
Sybaris, for the ancient Greek city that
amassed riches and became famous for its
The only found court record containing
Duker in his own words was in a twosentence e-mail to John Deep. Deep wrote
a letter to Boies on upcoming lawsuits,
with a carbon copy attached for Duker.
“I wish you would not,” Duker’s
response reads. “He did a big favor for
you and me.”
Apart from the $10 million donation
to name the stadium and the $25 million
donation to Albany Medical Center in its
history, BMCF’s latest tax records from
2013 indicate the not-for-profit’s assets at
just over $30,000.
BMCF did not respond to multiple
phone calls. Duker and members of his
family likewise did not respond to phone
calls and requests for interviews.
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Pre-season sets
high expectations
for Great Danes
The men’s lacrosse preseason started on
Monday, Jan. 18 and the men are preparing
for the spring 2016 season.
The team captains for this season are
James Burdette (JR), Derrick Eccles
(RSR), John Maloney (SR), and Blaze
Riorden (SR). Both Eccles and Riorden are
second-year captains.
On Monday they met for the first time
since fall-ball for a conditioning test and
practice. On Wednesday they were outside
again for the first “official” practice of the
spring— bundled up on the icy John Fallon
Field, they got after it.
“Preseason has been awesome. I love
our attitude. Our effort today [Jan 20] was
outstanding. We had a very high tempo
practice these first couple days. The guys
came back in good shape and were very
excited about what the prospects of this
year bring,” Head Coach Scott Marr said.
For the lacrosse team, the conditioning
test is to gage where they stand coming out
of winter break. From there the practices
are planned appropriately to improve their
The conditioning test was 12,110-yard
sprints. The team has to run the 110-yards
in 18 seconds and they have 42 seconds to
run back. This is done a total of 12 times.
Marr said it was really cold and windy
the day they did the test, so the wind made
it difficult, but the results were great.
“It’s been cold but good. A lot of people
came back in shape, people’s sticks are
sharp, and we look pretty good. A lot of
people are starting to step up with the
absence of last year’s lost leadership so it’s
been good,” Eccles said.
Part of stepping up is being in shape.
“Lacrosse is a lot of running so you have to
be in really good shape and we had some
guys fail the run test so they’re working out
at 7 a.m. every morning to get some extra
running in to be prepared for the season,”
senior goalkeeper Blaze Riorden said.
The lacrosse preseason consists of a
lot of conditioning and team bonding.
They even did yoga together to mix it up.
Riorden says that battling the cold elements
has been a challenge, but they still keep
coming out and putting in good effort.
So far, Marr is happy with what he’s
“It’s a good start with a very high tempo
and a lot of energy,” he said.
One change this season is the absence of
a Thompson on the team. For the lacrosse
program this opens up the chance for new
leadership to step up.
Riorden thinks that the dynamic will
be different but they’ll still be able to put
together wins as a team.
“It will definitely be different because
you don’t have a go-to guy in clutch
situations. We don’t have a guy right now
where were like we want the ball in his
stick when it comes to a big play. We’ve
got Connor Fields who can score but it will
be different as far as sharing the ball across
the field,” Eccles said.
Source: UAlbany Athletics
The cold doesn’t stop UAlbany lacrosse players from enjoying their first official
spring practice.
Source: UAlbany Athletics
UAlbany Lacrosse Coach Marr huddles the team together to end practice.
2,000 points is just the start for Richards
doesn’t play for personal glory,
according to those who know her.
“I love being [Shereesha’s]
When Shereesha Richards
teammate,” said point guard Zascored on a putback layup with
kiya Saunders. “She is not selfish
8:43 remaining in the fourth
about anything or cocky. She is
quarter of a blowout win against
just great.”
the University of Vermont on Jan.
“Her team loves her. They
9, everyone was staring at her, and
would get the ball to her every
she wasn’t quite sure why.
single second,” AbrahamsonIt was because Richards, UniHenderson said.
versity at Albany’s star senior forIt is that kind of camaraderie
ward, had just scored her 2,000th
that makes a successful basketpoint as a Great Dane — a feat
ball team, especially one like the
that had previously never been
UAlbany women, who sit atop the
accomplished by any player in the
America East Conference
history of UAlbany womwith an unblemished record
en’s basketball. She was
of 6-0 in the conference.
told the day before the game
They are led by the highthat she was approaching
octane scoring duo of Richthe milestone, but she didn’t
ards and junior guard Imani
know how many points she
Tate, who chips in 18 points
needed to score that game to
per game for the Danes.
reach the mark.
The ride is almost over
“I didn’t know. That’s
for Richards, who will
something I try not to think
graduate this spring with
about,” Richards said. “I
a bachelor’s degree in
don’t want to know how
sociology. It’s very rare for
much I am away from maka basketball player from the
ing a record or breaking a
Capital Region to end up
playing basketball profesThe 2,000 point mark
sionally. But for a player of
is one of many milestones
Richards’ caliber, the idea
reached by Richards, who is
isn’t too far-fetched. She is
in the final season of one of
a two-time America East
the best careers in America
Player of the Year, and she
East women’s basketball
also received an honorable
history. She also holds the
mention last year when the
record for most America
Associated Press announced
East Player of the Week
its annual All-America
honors, bringing home 20 of
the awards since her freshThe Great Danes traveled
man year at UAlbany.
to California in December
The native-born Jamaito play in the Women of
can, who played her high
Troy Classic with hopes of
school ball at Atlantic Chrisshowcasing Richards’ talent
tian (N.J.), was honored
to WNBA scouts. Richards
prior to a Jan. 15 game at
hopes she impressed.
SEFCU Arena against the
“I was able to perform
University of Maine for her
well,” Richards said. “They
scoring achievement.
were able to see me, and I
“It was pretty cool, havsomewhat made a name for
ing everyone cheer for you
and applaud you for your
Those scouts witnessed
accomplishment,” Richards
her 41 points against UC
said. “It was just a great
Davis and saw her score 33
feeling to see everyone
against USC.
excited for my accomplish“I feel really blessed. I
ment and congratulating me
didn’t know that she was
on reaching that milestone.”
Bill Ziskin / UAlbany Athletics going to be this good,” AbraWhen UAlbany Head
Shereesha Richards scored her 2,000th point on Jan. 9, 2016 against the University of Vermont.
hamson-Henderson said.
Coach Katie AbrahamsonBy TROY FARKAS
Henderson landed Richards four
years ago, she knew she was
getting a top talent, but couldn’t
possibly have predicted Richards
would become the player she is
“I wanted to start crying. I feel
like a proud parent,” said Henderson, known as Coach Abe to her
players. “Watching her go through
four years and already scoring that
many in just the second game inconference is pretty amazing.”
Abrahamson-Henderson, whose
husband comes from Jamaica,
noted the importance of Richards’
roots, saying she knew Richards
would be a “really tough and
humble” player based on what she
already knew about the work ethic
of people with ties to the island
“She is the hardest worker on
our team. She never quits,” Abrahamson-Henderson said, now in
her sixth season leading the Great
Danes. “We never have to turn her
up and say ‘go harder’.”
For most high-volume scorers, it takes a lot of shot attempts
to put up big scoring numbers.
That isn’t the case for Richards,
who averages 23.6 points per
game while shooting 56 percent
from the field. She holds the top
two scoring games by America
East players this season, putting
up 41 points in a mid-December
game against UC Davis, as well
as a 34-point performance against
Maine. The 6’1” Richards also
averages nine rebounds and has
recorded eight double-doubles this
Despite the accolades, Richards
[email protected]
The University at Albany Great Danes versus the Stony
Brook Seawolves is always a battle worth the hype. The
Peter Hooley shot from last year is sure to ring a bell.
The Great Danes-Seawolves rivalry is one that dates back
years. This year the football teams made their conference
game into a competition for the “Golden Apple,” another
effort to feed this rivalry and distinguish which school is
better at sports. Since it’s basketball season, the rivalry is
now as fresh as Coach Abe’s suit each game.
UAlbany Women’s Team > Stony Brook Women’s Team
On Thursday night, UAlbany’s women’s basketball
team continued their winning streak to seven games while
halting Stony Brook’s winning streak in a 73-54 win at
SEFCU Arena. Stony Brook was on a nine game winning
streak going into the game against UAlbany only to be
completely shut down by Imani Tate’s 29 points and a
standout defensive effort by the Great Danes. Richard’s
surpassed her milestone of being the
highest scoring women’s basketball
player at UAlbany and become the
highest scoring women’s basketball
player in the Capital Region. Richards
(16 pts, 10 rbs) and Saunders (10 pts,
13 assists) each earned double­-doubles
last night.
Before the game began Stony
Brook had few statistics over
UAlbany, but one they did have was
rebounding. Stony Brook’s percentage
was 41.4 percent and UAlbany’s was
37.8 percent - the Great Danes were
able to out­-rebound Stony Brook
For Coach Abe, and any great
coach, it is the defense that wins
games. “Everyone will talk about the
offense, we talk about defense, that
was the game plan,” she said.
Jonathan Peters / Albany Student Press
UAlbany’s women’s team broke Stony Brook’s nine game winning streak
last Thursday with a 73-54 win at SEFCU Arena.
UAlbany held Stony Brook’s key player
Brittany Snow to 16 points. The UAlbany
women’s basketball team will face Stony
Brook again on Feb. 17 and, if one thing is
certain, the atmosphere will be tense.
UAlbany Men’s Team < Stony Brook Men’s
M 64-47
M 59-56
W 69-59
M 51-50
W 68-64
The UAlbany men’s basketball team
faced Stony Brook last year in the America
East Championship game, where the game
arguably was in Stony Brook’s favor, yet
Hooley’s shot sunk in, and the rest is history.
History, however until this past Friday night
where Stony Brook beat the Great Danes
69-63 in an emotional and close game up
until the final minute. Stony Brook had been
playing incredibly well up until this game,
and remains undefeated in conference (6-0)
and (14-4 overall.) This is the UAlbany
men’s team second loss in conference. They
fell to Maine earlier this month. This game
had Coach Brown and his team pumped up
and ready to go. Hooley finally got his pep
back in his step and was scoring big baskets
in the games leading up to Stony Brook.
Unfortunately for the Danes, Jameel
Warney and the Seawolves are pretty
impressive and unbeatable right now. When
all three of UAlbany’s key perimeter players
are on (Peter Hooley, Ray Sanders and Evan
Singletary) they are hard to beat, even Brown
says so, however even when all three had a
double-digit game like they did on Friday
(Hooley, 13, Sanders, 14 and Singletary,
14) Stony Brook still found a way. UAlbany
will host UMASS Lowell (7-12, 3-3 AE) on
Wednesday night in SEFCU Arena where
they will try to get back on track and prepare
to face Stony Brook again on Feb. 17, except
this time with the comfort of their home
W 73-54
M 69-63
Wednesday, Jan. 27
UMass Lowell
Saturday, Feb. 6
Sunday, Feb. 14
Wednesday, Feb. 17 Stony Brook
Saturday, Feb. 27
Wednesday, Feb. 3
Monday, Feb. 8
Thursday, Feb. 11
New Hampshire
Thurs., Feb. 25
UMass Lowell
Sunday, Feb. 28
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