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Moneymatic Deferment
Best Overall Effort Leads Danes To Romp, 40-12
by Paul Schwartz
Quarterback Terry Walsh
summed it up best: "J hate to think
of how many points we should have
scored." There were certainly
enough points scored by the Albany
State football squad Saturday, and
with the Dane offense finally
shifting into high gear, Albany
overcame a' case of fumbleilis to
trounce Buffalo at University Field,
40-12, and up their unblemished
record to 4-0.
Despite turning the ball over to
the Bulls seven limes —. six fumbles
and one interception
the Dane
offense put on their finest display of
the season. In eompiling375 rushing
yards and 4I8 total yards, Albany
again showed their potent big-play
potential, but fur the first time all way, Ford thought pass. Alter a
year, there was also a wishbone quick fake, Walsh surprisingly rilled
attack that consistently moved the ball to a wide-open Bruce Dey,
upfield, grinding out yardage as it and the tight end made an over-thcshoulder grab for a 30 yard pickup.
went along.
"On occasion our offense played Two plays later Walsh seored the
very well, and at other times we f i r s t o f his t h r e e
didn't do very well at a l l , " said touchdowns on a 13 yard jaunt,
Albany head football couch Bob
Asa lackluster first half ncurcd its
Ford. "We showed our big-play final minute, the Danes capitalized
capabilities, and some moments, we on a Buffalo bobble. Halfback Mark
exhibited consistency. We'd like to Maier. who broke a Bull record by
have both."
carrying the ball 34 times, fumbled,
The first of the quick scores and alter Dane defensive halfback
occurred in the second quarter. Daryl Haynor drove on the loose
Trailing for the first time in four ball, Albany took control on the
contests, 3-0, the Danes were laced Buffalo 44. That was with 1:20
with a third down, and needed less remaining in the first half. At 1:10,
than a foot lor a first down. With the Albany had increased their lead to
Buffalo defense thinking run all the 12-3. That's how long it look
halfback .lack Burger to take a pilch
from Walsh, cut outside and then
inside, and sprint pas! three Buffalo
defenders for a 44 yard romp into
the end/one.
Albany defensive back Daryl Haynor (left) breaks up a Buffalo pass in tit
Danes' 40-12 win on Saturday. (Photo: Mike l a m l l )
The third of Albany's four hig
plays was certainly the luckiest. A
Steve Pawluck field goal brought
Buffalo closer. 12-6 late in the third
quarter, and at thai point Ford
chose lo replace Walsh with sub
quarterback Mike Fiorito. Alter
only two plays, however, Walsh
unexpectedly (rotted back in.
Fiorito had broken his shoulder pad
slrap. and while he had it repaired
on (he .sidelines, the most profitable
play to ever occur because of
equipment damage came about. On
the second play afler he returned,
Walsh spotted a breakdown in the
Bull defense and raced M) yards tin
(he Danes I hied touchdown. A
pitch-out to Sam llaliston on the
conversion gave Albany a 20-6
Getting his initial tasle of the
end/one this season, llaliston look
it upon himsell to give the Danes
their final explosive play. Albany's
leading rusher two years ago,
llaliston has been bothered by
nagging injuries so far this
campaign. Buffalo was his firs!
healthy game, and the j u n i o r
halfback showed his past form with
a quick hurst through the middle
that turned out to be a 71 yard
touchdown run.
"The hig plays killed us." said
Buffalo head coach Bill Dando. " I
think we played well for three
we were in (he ball game.
We shut them down lasl yearand we
diil it again this year, until they
broke loose."
Albany's team included Barry
Levine, Larry Linctt, Lawrence
Eichen, Fred Oaber, David Lerncr
and Derrick Rubin.
The Dane's young singles players
fared extremely well. Each Dane
reached the semi-finals. Levine,
while playing a fine game, lost to his
opponent from Onconta, Todd
Miller. Laurence Eichen, playing
hurt, losi a tough semi-final mull
in three sets. Rubin and Linen
fought hard but also lost I licit semif i n a l matches. Citiber, in an
outstanding finals match, defeated
Danny Arnold of Onconia. Arnold
pluycd a near perfect firs; set and
defeated Gllber. 6-0. A r n o l d
continued his mastery in the second
set, and look a .1-0 lead. Caber,
however, turned the tables on the
Oneontian. He broke Arnold's serve
in the fourth game and went on lo
win the second set. 6-4. Oaber
his I r e in e n d o u s
comeback by winning the third set,
6-4. "It was a great feeling." said
Gaber about the Albany victory.
"Everyone was psyched to go out
and win it. This was a great team
Lerncr was another Dane to win
his final match, l i e reached the
finals by breezing through his
opening matches. In the final he
blew out his Cortland opponent 60,6-4.
The doubles competition is where
i Albany
p i l e d up
tournament points. The team of
Eichen and Gabcr lost by default
m i d w a y through their match.
However, Eichen had continued to
play hurl through the second set
before the match had to be called.
I his act exemplified the Dane's
spirit for this particular tournament.
The team ol Rubin and Lerncr also
had lo default.
When asked about this crucial
mutch Levine responded. "It was a
greal feeling lo clinch
tournament I'm Albany. It was also
pecially good lo know ihal we beat
Roher and l.ipschit/."
A l b a n y tennis coach J o h n
Lieberinan shared several views on
ihe victory and on his team as a
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But the clinching factor lor
Albany's overall victoryoccured inn
key doubles match. The team of
Linctt and Levine fought from
behind in a crucial match. The two
Danes were playing the team of
Roller (Roher had a magnificent
tournament) and l.ipschil/. from
Binghamton, Levine and Linen
dropped the first set. 7-6. This sel
narrowly escaped them, since they
were leading 4-1 in the tiebreaker.
However, when trailing in the
second sel, the Albany tandem
broke Binghamton's serve and won
the set 6-4. In the third sel, the
Dane's began lo gain momentum,
while Roher and l.ipschil/started to
tire. Linctt sel up shots while Levine
finished the volley off. They '.
eventually won the sel 6-2 and the
match t o c l i n c h the o v e r a l l
l a r r y l.lnct| font In the semi-finals in
tournament for Albany with a total
•his weekend's S U N Y A C tourney.
of 24 points, to Binghamton's 22.
(Photo: Karl Chan)
More important than the sudden
scores was the Danes less flashy, bin
perhaps more necessary, grind-ilout-offensive drives. The Albany
passing game was almost nonexistent.
W i I ll t h e D a n e
quarterbacks combining lor a
shabby two completions in only
eight aiiempts, bin the Albany
ground game was more than Buffalo
could handle. On a seven play. 61
yard scoring drive early in the final
quarter, Ihe Danes repeatedly were
successful with runs to the outside,
and Walsh was the Bulls' chief
nemesis, gaining 54 of his 122
rushing yards in the drive. The
Danes' lasl touchdown of the game
turned out lo be an example of the
consistency that the Albany offense
has been looking for. It took 16
plays lo nunc 5'} yards, and Ihe
longest play was a LI yard run by
Dave Wnrhcit.
The only kinks in ihe Danes'
offensive attack were the six
giveaways, and Ihey led lo the
quarterback switch in Ihe second
half. Fiorito called Ihe signals for
three series, and Walsh relumed in
Albany's final possession. "Terry
had lost Ihe ball a couple ol limes."
said Dane offensive coordinator
Mike M o l l a . "and with Ihe score as
il was. vvc fell we could substitute,
and Mike needs Ihe playing time."
While ihe Albany offense rolled
up yardage, the Buffalo unit, highly
touted entering Ihe game, was
dismantled of all their weapons.
Instead of coming mil wiih their
expected passing game. Ihe Bulls
kept to the ground, Maier was the
workhorse with his .14 carries, but
was contained by the Dane defense
and managed only °4 yards.
"It was surprising." Ford said. " I
thought Ihey would lest us more
with their passing attack and throw
the halt about 40 limes, and I also
thought Ihev would try lo run. bin
when ihev found Ihal they didn't
have success running Ihey would
move away from i l . Bui they came
out with the run and stayed with it."
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-•*"- •
Low Toxic Levels Expected
Air samples taken yesterday at
SUNYA's Pittman Hall dormitory
will soon be analyzed for asbestos
Associate for University Financial
Analysis Dennis Stevens feels ihal
Pittman. like other tested areas on
campus, will exhibit asbestos levels
low enough to pose no serious health
Stevens said thai he requested
yesterday's Stale
Department test at the l.otidonville
d o r m i l o r y alter bulk sample
examination revealed that ceilings
there contained some asbestos.
" I have no reason to expect ihal
the Pitlman air samples will he
different from those areas already
tested." Stevens said. Air samples
previously taken on campus were
shown earlier this tnonih to contain
levels of asbestos well below Ihe
safely guidelines sel by the federal
Occupational Safely and Health
Administration (OSIIA).
Stevens said ihal Ihe ceiling
coalings al I'ilimau mulch materials
tested on campus in asbestos
c o n t e n t , use. a p p l i c a t i o n and
condition, and therefore feels ihal
the air samples taken in the vicinity
should prove to be similar.
Asbestos panicles in Ihe air arc
believed to be Ihe source ol'n serious
lung disease, asbeslcosis. I he
majority of health experts agree that
long-term iiilialaliou of loose
asbestos particles poses a health
risk, but Ihe experts disagree as lo
what level o f Ihe substance
constitutes a significant risk.
Lasl .lanuary. New York Public
Interest Research G r o u p , Inc.
( N Y P I R G ) scientist Waller Hang
challenged slandarcls issued by
O S I I A . claiming Ihal any exposure
lo asbestos, however small, is
serious. While adhering chiefly lo
|he O S I I A safety levels. S U N Y A
officials have declared il their policy
lo remove or encapsulate asbestos
f o u n d in campus b u i l d i n g s .
regardless of degree.
S U N Y A Vice President for
University Affairs Lewis Welch
said earlier Ihis month that asbestos
found in sound insulators on
Alumni Quad and in a Colonial
Quad machine room will be
removed or encapsulated as soon as
Ihe funds for Ihe project become
"(iiven that asbestos has been
found in Ihe Pillman hulk samples. I
cxpeci that vvc will follow University
policy of encapsulating or removing
il."said Stevens. He added, though,
Ihal he will wail lor Ihe resultsol'the
air tests before acting on the project.
I he air samples, taken yesterday
by a Health Department technician,
will be analyzed by an independent
HUD Rejects Federal
Student Housing Loan
Buffalo receiver Tony Grisanti is tackled by an Albany defender. The Bulls
were held to 171 total yards. (Photo: Dave Muehson)
Netmen Capture SUNYAC Championship
by Ken Cantor
Lasl Friday and Saturday, in
Syracuse, the Albany Slate men's
tennis team won a tremendous
victory. The Danes captured the
S U N Y A C tennis tournament by
edging out rival colleges Onconia
and Binghamton, with Albany
netting 24 points to 22 for the other
two schools. In accomplishing this,
they avenged last year's narrow
defeat 10 Binghamton.
. The tournament's participants
'consisted of five state schools
- incJuding Albany, O n c o n t n ,
B i n g h a m t o n , Cicncseo a n d
Cortland. Each team embodied six
players who were seeded for singles
matches, in a series of flights. The six
singles players also combined to
form thice doubles teams.
"Our guys on the corner were
culling down their guys, and their
linebackers were staying inside."
said Burger, who ran for K2 yards on
the day. " W e were gelling great
blocks on the perimeter, all game,
and the backs were really helping
each other o u t . "
sSR m• •m •a
For Asbestos
Pittman Hall
by Charles Bell
s.: 1
M l MM
October 19, 1979
Vol. LXVI No. 39
SUNYA Had Bid For $5 Million
Ihe air tests will he analyzed for asbestos al Pittman.
Photo: Mary Ann
Low levels are expected.
Central Council Elections Investigated
Illegal Operations Could Nullify Results
by Debbie Kopf
A preliminary hearing will be held
this week lo determine whether il is
hcccssar> to invalidate recent
Central Council elections held on
Dutch Quad, according lo Acting
SA Supreme Court Chief Justice
1 ric Znidins,
According to Znidins, the hearing
is a result " I a petition written by
Dutch Quad residents Paul Kaslell
and Sieve I'opul, alleging several
ii regularities in voting procedures
on Dutch Quad. Both Kastcll and
Topal are candidates for the
contested Central Council seals.
The petition stales thai polling
was done in an illegal area, loo close
lb campaign signs placed by certain
candidates, It also claims thai when
election officials were made aware of
the situation, ihey did not lake
steps to correct it.
" I went up to the election lablc on
Wednesday night, and didn't say
vv ho I was or anything." said Topal.
"But I lold one guy that he was
silling in an illegal area, and he saul
he didn't care."
lopal claims thai the table was
too close lo two large 22" by .HI"
signs placed by other candidates.
Election regulations state that no
campaigning may be done al ihe
polling place.
According to l o p a l , the pollsters
were lold again on Thursday that the
Ivvo signs were illegal. Ihis time by
Paul Kaslell.
"One guy told Paul to lake them
down," he said. "When Paul said
election regulations forbade him
from doing so, he said "Well. I guess
ihey'II slay there then."
"I iusi think there were too man)
irregularities for the election to he
valid." he added.
" I ihink invalidation is very
unfair." said Colon, a winner pi
lasl week's Dutch Quad election. "II
you look at the number o| votes, wej
won by u landslide, I can't sec why
ihey are contesting. II it is
invalidated, nothing will change
we will win again."
by Aron Smith
SUNYA's application for a $5
million federal student housing loan
been rejected, according to Dean for
Student Affairs Neil Brown.
Brown received Ihe results on an
informal basis this weeks, and has
yet lo he formally notified by Ihe
Department of Housing and Urban
Development ( H U D ) .
SUNYA's loan proposal called
for use of ihe funds lo construct an
cighl-biiilding, two-story garden
apartment complex on campus. I he
f a c i l i t y would have p r o v i d e d
housing for 440 S U N Y A graduate
and u n d e r g r a d u a t e s l u d e n l s ,
significantly easing the shortage of
on-cumpus housing experienced
each fall.
According lo Budget Officer
Harold Brink. S U N Y A is also
seeking financial aid for I he
construction of student housing
through. SUNY's capital construction fund. However. Drink remains
pessimistic concerning SUNYA's
chances of receiving slate funds for
dormilory construction, citing a
very liglu Executive Budget,
"Capital construction funds lor
d o r m i t o r y c o n s t r u c t i o n arc
extremely difficult to come hyai this
lime," said S U N Y A Associate lor
University F i n a n c i a l Analysis
Dennis Stevens'; "This is due in pari
lo stale financial problems, but also
due lo bonding limitations placed on
the construction fund and on the
continued on page eight
In a related
unsuccessful c a n d i d a t e s have
charged gross abuses in the election
ol oilier officers.
"People kepi coining up i o me and
telling me that ihey voted for me
twice, or voted when they weren't
supposed t o . " said one such
candidate, " I was going lo contest
ihe election, bin most of the people I
talked to wouldn't admit anything
under oath. Besides, all these people
were saving they voted for inc. It
really, does raise some questions
about liow the whole thing was run."
A c c o r d i n g lo SA Elections
C o m m i s s i o n e r .lanet
invalidation ol any election means
Ihal new ones must he held.
"It's up to Eric (Zaidins) and the
conn lo decide i f it's valid or not,"
she s a i d .
\ecoi ling to Zaidins, a hearing
on the mailer will be held l'ucsday
October 2.1, the evening bekv new
Central Council members are
planned lo be sworn in.
SUNYA's 5 million dollar student housing loan has been rejected.
"Capitol funds for dormitory construction ore hard to conic hy. "
Photo: Roannc
• • W J M J
Would CApsuUs
homicide detectives' had been in Minot as recently as
September and that there was frequent followup
Possible 2nd "Son of Sam"
NEW YORK (AP) An investigation into whether another
man helped David Berkowitz commit the "Son of Sam"
murders has officially spread to two Mates, it was learned
Thursday. Berkowitz pleaded guilty to six counts of firstdegree murder and said he was the Son of Sam who shot six
voting persons in a year-long terror spree that ended with his
.irrcst in 1977. When caught, he told police the killings were
it obedience to demonic orders he received through his
icighbor in Yonkers, Sam Carr, and Carr's dog. Police said
•.ist week that the mysterious I'cb. 16. I97K, death of Sam
Carr's son, John Carr, 31, in Minot. N.D., was being
mesligated as a possible murder connected to the Son of
Sam killings. Sources in New York said .1 hursday that
Queens District Attorney John .I. Santucei also has ordered
Can-Can Campus Cleanup
On Saturday, October 20lh, the New York Public Interest
Research Group Inc. (NYPIIUi) will sponsor a bottle cleanup march in downtown Albany. The march will begin at
(3:00 noun at the corner of Western Avenue and Partridge
Street, near Alumni Quad, Marchers will pick up beverage
containers as they proceed toward the Governor's Mansion
on Englc Street.
NYPIIUi plans to demonstrate that beverage containers
comprise a major portion of litter in albany. The march is'
one of many being held by NYPIRG chapters throughout
the state on Saturday.
i I'he consumer group hopes that the march will encourage
(the passing of "bottle bill" legislation, which would make
lepnsits on beverage containers mandatory.
Voiding Voting Vetoes
Have you been denied Albany County voter registration'.'
• Help is on the way! SA Legal Services attorney Jack Lester
requests that all "rejectees" brjng their letter of rejection,
I Aith its envelope and the ejuestiona'ue to the SA office as
ioou as possible. This information will aid in drawing up
Itest c a s e s t o _ c h a l l e n g e the e l e c t i o n law.
I Students have also been planning a rally ill Ihcdowuiowu
lull ices ol the Albany County Hoard of Rleel Mills, I'he group
I s\ 11J protest election law labelled "discriminatory to J
[students." lite rally will be held Tuesday beginning at noon.
Killer Consents To Death
C\RSON CITY, NEV. (AP) Death Row inmulc Jesse
Mishap, live days a-way from execution, said Wednesday
there's "a lot ol life left in me"-hut no way to live it. Bishop,
4ft, sentenced to death in the gas chamber on Monday lor
killing a man in a las Vegas casino, said in an exclusive
interview that he would slick with his decision not to appeal
to the federal courts based upon "strong personal
convictions." The N AACT' Legal Defense fund has filed an
lllh-hour request asking the U.S. Supreme Court to
reconsider its Oct. I decision to allow the execution - first in
Nevada since Wftl. Hut llishop said the group is only using
him as a "promotional gimmick.
I hey don't have any
hopes of gelling anything." lie said. "Il's a legal move they
wouldn't make il it didn't catch the publicity il's catching."
Ifisliop has opposed all cf foils I o stop his execution. He said
he respects individuals who oppose capital punishment on
grounds it's unfair and unjust, ndding"it certainly is because
it's only given out In certain people. Certain segments of
society gel il." lie said he supported those beliefs and
"probably agree with them," Hut he said groups like (he legal
defense fund "arc coming into il strictly lor the publicity
hey're going to gel out of il."
US. To Pull From S. Korea
SEOUL, SOUTH KORKA (AP) I he United States told
South Korea today that 1.500 of its troops assigned to
uoncomhat units in the Asian nation will be pulled out by the
end til next year, American sources in Seoul said. However.
according to the same sources, the Carter administration
also notified President Park Chung-hee's government that it
favors the proposed co-assembly here of about 70 jet
lighters, a deal subject to congressional approval. Defense
Secretary Harold Brown, here for the two nations* annual
security consultations, also was said to have promised
upgrading America's artillery and helicopters and
improving its close air support in South Korea. Hut Drown
also was reportedly carrying a letter from President Carter
lor delivery to Park that was critical of recent political
developments in South Korea. In the past lew weeks, a key
opposition leader was expelled from the National Assembly
and all n9 opposition lawmakers resigned in protest. Earlier
this year. Carter announced that he was imposing a freeze on
the withdrawal of 33.000 combat troops from South Korea,
The announcement followed reports of a North Korean
military buildup.
Carter To Fight Court Order
Would you like to have your consciousness altered? You
may have your chance. A hypnosis seminar, featuring
acclaimed hypnotist John Kolisch will be presented at 12:0(1
noon in the Campus Center Assembly Mall. Koliseh's talk
•Aill be followed by a "hypnotic" performance and
demonstration, complete with audience participation.
Believers and non-believers arc invited to attend.
the ease reopened. Sanlncci's office refused comment but
•vources close to Hie case said the district attorney had
directed his homicide bureau to take a look at the new
evidence. The sources asked not to be quoted bj name.
Berkowitz, who insisted he acted alone when arrested
\ugust 10, 1977, is serving a .115-year sentence at Attica
prison. John Can's death at Minot Air Force Base was
tentatively listed as a suicide after the initial investigation,
but authorities never closed (he case. Last week it was
reported that while question John Carr's friends, his .
relationship with Berkowitz and his apparent thorough
knowledge of the Son c f Sam killings emerged. "We have
evidence that they knew each other," said Lt. Terry
Gardener ol the sheriff's office in Ward County, N.D. In an
interview with The Associated Press last week he said, "They
appeared to he associates. They knew each other well."
Gardener also said Carr was out of North Dakotavluringa
four-month period when some murders occurred. On
luesday, Gardener told the Minot Daily News: "We have
received new information that Carr was in fear for his life
from someone back East that he was afraid of." Although
city police here dented again Thursday .that any new probe
had begun. Gardener asserted last week that the New York
WASHINGTON (AP) President Carter will fight a federal
judge's order that he must as', Congress' permission before
going through with plans to single-handedly end this
country's mutual defense treaty with Taiwan, according to
administration officials. The scheduled Jan. I termination of
the treaty cannot come about. U.S. District Judge Oliver
Gaseh ruled Wednesday, unless the action is approved by
two-thirds of the Senate or by a simple majority of both
houses of Congress. Carter's surprise announcement last
December that he was terminating the 25-year-old treaty
came as the United States recognized the People's Republic
of China and ended formal ties with Taiwan, "We are
recognizing simple reality." Carter told a national
television audience. The administration maintained alter
Gasch\s ruling that Carter was well within his constitutional
powers when he decided to end the treaty. "We leel that the
president was acting entirely properly." said Mark T.
Sheeiian. a Justice Department spokesman, lie said the
ruling would be appealed "as promptly as we can"in the U.S.
Court oi Appeals for the District of Columbia. In Taipei.
both civilian and military officials declined immediate
comment on the ruling.
Army To Slay Deadly Duds
GROUND, UTAH (AP) The Army will destroy460 pounds
of chemical warfare duds found scattered at this isolated lest
site, where liny amounts of nerve agents can bring death
within seconds, and guards are authorized to shoot to kill.
Starting Monday, technicians will drain nerve agent from 60
mortar shells, homblets, rockets and ar(illcr) projectiles left
over for moie than 20 years of tests at the I.K72-squ«rc-mile
base. The work, expected to take three to live weeks.'will be
done at Dugway's new $2.5 million transportable drill and
transfer system DATS. Dugway's scrub deserl and salt flats
have been pelted with thousands of bombs and millions of
shells since the base opened in 1942. Open-air tests of nerve
agents were halted in 1969 after ft.4()0 sheep died in nearby
Skull Valley, apparently from nerve gas. Dogway Scientific
Director Mortimer Rolhenberg said the dud munitions were
collected during the past I years and are too dangerous to
transport far for detoxification. Many were fired ordropped
in original tests and are damaged or badly weathered.
Board Rejects Desegregation
CHICAGO (AP) The Chicago Hoard of Education has set
the stage for a showdown in the federal courts ovei
desegregating public schools in the nation's second largesl
city The board voted 7-2 Wednesday night to refuse to
accept guidelines set down by the U.S. Department ol
Health, Education and Welfare for preparing a
desegregation plan. "We do not want to go lo conn, bin ifwe
must we arc prepared lo argue out case before the Udiciitry,"
Superintendent Joseph llannon said. The key feature ol the
HEW guidelines was thai no student body in the system
consist of more than 51) percent whites. About 17 percent ol
the system's 475.000 students arc'whitc. Ill AV officials,
including Secretary Patricia Roberts Harris, have said thai ,1
the board refused loaccepl the guidelines. HEW would reler
the case to the Justice Department and recommend n
lawsuit. In Washington, HEW spokesman Hill Wise
declined to comment Wednesday night, saying: "I list, we
want n full report from our people in Chicago." WAV's
Office of Civil Rights, which concluded a two yeai
investigation of the school system in April, has charged linn
the city's schools have been deliberately segregated lo, III
years. The office said school boards fostered segregation In
the way they drew school disirici boundaries and by the ways
in which new schools were located, us well as In othci ways
If the city had accepted Ihe conditions submitted b\ III v.
last week, it automatically would have been given an
extension until Nov. 17 to prepare a desgregation plan
Instead, Ihe board voted 6-3 to ask HEW for an addition;!1
170 days lo come up with an acceptable plan, echoing n plea
llannon made a day earlier lo President Carter.
Albany Police Officers Trial Continues
Prosecution Witnesses Testify
by Mfchcte Israel
Sylvia Saunders
Aron Smith
An Albany Police officer,
testifying yesterday during the trial
of t w o s u s p e n d e d A1b a n y
policemen, said the officers entered
SUNYA's Waterbury Hall last
spring to make a "drug buy".
According to police officer
Lieutenant Murray, testifying in the
Albany County Court, officers
Michael Buchanan and Richard
Vita were at Room 113 on March 21
and 28 to pose as potential drug
He added that the officers never
entered Room 17. although students
claim they did.
Buchanan and Vita have been
charged with grand larceny in the
first degree, robbery in the second
degree, burglary in the second and
third degrees, and two petty
On March21 the officers allegedly
entered Room 17 of Waterbury
Hall, stealing $20 from former
SUNYA student
I.enkiewicz. and robbed Craig
Kellnm of $60 and marijuana.'
The officers have been charged
with robbing Jay L. Stecnwerth, of
Room 113. of $50.
Murray added that both officers
were awarded the Albany Police
Training Course in Ethical
Awareness completion certificates,
as well as certificates for advanced
Moneymatic Machine
Further Delayed
VAS Flooded With Bad Checks
bv Pat lli:tnli'\
M on e y in a tic was voted best alternative to UAS check cashing.
Check cashing already received 50 had checks totalling $9000,
Phoio; Huh
Possible Perils At Area Nuke Site
Greek Odysseus Gets Nobel
in-service training and Basic
Training for Police Officers.
Student witnesses for the
prosecution testified on Wednesday.
According lo former SUNYA
student Henry Schmitz. Jay
Antehnan, who occupied Room 113
last year, did sell marijuana. He
added that he was aware of people
who purchased "pot" from the
room's occupants and that he also
had purchased marijuana.
He said, however, that it "was not
Approval of SUNYA's Marine
Midland Moiieymnlic Machine by
the New York Slate Banking
CommisMon has exceeded its
expecled dale ol Oclobet I.
according to Universitj Au.xilitiiy
Sen ices (U AS) General Mauagei T.
Noibcrl Zahin.
"Papers for the approval of the
Moneymatic. an electronic brunch
of Marine Midland were submitted
in earls June and the process was
expecled lo lake 30 days," said
Marine Midland Assistant Vice
President Gerard McGancy. "We
plan to have the Moneymatic in
operation by ihe end ol the
The delay in approval has forced
the HAS Check Cashing service lo
remain open. Zahm said .*>() bad
checks have already been received
this semester, totalling $u,200.
Strict reinforcement of the
C o m m a nil)
in literature was awarded ' to Greek poet Odysseus
Elytis, whose lyrical work portrays man's snuggle againsl
the background of Aegean landscape and Greek tradition,
file Swedish Academy of fetters' selection of the 68-yearold Elytis, who is not widely known outside his homeland,
came as a surprise lo many observers of the international
literary scene. Hut Ihe academy has often chosen aged ami
exclusive poets. Recent examples are Spaniard Viccnie
Alcixandre in 1977. Italian Eugcnio Monlulc in 1975 ami
Swede Harry Martinson in 1974. Elytis is the second Greek
poet to receive the coveted award, which this year carries a
cash sum of $19,000. Giorgos Scferis won it ill 197.1. One "I
Elytis' best-known works is Ihe folklore-based poem "To
Axion Esli" "Worthy It Is", which was put in music In
composer Mikis Thcodorakis, a personal friend, who
described it as "a bible of the Greek people. "Elytis is the pen
name adopled by Odysseus Alepoudhelis.
Protest Plans Underway
by Sylvia Saunders
lege hazards at the Knolls
Atomic Power site, just 2(> miles
from campus will be the subject ol a
nuclear power demonstration later
this month.
"Nuclear war is only 2S miles
away from the Albany area," said
Capital Disirici Anti-Nuclear
Alliance member John Cuuo. "We
ire beginning this ongoing
c o m m u n i t y e d u c a t i o n and
resistance project because people
just don't realize how near and
possible the danger is."
Composed of several anti-nuclear
groups in the area. Knolls Trident
Action Coalition (KTAC)cxpectsat
least 400 to join in the October 27
protest. An all da> walk through
Teen Racial Violence Endurei
BOSTON (AP) While students overturned cars and
smashed windows in a bus and a police car in Easl Boston
today and do/ens ol white students marched on City Hall in
the third straight day of racial violence at the city's schools.
Three students were arrested during the fracas outside Easl
Boston High School. A sliorl lime later, about 150 while
students marched out of the school and headed for City Hall
where ihey were met by a line of 25 policemen wearing not
gear who blocked them from entering the building, live ol
the students were 'elected to meet w ill) city officials and the
rest were dispersed by police without incident. East Boston,
an Italian-American neighborhood, has been largely
unaffected by the court-ordered busing that has disrupted
schools in the other pails of the city lor the past live years.
However, on Wednesday, an 18-year-old white student nl
Easl Boston High was stabbed in lite llligh and cut on UK
hand and forearm during a scuffle with a lo-ycn.r-old black
student, police said. He was '.rented at a hospital, and the
alleged assailant was charged with being a juvenile
delinquent, Meanwhile. South Boston High School.
disrupted by racial righting on Tuesday and Wednesday,
opened quietly this morning. However, only llth and l..in
graders were allowed Into the school in a move officials hope
(CRA). added McGancv. could be
a reason for Ihe delay.
"Under the CRA. a new hank,
meeting the credit needs ol its
current branches, will be granted
approval." he said. "'This process
could lake a great ileal ol time since
each branch must be investigated as
mandated b\ this law,"
As a result ol last year's 520,000
deficit, caused b\ 700 bad checks.
Ihe Miinevmalic was chosen as a
s u b s t i t u t e for HAS Check
Cashing. In add i lion. Marine
Midland Bank has over 300
statewide offices and could supply a
non-operator read) cash unit.
According to McGa r\ e \ .
Cn nisi us College in Buffalo and 25
other institutions are awaiting
approval from the Commission.
"Since the Moneymatic Machine
is designed lor convenience and easy
access and not to provide loans,
mortgages or credit, we did not
think our electronic branch would
be subject lo CRA." he added.
According loMcGarvcv, Marine
Midland has uppliat tor a national
bank chatter, which is expecled to
he received in the near future.
"If this happens before the slate
approves ihe Moneymatic, it can
apply lor approval through federal
channels. Hopefully this process will
lake thirty days," he said.
Zahm said UAS will continue to
cash checks.
local towns is scheduled to promote
information on Knolls and
disarmament. The walk will finish at
the gales ol Knolls.
1 he federally owned West Milton
sile, also known as Kesselring lies 20
miles north of Schenectady and is
operated hv the General Electric
Company. Il is one of the country's
foremost nuclear development
" I he plain is used lo lest nuclcai
reactors, and train Navy crews." said
O H I O . There are four operating
reactors, but il is unknown exactly
how many potential reactors are
hidden. "I hc\ won't re veil I any
information, so we just don't know."
he said.
"These reactors present a very
local problem," said K I AC membei
Hob Cohen. Ihey produce deadly
waste prod nets and routinely release
low level radiation into (he
atmosphere, which allects water,
land and air. Cohen also said there is
a great danger when the highly
n t d i o t i l I i vu ma t c r i a Is a re
11anspoilcd l h r o u g h o u i t he
community. "I find it very
frightening thai it's so close to I,ce,al hassles cause Murine Midland to await upprovui
Plutmett t<> he in (i/wrtitttm hy the viut of the semester.
Albany." he admitted.
Photo: Sitna Steinkamp
Cuiio said that lew people realize
these reactors present a high risk to
technology. It is one of the three sites
where the Navy trains crews for ill'
public safely. "II a major accident
"Trident" submarine. Ihe most
ever occurred ttl the plant, tens ol
In the October 16 ASP. it was
destructive weapon in history. The
thousands ol local persons could be
600-foot long Trident is Ihe world's \printcd that marijuana was stolen
largest submarine and has a nuclear front Anthony Iwnkiewicz hy the
In addition to the public safety
charge live times as great as the Mhany Polti't officers, lenkuwc;
hazard. Knolls is part ol the global
a t o m i c b o m b il t o p p e d on was not involved with marijuana.
threat associated with nuclcai
There mav be nuclear dangers present near Alhuny.
•1 find it very frightens that il s so close to Albany
Photo: Mare
would ease racial tensions there.
unusual for a lot of people to go to
any room," citing social activity as
the major reason.
Vita's Defense Attorney Paul E.
Chccscman said that prior to Ma rch
28, students were given descriptions
of the two defendents, stemming
from the March 21 incident.
Schmitz said that when the
officers passed him in the hall on the
28th, "they looked like the men in
the description, but it fit a tot of
According to student Robert
Grubman, on March 28, he heard
"yelling, a dresser rubbing against
the wall (in Room 115) and glass
He apparently ran into the hall
sec Buchanan with his hand around
Antelman's neck. Vita, he added.
continued on page eight
OCTOBER I'), i')7 >
Just-a-Song doesn't make promises it
can't keep!
So here is just the
beginning of our new low sale prices...
Humanities and Fine Arts Receives Grant
O'Leary Hosted Plaza Ceremony
by Jessica Lee
SUNYA's College of Humanities
and Fine Arts received a $249,000
grant Tuesday from the National
Endowment For the Humanities.
"The grant establishes the Capital
District Humanities Program, a
project intended to encourage
understanding of the Humanities
in the community." said S U N Y A
Charlie Daniels
"UnBasy Rider"
Dr. Hook
"Belly Up"
"The Notorious
Byrd Brothers"
The ceremony, hosted b y S U N Y A
President Vincent O'Leary, took
place at the New York Stale
Museum in Empire Stale Plaza
Tuesday. Among the speakers were
N a t i o n a l Endowment for the
Albany Student Press
A Partial
Student Directory
i I s
'From the Inside"
7-8633 or 7-8622
Campus Center Information
Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE)
Student Health Center
Former Secy Doubts
Companies9 Ability To
Handle Problem
give the public ;m adequate picture
of the energy problem.
The public does nol blame the
situation on the government or on
OPEC nations, but on "big o i l " , he
lold The Associated
Munaging Editors convention here.
"It's difficult lor the nation to
come up with an energy policy When
everyone is going in different
directions." he said.
T U L S A Okla. (AP) John O'Leary.
former deputy secretary of the
of Energy, said
Thursday he doesn't believe the
public wants lo allow the oil
industry lo handle the United Slates'
energy problems.
O'Leary. a private consultant in
Washington, D.C. alsocrliiei/ed lite
nation's press, particularly in the
Easl. for what he said was failure lo
O'Leary lold the newspapei
executives thut although everyone in
&v'."': : Washington istnlkingnhout making
;•:•:• the United States independent
>•:•:• through its own energy production,
>;:•: th.n actually "the real policy of
>:jj;J government is to import o i l . " He
>;•:•: cited steady increases D\ imported
•:•:•; oil in recent years in his statement.
•:•:•: O T . e a r y p r e d i c t e d
!;•;»;economic problems will result from
j::j:: the way the governmeul is handling
:•:•:•: the energy situation.
:•:•:•: One problem, he said, is the
:•:•:*;decision by utility advisers not to
•'.•'•ij: r e c o m m e n d c o n s t r u c t i o n of
•^•additional nuclear plants.
:'.*:•:« In a d d i t i o n , 21 stales elect
;:•;•:• members ol their public sei\ice
•:••.*:• commissions "and they are not
':•:&*&imit' t o support a platform to raise
When he stepped aboard this train
the most powerful man in Europe became
the most dangerous man in the World.
Taj Mahal
All C B S S4.98 Series A l b u m s are o n s a l e f o r j u s t
CBS $4.98 series
Humanities ( N E H ) Chair Joseph
Duffrcy. New York Stale Governor
Hugh Carey's spokesman Henry
Dulleu. and New York Stale
Cordon Ambach.
According to Schumaker. the
program works in cooperation with
other colleges and universities,
museums, libraries and historical
Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts
.lohn Schumaker.
course offered this fall at the Empire
State Plaza by S U N Y A English
Professor Sarah C o h e n . 8,,'d
"Literature as Opera," being laughi
this fall at both the Albany and
Schenectady Public Libraries by
S U N Y A Professors Mury Beth
Winn (French Dcpt.) and Thomas
P. Culley (Music Dcpt.)
societies, lo increase study of the
humanities in the Capital region.
Some of the activities conducted
by the group thus far include "Irish
Literature," a 12-part lecture scries
presented last spring at the Empire
State Plaza by S U N Y A English
Professor W i l l i a m D u m b l c l o n ;
/t> J r\D
\P l . y y
George Benson
'The Geor9e Benson
Many titles by these and other artists are available. Here is just a sample: David Bromberg "Midnight of
the Water." Byrd's "Sweetheart of the Rodeo." Earth. Wind and Fire's "Last Days and Time." Dan Hicks
and His Hot Licks. Mahavishnu Orchestra "Apocalypse", Santana and Buddy Mills "Live," Boz Scaggs
"Boz Scaggs and Band." Yardbirds "Favorites," Taj Mahal "Happy To Be Just Like I Am." Laura Nyro
"First Songs." R.E.O. Speedwagon.
Cheap Trick
In Color
*;$•!rales." be said.
:•:•:•: O'l.eniy spoke on an energy
;>:-:;idiscu.sMon panel with Charles M .
;•:•:•; K i n (ell. executive pics it/em o f
;!;*:•:Phillips Petroleum Co.. and Barry
j$£;Coinmoner. director ol die Center
lijixlor ihe Biology ol Natural Systems
::*:'.:;al Washington University, S i .
!:j:j:< Louis.
:•:::•: Kiltrell said il Ihe public can be
:•:•:•;coin iced thill an energ> crisis could
:j:£:suddenly develop, "then maybe we'll
:•:•:•:be able to make an impression " n
•I;:*:; Washington that the best solution is
i ^ v n o l in the direction we're headed.
•:•:•::Thai direction is lighter controls,
•:•:;:• added laxes on oil companies and
$:£ m o re b urea uc racy, w h ich n 11
$;$ interfere with the forces of all free
:•:•:• market."
Billy Joel
"Piano Man"
: : :
CBS S5.98 series
' :/j?
Dan Fogelberg
Jeff Beck
'Blow by Blow"
A l l C B S $5.98 Series A l b u m s are on sale for just
Eddie Money
$ 2 . 9 9
Here Is just a sample. Ted Nugent "Free For All," Janis Ian "Between the Lines," Billy Joel "Turnstiles "
Jams Joplm "Cheap Thrills." Journey "Look Into The Future," Kansas "Masque," Carol King "Tapestry'"
Dave Mason "It's Like You Never Left," Sou.hside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes Blue? Oyster Cult
"AQents of Fortune." Chicago,Les Dudek. Herble Hancock "Headhunted," Miles Davis' King of B.ue
Sale ends October 27
211 C e n t r a l Avenue
A l b a n y , New York
: : i " M y point is that food is basic
:•:•:•;need but there is no control over
:•:;:* what a pound ol hamburger can
:$;!;cosi, he said. "Housing is a basic
;::$ : need„,but there is no control over
•:]:*: what shelter can cost.
•:•:•: "When you don't have enough to
$&eiil or you can't afford a roof over
: ::
: i i your head, government steps in
;•:•:• and helps. There are such things as
:•:•:: food stumps and rent subsidies and
:•:•:; aid to dependent children. Why
••••if can't there be a government
i:t$ program to protect those who can't
j:;!;: afford the price of energy if h gets
•:•:•: out of their reach?
Screenplay by ABRAHAM POLONSKY Based on llio Novel by COLIN FORBES
Music Composed and Conducted by ALLYN FERGUSON
Produced and Direcled by MARK ROBSON
O C T O B E R 19, 1979
1:30 3:15 5:00
' 7:25 9:20 11:10
Separate Siamese Twins Celebrate Birthday
Girls Still Recuperating From Operation
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•r KOESCK.J Empire State Plaza
McCloskey has until'Oct, 23 to
carry out a promise he made
Tuesday to Police Court Judge
Edward O. Spain thai he would
cover the painting thai McCloskey
said rode around city streets lor four
months without anyone complaining.
McCloskey was stopped by offdui> Officer James M a n i e l l o a f i c r a
w o m a n c o m p l a i n e d that hei
daughiei was looking at the
"disgusting" painting. He laces u
charge ol displaying offensive sexual
material, a misdemeanor.
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T R O Y , N.Y. (AP) City police
officers didn't like the painting on
John McCloskcy's van, so they
Iuniled the local man into court.
They also watched as he covered a
12-inch, full-front painting of a nude
woman with'a napkin and tape.
Doctors Request
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Driver Halted For
Van Obscenity
Palace Theat
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in me. and once was enough." he
said. " I use it just if somebody
badmottths a police officer Who
really has no comeback."
Dorset said some who choose the
Hut Kabul says'he doesn't ttanl to line seem lo "come buck lime alter
enforce the punishment, which was time. hut Willi the soup. I've never
supposed to he carried out privately
seen him oi hei hack in niv conn
In the Washroom.
again." Dorset suys the punishment
" I doubt il I'm going lo do it." could he balled because ol the
Kabul said. " I doiibl il the olhci
policemen's hesitancy to enforce it,
officer will, cither. We don't want lo
"It's'lhe first time anyone's cvci
said anyling to me about it. ami
Dorset suvs lie gives defendants
pinbahlv I won't have it (ilu
his unusual punishmeiil nhotit once
punishment) anymore il that's the
Happy Hour 9-10pm
Any draft beer 25$
Mixed drinks 50$
$ 37
$ 58
$ 60
$ 69
5 74
die first floor washroom at the city's
police department by arresting
officers Christopher Kabul and
.lames Rice.
Disco and Drink Emporium
255 New Karner Road (RT. 155)
Albany, N.Y. 12205 456-3371
About 25 friends and relatives
were invited to a private party with
«ike and i c e - c r e a m Thursday
evening. The twins were brought out
' " wis reporters and photographers
earlier in the day.
Judge Orders Mouth-Soap Penalty
Turntables purchased in systems do
$ 80
$ 89
$ 90
$ 95
beautiful instead o f something
Patricia Hansen, 22.
At a news conference. David tragic."
" I ' l l he talking t o people and
Hansen said his daughters mgibt
have been a bizarre attraction to an they'll just start crying." Mrs.
earlier generation, "but i n our Hansen said. " I haven't fell it's been
generation, we've made it something a side show at a l l . "
N.Y.' l A P ) A n
unusual punishment handed down
by a iudge here could become a tiling
of the pust if policemen decide not to
make a man convicted of disorderly
conduct wash his mouth out with
I he punishment, offered as a
substitute for a $50 fine or III days in
i.nl by Cilv Court Judge 1 ynn P.
Dorset, wits given to it local youth
lor shinning obscenities nl police
b l o n d vessels.
curly lasi month outside ol u
"Last vein* I heir birthday was fine, Cortland tavern.
but we weren't sure they would have
another one. So ibis birthday is
Thomas South. 20.agreed lo have
really it great toy for ns." said
his mouth washed out with soup in
$13.66 PER MONTH
O G D I i N , Utah (AP) Little dresses
and shoes, new bonnets and puppets
greeted former Siamese twins Lisa
and Eli.sn Hansen on their second
birthday Thursday, their first as
separate Individuals,
As the family made last-minute
preparations for their puny, the
girls, still unable In walk without
help and with only skin covering
purl of their bends, played with their
baby sister Shaylyn.
Hie twins were sepnrated May .111
in \bV; hours of pioneering surgery
ai the University of Utah Medical
Center. The twins were b u m
connected at the lops of their heads,
facing in the same direction.
I.isn and hlisti arc the first
Siamese twins successfully
separated when the urea ol cranial
involvement was so extensive,
Portions ol Iheii brains were
connected ami they slimed some
They will still face surgery to
reconstruct their skulls.
David Hansen, 24. said doctors
wil! "take bone from their ribs and
form a sort of framework over their
brains. They say it will fill in
completely to form a hard covering.
One-Way Round-Trip
New York
Hempstead 13.00
Queens Village 13.00
(Pttu ssubjei i it" h inga.)
W.B. Wilson 34 Hamilton St. Albany 434 0126
D A L L A S (AP) Dallas Counly
medical officials said Thursday Ihcy
have asked a u t h o r i t i e s i n
neighboring Tarrant County to dip,
up the body buried In Tee Harvey
Oswald's grave to verily its identity,
Oswald was named as the lone
assassin o l President John F.
K u i m c d > b y I Ite W a r r e n
Commission. He was gunned down
while in police cuslodv two days
alter Kennedy's l u 0T assassination
" S o m e b o d y has raised the
question as to who is in that grave.
T he easiest way to find out is to ...
inn some tests,"said Dallas County
Medical Examiner Charles S. Petty.
"We said to Tarrant Counly. il
you exhume hint we'll lesl him. We
have more capability along thai line
than Ihcy do," Petty said.
A request l o d i g u p O s w u l d ' s b n d j
was made earlier ibis year by British
author Michael hddowes. hul
I at runt County officials turned him
hddovves, who w o r l c " T h e
Oswald T i l e , " a book raising
questions about the identity of the
remains in the Oswald grave, then
filed a lawsuit, lie lost again,and his
lawsuit is pending in the civil appeals
Outdoor Roller
Skating at the
SUNYA Special
$.50 ott hourly rate with
this ad and SUNYA I.D.
October 20,1979
The Skate Place
Rental Van
Slato St..Albaw
(Noxl to Empire Slate Plaza)
Sal.Sun 11-6
Raton $2.00 per hr,
SlO.OOper day
Nuke Perils
continued from page three
Hiroshima at the end of World War
The Trident carries 24 missiles
each containing 17 maneuvering
warheads, and is capable of
destroying 408 cities or other
Cutro said, "We cannot ignore
tfris global threat. When it comes
right down to it, we arc planning a
nuclear war with the weapons
program. Trident brings us closer to
On Sunday, October 28. antinukes will demonstrate at the Knolls
gates at 11 a.m. on Atomic Project
Road. In an effort to recruit as many
SUNYA students as possible, there
will be tickets on sale at the Campus
Center for buses leaving to the
demonstration from Draper Hall.
"The long range goal of the
organization is to eventually convert
the KAP into a plant only for
peacetime use," said Cutro. "Wejust
need support of the people."
Housing Loan Rejected
continued from page one
New York Slate Dormitory
"That doesn't mean thai the
Division of the Budget doesn't think
lhal these arc good programs," said
Brink. "They don't feel they can
have a large proportion of tax
dollars to spend on t|„. ra ,,
According to Stevens, capital
construction programs were noi
emphasized in SUNYA's 1980-Kl
budget request as a melhod ol
funding new student housing.
"University officials had indicated
that the greatest probability of
funding would be via the HUD
p r o p o s a l , " said Stevens. "|
interpreted that lo mean that
funding via the normal capital
construction route would lie
Stevens partially attributed
SUNYA's difficulty in receiving
state dormitory lunds ovei the lasi
few years' lo the increasing cost ol
energy. Unfortunately, this poses a
dilemma lo SUNYA. As slate fundi
are spent toward encrg) and
diverted away I nun capital
construction, increasing numbers ol
students lacing the encrgj crunch
ore seeking on-enmpus housing.
"Energy costs are rising nl an
incredible rale and dollars which
might otherwise go lo capital
construction projects arc going to
energy costs," said Stevens "In linearly seventies we didn't hove ilns
housing demand. Student arc going
more toward living nn the
University campus because n| ihc
expense involved in travelling
distances lo campus."
Hul Stevens stiesses ihal HI I)
and state agencies ate Ihc groups
with which SUNYA musl cnnlinuc
working il there is In be iinj hope ol
obtaining funds roi the construction
of student housing in the future
"I think lhal there will be an
increased emphasis on tin, campm
in gain funding by ihc cupilal
construction route," he said "We
may be able In gain aililinon.il
support in XI-*S2."
Police Trial
Bruce Springsteen Sued
Singer Bruce Springsteen may be
sued by one of his women friends as
a result of a bizarre incident during
the recent anti-nuclear benefit concaptured the entire incident - from and invaded Daley Plaza with
certs in New York City.
By Another Name
beginning to end - on film. She says
Photographer Lynn Goldsmith she is currently considering the fil- tanks, helicopters and mounted
claims that Springsteen roughed her ing of a $35 million suit against Spr- police.
Other scenes include the crashing
up and publicly humiliated her ingsteen, a decision she says she will
Voters who go to the polls in the
when she attended one of the fund- make after conferring with her of a police car in the Richard Daley Louisiana Governor's race this
locaraising events.
month will not be able to vote for
tion at the nearby Jolict Prison. In "none-of-the-above''.
She contends that the singer spotaddition, footage of the Pope's visit
That's because a Louisiana court
ted her in the audience, approached Blues Brothers Film
to the windy city is being shot for last week, rejected a petition from a
her and dragged her to the stage.
possible inclusion in the movie', candidate in the race who had legalSpringsteen is then said to have anJohn Belushi and Dan Ackroyd which will be released early next
ly changed his name from Luther
nounced to the audience: "This is
have been shooting their new film year.
my ex-girlfriend."
"The Blues Brothers" in the city of
The photographer says she was Chicago for the past month, and
Immediately after his name
then dragged backstage where she from whal they have done so far, it Sabbath Tour Cancelled
change, None-of-the-above explainclaims she was "verbally abused" seems the biography of the Blues
Black Sabbath has cancelled its ed he wanted his new name to apby members of Springsteen's road Brothers will be a rather strange
planned fall concert tour after the pear on the ballot so that voters
group's bass player and lead could reject all (he other canFortunately for Goldmsmith, a
Thus far, Ihey have filmed chase vocalist left the band.
didates, simply by voting for him.
movie-maker is rcDorted to have scenes over a Chicago river bridge,
Bassist Beczcr Butler has quit the
However, the Louisiana court
group, citing "personal problems" has ruled thai Knox's name change
as the reason. The remaining occurred after the qualifying
members say they hope to' deadline, and therefore the old .
reorganize the band, and Ihcn begin name, Luther Devinc Knox, will apDIRECTIONS AND DEVELOP GOALS
louring again by next February.
pear on the ballot instead.
Wednesday, October 24
3-5 P.M.
BA 118
783 Madison Avenue
Thursday. October 25
1-3 P.M.
ED 22
(at Quail)
Monday, October 29
3-5 P.M. BA118
Offered by SUNYA Career Planning and Placement (457-8251)
Wide Selection of HALLMARK
Cards and Gifts...
———— Clip and Save •
Soda and Snacks too!!!
S p e c i a l - T w o e g g s and Toast
Come Visit Us Soon!!
cV^Exciting Theatres Under One Roof
Lights Up T o u r
continued from page thict
presented a badge, iilentilying
Buchanan' and himscli as police
While wailing I'm si M \
security to arrive. Buchanan said lit
and Vila would get ,i warrant
According to Cirubman. »liidciil>
forced them lo wan until seciirilv
Students Am lions I) lardinu
said lhal at III a.m. March >. he
heard \niclmii'- scrcainini I pan
entering •''
hall. I anlu i -IU
Autelman. who was shoal i "Hi"
isa ripoff" Willi two nun ,
cups" behind linn
I'urdino added lhal lie »asiiwan.'
nl iwo men "pnsing i- n.itcniii
Students Ronald Kernel and I';"'
Ciedbaw also testified
Buchanan's Defense Mimnc) '
Stewart Jones presented ihc i"11
with sis photographs, outliningtte
physical plan and geiigiaphiCid
location ol the rooms
Poisoned Water
Exotic and allegedly healthproducing imported waters may actually be contributing to ill health.
The New York Post reports that
the New York State Health Department has instructed "Apollinaris"
of West Germany, and "Vichy
Celestin" of France to put warning
labels on their bottles because both
brands contain possibly harmful
levels of arsenic.
According to the newspaper,
Celestin was found to have an
arsenic level of .24 parts per
million, while Appolinaris had .05
parts per million - the maximum
level allowed by the Federal
The Health Department cautions
that long-term use of the arseniclaced water could be dangerous.
Cry That Cold Away
Two medical researchers report
they have discovered a way to prevent the common cold: all you have
t o d o is cry a lot.
Doctors Walter Smith and
Stephen Bloomficld, writing in the
November issue of
magazine, claim lhat ihc constant
stress of holding back lears reduces
one's resistance to disease.
The doctors say - in their words "We've documented thai people
who cry a lot catch few colds."
Cheaper Clothes
Making your clothes may be
cheaper than buying them.
The Los Angeles Times asked
representatives of four major
clothing pattern companies to compute to cost difference between
designer ready-to-wear clothes and
the same styles make at home from
designer patterns.
The newspaper found lhat the
savings on making your own clothes
ranged from 41 lo a whooping 93
percent of the ready-lo-wear cost.
For example, the Times reported
lhal a McCall pattern whose readylo-wear price was $140 cost only
$16.80 to make...at a savings of 88
Cheech is Chonged
Tommy Chong of the comedy
leant Cheech and Chong found
himself reliving one of his early
comedy roulincs recently.
One of Cheech and Chong's
earlier routines featured an overly
aggressive panhandler. Last Saturday, Chong and his wife were approached by a member of the Hari
Krishna sect at ihc Los Angeles Alrporl and asked for a donation.
When the comic refused to
donate, the Hari Krishna member
reportedly pushed Chong against
the wall and repeatedly hit and
kicked him.
A US Customs officer who
witnessed the attack turned the
overly zealous panhandler over to
the Los Angeles Police, who booked him on charges of battery.
Chong was reportedly not
seriously injured in the incident.
91 KM
Rock V Roll l'art.v
at (he Rafters
Thursday, Oct. 25.
Listen to 91 FM to
will tickets.
The ASP is always
looking for new tali'1' to
move in on us old " a t S i
Writers, production
persons, graphics, etc.
Come by lo CC 334
today and join SUNYA s
largest and best campus
RFAI ITU "" ••
Only 174
days til
the Yankee
—Loyal Forever
on Myrtle Avenue.
C1NE1;2;3;4 5 6
OCTOBER 19, 1979
S 1 I »'
„i .iniiiwiMi^giiin
Council Replies
A Specific Proposal
| T o Ihe Editor:
A t this time, as Chair and Vice-Chair of
Central Council, we feel it is necessary to correct certain misconceptions characterized in
the editorial " T h e R u t " . We feel that these
characterizations not only irresponsibly missed many important points, but also that they
were in fact oblivious to what the realities o f
the subject they were treating can be to
sciences, literature and line arts, cultures of
the past, and Analysis and Synthesis of
The fact is, that in 1979 we have one of the
largest potential organized student voices in
The goal of the courses Is to develop skills
University governance in the Northeast. T o
within the areas (i.e. conceptual understansay that anything that is accomplished is done
ding, technical skill) while (he integral ion of
by a select few who attain limited success is to
the areas dcvclopes a unity
the unity that
ignore the fact that students here enjoy the
becomes (he basis ol an educalion. I'ducal inn
institutionalization of 22 seats on University
is ihc key; that is our (Administrators,
Senate (and probably twice as many on the
Faculty, and most inporinntly, students)
Senate's various councils), a majority o f 17
purpose. A more complete educalion, as
scats on UAS' board of directors, etc., in adfacilitated by a core, is the goal we should
dition to the 34 elected to Central Council
hope to reach.
(and probably 3 limes that many involved on
it's committees and projects). They and
others are hopefully being led by the leadership core lo which you refer, for this is true
o f any viable organization, including the
ASP. More important is the volume of
changes the student numbers are able to work
on, lo enact or to block as the student interest
dictates. To say that the revitalization o f
ACT, removal o f the " W " , S-U cxtcntion,
countless U A S changes and Housing Contract revisions as well as stopping of the
daytime arming of Security, to name a few
major results, occur only when
brother" is willing to let them go through is
to display an unbelievable level o f paranoia
and low faith in the faculty and administrators who admittedly do outweigh us
Opponents claim that this program might
numerically on the governance bodies.
impede individual initiative. I hey feel it is not
The involvement of students has been seen
ibe func'uou of the diversity to mandate what
as not only R I G H T and usually resulting in
a student might or might not study. Students
constructive input, but enough legitimacy has
who show no interest in a course, or course of
been afforded us that when we present an
study, w i l l hardly gain f r o m active
argument, and that argument is stronger than
participation in it. A Core cmriculum, in this
opposing points o f view o f facts; our argulight, would he of little educational value.
ment will prevail. For example, i f the honors
We feel ibis is not a valid argumeni. Il is.
change is proposed and students have many
indeed, the function of (he University to
good reasons why this change shouldn't be
guide students. Administrators and faculty
enacted, then people who are for the change
With more experience in the higher
M U S T effectively argue with better reasons
educational process are better equipped lo
why the change would be made. In this case,
make such decisions, provided there is student
we believe that would be difficult and our
input throughout.
points shall not simply be passed over by a
In conclusion, we feel thai it is the
stcamrolling administrative change; We shall
responsibility of the University to administer
still be heard.
.1 program that emphasizes a liberal arts and
Rather than spending time educating peosciences core. We applaud the efforts of
ple on the fact that constructive changes for
S.C.I .1'. and hope that the pilot program will
students have been made with regular student
be expanded and implemented University
input, let us turn to what must be done with
For Core Requirements
by Lewis J.W Goldberg and D.A. Weinstein
Over the past several years, economic crises
have placed a heavy burden upon our
lifestyles. W i t h double digit inflation
constantly a threat, we have come economic
conservatives. No more long cur trips.
Inflation has made the second vacation go the
way of the Edsel. Of every dollar we earn, it
seems that Uncle Sum takes a larger bile each
time. Most importantly, good jobs are al a
premium. Consequently, we can no longer
afford the extravagances which were a
parent's birthrights. I he golden dream of
American opportunity has been minted with
copper. Like everything else lodny, il has been
I his uncertainly and fear has driven
American college students into a pragmatic
panic. No lunger is a stud} " I philosophy. line
aris. or so'oiolog) considered economical!)
feasible. I ikewise, there has been a marked
increase in the number ol freshman enrolling
is prospective business maims. Hushiess.
along with other "career oriented" majors,
mean a job. And a job is where it's at,
I his phenomenon has led lo the problem lo
which I address this essu). A college
education, we feel, involves nunc than merely
memorizing facts. Furthermore, a course ot
study aimed al making a student proficient in
only one area is. in fact, a lack ol education. .
Students who do not take courses in areas
outside their majors arc not receiving the lull
benefit of a college education. We arc not
specifically referring lo business majors. In
fact, the School of Diisiness is a perfect
example of the positive effects ol applied Core
curriculum. Instead, I call attention lo
students of all majors who'refuse in consider
college as an educational process but who.
instead, sec it as a vocational training
Accordingly, we propose thai a modified Core
Curriculum he instituted at this University,
S.C.L.E. (The Standing Commit lee on
Liberal Education) has investigated such a
Mogram. A pilot study set up by S.C.I .1-. will
nvolvc three-hundred incoming 'freshman,
:'ach participating student will take one
:ourse from four of six designated areas of
uidy each of their first four semesters.
I he six areas of study are; symbolics (UCO.
Math. Languages), natural sciences, social
N 0 W TftfY FltiP OOT
SCOTCH closes cfittceR..
this input now. The number of changes
which are " i n the w o r k s " begins with
honors, advisement, ACT, grievance procedures, Security review, Bookstore review,
anti-grouper change, and goes on and on unt i l we have included every quad beautldcalion effort or every meal change made with
student effort.
Student power is not omnipotent. In fact
the challenge o f the past several months has
been to retain student power - for example in controlling commercial enterprise on campus. But the thing to remember is, that when
"commercial enterprise p o l i c y " was passed
down from the administration, Central
Countil responded with a quick and effective
resolution and follow up visit to the administration building. Now yogurt and bagels
arc back on the food co-op's shelves. I never
noticed ASP coverage o f this turnaround,
nor have I seen coverage o f the battle dial has
been raging for three consecutive ssccks belween the administration and students concerning promotions and continuing appointments (tenure) guidelines thai is being
discussed in Ihc University Senate.
1 wonder if this could mean lhai the
students involved do not feel anything ,villbe
gained by giving newsworthy Items!"
which has o f late become prone ;
attitudes and elitist " p r e a c h i n g " ai ihe
helpless students. What vvc in,
students) need, is a student publicatioi
looks more often lo whal can he don ind il
fact encourages people constant!) oughi lo
help us do il and less frequently tell, us ivliai
is impossible or reporis on the admiiii iralive
efforts to rebuild the " w a l l " which ou< kepi
us away from any real power.
Mike Levy, Chair o f Central ( ottncil
Brian Levy, Vice ( hail
T o the Editor:
I think that it's important lhat ihe siiulcnts
on this campus be aware o f Ihc decisions being made with respect to their opportunity lo
participate in the governance o f this UniversityOne such decision is currently being
debated is the University Senate - it involves
the process by with faculty members in ibis
Univeristy are awarded promotion and
tenure. (Tenure is also called "continuing app o i n t m e n t , " in simplest terms it represents a
faculty member's " j o b security").Currently,
the faculty and a committee o f Ihe Senate advise the President of the University as to
whether or not tenure and-or promotion
should be awarded. The President then
makes a final decision in the case.
Currently, students participate in litis pro-
'SCOTCH causes
# ^ - ' %
Page 3A
\The Department of Political Science Presents
•The Student NoteI b o o l c Psychiatrists
Imake some kind of
Ibogus claim to under- '
I s l a n d the human
nind. Soviet or American, it doesn't really matter, the Shrinks
are after us. And they're in cohools with
advertisers. Conspiracy on page 4a.
All Political Science Majors are
urged to attend a meeting of faculty
and students to confront the
problems of advising!!!
"[Feature: "There are
Jno more heroes," said
(Reality. But man
(needs heroes. They
(are his inspiration and
[sometimes his oppression. If they don't exisi we'll invent them,
we often do. An essay on Heroes, real or
imagined, exists on page 5a.
• Hear what the department is offering in the
• Find out once and for all about requirements
and programs.
• Hear those responsible discuss Honors
Public Affairs! Internships! Pre-Law! etc.
The time has come to confront these
problems as crucial to us all.
" S o u n d & Vision: It's
, here. At long last
}|Apocci/ypse Now has
arrived at Albany. It's 1
been hailed as a classic
Iby some, a turkey by
Uim Dixon over lo review
it and his impressions of ils visual and
narrative cower are on page 8a.
When: Thursday evening Oct.25 at 7:00
Where: Campus Center Ballroom
lSound & Vision:
• M a r k Rossier has
Icome across some
•bad movies in his time
I b u l 10 would make a
Jjgood case lor being
Ps mindless sexploitation
and downhill from there. Blake Edwards'
new film 10 gets subdivided on page 8a.
^Wfio L± -J\z(jLn LscuL
91 ZFD
tftLGfiJCDtf eUflPE E C M f l
Fiction: The jungle
is quiet, but there is
no peace. A man
pursues a beast and
s pursued by his
obsession. Jl's a dead
UniV«lilfyy C
loncaif Booui
An Evening with
Todd ftundgren
Thursday, November 15
at 6:00 P.M.ot the Palace Theater
Tickets are $6.50 with tax card
(6.50 General Public
Tickets on sale now at the
Contact Office, Just-A-Song
Records and the Palace
Must hove tax card to get discount!!!
SA funded
October 1 9
\y g^irT/oHc'leathTKd the winner lakes all.
Stuart Matranga's story is called Tiger,
Tiger. On page 10a.
7:30 and 9 : 3 0
Sound & Vision: II
y o u ' v e ever been
I rapped in a soap
opera marathon you'll
love Karla Bonoff's
Restless Nights. If
you've ever been arrested in your sleep by
Hunlz Hall and friends you'll love Cheap
Trick's Dream Police. On 8a and 9a.
Fiction: Eb met Flo ir
a bar. It was a casua
meeting with Ihe usual!
intentions. It turned
into something much
more than that somewhere between lust ami trust;Jay (Jissen's
story is called Swept Away On The
Evening Tide. On page 10a.
Diversions: Ready
(or fun? Tired of midlerms (boo hiss)?
teacher hassles? Beat
(rom wailing for Ihe
bus? Strung out from the nonstop nusile
of the working week? Well, have we got
Ihe answer for you on page 11a.
, bit* SMH
Television fs a concept by which we measure our pain.
It creates a mythology of heroes and morality based
solely on commercial viability. It's only purpose is t o
attract us to it like a whore, and it's trick is to give as little
as possible for as much as it can get. But it's worse than
that. Television addicts us to its superficial fantasies —
lurid appeals to our worst instincts for the easy
gratification of our desires — and the price we pay is
freedom. It's not just the commercials, which are vapid,
mindless exploitations that work like brainwashing;
simple statements continuously repeated. Even more
dangerous are the shows themselves. Most television
shows subliminally affect us, molding our opinions and
values by creating phony ideal families and people and
situations which are totally beyond reality. Yet, because
television is always there and on six or seven hours a day,
we are constantly exposed to it and therefore, by sheer
exposure, we easily mistake the materialistic values it
presents as reality.
There's good reason for television to want us to be
materialistic. They want us to buy the products they
zealously hawk. Millions are devoted each year toward
figuring out ways to entice us to buy Brand X . If that
much was spent o n presenting, quality, intelligent
programming, television might be something more
genuinely useful than the wasteland it is.
Television could be fun. It could be good and
entertaining at the same time. It could be an art instead of
the audio-visual billboard it is.
Spiritual Graffiti
"A door closing, heard over the air, a face
contorted, seen in a panel of light, these will
emerge as the real and true. And when we bang
the door of our own cell or look into another's
face the impression will be mere artifice."
-E.B. White
"Mythology is the body of primitive peoples
beliefs concerning heros, deities, and so forth, as
distinguished from the true accounts, which it
invents later."
-Ambrose Bierce
Centerfold: Aspects
on television. Since
we've been old enough
lo see, television has1
captured, brainwashed, influenced
and intruded on us. It seems like it's always
been on. And now it's our turn to bite the
lube lhal feeds us. See page 6a.
The Student Notebook: Money is beautiful, e'est pas? Johnny I
V gets around, here I
and there, bars and I
other bars. This is a I
beautiful country, they say. The bars are
fine, even if Ihe Pope doesn't stop smiling.
You'll find Johnny in Hot Licks on 4a.
The Fantastic Four
The Editor's Aspect
Stuart Matranga
Design & Layout
Jay B. Gissen
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The Battle o/ the Shrinks. In recent years,
American psychiatry has been condemning
Soviet psychiatry because of its blatant
participation in Soviet political oppression. Of
course, there's a solid piece of logic that Ihe
Russians use to justify what they do: anybody
who thinks he can speak his mind in Russia
must be.crazy.
If you're a psychiatrist in the east or the
west, I don't see how you beat that kind of
logic. Not that it is wrong or false. It'sjust that,
il you buy psychiatric principles, you have to
accept the fact that Soviet dissidents are
definitely doing something self-destructive
when they speak up. And Russians who
expect to escape punishment for dissenting,
have definitely lost contact with reality. It
follows like night and day.
What is wrong with Soviet psychiatry is
what is wrong with all psychiatry. The Soviets
have only made the (law painfully obvious.
The fact is that our doctors of Ihe mind are
mainly involved in the business of keeping
people on the straight and narrow. The myth
of mental "illness' is a convenienl way to label
socially undesirable behavior, and it also
takes away from the responsibility that none
of us want to accept when we are fold we are
acting or talking "strange." We can try to
rationalize our strangeness, but thai only
makes us sicker in the eyes of the doctors.
Radical Coleslaw
Steve Czajkowski
The progressive knows the kinds of tricks
that social institutions can play. He knows
that a society where everyone is normal is a
society,on'ils way to the grave. Stagnation
and well adjusted people go hand in hand."
From that point of view, it's psychiatry that
is sick. It is just another wall against the
coming of a new world and a hetter day. The
drugs it administers, the consultations and
lobolomies - these are all administered in
the authoritarian, paternalistic spirit of the
shaman, the priest and the commisar. The
i m m e d i a t e b e n e f i t s c a n ' t save I h e
fundamental wrongness of turning an ethical
judgment into a medical one. The Russians
only compound the error by being brazen
enough to use psychiatry against political
If the situation in Russia is going to stop,
and if we are going lo prevent it from
happening again anywhere else, psychiatrists
are going to have to admit lo the world that
they are part of the problem. They are going
lo have to admit that most of the "illness" they
are treating has nothing to do with medicine,
but instead is the result of inequitable
allocations of wealth and opportunity, or
outright oppression.
These p s y c h i a t r i s t s , these mental
physicians, should first of all be healing
The World, The Flesh and The Centerfold,
It's not hard to see why women's groups react
so s t r o n g l y w h e n a girlie magazine
photographer comes arourld. Women are
more than just collections of quivering body
age 1A
parts, and we all should be reminded of that
from time to time.
But thai should not make any of us blind u>t
the importance of Ihe human body in the
history of our art. The distinction between arl
and pornography thai some people make i-, ,i
silly o n e . T h e y are nol opposites
Pornography can he very good art, and vice
That idea struck home recently. I was in ,i
large, staid gallery, chock full of white marble
statues that were carved in Classical nines
There is very little arl that can match those
sculptures. There is a true visional pet lee linn
and clean grace in them, and you'd find il hard
lo gel anyone lo deny their aesthetic power.
What I noticed was thai Ihe vast majority ol
ihose statues were either representations ol
hoys or outrageously musculai men. Then I
remembered how the Greeks were about
hoys and outrageously muscular men. That's
when it struck me . . . this "fine" art, tins
collection of some of the greatest expression'of Ihe western world's aesthetic vision, was
probably designed to gef some ancient Greek
hot and bothered. It was probably high class,
Ionic p o r n o ; tastefully packaged and
marketed by some ancient Athenian
counterpart of Hugh Hefner.
Whether the bunny costumes are any kind
of improvement, after 2000 years, I just can'l
Bob O'Brian
Hot Ucte And Rhetoric
l O t h Century Blues
to the 20th
•Sally Brown
to Linus upon his
"/ thought
they were
It was 6 PM. Johnny V. was walking down
to the South End. His heels tapped against Ihe
pavement with a rhythmic cadence and his
eyes were lowered to the ground. It was fall,
but still quite comfortable. The leaves had
changed color, but had not yet dared lo plummet to the ground. As he walked, Johnny V.
didn't notice the cavalcade ol bars and grills
that, like, happiness, surrounded and eluded
him at the same time. Some jazz should've
been piped in as soundtrack. The Bird,
maybe, or something more traditional. The
old soothing jazz-uplifting, yet depressing,
soulful and lusty-would've syncopated well
with the neon champagne glasses thai blinked
In 4-4 time,
Johnny V. tried to envision the South End
in Its heyday. Well-to-do ladies, like his
mother, bearing lace and parasols strolled arm
in arm mindless of the New Deal and the
whole alphabet soup that would. In a matter of
years, evict them from their blissful Insouciance leaving the hangers-on to live aside
poor, black Immigrants from the Southland.
Johnny V. glanced at a McDonald's and
thought of his real last name - Van Burgher.
Quite a family. Quite a heritage. Johnny's
father, the Industrialist and art collector nonpars//, had always made him feel Immortal.
The South End gave Johnny a sense of the
finite. Il was gelling cooler. Johnny walked Into one of the old Irish saloons that still
displayed ihe American flag and portraits of
the Pope and President Kennedy. A brawny
man with dark eyes and charcoal black hair
pointed Johnny to the men's room. Standing
al the urinal, Johnny became, all of the sudden, very conscious of the fact that ihe man
next to him was not urinating. Johnny even
said something to put htm at ease, but the man
quickly zipped up his pants and flushed the
urinal anyway. He left wilhoul washing his
Johnny decided to slay at the saloon. It was
dark now. He sal al the bar and ordered a
beer, thinking about his name; his nickname,
rather Johnny V., the heir apparent. Johnny
ordered beer after beer, vaguely aware of the
television set that reigned from above.
H o w do you spell relief? - R-E-L-l-E-F - Be
sure to watch Ihe National Guard Hour or
"I've Grown Accustomed to your Mace" Shop at Price Chopper - What Price Chopper? - Youth 'n Asia: Mercy killings for little
orientals - Stay tuned for the coronation of
Sally IV - The Marx and Engels Show; Can
•two German social theor'-ts share a flat in
London without driving ihe world crazy?
Whatever happened to Donna Rae and the
Lasers? thought Johnny.
Abruptly, the bartender turned down the
volume and the ominous shrill of a siren
penetrated J o h n n y ' s inebriated brain.
Everyone herded out of the saloon with the
usual ambivalent feelings. Underneath revolving red lights and blue uniforms with shiny
silver badges lay an old man. Dead. Just a
drunk. Johnny looked down at the corpse. He
was kind of distinguished in a weathered sort
of way. He'd been hit by a taxi as he tried to
cross the street. His meager belongings were
sprawled around like a wreath. Drowned in
the relentless sea of yellow. Someone asked if
the old man had had any last words, Probably
"Oh shit," thought Johnny
"Hoy, Johnny!" someone called. Johnny
turned around and squinted. T w o familiar
faces approached.
"Eh, what are you doing here?"
"We're here from the city. We were gonna
catch the 10:15 home when we heard the
Johnny recognized Flo's cherubic face,
years ago she had dragged him to Women's
Liberation meetings In an attempt to enlighten
him. He used to wear her Feminist Alliance
T-shirt because it was a great way to gel laid
Eb continued. "So what are you up in
Johnny seemed pressed (or an answer. 1l<
looked down again at the old man. He could
feel the acid fretting upon the shores ol his
stomach. He thought of his parents.
"If you're a good boy," they used to say,
"we'll go to Paris this summer. We'll live by
and walk down the Champ 1 '
It wasn't right, This wasn't part of Ihe
scenario. Johnny looked at the old man
again. He had no teeth and dark blue veins
were prominent on his lifeless (ace. No
background music had accompanied his
"I'm going with y o u " , said Johnny V., ihe
heir apparent, "I must go about my father's
And Now A Word From Our Sponsor
Even for this
is Bayer Aspirin.
while running the risk of flu?
Fuckit. I'll shower lirst.
Ummm...the steamy blasts from my
Walerpik are relaxing, as I reach down lo Ihe
soap dish. Suddenly there is more neurosis:
shall I gel down lo basics or opl for Ihe social
protection of a good deoderant soap?
Perhaps Ihe effervescenl shit lo gel Ihe old
blood (lowing through these lired vessels.
Maybe it's lather that I secretly crave...
Fuckit. I'll shampoo lirst.
Humm...will I fight Ihe greasies this
' morning, or make split ends a priority? A m I
limp or am I (hick? Fortunately I am able to
conclusively decide on Ihe product thai fights
both greasies and split ends; my first decision
of Ihe morning gives me an added lift and a
sense of fulfillment. Bui then, to condition or
nol lo condition?
• By this time, the mental anguish has
manifested itself in a profound stomach
distress from which I decide to seek
immediate relief. Into Ihe medicine cabinet I
go, Oplionsl Shall I coat my system with the
warm pink gook that reminds me ol mom,
drop the wonder tablets thai gobble up 47
times their weight in excess acids or spend a
minute humming Ihe theme to "plop-plop fizz
The questions are insidious. I can barely
read ihe labels anymore, (Next lime- I'll go (01
the soft while bulbs, or maybe gel Ihe three
I have lo escape from Ihe balhroon, •!"
hack lo my room and collect myself, I'll calm
down, gel dressed, schprilz on a Utile
deodorant - A L I T T L E DEODOHANT??
Oh Lord, am I concerned primarily with
wetness or odor? What about staining my
undershirts? Perhaps I'll use Ihe slufl Hint's
only required once every two days
again, that guy is alone in bed...
And what about Ihe precious Oi
Shall I roll o n , rub o n , or pump on?
Finally I am frozen on the floor poi
Ihe limits of spray-talc, cream rin^
sanity. F r o m somewhere down Ihe hal I can
hear Derwood Kirby pontificating nboul
laundry. I drag myself up and scan h my
vacant m i r r o r reflection, unconse imisly
wondering whether my pimples will sui cumb
more quickly lo scrubs or creams,
[lining is thai
My one decision of I I " '
toi humanity
there is no hope for myself
against the onslaught ol ncK using 1 will flo
back to bed, Perhaps I will m a to Peking
but, should I opl for night ' u h rates with
instant check-in...
Someonejo Dream On
A n Anatomy Of A Hero
Images of the Pope on a soggy ahernoon in
Yankee Stadium: startled children's faces,
some behind wrinkled skin and fogged up
glasses, gaze in bewilderment at the white
Popemobile carrying Pope John Paul II.
Emerging sounds arc coming from deep welL
within the chasm of Ihe arena; a rushing tide
filling the Temple of Rulh, devouring itself ill
its o w n exuberance, as Ihis fabulous-glorious,
enormous-sensational, Roman-Polish priesl
appears. A thin boy wilh curly carrot colored
hair, wearing a "Pope for President" button
says in humble tones " I never seen a Pope
Stuart Matranga
You know a hero when you see one.
T h e y ' v e got that " p r e s e n c e " w h i c h
commands attention. When Pope John Paul
II talks, people listen. Very few, a handful,
have that aura of glory around them. In the
true hero's glory other pseudo-heroes pale.
The celebrities, any of the T.V. clones, who
are kept in a box on Hollywood Squares are
poor imitations. A celebrity is anyone famous,
A hero is a guide, a leader, an inspiration. A
hero is the epitome of human-kind, one of the
elite, who, by Ihe grace of their spirits, rise
above the rest of us, and beckon us to follow
them, to aspire towards them.
must be deep" boys, Brando, Montgomery
Clift, and James Dean mumbled a lot. The
Method, man. But the method was that there
was no method. It all had been established in
literature and stuff likethat man was zero, as
insignigicant as a piece of s h t . A sewer rat. A
fat zero, nothing. Remember Stephen Crane:
" A man said to Ihe Universe/ 'Sir, I exist.'/
'However,' replied Ihe Universe./ 'The fact
has not created in me a sense of obligation."'
"Well, f-ck you," the man would say on the
corner of Fearand trembling, The anti heroes
of Ihe fifties were anti because they had no
"vision" nothing to fight for or against, no
higher authority, no reason lo live or die, no
quest, nothing worth caring about, nol hing to
lose or gain. Nada. Nada. Nada.
And Papa Hemingway blew his brains out
in 1961, the year Kennedy was inaugeralecl
President, and man decided he'd like to go t o
the moon.
A funny thing happened on the way lo Ihe
moon. We, some ol us, realized that maybe
the moon was a little too far to go. By
conquering the moon we did the impossible,
we accomplished an age old goal
yet what
would it profil a man lo gain the moon and
loose his soul in Ihe bargain? Did we make a
Faustian deal, Iradiny our innocent ignorance
for ultimate knowledge? Landing on the
moon was, in fact, a giant leap for mankind,
for more than anything it finally asserted
increasingly embraced the anli-hero as,
ironically, the last best hope of man's soul
over man's technology. The anti-hero has
therefore, in effect, become the hero. He has
a code which is a none code, never violated.
He has a purpose and a morality which is
usually ambiguous if at all defined. He is
usually cynical, sarcastic, fatalistic,
existentially n o n c o m m i t e d , and pretty
vacant. He is everything human that is
strange and therefore incomprehensible to
the technicians, who formally were human
bul who have since registered their numbers
w i l h Computer Center. The anti-hero
becomes a hero in such books as A
Clockwork Orange where t he most senseless
forms of violence and sex are exaggerated to
sub-consciencely assert the humanity,
however ragged, of the chief protagonist,
everybody's (avorite droog, Alex. But
nowhere is technology as abused and
maligned, as ridiculed and abased as in Rock
and Roll.
We've grown to love the Rock stars for
their reheliousness. The more they screw the
system the more we idolize them. Mick
•'agger, Pete Townshend, Elvis Costello are
living gods to their fans who feed off their
outrageousness, transferring their
frustrations over being pawns in an in-human
system to their heroes who defy the system
We have different conception of heroes. To
the crippled liltle boy in The Lou Gehrig Story
when Lou hit out two whopping homers for
him — like he promised
that was the
most heroic act imaginable. To a budding
biology major Watson and Crick might seem
like Ihe Dynamic Duo of D N A .
Le Cafe Americatn
Blasted out o l Farrah's arms by my
merciless Sony at Ihe ungodly hour o( eight
ay e m . T o the mirror for the picture of
decadence before I walk the long mile to the
bathroom lo pee. It is another day...
I can handle the acids dancing around my
stomach and the construction team at work
on my cranium. I can also deal with Ihe fresh
crop of zits on Ihe mirror and Ihe asbestos
that my blow dryer spews at me.
But it is the decisions that get lo me al this
early hour.
It goes like this: I feel my headache, the
pounding and Ihe buzzing. However, I can't
decide whether it's a tension headache or just
some leftover neuralgia from last night. If it's
the latter, do I take Ihe aspirin whose tireless
A's rush lo my brain within fifteen minutes, or
the one with Ihe pain reliever that doctors
recommend most?
Fuckit. I'll brush first.
Whoa — will I be close-up this morning on
the bus? Better use the gel. Then I see Ihe
frowns on Ihe faces of Ihe President's
Council on Dental Therapeutics, remember
Ihe weeks of torturous drilling thai even the
nitrous couldn't deaden. Aha — I could
supplement some flouride with a hit of
mouthwash. But do I want lo be qermfree
smelling like a medicine chest or exhale roses
Page 5A
The Lou Gehrig Story defines Lou as the
perfect hero. He rose from poverty by
determination. He had a "vision" of his place
in Ihe world. Had he been a knight during Ihe
middle ages he would have been consumed
by a sense of quest, a longing to challenge evil,
and the pursuit of a stronger course, I .ou did 1
that, in Twentieth Century lerms, and in the
journey from oblivion to pralseworthinoss he
developed and retained an unbreakable
moral code. I le was known as ihe "Iron M a n "
not just becuase he never missed a game, hut
because it was morally impossible for him to
allow himself to miss a game, or violate any
other rule in his personal cock'. When lie died
tragically, he became a martyr
preserved forever his heroic identity.
That movie was a hit in Ihe fifties, an age ol
heroes: jet pilots and Audic Murphy storming
Korea; Elvis Presley gyrating this way to
sainthood; Elsenhower, everybody's favorite
general; Mickey Mantle al Ihe plate; Marilyn
Monroe tyrating her way lo sainthood; Hoy
Rogers on Trigger; Tab Hunter and Rock
chiseled clefts and blue hair. The
fifties mass produced heroes frequently and
fervently like they were tail-winged Chevys.
America, after knocking off the nips, and the
krauts, and the gooks, was flexing her
patriotic muscles. Everybody including
technology over nature and sealed our fate as
Mickey Mouse was a died in the wool,
total masters of Ihis little world. It was
genuine, guaranteed not to rust, fade away, or
technology, nol Neil Armstrong, that set foot
fart in public Hero. Except the pinko
communist faggot nigger jews. And under all in Ihe Sea ol Tranquility, anti it is technology,
not a mere human, who is the hero of the age.
that glitter and glass, and Uncle Millie on the
Yet we, as mere humans, c<m not give lo a
screen, wow, ain't we swell pyrotechnics,'
machine Ihe attributes of a hero, though we
under i l , like an undetected tumor just getting
are forced to acknowledge thai tin* mass
bigger and uglier and deadlier, the anti-hero,
collective, beautifully communistic, militaryI ihe lone rider, Ihe wild one on the road,
industrial scientific community, wilh as much
' Infected popular culture and sucked away the
personality as an IBM C o m p u t e r is
shine. What was left was the Black Hole of
responsible for the greatest achievement in
. Herodom. The anti hero.
the history of man "since he crawled out of
Beat: William Burroughs, Alan Ginsberg, the slime" (io quote Wernei Von Braun, ex
and 'lark Kerouac lighting up in the shadows nazi made good by helping the U.S.
of Christopher Sheet. Kierkagaard, man- technicians perfect ihe Space Program).
Freud, man, Rimbaud and the " B i r d " . They
[I leaves a sour taste lo think that our
iti hero, who for Ihem was
look the
i Nnl Cassidyi lovei and driver greatest hero is made ol copper plated wire
streol wise, and hip. They put and bleeps a lot It is also bitlei fruit lo bear
whenever wo realize thai television has
ad.shi ting up on anything, and
him on tin
replaced ihe poet as Ihe singei " ( praises foi
the whole 11 Id i straight society could go |Q
heroes. Gone are Beowolfe and A i t l u n ,
hell, God die. nin over by Ihe wheels of
Hercules and Achilles, Aeneas <\m\
Marlon Brand s Harley in The Wild Ones.
Odysseyus, ( ione are Iheli poctSj too All we
Hell's Angels i en hing Bado masochism on
have left are men in fisl howls playing golf on
ihe west i1 >at while Lenny Bruce sucked
a lifeless wasteland with Howard Cosell and
roaches up wil
i pi laU salad and mescaline in Waller Cionkite doing the play by play,
• Village Vanguard. A
So (he, last few generations have
heavy trip. Ami lhi ,ook at him frown, he
When Elvis Presley died a few years ago,
fat, and pill and booze bloated, it marked his
rebirth as ihe penultimate cult hero.
Thousands Hocked lo Graceland in Memphis
genuflecting lo this man, who they saw as a
tragic hero, a victim of his own greatness.
Like Valentino before him, the myth of Elvis
Presley immortalized the man.
Missing from the thrill seekers and
torchbearors at Klvis's (uncial were the
infamous Sixties people. Elvis became too
much a ridiculous pawn of materialism to
maintain their sympathies. Heroes of the
sixties WCH* extensions of the anti heroes of
the filties. Most people thought Ihem
on Ihe
gtole que, a id they wen', Ken 1
along the way,
Amer ca, taking mo
»hero, Kesey's
a -let pi
•.•His were
mail-rial, or
a ompli*
u lught tut ol violence, i even clear ol
intent. Hi: actions wore
against an opproi
iety ^nd
ial co i-pt (anti
c mii'pl)
ult figures,
1, Minon, and Hob Dylan be :ame
They were perceived through a "glass o n i o n "
which distorted them. They were recreated in
their own image. So Robert Zimmerman got
lost in the crowd of Wizards, Troubadors,
Prophets, Trapeze Artists, Magicians and the
rest of the labels pinned on him. The trouble
with heroes is that they become so strongly
stereotypical and are perceived only through
thai image. T o a soldier or a baseball player
that may not be as destructive as it is for the
artist who must constantly change and who
depends on his audience, his friends, and
himself for response and critical analysis. If he
or she is surrounded by worshipping
soothsayers how can the person beneath the
image ever live up to what others think and
what he accepts after a while. The Cracker
Factory is filled with rock messiahs,
Movie star-heroes also deal with zealous
worshippers. It's even more acute lo actors
because in the context of a dramatic action
they really do become heroes.
"Where do you go?" says the young, prelty
and naive waitress in a Middle American
"Go? Oh man, we just go. Go, go, g o , "
answers Brando and every teenager in the
fifties nods their heads.
There are no scriptwriters, or directors.
Movies are reality. You see it happening and
you can fe,cl it in your seat.
The image of Humphrey Bogart was more
of a hero in the sixties and seventies than in
the forties because, like him, that generation
got disgusted with the hypocrisy and
Pastiness of the prevailing ideology in
America. But Bogie had a code and he stuck
to i l . James Dean never got the chance to find
one. He died a martyr for the inarticulate
youth who knew something was wrong, but
not what.
O n the oilier hand some movie stars are
throwbacks to an older era, the age o( hero as
knight-protector-delender. No one had better
claim to this than John Wayne, who was a
perfect non-anti-hero hero. In just aboul
every picture Wayne upheld the principles
which America is supposed to be formed
from; Courage, Integrity, Pride, Discipline,
Veracity, Honesty, Justice.
disillusionmenl of Ihe rebels and rockers
didn't phase him. Wayne was never a loner.
He always stayed clearly a part of the
majority, unlike the olher heroes of the 20th
century. To mosl Americans Wayne was Ihe
shining example of idealized man.
The hero status of both movie and rock
stars are to a degree imposed on them by
their fans. Just as Ihe fictionalized accounts of
King Arthur, Hercules, Achilles, Odysseus,
Robin Hood, and other legends became
heroes through the poetry about them. Man
seems to need heroes, perhaps to mold
himself on an ideal, or as a symbol to prove
that human beings are capable of great
achievements, He needs them to personify
the glorious ideals of society, like George
Washington. Or to catalyze revolt and attract
others to the revolutionary cause through
force of personality, as Che Guevara did.
Personality or charisma can make heroes
out of gangsters. A little charm goes a long
way and can sometimes be an excuse for
inhumanity and cruelty. Bonnie and Clyde,
John Dillinger and other thieves and
murderers preyed on struggling small banks
d u r i n g the D e p r e s s i o n , but
romanticized. T o some farmers who invested
in those hanks the loss didn't mean as much
as the thrill of seeing the banks, who were
blamed for the Crash, get screwed. Charles
" L u c k y " Lindbergh was hailed as the hero of
the century foi his Trans Atlantic flight of
1927. His hero status protected him when it
was revealed thai he was an anti-semileanda
nazi sympathizer,
We love our heroes and are willing to go far
to forgive their faults. We don't crucify John
Kennedy because he probably commit ted
adultty. We still see him as the Great
American President mostly because he was a
, And Pope Jo i n i ' a u i u,wavin< lo a hundred
thousand adori ag fans at Yank v Stadium is
also a hero, IV rhops, as the ai iti-hero fades
into the mist tin • hero, the man i i woman (too
rare) who becomes the ideal will arise a.Mm
So Hologram He, My TVC Alive
I, ¥V: Prime Time Slime
series of Isolated cases, none true, none false.
Impression. It creates Gilllgan's.
The lady thai says she is satisfied with Fantastic Is.
CHANNEL SEVEN: General Hospital. If I get hurt,
take my ambulance anyplace but there. I'd die first. CHANNEL ILLUSION: Blood. It's limited by dots of
FINE TUNE: The quality of the clearness of a grey black and white emerging, if you are a college
televised signal. The degree of realness. The student with a twelve Inch non-color set.
Apparently, every form of art in today's world is a
established comparison to a reality. Green tinted
faces means bad reception, a disease, a sickness. money making proposition, and T V Is no different.
Turn the knob and you have found a prescription, If C H A N N E L OBLIVION: The reason people get off
so much on television Is because It's a fucking mirror.
not a cure.
CHANNEL ELEVEN: Star Trek was perfect televi- Like the dlstorto ones In the amusement parks that
kids love. Well adults love these too, because the
C H A N N E L C H A N G E : Then! Suddenlyl A different distortions are a lot more controlled. H o w can peoworld, another place. Every thirty seconds a new ple attach themselves to a dally, phoney drama, the
soap opera hater asks. Easy, says the lover, It's the
There was once a commercial on. In It, a epitome of an anti-ldeallzed American way of life.
Let's get one thing straight right
parentless boy was the object of ridicule of his or- The commercials break It up with a parallel situation.'
C H A N N E L R E A L I T Y : Everybody watches. phanage mates, because he wrote to Santa Claus
What happens.ls a
(Children In stained pajamas, old ones with thick asking for a puppy. The parentless boy in question C H A N N E L PRIME TIME: The essence of America.
lenses, middle aged couples in bed late at night, had the last laugh because he got his puppy, and he When more people watch, more people subject their
stars, stripes, poor, rich and wanting
got me to cry a little bit, The commercial failed, selfs to T V , more people agree with what the netI CHANNEL INQUISITIVE; But why? What Is the because I never sent a donation, except one of works want.
: lure of the tube?.
momentary feeling.
C H A N N E L KISSING: I never fail to love seeing a
CHANNEL DAYTIME DRAMA; I've noticed that
I Just con't see how advertising can work. If you kiss on the screen, though one rarely does see such
opera of soap has about It a quality deemed lo be: i are willing to forego any differentiation between an act during commercials, except Utile pecks which
closer to reality. It seems realer, but the limits of a commercial and show, then both can be properly are unsatisfying, and unromantlc. They stay away
screen still slices bodies In half as they escape to the analyzed. Both are amoral, not Immoral. The moral from the kiss, but the kiss Is very real. T V Btays away
area thai doesn't matter, off stage.
lies under the couch In your living room or den, or from everything everyone knows is closer to reality.
D o l i n g with the vertical hold can be a real, real on the kitchen counter.
The kiss, sex, and real emotion are prime time ex:
problem. All of a sudden, you confront the drama of
Television has never been wrong. It's right amples. A passionate clutch
just lines, patterns of Illusion. Every channel, every because we have never objected to It really. We've
C H A N N E L REPEAT: Is television an art, or Is It
movie, every commercial lines up. It's called
let It progress to this point today, because apparent- America's most mindless form of entertaining goop?
ly, we needed to place that reality on a little screen as Ask Norman Lear a n d he'll probably
CHANNEL RECEPTION: It's defined as the degree opposed lo placing it on the screen called
C H A N N E L OFF: The putrid green actually becomes
of satisfactory visuals, but In terms of what? Who can C H A N N E L DEFENSE: Television Is a primal peaceful. O h God, the putrid green Is relly giving me
say that the lines are worse than the picture? Who scream.
peace. O h G o d .
what it Is when It materializes in your room as
Things either work out just fine, or fuck up so badlong as it hits you. It's Imagery. It's dots. It forms an ly, that one can easily see that It Is no more than a
' Is television an art, or Is It Amerjca's most mindless
form of entertaining goop? Ask Norman Lear and
he'll probably toss off a pilot script about it In ho time,
which lends credence to the latter theory. Ask someone who hates if, and they'll put It down with
such well thought analysis, that how could it be
anything less than art? Actually, like most forms, the
answer can go either way. The most serious of T V
dramas can fall flat on their moralistic faces, and the
most Insane episode of Hogan's Heroes can strike
the right chord In a viewer's heart. Above all,
though, there Is no question that the startling Invention that erupted In the midst of the century has had
a profound effect on the minds of literally millions of
-Jay Gissen
I used to love a girl who loved a T.V, I'd walk
inlo her room and find her lying on the floor,
speechless and entranced in front of the
a reen. She'd be laughing at II, cursing al it,
and even cooing sullenly al it like a mother
changing her daughters lumpy diaper, I
continually felt like 1 was intruding.
Robert Blau
Often I would think to myself, " F i n k this
T.V. shil. I'm a hungry man!" I'd pull my girl
from her pose to kiss her or touch her or lo try
and make love to her. This approach proved
successful on occassion and I would rejoicewhen it went that way.
This arrangement continued lor some time.
Most of the the lime I'd lay right next lo her,
one program lo the next. I'd stare inlo her
nostrils or her ears and hope lor a blackout or
a power failure. She never talked when she
watched except during commercials when
she would say lo me,"Ooooh, you're so
cynical. Gaanad!"
One day I was surprised. I walked inlo her
room and Hie T.V. was not talking lo her. It
wasn't Ihere. We touched, and touched some
more in the quiet. We slid each others clothes
oil and began gelling excited about each
other. O n her bed she arched and spread her
lugs. There, inside her, was a fuzzy blue
screen. Ii was mid-afternoon, and all these
beautiful actors and people were flashing by
on Ihe liny snatch set.
" N o ! No! Please!! Turn it off. Get it out of
there!", I screamed In terror.
She couldn't hear me. She was heaving
Cheryl Tiegs was doing a shampoo
commercial. The model beauty grew larger
and larger and stared me in Ihe (ace smiling a
Crest tooth smile. We made real hoi love.
I his arrangement continued for some lime,
I was happy making il with such honeys .is
' Catherine Deneuve and l-'.m ah baby, My
girlfriend was also quitf salisfied. She
informed me that she had been having affairs
all the lime 1 had known her. I couldn't
possibly satisfy her myself, she told me. And
so she had a thousand different lovers, cute
ones, tough ones, prelty
compassionate, ruthless, and loving ones.
I got bored after a while. Listening to senior
c i t i z e n s talk a b o u t h e m m o r o i d s o r
constipation, and watching robot faced coeds
blow their friends off (or lusting became a turn
off, I couldn't even gel il up anymore. Il made
mi difference to my girlfriend. She'd always
have some exciting tale to tell al breakfast,
Me and the T.V. avoid eacli other these
days. Il was just too much for me in Ihe end. I
don't feel too bad about it, it's probably the
toughest competition around.
I've gol a new girlfriend now. We read
books together...
Picture this: T.V. used to give me hope. Il
gave me excitement. It gave me goose humps
and even erections when it hurt tohave them.
I was in love wit h Penny Robinson and wished
I could be on her spaceship. I wouldn't have
even minded her parents.
Dr. R. Voytek
tube, give me some more. Give me some soap
opera eyerolling and cliche. Give me some
more hints and guidelines (or success and
happiness in love and hate. Give me some
more applicable quotes to shatter dreams or
build them or lo lubricate my penis with. Give
me new thoughts. Give me even one more life
than Ihe one I have. A n d give it to me N O W
. And Ed Sullivan Bummer man of Sunday
night, Monday school of crew cut days. Real
tough watching Tppo Gijo just before the end
of the shooow. Lights out...T.V. mil...Lamp
lights from hissing cars crawl on my
ceiling...The Smothers Brothers in Ihe next
room...Whew! I'm nol alone.
Stomach ache Monday...Chatter among
the young students with loose collars aboul
the Smothers Brothers (Inter in lime, Leslie
Uggams). They laughed nl Ihe jokes logelher.
They made cracks in Smothers Brothers
language the whole day. I used lo stare al my
ceiling and lislen lo Ihe ambulances go by. I
wished 1 was Will Robinson. He was Penny's
brolher. He M l asleep so easy.
I wanted lo be F. I .ee Bailey and manipulate
and go home to a loving wife who could
massage my back and cook and smile and
up wilh me in the middle ol Ihe niglil when the
phone rang.
1 was going lo be every hero.
I saw youth and perennial beauty queens
and I wanted beauty. I saw lime tor eight
lifetimes wilh cause and reason.
1 heard cheering in Ihe palpitations o l blue
and green uniform soldiers and I cheered.
I saw caution in Ihe minds o l incremental^
geniuses and I was cautious.
I saw spies and I spied.
I saw Davey and Golialh and S<<nny Fo
godly goodness and I thougluxr^ow nice
T . V . gave me hiioyr It gave me
opportunities. It gavejrte formulas. Bui then
you grow...N.irroiff fnnlasyland no more.
Some learn Ibjdiin second grade. I learned
later. I'ms*ffl learning it.
I ' m ^ r o w n up now. I know it was all a
joktr!.Nobody's (ault bul my own. C'mon
Amnesiac Memoirs: TV A n d Ne
Some of Hie T V shows I watched in the sixties were so called "adult" shows
In Ihe 1960's 1 saw a whole bunch of rampages, tortures, atrocities, etc. 1
wasn't down south or in the Vietnam War, or in a demonstration. I didn't watch that were on later than dinner time. These T V shows were mindless too. Why
these events on television news. 1 saw all the brutal stuff 1 remember of the sixties were they millions of miles away from the times? Cllllgan's Island was a million
miles away from civilization. There was a slt-com about a cave family (not The
on the television show Batman.
So I really missed the sixties. All I remember of that decade are mindless Fllnshnes) millions of years behind the times. There was Hogan's Heroes,
television shows. Now it's too late to go back, l o see what was happening, lo which, believe it or not, found comedy In Gestapo prisoner of war camps In
World War II Germany. Maybe these shows were meant to be "escape" enter
take a role in that decade. Now there are people who try and rewind that decade
lainment, but as a child, I watched them with serious devotion.
for me and others with my mentality. Even this newspaper, ASP, devotes barThey say that The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was taken off the air
rels of ink to the sixties.! guess it must have been an Important decade.
I really missed the sixties. But I don't know what I missed since I missed it all. 1 because its political humor was too strong. If that's true, what was the matter
watched too much T V , For this article about how I missed important events of with television executives then and where are they now?
So I really missed the sixties. A n excuse can be that I was a child during that
the sixties by watching T V , I was tempted to go to the library, and research all
that I missed to report It now. Try and make up for lost time. Even If I had resear- decade. It's really not a good excuse when I think that children of the Depression
ched the wondrous decade of the sixties, I still couldn't make up for having ex- and World War II probably knew what was going on around them without T V ;
At least that's what I'm told. What did pre-televlslon children know? I hear It was
isted In the sixties, but not living It.
a lot. There are Vietnam veterans who go to this school. They know what hapSo I really missed the sixties. All 1 remember of that decade are mindless
pened In the sixties.
television show. The war may have,hit me indirectly when the boy next door
A m I missing the seventies? In this decade I gave u p television for school '
was drafted and sent to Vietnam, but he left while 1 was watching T V , so 1 didn't
was too much concerned with myself, then with the nation or world. Watergate
say goodbye,
In the sixties, my family had one working television set. A n argument oocured was just a bunch of white guys In blue suits to me. The tragedy at Kent State
might as well have happened in the sixties because 1 hardly remember or underswhen my family wanted to watch LBJ announce his non-candidacy, and I
tand It The tragedy at Guyana was too far away and concerned mostly Callforwanted to watch Jerry MaHoney and Knucklehead announce thoy would eat
nlans anyway. The antbnucleai movement has great energy behind it, but no
uplnach", L B J and the dummies are dead now, and the memories don't remain
alternative to make me want t o get involved with i l . Neo-Nazism and the K u
that well anyhow. Now, as a mature person, I see that the L B J speech was ImKlux Klan have made return appearances In the late seventies to get people like
portant because It put Nixon In the White House. I do remember Nixon though,
me. They go their way (usually down the street) and I go mine. The seventies
even If I don't know what put him In the White House,
may be just as crazed as the sixties were, but do we know It?
Soma of the T V programs I watched In the sixties were children's programs,
j So I really missed the sixties. The seventies are almost over and I think I dldn'J
as I was a child. These programs were Intended to be mindless. Now, children's live through that either. The eighties will be my decade. Maybe television will Imf
programs teach many things but they are still unattuned to current events. As
prove my then too.
I Dylan said " t h e times, they are a.changln'".
I really missed the
sixties. All 1 remem*
ber are mindless
television shows.
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Jim Dixon
The results of Coppola's efforts (including
raising half the budget himself), are stunning,
He has created a film awesome in its spectacle
and visual power. It is a haunting, powerful
examination of human violence, a tour de
force of dramatic excellence.
The script (first written by writer-director
John Milius in 1969, and heavily revised by
Coppola since), is based loosely on Joseph
Conrad's novel, Henri of Darkness. II is an
oclyssey up a river, the river in a sense a
symbol of a path that changes Ihe person that
travels it. Martin Sheen, one of Ihe few
worthwhile actors lo emerge in recent years
from Ihe wastelands of television, plays
Willard, an Army Intelligence officer ordered
by his superiors lo go into Cambodia and
"terminate the c o m m a n d " of a Colonel Kurtz
(Marlon Brando) who is running his own
ruthless war o l atrocities from an ancient
Enroute, Willard ponders his mission, and
the dishonesty and ineptitude of his
superiors. He begins to admire Kurtz, who
does things his way, and realizes that war can
only be conducted ruthlessly.
• The further up the river the film takes
Willard, the more order seems to deteriorate
and be replaced with anarchy. A show to
entertain the troops with jiggling Playboy
'..unities becomes a riot; soldiers with rape on
their minds rush the stage. The bunnies are
barely airlifted out in time, as soldiers with
their pants around their ankles cling to Ihe
skids of Ihe ascending helicopter. Farther up
Ihe river, at Ihe last American holdout,
Willard can find no commanding officer, and
the soldiers carry on a grim, stalemated
struggle with faceless Viet Cong. Here, a
messenger tells Willard: "Captain, you're in
the asshole of the world."
Willard, when he arrives in Kurtz's domain,
finds a different world, where there is order, at
Ihe world of Kurtz, an absolute ruler.
K u r l z maintains order, and obtains
victories with a small army of renegade
d e s e r t e r s , and • a b a n d of p r i m i t i v e
Montagnard tribesmen, to whom Kurtz is a
god. Kurtz also has a devoted disciple in the
person of a burnt-out photojournalist (Dennis
Hopper) who tells Willard that Kurtz is the
ultimate poet-warrior.
Brando, generally seen only in Ihe
slmdows, is a frightening, bul quiet presence.
He maintains an eerie quality, enhanced by
the fact that he's as difficult lo see as to
understand. (Though this is effective, il is
dmilledly Ihe result of Brando arriving on
ocation some ninety pounds overweight, an
verage totalling'more than Coppola's wife's
ntire weight at that time.)
The climax, which brings together Kurlz's
hilosophy of war wilh Coppola's vision of
iolence, is a masterful, surreal nightmare.
H T i e lighting is done in subdued reds and
• r a n g e s , and Willard is transformed from an
^ R n o c u o u s appearing man l o a slick,
B e a m i n g , intimidating avenging angel.
H f o l c n c e becomes the key issue, as murder is
Wjsually contrasted with butchery.
• T h e cinematography ol Apocalypse Now is
some of the best ever clone in color. Veteran
Italian cinemalographer Vitlorio Storaro, of
Last Tango In Paris and 1900 surpassed
Tlimself, and should put his name squarely in
the same league wilh Vilmos Zsigmond and
Sven Nyquist. Of special note are Ihe aerial
-sequences featuring Army helicopters, and
nighl photography done on location in the
Philippine jungles, in which the soldiers seem
to be dwarfed by the foliage. Sloraro and
Coppola capture a feeling in these sequences
I never thought I'd see outside a Hildebrandl
Brothers painting.
Tile acting is superb throughout. Robert
Duvall, however, almost steals the film in a
large cameo as a flamboyant Air Cavalry
colonel, who's a surfing nut and wears a
Stetson hat. "I love the smell of napalm in the
morning," he quips at one point."/(smells like
Ultimately', Ihe film belongs lo Sheen, who
brings olf a difficult role believably and
consistantly. Coppola, a director who enjoys
improvising sequences, actually inebriated
his star for a bizarre opening sequence, in
which a drunken Willard does judo exercises
around his Saigon holel room, and ends up
smashing a mirror wilh his hand and
collapsing naked on Ihe floor, clutching his
bleeding fist, Sheen playsa narrator who does
more than watch the story, bul who interacts
wilh Ihe events he sees, and is changed by
them. It's an Academy Award level
Apocalypse Now has little in common wilh
its predecessors in the "Vietnam war film"
genre, such as The Boys in Company C or
Go Tell The Spartans. The Vietnam conflict
serves as more than a backdrop for a story
that is almost primal. The questions are not so
much about Ihe political aspects of Ihe war,
bul o l the human aspects o l war. Kurlz is the
tragic hero in a way, a man repelled by Ihe
atrocities he commits, yet convinced they
must be committed, il lie is todefeal Ihe Viet
Cong, who are strong enough to commit
them as well. The altitude is Machiavellian,
open lo debate, and in Ihe end, unresolved.
continued on IDA
Love A n d
More Love
Jeff Hall
Unless you're really into melodrama, these
sorts of goings-on would tend to become a bit
tedious. And that's the problem with'
Restless Nights, the new album from Karla
Bonoff, in that the themes of the songs
proceed in the same manner as outlined
above. But at least the title's apt - with so
many love conflicts, anybody's nights would
be restless.
Bonoff's predisposition to sentimentality
certainly comes as no surprise. Her first
album, released two years ago, was a glossy
collection of infectious love songs which
mi luded three ol her tunes made f.iinous by
Linda Ronstadt: "Someone T<> l-.iy Down
Beside M e " , "I Can'l Hold O n " and (more
irony) "Isn't li Always I ove" O n e o f the best
things about that album was thai JI wasn't all
love, "Home concerned Itself with nothing
more than how nice it w<is lo he on the road
C a m o f l a u g e d in the steamy j u n g l e s o l V i e t n a m , M a r t i n Sheen as C a p t . W i l l a r d
p u r s u e s his m i s s i o n
assassinate K u r t / . .
Cheap Trick
Welcome to the world of Dream I'nlirc, a
world of futuristic imagery, lyrical absurdity,
and guitar-string wizardry. Enter, if you will
Into ihe realm of musical mayhem hrouyhi
forth to us by the release of (""heap Trick's new
album, Dream Police.
Al Baca
K u r t z ' s a r m y o l d e s e r t e r s a n d n a t i v e s w h o w o r s h i p h i m c o n f r o n t Sheen's boat as il
e n t e r s the renegade C o l o n e l ' s c a m p .
R o b e r t D u v a l l (left) as the n a p a l m - l o v i n g C o l . K i l g o r e . M a r t i n S h e e n o n the j o u r n e y to
jt •.
•' •*
'MLR u H j ^ n
i Emor, but this is vicious for no reason), every
pmen appears totally nude and most of them
sluts loo. Rarely has a dim been this
Eysogynlstic. There is not one vaguely
Jsltlve portrait of a woman; even Andrews
Jho has a successful career of her own seems
have nothing better to do than mope
i o u n d waiting to see If Dudley will regain his
jnses. It's a spiteful film and women
- -» lal
lerywhere should be offended. I don't know
fhat Edwards' problem is, but after something T a l l a n d tan a n d y o u n g a n d lovely Ihe g i r l
f r o m 10 goes j o g g i n g a n d w h e n she
Ke this can genocide be far behind?
[ T h e acting of most of the cast is incompe- passes A h h l i . . .
mentioned earlier. I like her and her perforj n t , to say the least. Moore, usually a fine
mance, but she's just not given anything to do
I m e d l a n , ends up degrading himself by takand her brief appearance only goes to remind
f g part In pointless slapstick routines that look
us how long It's been since we've seen her.
B e retreads from Edwards' Pink Panthei
(She and Gena Rowlands ought to dump their
R o v l e s . He's always been Just on the fringe ol
husbands and start going after the parts lesser
j ^ d o m and I assume this, his first major role
talents are getting. They're both damn
an American film, was supposed to change
talented and for years they've appeared only
iit--l don't think It will, bul even If It does It's
in mediocre projects thought up by their
errlble excuse. I expected much, much bet; taste from a man who married Tuesday husbands. It's about time they worked with
people worthy of them). But the real, in fact
f\d. Bo Derek has Ihe admittedly difficult
; of being cast as everyman's erotic Ideal Ihe only, joy to be gotten out of 10 Is the
superb portrayal of Mary Lewis by Dee
I she would have pulled it off if she didn't
Wallace, She In no way humiliates herself so
jbe to speak (like Suzanne Somers playing a
this may well be her stepplngstone to fame, or
liar part In American Graffiti). When she
at least steady work. As a woman torn apart
ens her mouth-to speak that Is-she Just Isn't
by her sexual role she fills Ihe screen with a
hvlnclng. While type-casting can be fine, II
credibility not evident anywhere else. I have as
fesn't mean you get a mental midgel to play
continued on IDA
rental midget. Julie Andrews Is the half 1
K a r l a Bonoff's
a l b u m Is heavy o n the soap.
home after a long time away. Fortunately,
Bonoff resisted the temptation of putting a
lover at the end of the road, and the song
served as a welcome break between the
mushy (but nice) stuff.
No such luck this time around. Karla's back
with the same producer (Kenny Edwards),
engineer (Greg l.adanyi), arranger (David
Campbell), and many of the players that
appeared on her debut. The love songs are
back loo, and in full force, All nine tunes are
varialions of the samt; old I hemes: love is lost,
found, lost again, possibly (omul once more,
given up as a lost cause . , , and so it goes,
After a few listenings one wonders if it's
ier tryi
acivisi hie to
Thealhum is great, •is
ihe repetition of •
in h. I have the
feeling Karla &
inch belter than
this, bill to do ! > she's going to have lo stop
putting out the .yrupy stuff and start getting
into some inc.i iet things. I his is only her
BCOnd album; perhaps by the third she'll
have slopped digging the hole she's gradually
sinking inio,
Nutcracker Sweets
As The Bonoff Turns
How's this sound for a soap opera plot — a
young girl fall's for a guy who uses her to his
own selfish ends, a fact she realizes, but yet
she's unable to resist him. After a while {at
least a year, the way soaps move) she finds
herself attracted lo someone else, but is torn
between him and "the other man." Next she
sneaks a peak at a letter addressed to her
lover and discovers that he is involved with
someone else too! Of course she has no
choice but to leave him. Heart's mend
quickly, and into her life walks a handsome
stranger, with whom she is quite enthralled.
Yet she dares not approach him. Time passes
and we find our heroine bitterly calling a halt
to a relationship lo which she gave her all but
received nothing in return. After such
struggle and strife she says "you're taking all I
got and now you're leaving", alter which she
pleads with him to stay. The viewers are on
the edges of their seals. What, oh what will
happen next? Well, now that the guy is going
to stay, it's a good bet that she will have to
leave. And naturally she does. But not for
long! In the next scene she has returned and
we hear her say to the confused chap "it's
loving you that keeps me around." Irony finds
its way into the serials.
S Apocalypse At Last
For three years, cynics in the film industry
have been laughing at Francis Coppola, and
(VOID has been referred to
variously as Apocalypse When?, Apocalypse
Later, and even Apocalypse Never. But after
a wait extended many limes, and a budget
that-finally exceeded thirty million dollars,
Coppola's long-awaited Vietnam super-epic is
finally in movie theaters.
M a r l o n B r a n d o plays C o l o n e l K u r t z — A B u d d h a - l i k e , m y s t i c a l , c u l t leader.
10 really has only one problem—it stinks.
It's a bad premise badly executed and badly
acted (with one and a half exceptions). It's
boring, stupid, and chauvinistic beyond comprehension; its "humor," when not at a threeyear-old level, Is unwarrentedly cruel.
Everything in It has been done before and
much better. But more than anything else JO's
most offensive trait is the fad thai It has such a
low regard for Its audience to think we'll fall for
the massive Implausibilllles writer-director
Blake Edwards has come up with lo move his
trite little plot along.
Mark Rossier
In order for 10 lo work at all, the audience
has to be willing lo believe that a relatively
sophisticated 12 year old Oscar winning composer, with Julie Andrews lor a lover, would
suddenly be turned Into a quivering, gibberish
twelve-year-old virgin at the mere sight ol a
beautiful woman. Worse yet, when he sees
her she's on Ihe way lo her wedding and he
actually follows her to Mexico on her honeymoon. Now no matter how many feeble ex
cuses art
ids about male menopause this
just doesn't cut the mustard. In addition lo Ibis
absurd premise Ihe movie Is so lull ol In
congruilles that eventually Ihe only fun lo be
had is counting them, There's the dentist who
lor 'iQine reason fill*, six serious cavities In one
visit; the young husband who falls asleep on a
surfboard and floats oul into the middle of Ihe
ocean without ever waking up; and Ihe young
wife (Miss 10 herself) dozing on shore who
doesn't seem to notice he's gone. Our hero
(Dudley Moore) goes to a beach In a sweatsuit
where a waiter carries him into the water so he
can be cool while he drinks his Bloody Mary,
because despile spending the whole afternoon
there the sand still burns his feel. A n d , of
course, they are-the BIG Joke of the firsi forty
mlnules. Then Ihere is Moore's and Andrews'
"communication problem". That is, he calls
her just at the exact second she happened to
call him and they both get busy signals, or he
drives up, etc. Not only is Ibis Ihe oldest joke
In the book, It's only mildly amusing the first
lime, but Edwards keeps il going for the first
third of Ihe movie (this guy must have grown
up on a farm because he milks a joke better, or
worse, than anyone). I slopped counting at fifteen, they just started coming loo fast to keep
Irack of;
In addition to making what may well be Ihe
dumbest movie of the year Edwards has sucreeded in making one o
Ihe most
chauvanistic, blatantly hostile films about
locome out in .i numbei [years. Vlrlually every women in 10, av<
the extras,
wiih the exception of Andrew md an old
woman who's subjected to one < Ihe crue|esl
sighl gags I've ever seen (now I like cruel
ri-EW ..'
Cheap Trick is, to say the least, a very
unusual band. When they released Iheir firsi
album in 1(J77, they could easily have been
disregarded as a mere heavy metal band. How
was anyone to lake this group seriously when
they were produced by Jack Douglas (of
Aerosmilh fame) and had, as their guitarist, a
Huntz Hall look-alike named Rick Nielsen?
Their second and third albums brought them a
change of producer in Tom Werman. This
brought about a drastic change in style from
one which was dependent on long, drawn-out '
guitar riffs to one which highlighted Robin
Zander's vocals and Tom Petersson's 8 and 12
string bass.
The band gained a national, and even international, following with the release of Cheap
Trick at Budokan, a live album recorded in
Japan. "Surrender" was the big single from
that album. It was this song that made it to the
A M charts and was the definitive boost in the
band's career.
Dream Police Is a conglomeration of all
those qualities which make Cheap Trick a
great band. The songs on this album deal with
everything from a mystical police force on
"Dream Police" to one night sexual escapades
on "I'll Be With You Tonight."
All the songs possess that degree of absurdity which distinguishes Cheap Trick from most
other bands around today. Face it, these guys
do not take themselves seriously. If they did,
they'd probably end up in an insane asylum.
This can easily be seen by looking at Rick
Nielsen's lyrics to "The House Is Rockin' (With
Domestic Problems)" - "/ know you know my
world Is in a spin. You wanna come on tn?He
said she said it's bad for the children. He went
and bought a gun. Heavy, Heavy, Heavy,
Heavy." Only Cheap Trick can get away with
performing a song with such lyrics. Their
outrageous attitude is one of those qualities
which makes their music so appealing.
Their songs are not only absurd" but are also
filled with Insight Exemplary of this is "I'll Be
Wilh You Tonight" "Tonight will be the first
time I've been in love with you. You get me sc
excited I'm not sura what I'm gonna do.
Tomorrow you won't be here and I don't
pect yon to " Il takes talent for a band to Incorporate meaningful lyrics into a song which is a
very danceable rocker.
Other songs on Ihe album are equally pleasing lo. the auditory senses. An especially Interesting cut is "Need Your Love," a studio
version of the song first introduced on the
liudokan album. This rendition has been improved by trimming it down from nine minutes
to about six and a half. Tom Petersson's bass Is
more pronounced and complemented well by
Nielsen's lead guitar. Zander's vocals sound
more exhilirating on the live album but this can
be overlooked when we take Into consideration Ihe welcome loss of all those screaming
Musically, the band has reached near
perfection. All instruments blend together very
well, with Petersson's bass being a main ingredient, highlighted by Zander's rhythm guitar
continued on 10A
W o u l d y o u be a r r e s t e d by these men?
C h e a p T r i c k ' s Dream Police is r o c k a n d
roll S W A T ,
"Let's hitch lo Manhattan. I've got access
lo an apartment Ihere." Eb (ell salisfied. He
made his pitch.
Flo was depressed. II te beer was gone, and
all she was getting was New York City and
"Got any drugs or dope?" she asked.
Eb thought quick and told her they'd get it
off the street people in Washington Square
"I've gol friends down Ihere."
They walked. The Thruway seemed like
miles away, lull Flo reminded him of Ihe joint,
and Ihey smoked together and became
friends in a car on Ihe way down.
"Eb." Flo asked, "Are we ever sure we're
doing Ihe right ihing?"
"If we are." slicked F.b, "Ihen we can'l be
The following story is based on the characters of Eb and Flo as
created by Bob O'Brian. Any resemblance to persons fictional or
real is purely intentional.
"Picture this," gnarled Eb. " M e n and some head on that (irsl niglil. She didn't mind.
women are all over the place, eyeing the guts She wanted cock bad.
Flo grabbed some-one's beer off a sticky
out of each other. They can't even stand u p ,
but they can sure lie down. He'll lie on top of table while its owner was pissing off the last
her, she'll heave under him. He'll come; she'll one.
"Let him drink what he's pissing and share
fake it, and they'll both have a tinge of disgust,
a hint of regret in the morning. Picture that." the wealth," yelled Flo as a quick, loud
Eb was trying lo pick up a girl in Bogart's. justification in ihe wake of some dirty looks.
Eb was trying a new approach.
Eb hadn't the security for dirty looks, and
"If you don't believe me, then just look
besides, Flo had stolen Ihe fucking drink.
around you. It'll happen here tonight, maybe Jesus, he thought, what one has to do to get
right now with 'Fame' blasting, or between laid these days, what one has lo do.
burgers and fries at the grill. It's the same in all
They were outside now. It wi\s sharp and
these college towns, as far as I can see. Man is focused, a n d - the words went like darls
a soulful creature, but he also has one hell of ihrough Ihe nighl air. The smoke here was
a tendency lo pop an erection at Ihe slightest
His approach clicked.
"I see what you mean," she said,
Eb fell tickled. K she was wearing strange
clothes, maybe il was because everything else
was dirty. A n d girls with freaky clothes had
freaky personalities and w e r e ' i n t o
In Ihe brush Ihe heavy hoi air burnt his
naturalness, and sex is natural. Eb fell not the nostrils with every breath. Steam seeped
least bit slighted.
Ihrough huge green leaves. The air choked
"It 1 knew your name," he ventured, half- him, as he dragged himself Ihrough a shroud
heartedly, half-assed, "1 could communicate of heat. The incessant poundings he heard
came from his heart, every muscle sagged like
with you. Things could How."
lead strapped l o his bones, and mosquitoes
"Right," she said, " F l o . "
nested in Ihe open pores o l his skin. His
"Yeah," he snorted, because he thought
clothes consumed his sweat and a slimy veil o l
he'd been beal. She was repealing the last
word of his senlence, and that meant she was moisture and dirt oozed over his body. He
smelt like dead fish, bul he kept going. Large
either burnt, or maybe just very tired.
scarred hands wretched wilh Ihe anguish and
"Are you tired?" he asked.
passion of a thousand hunts, gripped Ihe old
" W h y do you ask?" she said.
rifle steadily as he stalked over thick brush.
"I said so because you repeated Ihe last
word o( my sentence."
Night came and with it an ominous silence
Eb (ell the lights dimming. In a bar, the in ihe jungle. The air was slightly thinner bin
he was loo obsessed, too exhausted l o
lights are always dim, he ihoughl, and now he
knew why. Real communication was the only notice. He kept m o v i n g , sucking o n
thing they worked against at a bar. Loud scrounged-for rools and insects as he hunted.
For endless days and nights he tracked his
music (or Ihe ears. N o lights for Ihe eyes.
prey through rough terrain and insufferable
Crowds, so touch ends up not meaning a
heal, and he hadn't slept during any of i l . He
damn Ihing, and liquor, so taste is horrible.
kepi on. All is quiet in the jungle al nighl bul
The smell is body odor.
Ihere is no peace. In the darkness lurked
" M y name is Flo," she corrected him.
death, each step brought him closer. Soon, he
"The lasl word in my senlence had been
thought: he'd find it soon. Or it would find
flow," he discovered the pun.
him. A n d Ihen it was daylight again and Ihe
"Well, I'm Eb, and as Springsteen might
atmosphere hung heavier than ever before.
have said, I'm 'lost in the flood.' Lei's leave
His boots snapped the dried branches
this joint and smoke one instead. D o you feel
underfoot, Large leaves smacked his face as
like it?"
he squirmed and plodded into the thicket. Yel
They escaped Ihrough the front door, and
somehow, despite Ihe pain, despite Ihe weary
waltzed out of Bogart's with she leading. The
legs and squinting eyes, despite the hunger,
lights were l o o dim for Eb.
Ihe thirst, and the heat of Northern India in
Allow me a minute ol pure regression. Eb
summer, a thrilling tide of passion rushed into
and Flo are students of the world. They gel
his every muscle, pumped Ihrough his
up ihey gel down, they've gone in Ihe out
pounding heart. The taste of dirt filled his
door, and Ihey won'l get fooled again, Y o u
mouth. He grinded it in his leelh, crushing it
could say they've done it all, bul ihey haven't
and swallowing it down. Close lo death he felt
done a damn Ihing all Ihe night long. Eb is
most alive. Life surrounded him. The trees,
admittedly lazy, but he has a great deal o l
Ihe birds, Ihe insects, the clouds and,
confidence in himself, and Flo knew that he
somewhere behind a bush or on a ledge or
was just kissing ass in his own sweel way lor
Jay Gissen
continued from 9A
What puts Apocalypse Now above so many
other films is its willingness to accept
ambiguity, ambivalence, and the absence of a
clear-cut right or wrong.
The film is a work of art, the like of which is
seldom seen in this country or anywhere.
Dramatically excellent, it is also visually
unique, employing use of color and depth in a
way that is truly startling. It's stark violence
will repel some, and its depth and intensity
may not please those who might prefer a
Charles Bronson s b o o t ' e m u p . Nonetheless,
il is one o l Ihe few must-see (ilms in a generally
disappointing year. Those Hollywood cynics
and back-slabbers who had hoped or
expected to see Francis Coppola (all on his
face aller Ihe staggering critical a n d '
commercial success o l his Godfather films
will be disappointed. Apocalypse Now is a
stunning achievement: a great film and a hell
of a good movie.
Cheap f rick
continued from 9A
and the drums of Mr. Bun E. Carlos. There Is
also an occasional welcome lead guitar solo by
Nielsen, who Is especially effective on
"Voices" and "Writing on the Wall." Despite
his rather Insane demeanor, Nielsen Is quite a
capable guitarist and shows his talent well on
Stuart Matranga
mind and he was very tired. Close to Ihe
ground, crawling, he made his way Ihrough.
The blood lasted fresh. The beast musl be
near. There was a sudden rush of cawing and
si reeching birds from a Iree not loo lar off.
Near .ind soon, he Ihoughl, very soon.
Good girl, he giggled madly, as he crawled
on his belly towards Ihe Iree. The blood was
gelling hot, that meant she lost a lot. Wail for
me girl, I'm coming wilh peace. He could hear
her. She growled. She sensed him. Fool,
you're upwind of her! But it's l o o late. It's
belief I his way. Now we both know. He
pushed away (al vines and leaves. There she
was. A beautiful Ion and a half, licking her
opene.l shoulder. Her orange and black fur
was smeared wilh crimson in Ihe front. Blood
gushed out of Ihe wound. She must have bit
off Ihe scab. He crawled closer, she didn't
notice, or maybe she didn't care anymore. He
raised his rifle and lined her up through ihe
sights. She slopped licking Ihe wound. Her
head hung heavy. Her eyes were dazed. She
wauled lo die. He knew it, loo. He put down
Ihe gun and crawled closer. She reared. He
under a Iree, his ultimate prey. Already he lilted Ihe gun quickly. Her teeth were long,
had shot her, winging her on Ihe shoulder while, and sharp, blood stained her whole
wilh two rounds of shrapnel and lire while she moulh, she was breathing heavily. He slood
bathed unknowingly in a cool stream, Bul she up, Ihe heal made him dizzy. He dropped lo
didn't die and so Ihe hunt went o n . Man his knees and aimed Ihe gun. She was still
against beast, each alone. She wilh her wailing. His linger touched Ihe trigger . . .
strength and Instinct, He wilh his mind and " N O ! " he screamed, Ihe beasl reared. He
rifle, l i e basked in anticipation, G o d help me, threw Ihe rifle into the, jungle and drew his
I love lo kill. And he sang, Tiger, Tiger in Ihe knife. The beast snarled at him hut made no
motion lo get up. I'm never going l o make il
nighl give a roar, bul do not bite.
He (ound a splotch o l red on a leal. The out of here, he tried lo lell her, delirious now.
wound had opened again. Dried red slainsof I'm going with you, I want . . . He got to his
blood splattered Ihe leaves in a path heading feet and lunged toward the tiger driving Ihe
Inwards a clearing. He slayed low to the steel Ihrough her heart, at the same time her
ground, advancing carefully, He couldn't be jaws tore Ihrough his neck. Night came and
sure of his eyes anymore. They made wilh it an ominous silence in the jungle. All is
everylhing seem blurry. The heal affected his quiet, bul there is no peace.
this album.
The band does sbme experimenting by use
of two Instruments which, for them, are quite
unusual. Nielsen plays a "mandocello" (a
cross between a mondolln and a cello?) on
several cuts, and session musician Jat Winding
plays organ. The combination of the two produces a sound similar to lhat of a syntheslred
string section. This makes for a very Interesting
effect which works well on "Dream Police". A
surrealistic mood Is created which provides a
perfect background lo the song, which deals
with the existence of an Imaginary police
After the tremendous success of Cheap
Trick at Bukokan, it would have been very
easy for Ihe band to slack olf by releasing a less
J.B. Scott's
Oct. 19
than quality album. They could probably have
coasted on the popularity of the last release,
but they didn't. Instead, they have put out all
their elforts and have given us their best studio
album to dale. Dream Police Is destined to
plant Cheap Trick firmly Into the foundation of
American rock and roll.
continued from 9A .
much praise for her as I do contempt lor the
rest of the movie. On second thought, maybe
Ihe premise Isn't lhat far off. Alter all Blake Edwards must be a very Immature, childish, man
to come up with a piece of nonsensical garbage like this.
roge UA
Movie Timetable
The Logic Puzzle
7:00,9:00. 11:00
7:10,9:15, 11:20
7;20, 9:15, 11:20
7:00,9:25, 11:45 .
6:30, 8:30, 10:30
7:25, 9;20, 11:20
Sports Series Spells Oul Serious Stories.
Simon and Schuster publishers recently released five books on
sports entitled Carew; Octolwr Heroes; One Step From Glory:
Racing Edge; and World Series, From the following clues, can you
identify the first and last name ol each author, the book the aulliot
wrote, and the message of each book?
1. Listed alphabetically by the authors' last names, Ihe live books
are: Ihe book by Rod; Ihe book by Donald: the book with message A
{Scandales lurk behind many baseball statistics and trivia); One Step
From Glory, and lincmg Edge.
2. Listed alphabetically by title, the five books are: the l>ook by
Carew, the book with message 13 (Baseball's greals show us how
7.Q0 , 8:40, 10:15
_ _ 7.90
greal human beings read under stress); the book wilh message C
(Chance kepi many of baseball's greats from becoming stars); ihe
hook by Ted (which was also co auihoi teed by Gary Jobsun); and Ihe
book by Joseph,
3. So far, only authors' fnsl names have been given except lot
7:30, 10:00
7.1)5 g.^j
y-jQ 9.30
Starting Over
Wh-'n A Stranger Calls
Fox Colonie
7:15, 9;30, 11:30
7:00, 9:15, 11:45
Adventures ol Robin Hood
Albany Stale Cinema
Goodbye Girl
Lord ol Ihe Rings
Tower East Cinema
7:30, 10:00
7:30, 10:00
7:30, 9:30
7:30, 9:30
7:30, 10:00
Carew whose btxik did nol have message 0 (Strategy and ladies
make ihe difference between winning and losing,)
'I. Relchler's book does nol mention a specific nuinih of ihe year,
and does not contain message I: (Some of baseball's gi e.iis had to bal
against imveriy and prejudice la succeed) oi message D,
5. 'Hie following combinations of fust and lasl names ate all
mismatched excopl (or one pan Hod Cnruw, Don Ro/ln, a <l Slop
6 Tinner's first name is nol Rod oi Don
Aitim-f, in I.IM week'i pu/zlc.
David Outorbrldrje
Without Makeup Ltv Ullnian plioln bin .|ihy;
Hector Acre
Sn ret I He Tyi.Hu- I W r i
Ih SeMi.il drama
A.E. Hotclinitr
Uvitia cmd Uiwiti
Stipki limit
Chrlillan Ci.iwl.nd
Mointme D i i m i i
Ju.ui Ci.iuh.id
Mn.li.tc1 Freedlnnd
Two Liuvt Errol Nylin
Utvatile rittfiiwi
T r i v i a Time
by Vinnie Aiello
Seeing as this week Aspects has
([decided to devote its centerfold l o
(television, then Trivia Time will be
I just as generous and devote this
[week's quiz to television in general.
I s o get ready lo lake a walk down
[ m e m o r y lane with us and see how
I m u c h about television y o u
Iremember. Good luckl
11. What were Ihe names o l Ihe two
(officers in Car 54 — Where Are
Who were the two stars o l
• 3 . W h o was the star of The
4. In The Big Valley, which of the
|sons was the strongest?
. In Voyage to the Bottom of Ihe
[Sea, what character did David
IHedison play?
16. In F Troop, what officer could
•only speak German?
17. What dimension does The
[Twilight Zone lie in?
[ 8 . What part o l the city did 7'/ie
I Ministers live in?
19. Who played Calo in The Green
10. What did Ihe people who were
aller The Immortal want Irom him?
Answers to lasl week:
1. Dewey, Thurmond, Wallace
?.. Parker, Debs, Swallow
3. Roosevelt, Taft, Debs, Chafin,'
Hughes, Benson, Harly
4. Blair, Butler, St. John, Harrison,
Weaver, Bidwell
5. Van Buren
6. None
7. Douglas, Breckenridge, Bell,
8. B r y r . i , Bryan, Wooley
9. Nixon
10. Smith
Lasl week's winners:
Franklin Kasper, Martha Hainer,
Marc Gronich, Richard Michelson,
Greg Crecco
Write this week's answers down and
bring Ihem to C C 334 by 5 P.M.
Monday. All winners will receive a
Iree personal in the ASP.
Talking Heads
Todd Rundgren
What's Happening
Sunday, October 21st
2 7 p.m. "Crossre/eience" Music
from the Third World, including
Latin, Reggae, and Calypso
11 p.m. "Blast From the Past'
Great oldies from Ihe 50's and 60's
11 p.m. "Sunday Night Taped" 91
FM's own comedy show
Monday thru Friday, O c t o b r
22nd — 26th
7 p.m. "Spectrum" Every nighl
differenl topic is covered (or'/, hour
on our public alfairs show
49 Pons or Peters
51 Christmas
52 Suffix meaning
55 In a cowardly way
59 Neat as
60 Excited
61 Wall street event
62 Suffix meaning
63 Chess piece
64 Locations
Word Search
Robin Williamson
Jeff Lorber
Utah Phillips
Saturday, October 20th
1:20 p.m. Albany Great Dane
Football vs. Brooklyn College
5 p.m. Rebroadcast o l this week's
episode o l "T/ie Shadow":
and Ihe Medium"
8 p.m. "Front Row Center" This
week on our live concert series:
Robin Trower
Leigh Hunt hero
Be sad
Bowling establishment
2g Assays
30 Emile Griffith's
31 Like Fred Allen's
speaking voice
33 Illinois city
35 This: Sp.
37 Of a social unit
38 Nureyev movie,
1 Lost In delight
2 Chills and fever
39 Questionnaire
'3 Ford's running mate
Raconteur's forte
de Triomphe
S.E. Asians
44 Actors Tlghe and
5 City In Now Jersey
From the world's
6 Friend, In another 45 Ball club
highest country
46 Metes
General Bradley
7 Occlusion of one's 48 Condescend
Tanks, etc.
49 Swindle
Actress Charlotte
50 Goddess of
Strict attention to 8 Flightless bird
9 Conducted
10 "
1n G"
51 Weather outlook
Compass point
11 Greek Cupid
52 Pro-college entrance
12 Defeat soundly
Med school course
53 Kind or shoppe
13 Pulver's rank
54 Works with hair
Subject of "Nanook
55 "
18 Slangy sunshine
of the North"
56 Sports distance
19 Loafers
Tampico fare
67 Turkish title
23 Painte'' Chagall
Israeli VIP
58 Psychic Gel lor
24 Indonesian Isle
Cross out
M*A*S*H character
Biblical brother
Nothing else than
Greek marketplace
Marceau, for one
Item used by Tom
Another Item used
by Tom Watson
Do housework
Actress Virginia
James Cotton
David Bromberg Band
Jorma Kaukonen
by Howard P. Alvir, P h . D .
Sine 1 2 3 4 5 6
B 52's
Oct. 25
Nov. 7
Nov. 13
Oct. 20
Nov. 17 . .
Nov. 29
Nov. 4
Nov. 15
Btf'8 Fi?y<§iyB
HSilhen A Stronger Calls
SlBreaking Away
HBtarting Over
B i n d Justice For All
Sleeping Beauty
Avalanche Express
Rocky Horror Picture Show
.UA Hcllman
'Apocalypse Now
Cine 7
Life O l Brian
Amityville Horror
Mohawk Mall
James Montgomery
Oct. 24
They were quiet for a while as Ihe sign said
'New York 30 miles.' The other signs said that
everylhing would be cool and they would be
okay, bul both of Ihem were too nervous to
realize that. Both were loo hyped to practice
naturalness, l o rehearse authenticity, l o be
" Y o u can let us out at Ihe nexl exit," Flo
broke ihe silence.
His pun pleased him, bul he actually
!Eb was stunned because this wasn't New
believed in wllill he had said. He sincerely York City, and apparently, he no longer had
believed he believed i l .
lo think o l tin excuse for nol having an
The pol and half ol her beer had made him apartment lo crash al d o w n Ihere. He hadn'l
feel funny, like he always (eels every day and expected her l o say yes, actually.
night alter pol and '1.0 ounces of beer. If he
They were in Ihe middle of nowhere. F.b
shook his head too hard, il hurt like a
looked around benignly, and mallgnandy
headache, and il always seemed like a
looked al Flo's lils. For some reason, Ihe only
fabricated pain lh.il wouldn'1 be Ihere if lie
Ihing Kb could stand looking al were the ride's
slayed straight.
I,ill luihls retreating and Flo's tits.
"Sitli- effects. The fucking world has been
"Sinp looking al my laillights," she joked
screwed up by side effects They invenl a car.
and lurned around.
but the side effect is pollution, They invenl an
|-!h grabbed her and kissed her, and she was
airplane and Ihe sick1 effeel is a few hundred
dead every few months, They invenl drugs
"New York n'uisl he a depressing place,"
and Ihe side effeel is a Utile hit nj dealh every
Kb said.
ihe side effects of i
"I el's MO home."
"What a n
Tiger, Tiger
Concert Corner
and it threw Eb for a loop. He hadn't expected
heavy handed bullshit philosophy in some
pervert's car on the way to some shithole in
Manhattan where he w o u l d fuck the
nighllights out of her.
But then he mellowed and told her the side
effects would be a son or a daughter.
She pretended she was not amused, but
she had really liked that pun. This guy Ebwas
straight forward, even though he was trying
everything lo be as curved as a Polish straight
Dick, a movie
about Watergate. Who
would you have liked
to play you? "
Billboard's Top Ten
Word Search
This Word Search contains Ihe lasl
names o l all Ihe people who appear
in the maslhead on page 3a o l
ASPECTS, Each name appears
only once. Names are going in all
directions, so — Good Luckl
1. In T h r o u g h T h e O u t D o o r by
Led Zeppelin.
2. G e l T h e K n a c k by Ihe Knack.
3. Slow T r a i n C o m i n g by Bob
4. M i d n i g h t
M a g i c by the
5. O f t T h e W a l l by Michael
6. H e a d G a m e s by Foreigner.
7. Breakfast i n A m e r i c a by
8. Risque by Chic.
9. Rust N e v e r Sleeps by Neil
10. First U n d e r T h e W i r e by Little
1. Don't S t o p T i l Y o u G e t
Enough by Michael Jackson.
2. Rise by Herb Alpert.
3. S a d Eyes by Robert John.
4. Sail O n by the Commodores.
5. M y Sharona by The Knack.
6. I'll N e v e r Love T h i s W a y A g a i n
by Dionne Warwick.
7. P o p M u z i k by M .
8. D i m A l l T h e L i g h t s by Donna
9. L o n e s o m e L o s e r by Little River
10. A f t e r T h e L o v e Has G o n e by
Earth, Wind and Fire.
b t l D G N S S P E C H T
J t i O J S f v , U X A Z A F River Band.
Fast Moving Singles: H e y , H e y , M y , M y , T a k e T h e L o n g W a y H o m e ,
E 0 N A I E L L 0 N I R
D r e a m Police, Ships, B a b e , T u s k , D i r t y W h i t e B o y , H e a r t a c h e
Fast Moving Albums: C o r n e r s t o n e , Head Games, D r e a m P o l i c e , E v e ,
Fear o f M u s i c , S t o r m W u t c h , C o m e d y Is N o t P r e t t y , Rise.
E 0 X D R T 0 F L C 0 S
R 0 S S I Z A R I D E R
Next week in Aspects on the Casablanca Express: Handicapped,
Mouies, Hot Licks, Loughs, Sig/is, Tenrs, ond good stuff. Stay tuned.
g-3 Tower East Cinema
Written, Produced ind Directed by R A L P H B A K S H I
Muiic Com p<»ed md Conducted by ANDREW BELLING
Color by V* l.uu<
Friday & Saturday
7:30 & 10:00
L.C. 7
Daytona BeachfWgp
Fun & Sun
Bottle/Can Clean-Up
Saturday October 20th
at 12:00pm
Clean-up will begin at Alumni Quad
between Partridge and Western to the
Governor's Mansion.
students meet at the
Circle at 11:30 am.
THE B O M Bill
Mandatory for
Community Service!!
For more information and
to sign up, contact the
NYPIRG office CC 382 or
call 457-4623
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Chartered Bus
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.Efficiency Kitchen
Beer and Pizza Party
For reservations and information
about even more extras
Contact:Evan 7-7978 Sandy 7-7836 Ellen 7-8734
Doposil $100.00 Balance by Decombor
Min 38 people
$.75w/TEC $4.25 w/o
\ rs
Sponsored by Class of 1981
The Albany State
Pre - Law Association
Speak to representatives from
Harvard, Yale, Georgetown,
SUNY/Buffalo, Syracuse, Case
Western, Boston University, Albany,
University of Connecticut, Villanova,
Pace. Temple, Brooklyn, American,
University of Maryland, Western New
. England, University of Detroit,
California Western, Franklin Pierce,
and many more.
In addition, representatives from
Stanley Kaplan, Adr'phi, and Sexton
LSAT Preparation Centers will also be
in attendance.
11 AM - 330 PM
In SUNY/Albany's
Campus Center
For Inlormalion call
Brad Rolhbaum 457-7937
cess - both at the departmental level, and as
members of the Senate committee. In this
capacity, students must balance the many
criteria established for making a decision in
order to cast a vote which reflects the interests of the student body.
One criterion which is used in order to
make a decision regarding tenure involves the
"program priorities" of this University - that
is, a determination is made regarding the
need for the candidate (for tenure or promotion) with regard to the overall needs of the
\ department and the University. This criterion
is certainly applied by the President, who
• makes the final decision; and up to now has
) also been a consideration of those groups
(which contain students as members) i <iich
! make recommendations to the President.
[However, at the last Senate meeting
|(10-15-79), a proposal was introduced to
(direct those advisory committees not lo conssider the University's Program Priorities
nvhen manii ig their recommendation. This
', would, in turn, mean that the President alone
ffwould consider Program Priorities, without
| o m ' comment about them from the facility or
'•student hotly! That is, student and faculty
concerns and opinions aboul program
.priorities, especially with respect to tenure
'decisions, would not be heard.
The fact in Itself does not bothei me all
that much - such proposals can be defeated In
the Senate. What docs bother me is the fact
thai most student Senators initially voted in
favor o\' the pre Jsal! Students have essentially voted i\jt to he heard.. I can'l help but
think that those who voted in this way arc not
representing the best Interests of their constituency, the student body.
Final action on this proposal has been
delayed. However, the issue of tenure
guidelines will continue to be a topic of
discussion lor the Senate - in fact, it will continue to be discussed at the Senate meeting on
Monday, October 22. I sincerely hope that
the members or the' student body here will
contact their Senate representatives and demand that they consider carefully the implications of the vote they may be called
upon to cast. Much has been written on these
pages in the past few weeks regarding the impotence of student government - don't let
your representatives vote away the rights and
privileges which you do have!
Mark Borkowski
University Senate
Colonial Quad
pect our women and black population to suffer this way - why expect it of gays and lesbians?
I long to be able to sign my name to this
and am angry because I can't. At the Gay
Lesbian March last Sunday, I was £
PERSON- here (according to officials
sources) I don't even exist. By putting my
name to this I would be fired and-or suspended or pressured until I quit on my own. If
that happens (as it still might) it would be
SUNYA's loss more than mine.
Name withheld
Racism vs. Humor
To (in- Editor:
II is alarming to see Lhiit the newest student
publication on the campus Tangent has
sought tn interject racism into the student
community. The comments made in the
"Celebrlis Mailman" column are obviousK
not intended to he humoilis to the Hlnek
Community, h rather reflects the ignorance
and arrogance o| the editors ol the
publication; in allow stieh bulgar and
insulting stereotypes lo be printed drives a
wedge between students ol different ethnic
backgrounds, Instead >>i bringing relevant
issues to the attention ol the students and
administration Tangent has seen hi to
degrade the ijunlit) ol it's publication with
Cheap. Shabby. Racist excerpts
I .mi outraged ovei the denegration »>i
ASUBA's Hlnck Women's Week. We are
proud ill our Mack women and consider this
week to be of utmost importance to Black
students. It has had a profound impact on the
school for the Inst two years. Humor is
something that we all can use for relaxation
but this alledged "humor" is of the lowest and
ugliest form. If the editors of this publication
refuse lo lake Black people seriously they
should because we have always been, and will
remain a critical part of the University,
Humor within the confines of good (axle is
very acceptable, but to attack any group of
people using humor as ;i crutch is
unforgivable. I believe that Jewish students,
handicapped students, Chinese students.
Puerto Kican students, feminist students and
any other group of people would resent this
type of attack also.
When Student Association decided to fund
this publication, I sincerely hope that this
wasn't the objective. To use student tax
money to support racism is wrong. 1 believe
that tin ditors of Tangents especiall those of
the Hut Seriously Folks section owe the Black
student population on open apology,. Even
further, the general student body should be
apologized to as well, for daring to print such
To Ilic Editor:
I am a student at SUNYA but 1 cannot tell a destructive piece under the guise of humor,
l.cander W. Ilnrdaway
you my name, my department, whether I am
an undergraduate or graduate, or even If 1 am Chairperson, ASUBA
male or female. If I did anything that would
Albany Slate University Black Alliance
lead to my identity being found out, I would
lose my job with the school, lose my scholarship, and lose my chance at a quality education. I am bright, very talented, and extremely articulate - but I am forced to be silent on
this campus because my rights arc not pro- To the Editor:
I have a complaint aboul the rude students
tected as a gay person.
I would be subject to harassment in the on this campus. I am a SUNYA student and
dorms (yes, we are in your dorms) and cen- also work in one of the administrative offices
sure in my unnamed department if it were as a secretary.
It's extremely frustrating lo answer a
known I believed that the fact of your loving
is more important than the sex of who you phone only to be forced to deal with abuse
love. I am oppressed because I believe loving and rude language from complaining
students. 1 realize that sometimes it's hard to
is more important than gender.
President O'Lcary has the opportunity to control one's temper, especially if you have a
include sexual preference in the anti- legitimate problem, but why not try and exdiscrimination policy governing this school - press thai anger to the person in charge, not
thereby establishing a precedent that would, to the one who answers the phone!!!
II may make you feel better to be able to
perhaps, be easily followed by other state
schools. He Avill not approve such an addi- dump on somebody, but I have to be polite to
tion. How many griefs and personal disasters everyone regardless of how impolite you
among faculty, staff, and students will it take choose to be - and you don't make my job
before it is recognized that 1 out of every 4 any easier.
The reason for an education Is to leach a
families has at least one gay person? How
many families are represented at this school? person lo be a professional (supposedly); so
why not start now by practicing on the staff
(The statistics arc in our favor).
Many of SUNYA's most talented and ac- of this University. Instead of incurring their
tive people, who happen to be gay, arc suf- resentment, you'll probably get their help
fering in agonizing silence out of fear for and sympathy.
Mark Heidi
their positions and educations. We do not ex-
On Basic Rights
May I Help You?
A Malicous Proposal
Guns. Guns. Guns. Who the hell cares about guns anyway? The Constitution gives
everyone the right to bear arms, so what's all the fuss about? If a gun was made, then a
gun was meant to be shot off, so why all the ado about Security having them?
Mistakes? We all make mistakes, but well show those crooks, even if it means
knocking off a few people who happen to be innocent. Besides, as long as it isn't me
who gets it. I can't be bothered. It makes for a great headline.
And speaking of violence, what's so bad if people vent off some pent up frustration
by socking someone in the jaw. or punching a whole through some glass, or tearing off
the wallpaper? These things happen. That's why we have renovation, right?
And as long as my stuff isn't vandali/cd, then I really don't have the time to think
twice about it. Hut it docs make for some great news.
And speaking of cheating. I really don't sec what's so terrible about sneaking an
answer here and there. I mean, c'mon, everybody cheats here and there. My parents
client on their income (ax. so what's a couple of answers on my sneaker gonna do? If 1
cull gel away with it. then they deserve it, right? Besides, how could I ever pull above a
C" otherwise?
And as longjts we're on the topic of involvement, just why the hell would I ever get
involved when all of toy free time goes to partying and drinking? There's only twentylour hours ill n day. and I have to allot my limecnrefully, There'sjust loo many things
to do. ami before I know il. the day is done. Maybe I'll get involved next year. Maybe
Oh. I lie joy s of college. I really line this place, I can get any drug at any lime at any
price, and (here arc bars aplenty, Sine my courses give me trouble now and then, but I
get In with a Mule help from my friends, il you know whal I mean. And in four years
here 1 haven't robbed or vandalized set. st> I guess I've been pretty lucky.
I'otlaj is I ridav. I he ila\ I look forward to every week. Mondays arc absolutely the
pils ol course, because I htive (Yeclih) classes I live for the weekends, and if possible,
gelling wasted during ihc week. I consider mytisell lo be an average, happy go lucky
SI INYA student, but in the back of my mind. 1 know ihat there are people who arc not
like inc.
I here arc people who like learning, who enjoy their classes, who even look forward
lo Monday, and. could you believe it. don't ever get wasted. 1 hose people must bevcrj
unhappy, or uli\ would they live their lives like that?
Well, you'll have to excuse inc. I can't believe I actually sal at the typewriter lor this
long; it must he a new record. Usually, my girlfriend types all my papers. She writes
them loo.
Anyway. I just fell like writing this aboul bow great a place Albany Stale is and bow
glad I am I hat 1 came here, because college is great, and gel ling wasted is great, and it's
easy to get by in classes without studying, and Ihc drugs are common, and the bars are
always hopping, and Thursday night is a great party night, and I can get laid regularly,
and I don't have my parents constantly giving me "good" ad vice about what to do with
my life, and I can slay out all night and crash out anywhere, and 1 can let my room slay
its slopy as 1 want, and I can cut classes without any hassle.';, and I can grab a beer in the
middle of l be day at the Kill, and I can sleep with a girl lor one night and not have any
commitments, and I can gel wasled, and wasted, and wasted, and wasted, and wasted.
' )\ " I ft!-.'
Jay B. Glssen, Editar-lnChlef
Donald Levy. Richard Behar. Managing Editors
News Editor
Associate News Editors
ASPecIs Editor
Associate ASPects Editor
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^MJMIMWMMM'I * W I M » ' ' W *T111^-*
Shakey's Is coming!!
Bruce (homosexual of State),
How dare you try to harass me with
your hollow humor. But don't worry,
I won't mention that you used to
masturbate every night, or about
the time you tried to blow me In the
, , » . . . . . I'll
. . . .also
. . . .never
. - - - . tell
-— of how
you drooled all over the first girl you
ever llked...but why your mother?
Fondly, Your ex-roomle
Mama Dlma,
Sherm and Alloe,
Happy Verseraneryl Hope the bed Do you want some pizza?
Love, The " J " of our bowling team
doesn't squeak too muchl 8x + 2.
Dear Michelle (alias Mitch),
hope your birthday was the best
Happy 18th birthday. Wishing you a ever! Happy 19!
Love, Anne
year of "good lovln," good grades
£ n d a 0 0 d drugs. We will see to Itl
«lway3' u
Roommates In 203. May your 19th birthday be filled
w i t h all your smiles, warmth and
good wishes.
, , .
Love and happiness, Carolyn
Happy birthday from your friends
who love and care about you so very Annie Bable,
much. May you always be happy.
Happy 19th blrtday to a very special
JoJo, Laura, Pam, Jolie, Rita, Bar- friend.
bara, Mlndy, Ellse, Larry, Ed, DebLove, Mam
bie, & Leo.
P.S. Sophon always
To Fellow Popcorn Lovers
Thanks for taking care of me last
One of the members had a ring on
Tuesday; you're a true friend.
her neck,
Love, Cathy
A n o t h e r w a s c a u g h t In rain
Mike blows spiders and sucks Ice.
Ryckman 301
The four lovely ladles who live on
Spring St.
Dearest Stephen Carl,
Small typing service, call Mary Beth
Roses, to describe, are the flowers.
"We've only just begun." I love you!
at 463-1691 days, or evenings before
Although they've described us as
Happy 18th birthday, my other half. Dear Ken,
Alan (alias Mike),
9 P.M.
animals In jest,
Together we'll have many morel You are my Teddy Bear. Happy bir- Wild and crazy says It all.
Deep In their hearts they know
Always In my mind though far away. thday.
Love your night time playmates,
Yours, Allison
TYPING: Prompt In-home service.
Love always, Sheila Maureen, the Wrestler and Oh Baby
So thank you for the dinner, and all
E x p e r i e n c e d In a l l areas o f
knights would like to welcome
secretarial work. Resumes, disserLooking forward to a fantastic I wuv you.
The Wellington Boys are taking this
Sir Lorenzo back t o Suny Albany, If
tations, letters, research papers. No
EV only for the weekend.
weekend. Thanks tor the best five
job too small or too large. 371-2975.
To say you're like very much... months of my live. I love you!
Thigh Sister,
Angel Face I'm so psyched for next semester.
Dear Whlstlln' Snots,
Passport-Application Photos
Here's dto getting high everyday,
It's beautiful, Isn't It? May It last for
$4 for two; SO cents each thereafter.
Happy 19th birthday. I'm really twice.
the middle of the night, I am going
Mon. & Tues. 1-2, University Photo
Dee now and for always. (But who's
sorry I can't be with you on this
to have to raise your rent!
thinking ahead?) You are my sanity,
Service, 7-8B67, ask for Bob.
Love, Cornelius Doodle
Do you support the right to life for and without you I would never know
would. You're.always on my mind. unborn children? Call sue at 7-3040 what happiness is.
To everyone who made my 18th blrHave the greatest birthday ever. I for Information about a pro-life stuXXO
thday so special (especially the nutlove you... T know the wait will end.
terheads and the only cute guys on
Always, Holly dent organization.
Gee, I hope he took a bath!
The Knights
8-Track, Phono, AM-FM Radio
Thanxl! I love you a l l ! !
Dear Fred, Dave, and the Team,
Stereo system-speakers Included.
" I like PUD"
Happy Birthday!
No. 1 Nutterhead, " B l l t " aka Randy
Price negotiable. 7-5055. We'll sell
Love, Your High-strung Suilee
-Dafv Proskln, Spring 7 9
We love you.
cheap, cheap. Ask for Nick.
The Managers, J and L Other Half F.F.S. Duo,
When do you want me to go away Renle,
b elng so great and for
for a weekend? I hear sign up
Dear Jokesters and Jokesterettes,
1975 Chevy Van, 38,000 ml. bcyl, 3
wonderful friend and roommate. Thank you for all of the faith and en- Just elng you. Do you love your job?
sheets are the only answer!
too, First Half F.F.S.
speed, customized exterior, partialYou
couragement (and the cute ad).
ly c u s t o m i z e d i n t e r i o r . Call
Sue Good Tuck the the'GMAT gang next
Dalv Is Coming!!
Met Fans
week and to Jay tomorrow.
Dutch 801,
Only 172 days till opening day! I
Love, The Bird Friends of the Knights,
Chester says "Thanks guys!" And
Loyal forever In Ten Eyck
A keg to celebrate Dafv's return!
Electric Guitar and Amp For Sale:
he speaks for all of us!!
Val, Deb- Saturday knight! Tell your stinky
Les Paul Custom (like new) $450;
Suite 703
Acoustic 135 Amp (like new) $300,
Thanks for Thursday night, it was
The Knights
Love alway, Brian . "MUB"-but,
What can I say? to say you are the great.
bestest-but would be too simple.
Annual Animal Manual Beat-ol!
Is it true what they say about pan- We have shared so many things
Sony Stereo'Systom. One year old.
Contest Winners:
Dear Janice,
ting during sex with "Moosey
Excellent condition. Asking $100.
that help make our friendship extra
Quantity: Wit 218 Oz.
special. You're a super friend and You'll get your surprise tonight.
Does not have cartridge. Call Judy
Length: Mag 33 1-2"
Suitemate and It had belter stay
Distance: Terrach 53 1-4
that way!
To the Cast ol God,
Happy birthday lo one of my
Wit (again)
Love, Faye
Think of an ending! We open In
favorite people. I'm sure you know
Kenwood (BSR) Turntable; KennTaste: Adam (Judged by Mag)
three days!
how I feel about you. So does the
wood Bookshelf Speakers. 1 year
Dear Ed,
whole library.
Love, Doris
old. Asking $100, Vicki 436-4215.
Thanx lor last nighl. You ware
"Jean Antakol" great!
6 ft penis. Last seen on Second
R.A. Lounge. Call
Luv, Tewwy
Larry T.,
Have a beautiful birthday, lets stay
1973 Toyota Corolla. Needs work.
7-40II if found.
Now that the world series Is over, Dear Judy,
in touch.
Also needs love and affection. Askwill you notice me?
Love Irom your old Sultee, Lori
ing $200. Call 482-5570, nights.
May your travels to Israel and any
Secret Admirer
that follow be full o( memories and
Mike O. (Clinton),
you but you don't notice You're a great suitemate and an
guy we know / 1 Vega - 10 mil. good transp. good
greater friend. Hope your birthfriends you leave In Albany, for we'll
serious birthday.
on gas. $400 - 434-0869.
day's wild.
Underwear Kids be thinking of you often.
An Admlrerer
Love you always, Killer
Love, Michelle
E-Z Wider,
Fuckln' Happy fuckin' birthday! The Dear Miss Chait,
To a true (rlned who is always there Thanks for the news. It made my
Ludes & Co. want you to drink your We cried at Graduation, but what
when I need her. Thanks for all the week.
face off. Remember the 11th Com- for? Just to see each other all sumRoommate Wanted: 3 Bdrm. Apt.
love and understanding.
Puke and laugh.
mer and continue with our nights
$90 per month w-o utilities; 1082
Always, M.B.
The' roomies out and days In the sun. But now P.S.
Wash Ave., 459-8859 after 6:00 P.M.,
We a r e s t i l l
b e t t e r . Sue,
non-smoker, Grad. Student Pref.
Let's review notes together. Let's
To all my great new friends at
know our paths will cross again
go over the issues! One way or
I'm taking another cigarette, O.K.?
soon so, unitl then, take care of
another, I have to see you!
hose "amebas" and try not to fall
A Poll SclMaJor
birthday a special day I will always
MI love.
Joanna S.,
Petite? Repeat? Collage cheese
Love, ISH
Love always, HID Sorry I set you up for the kill, but
and feet.
Interested In Rocky Horror Picture
remember it's only a game. Will you
Gues who "Honey"
Dear Burger,
Dear Debs,
Show? If interested in performing a
forgive me?
one ol the finest
Dutch Quad Gong Show is coming! Today's the day. Happy 21. The best
floor show weekly at Cine 1-6,
Debbie L.
people I know. Wishing you hapAudtions now being held. Call Myra of everything for always., and then
please contact Nick at 7-5055.
7-7797, Stu 7-7822 or Todd 7-7897.
Openings for a Columbia, Rocky,
Love, Shkoo
Hope you have the greatest birthEnjoy!
etc. day yet. Let's do It up and celebrate.
Love, Jill
Montauk, O & O, and Mohawk
We all love ya.
Tower Present:
The bells are starting to chime a lit- Dear Adorable,
MODELS WANTED, have a free
_ ^ ^
Sister Sleeze
tribulafashion hair cut at Les Clseaux, top
tle. If things start to go better who
Come party with the best - Friday
NYC and European quality styling
knows, they may start ringing and tions of Tappan Hall? I sure as hell
for men and women, 1568 Central
have been
my horn may start to blow.
Quad's U-loungo. It'll be a night you
Ave., 1-4 mile west of Wolf road, call
great. Looking forward to the next
won't forget!
456-4121 for your appointment!!
Dear Wlsa and Willi
Passport-Application Photos
Love, Sue
What do you wuv?
$4 for two; 50 cents each thereafter.
Do you wuv S & M?
Garage space for a midsize car. BetMon. & Tues. 1-2, University Photo
ween Robin
& Ontario and Service, 7-8867, ask lor Bob.
Do you wuv Tewwy?
Hope your 19th birthday lo the best
Washington & Hudson. If two
ever! You're a great roommate and I
Wuv, Beverwy and Bewwy
spaces are available, it would be aphope our friendship continues to
preciated. Contact Jeff at 465-0125.
Hey ZZZzzz,
Happy birthday and anniversary. I
Your Most Intimate Sister Sleeze
So what you don't know how to
Norman Allen
love you the most and that's
From the Main " 3 " H.B., CO., and forever.
believed the time would come, when
the Jap
Love, Your little girl
To my sweetle-Sultees of 2103,
you let me drive your car., neither
Here's a personal to you gals just to
Patricia on Partridge^
I love the girls on Indian 9th floor
did YOUI Hope you enjoyed your
say that you're the greatest and I
Thansk for the notebook. You saved and In Ten Eyck 204. Especially
party last night, we all had a great
What's that red stuff on the floor?
love you all! Toe sex forever!!
my grades!
Laurie Bear. Thanks for everything.
time. "Happy birthday Fagela.
Why does It smell like punch?
Love, Sharon
Thanx again, Becky
P.B., David
P.S. Missed you Doc when you were
P.S. I'm glad you enjoyed the Gary,
Adopted • We Need ' J U
Thank you so much for your help,
P.P.S. I'm gonna miss you this
Call 482-4080.
This Is the big one. Hope its the
weekend roomie!
time and patience.
best. Happy birthday.
Group forming to discuss
Dear P.Ls. and R.G.L., Inc.,
H. Factor
problems fared by adoptees • call
I can't believe It's already been
Dear Deb,
three years. Best of luck this year MP,
For someone as kind and wonderful
Happy belated birthday. Have a
I can't wait to see you and hold and in the future.
good 19th!
you...aven though I can't kiss youl
Love always, Sis show how much you mean to me.
Adopted? Group forming to discuss
Love, Pat
Love, No-Nukes
feelings of adoptees. Call 482-4080.
This truly has been the best 6 monDear Cld,
Where are all you Tom, Dick, and
Hope your birthday was one of the ths of my life.
best. It's really great living with you
Here s the personal you've been
Love, B.S.
Seneca 204,
wlatlng for (finally!). I'd Just like to and your bottles.
Thanks for coming to the parly
To William,
Love, Sleepyhead Well, here's the personal you've
take lis opportunity to say I love
Saturday night. You learn who your
P.S. Sorry It's late
friends really are.
been looking for. Hope your birthLove, Spec
day Is the best! | love you " t o n s " !
It's been nice.
P.S. How about shooting some Lorl,
Your Shlksa
hoops with me?
You make everything okay - thanks David of disco-lighting fame,
To all of you that made my 21st realKeep On The Lookout
for being thore when I needed you. I lost your calling and your excuse.
ty special. Thank you, thank you,
Love always, Tracey _
thank you.
Attention: A l l owners o l safety
For Colonial Quad
ola a»«s
Peeks go home. The don't need you Dearest B.B.,
Due to the tact that we are all forcBoard's Annual
anyway. Confederates Number 1 I cannot begin to explain how much
To the 4-H's (or 5 or 6),
ed to wear glasses for safety, why
Halloween Party
shouldn't we do It for lun? Be there
Thanks for everything!
Tuesday, October 23rd for the great Fun's awaiting - I t ' s not the has meant to me. You have brought
Monsieur Hoblgant
safety glass wear out ol all Time.
Love always, Your neighbor Thank you for being here... I love
12:30-1:30 on the Podium.
Shakey's Is coming! I
Shakey's Is coming!!
RUSH TYPING JOBS done by legal
secretary. 6 yrs. experience. Minor
editing and spelling corrections.
Neatness and accuracy count. Call
Theresa at 439-7609.
C Housing
C Services)
(Personals )
[lbany Evangelical Christians Fellowship, sharing, and worship.
I 375, every Friday night, 7-10. For more info., call 7-7825.
Ilhlest's Ecumenical Council The AEC will hold and informal
tap session" on the moral aspects of religion and its ill effects on
oiitli. all are welcome to join other disbelievers in accordance to
: true spirit of mankind. Chapel House, every Wednesday at 7
. For more info., call 7-7761.
:-Hillel Traditional Sabbath Services. Every Friday night at
Its, with Kiddush following. Also, Saturday mornings at 9:30
|th luncheon following. It's all at Chapel House, (across from
• up on hill). For info., call 7-7508.
JC-lliMel Liberal Friday Night Services. It begins al 7:30,
UHpNiTE, in the Biology building (2nd floor lounge). Come on,
^ f t c it a shotl. For more info., call 7-7508.
^BC-Hillcl Shabbat Dinner. Chapel House and Chavurah unite!
|ng you a full course dinner, Friday night, Oct. 26 at 5:00. It's
|at Chopel House, (across from gym - up on the hill). For more
, call'Bill 7-7819.
Spcuker's Forum Meetings every Monday al 8:30 p.m. in C.C.
361. For more info., call 7-8520 or 7-3393.
Performing Arts Center The Crucible. By Arthur Miller, directed
by Jerome Hanley. October 23 thru 27, 8 p.m. For tickets call the
Performing Arts Center Box Office at 7-8606 for 10-4 Mon-Fri.
Pre Law Association Capital District Pre-Law Fair. Representatives from Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Boston University,
Albany, Syracuse and tnnny more. Also, reps from LSAT prep
centers. Campus Center Ballroom, Oct. 20, Saturday. 11:00 a.m.
to 3:30 p.m. For more info., call 7-7937.
Music Council NOH Music Scries Contemporary tirllsi Alvin
Guri.in m conceit. Kcciul Hull.October2Sth.Tickets: l'ACIIox.7,60(v
'Conflict Simulation Society Weekly meeting, Danger exploration,
Military Gaming and MURDER among Club member. Campus
Center 373, Sunday, 6-11:30 p.m: For more info., call 7-7757.
Synchronized Swim Become another Esther Williams. Beginners
Invited to join (males welcome). Practice at the University pool,
Mon-Thurs until Oct. 27, Mon-Fri thereafter, 34:30 p.m.
JSC-lllllel Our Own Israeli Dance Croup, HARAKDAN1M, has
one female position opening. We'll be holding audition for this
opening, Tuesday night Oct. 23 at 8 p.m. in the basement of Van
Cortland, Dutch Quad. Come on girls, give it a shot! For more info., 7-7819.
SUNVA Sailing Club Sailing club meets every Thursday al 7 p.m.
in HU 126. All landlubbers and old salts ure welcome. For more
info., call 7-8069.
SUNYA Dept. of Public Minus Brown Bug Series on Organizational Development. The brown bag series on organizational and
administrative issues continues with Dick Hall from the office for
Vice President of Research. Dr. Hall will present Organizational
Effectiveness. All are welcome. Oct. 23, 12-1 p.m. LB 101.
League of Women Voters llf Slicncmlcluma NYC Bus Trip A ditj
inn in N.Y.C Siiliiuliiv October 2(llh
femes C'lillon Country
Mall ai 7:311 .i in. Will let : N.Y.C. til 8:1111 p.m. Round nip laic:
M5 no pei person.
Pumpkin Sale In Campus Center Monday thru Friday, (Oct.
22-26) and Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 29 and 30.
Haircuts Gel your hair cm al Glemby's in Scars in Colonic Mall,
mention Telethon '80, and Glemby's will donate $2 to Telethon.
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-CTOBER 19, 1979
SUNYA Anti-Nuclear Coalition The coalition will present a rare
showing of the classic documentary film, "Horrors at Party
Beach," showing the effects of careless handling of nuclear
wastes, and the tragic aftereffects of an accident at Parly Beach,
Rhode Island, in 1958. Lecture Center 18, Friday October 19 8:30
p.m. For more info., 7-7745.
University Counseling Center Fall 1979 Regionnl College
Counselor's Association Meeting, Dr. Walter Liftou, Counseling
Psychology Dept. at SUNYA, will give a presentation on
"Creating Groups to Provide a Surrogate Family in Our Insilulions". Alumni House, Friday, Oct. 26 at 1:45 p.m. For more info., 7-8652.
Italian Studies Monday, Oct. 22, Professor Margo Cottiro-Jorres,
chairperson of the Italian Department at UCLA will talk on "The
Role of Women in Boccaccio's Decameron". Humanities
Building, Room 354, 3:30 p.m. Ms. Cottiro-Jorres is a well known
specialist in Medicvial literature. She is a guest of the Hispanic and
Italian Studies Department.
Impress T-Shirt Art 848 Madison Ave 489-2055
RA's, clubs, sororities,
Speaker's Forum The Amazing John Kolisch. Hypnosis seminar
on Oct. 22, at noon In assembly hall. Hypnosis performance at>
8:30 p.m., Oct. 22 in Ballroom. For more Info., call 7-8520 or
Freeze Dried Coffeehouse Coffeehouse Mini Concert. Jack Hardy: from New York City, Mr. Hardy's music is satiric at times, but
always superb. He is a driving force In the folk revival In NYC.
Opening al 8 p.m. Dave Render. C.C. Assembly Hall, Frl. Oct. 19,
Sat, Oct. 20, 9 p.m. For more info., call 482.3265.
JSC-Hillel Our Cafe Manischewitz coffeehouse, on November 3,
still needs some talented performers. Please call for an audition
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Music Council A concert of Romantic vocal music with Elly Amcling, internationally acclaimed soprano. Benefit reception following.Pagc Hall, Sunday Oct. 21, 7:30 p.m. Tickets al PAC Box Office. For more Info., call 7-8606.
Union College Concert Committee Karla Bonoff at Memorial
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NYPIRG Anti-nuke meeting. The anti-nuclear committee of
NYPtRG will hold a meeting this Monday, Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. In the
NYPIRG office (CC 382). Nuclear-alternate energy research and
the Binghamton Convention will be discussed.
Judo Club The Judo Club meets every Thursday night from 7-9
and every Sunday afternoon from 1-3. all persons including beginners' arc welcome. Loose, durable clothing should be worn.
SUNYA wrestling room. For more info., call 489-1752.
Circle K College sen ice organi/iilion: Meetings Weilncsuay night at
N:(l(l p.m. in Campus Center .161.
Club News
Hudson Valley Student Senate America at Palace Theatre. Tickets
are $7.25. Can be bought at Drome Sound in Schenectady, Just-ASong in Albany and Fatones in Troy. Palace Theatre, Thursday
Oct. 25, 7:30 p.m. For more Info., call 283-1100, ext. 764.
Approved by the American Bar A s s o c i a t i o n .
off the field so they could turn The
lights off. He was always looking for
an excuse to practice. Now, a coach
is lucky if he can get his players to
"There weren't many faster
football players. He had an instinct
playing in the game.
for daylight, like all the great backs
"That's when I realized something do," recalled Schwartzwalder, who
was wrong. I suid to my wife, 'Gee, coached Syracuse University teams
Ernie's got to be dying' for them to for a quarter century until he
give the game ball to a player returned in 1973, compiling a 153who wasn't even going to be in the 91-3 record.
Ernie Davis was one of the few
"I IT here ever was a great person, it
players to wear the coveted Syracuse
was Ernie Davis. His kindness,
University jersey No. 44, which was
thoughtfullness, enthusiasm, nil
also worn by Jim Brown and Floyd
separated him from even real nice
people. He was just an exceptional
Although Syracuse running back
person. He lilted the whole team,"
has averaged more yards per cany in
said Schwartzwalder.
his career than Da vis'ft.ft yards, and
"The only problem I had with
his 2,704 career yards rushing rank
Ernie was getting him off the
him third in Syracuse history,
practice field. The groundskeepers
behind Csonkn and Little.
were always begging me to get him
Davis Inducted Into Football Hall Of Fame
Two years after he had run for 823
yards in his senior season at
Syracuse, Ernie Davis was dead.
Davis will be inducted into the
footbull Hall of Fame during a
special ceremony at half-time of
Saturday's Pcnn State-Syracuse
game played in the New Jersey
SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) Twenty
years ago, Ernie Davis was one of
the most exciting college football
players in the country as he led
Syracuse University through an
undefeated season and a national
Davis became the first black to be
recognized as the n a t i o n ' s
outstanding college football player
when he won the Hclsman Trophy
two years later.
But it all ended there. Davis
played in one post-season all-slur
game after his Heisman Trophy
year; but, weakened by leukemia, he
never played professional footbii
M e a d o w lands.
Ben Schwartzwalder, who
coached Davis at Syracuse, will be
there, along with Jim Brown, who
played at Syracuse before David
arrived on campus, and who would
have been his teammate on the
Cleveland Browns, the National
football team that drafted Davis.
Floyd Little will be there, and so
will Ernie Davis' mother, Marie
Although 16 years have passed
since the speedy running back died,
Schwartzwalder sitII has Irouble
talking about Davis.
"I have to be careful when I talk
about It," Schwartzwalder said of
Davis' death. "If I don't walch
myself, I...It still bothers me."
Schwartzwalder said he was
sitting in Chicago's Soldier Field
wailing to" watch the 1962 All-Star
game when it was announced the
game ball would be awarded to
Davis, although he wouldn't be
NBC And Marv Albert For Fight
(AP) There will be another
heavyweight championship fight of
half the world Saturday, bui this one
has some major differences.
It will he on NBC: it won't be on
prime time, and the live telecast will
be preceded by u show exploring
whether the network should carry
the light at all.
In addition, this World Boxing
Association title bout will match
two fighters
black American
John Tate and white South African
Genie Coet/ee
who huvc never
worn" the heavyweight crown. A
sports story with news overtones,
the fight will be held in South Africa,
a nation blacklisted in pails ol the
world because of its apartheid
H A S MEivtbERship
second q u a r t e r
s/u graded (epec 1 5 6 )
one c r e d i t
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Giant Stuffed
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OCTOBER 19, 197
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a jfilu nf K11//1110 . iiiiimi
u'Uli I'ravolnne Cheese, I'resh I T
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<i /nil fmfllr
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Phenomena of
the Mind
Monday, October 2 2
Cappucino's VL\
ti ii in.i Mrothcra
jazz-rock and original tunes
All this
Saturday, October 20
9 p.m. — 1:30 a.m.
(AUDIENCE I'AitTK l l ' A I I O N )
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Assembly Hall
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mulching teams in the Top Ten
With Texas flirting with the No. I
spin in the rankings and pointing to
a possible championship clash with
Alubamu in the Cotton Bowl, il
looks like a team ripe for plucking.
As lor Southern Cul, two weeks of
mediocrity should be enough lor an
Olltril ol such lulcnt.
So it's Arkansas in an upset, USC
in u snaphack. l.asl week's score: 3315, .6S9, with main casualties in the
l-'ur West.
Southern Cul 22. Notre Dame 17;
The 1 rojun defense must muki'
teammate Onirics While's efforts
Arkansas 17. I'exus 1(1: The
l.oughorus could have been drained
in slopping Oklahoma's rucchor.se
Alabama 2S. I'cnnc.sscc 14: The
Vols' Johnny Majors was lo look
Hear liryuiil in the eye some day, hut
not yet,
Nebraska 42. Okluluimu Slate 14:
lim linger and Craig Johnson
should continue their touchdown
Beer and Wine Nite
(CnmptiB Center
91 ZFQ
X rated Comedian Bob Carroll
office supplies-sales-rt ««al-service
t y p e w r i t e r s adding machines calculators
c h e c k w r i t e r s and more!!!
91FM News Presents
cosponsored by Albany Red Cross and SUNYA Phys Ed Dep't.
• * *
Texiis-Arkiinsus tire (he traditional
rivalries I hill gel the blond pumping
a nil nunc vigorously in college
footbull ihis weekend, buttles
Reduced Prices on Drinks
For all ladies
Disco Dance Contest with
over $2000 in prizes
LC 22
Two Fierce Rivalries Top
This Week's College Card
RT. 9 Parkwood Plaza
Clifton Park 371-9894
amateur fisticuffs that break out in
hockey games.
"This will definitely be my biggest
broadcast audience." said Albert
before leaving Wednesday for the
fight in Pretoria. "But you could
psyche yourself out if you think that
loo much."
Albert was picked because of his
voice enthusiasm, n quality NBC
hopes will help hype a light that
didn't capture the fancy or finances
of the TV networks. All three turned
down (he fight as a prime-time
package. NBC Sports was in favor
of this fight - plus a welterweight
title bout between champion
Pipinmo Cuevtts and Roberto
at night but NBC's top
brass overruled the sports
Castilian Disco
And from a television perspective,
the fight will be interesting because it
will be handled by a new voice for
nntionaf audiences and boxing Marv Albert a native New Yorker
who bucks a trend in broadcasting
because he doesn't sound like he
conies from Omaha. Neb.
This is a critical assignment lor
Albert, primarily a local broadcaster
who has been criticized for not being
a hard-nosed journalist and not
tackling controversial issues and
While Albert has broadcast
countless games involving the New
York Knicks and the New York
Hungers on local TV and radio, he
has only done a couple of non-title
lights for NBC. along with the usual
ABC, CBS and NBC all financial.'1 Spcncc said ABC was
considered Tate-Coctzce us an
offered the fight for earlier in
afternoon attraction, and NBC won
October when the baseball playoffs
the rights for $400,000 -were on NBC. This strong TV
approximately one-eighth of whut
competition against the fight was the
ABC paid for last month's Friduy
reason ABC thought promoter Bob
might card that included the World
Arum's asking price of $400,000 was
Boxing Council heavyweight
loo high.
champions!)ip between Larry
Spenee said ABC had strong
Holmes and Earnle Shavers
reservations against doing u fight
from South Africa but never came to
ABC turned it down becuuse of
a final decision. "We never had to
two concerns, according to Jim
face that question. It never got that
Spenee, vice president of ABC far because of the financial aspects."
Sports "location in light of South
he said. "But we did express our
Africa's apartheid policy and concern to Arum."
aiiiilirrniti' SuxiUarji ArrUirru
OCTOBER 19, 1979
wvmmmtL m&v fleece
Old Man Willie Stargell
Swings His Way To MVP
91 £H)
B A L T I M O R E ( A P ) The old man
won a ball game and the World
Scries with four mighty swings of his
bat, captured the M V P award and
talked to the President of the United
States without one crack in his
massive" reserve.
Then, at seven minutes after
midnight, Willie Stargell broke.
Stocking-footed, holding a green
bottle of while California wine in his
right hand, the .18-year-old captain
and inspirational leader of the
Pittsburgh Pirates look his sister,
Sandrus. in a strong embrace and
broke into tears.
For a full minute, he and his kid
sister from Oakland, California.
each other close and wepi
onvulsively. Then the tough, rawoned first baseman wiped the
•l ream o f water from his cheeks with
while towel.
"We've been togethera longtimce've come through I ell together."
said, obviously cil larrasscd to
how such sentiment before a
omful of newspapermen.
Then he chided himself:
"Big old dummy up here."
Earlier, the .IK-ycar-old Stargell Dosing his IKlh season as a Pirate I smashed a two-run homer, two
doubles and a single to provide the
jrealest damage in Pittsburgh's 4-1
clinching victory over the Baltimore
University Concert Board
TuEsdAy, OcrobER 27 4:00 CC 777
with Special Guest
WEdNEsdAy OcTobER 24
AssEMbly hAll
ThuRsdAy OcTobER 27 4:00 CC777!
Sunday, Nov. 4 t h
at the
8:00 pm
Tickets on Sale now
TfEsdAy OcTobER 70 4:00 AssEiwbly H A U
at the SA Contact Office, Just-A-Song
and the Palace Theater
95.50 w/tax c rd 37.50 general public
WEdNEsdAy OcTobER 71 4:00 CC 775
1 ticket per tax card
SA funded
It was a strange repeat of historyEight years before. Stargell has,
scored the winning run in the
Pirates' scven-garite comeback
triumph over the Orioles in (his
same park.
Stargell had 12 hits in .10 bat:'
appearances for a .400 batting
average. He had seven extra base
hits including three home runs, and
25 total bases thai lied the 1977
Series record sel by Reggie Jackson
the Yankees,
But he sought to shrug off his own
individual exploits of the lust eight
days and turn the attention to
Manager Chuck Tanner and his
He said it would he hard for the
average person to understand the
closeness and the spirit of the
Pittsburgh club.
" A l l of us were disappointed when
we came so close and didn't win in
ls>7K." he related, "We went to spring
t r a i n i n g determined Ihtit v\e
wouldn't have to he home and
watching on TV this year.
"We scratched a' 'J clawed our
way past Montreal, heal the Beds,
then whipped this Baltimore club
that had been murderous all year, I
am a proud individual. I have so
much joy ill my heart."
I l was S t a r g e l l . w i t h his
earsplitting discos, his hundreds ol
crocheted gold slurs for meritorious
6 tickets per person
Comes t o S U N Y A
piano s i n g - a l o n g
time movies,
SAT. OCT. 20, 9:30 pm
Indian Quad U-Lounge
Price includes one drink and a slice of pizza.
TDGMcefot vxmvwu<ttee> €Wicl
BAI.T1MOK IC(AP) Itjs been a week
of baseball triumph l i n d personal
loss for Chuck Tanner, manager of
the W o r l d Scries c h a m p i o n
Pittsburgh Pirates.
And he reacted with relaxed calm
Wednesday night after the Pirates
" I didn't hear 'cm," Stargell said.
" I was thinking about Bill Robinson
standing out there on base. I can't
stand to leave men on base."
JSC Members
w/ tax card
sponsored by JSC-Hillel
(or more information call:
sondra 7-7786
ellen 7-8386
clinched the title on the eve of his
mother's funeral in his hometown of
New Castle, Pa.
"It's a great feeling to have gotten
the j o b done," said Tanner, who
chose to sip a cup of beer ratherlhan
drink champagne after Pittsburgh
beat Baltimore Orioles 4-I.
On S u n d a y
Pittsburgh, Tanner learned that his
mother, Anne, had died al a hospital
in Greenville, Pa., where she had
been u n d e r g o i n g
following a stroke. Tanner planned
to attend the funeral today in New
"The funeral is tomorrow. I'll gel
to it but now I'm happy," he said.
" I really believe that when
somebody up there started to help
'The Family.' we started to get the
breaks. Danny M u r t a u g h and
Clemente must be having a ball up
there right now."
M u r t a u g h , the late Pirate
manager, and Roberlo C'lemenle,
the late Pirate right fielder, helped
Pittsburgh to a string of division
Tanner, Murtaugh's successor,
had guided the Pirate to a pair of
runner-up finishes in the National
League East. He also guided
Chicago lo second place in the
American league West in l'J72. ami
his Oakland leant had placed second
in l°7o. This is his first year al the
—-Music Council Presents—- 1
Tanner In High Spirits
Despite Death Ot Mother
performances and his constant
banter that kept the Pirate
clubhouse free of strain.
As he strode to the plate in t h *
sixth inning before he hit his tworun homer, the Pirate bench started
yelling. "Come on. Pops, lead the
Elly A m e l i n g , internationally
a c c l a i m e d soprano.
Sunday, O c t o b e r 21 al 7:30 PM
in Page Hall
p r o g r a m includes music of the
Romantic Period.
New Music Series: Alvin C u r r a n
(contemporary music)
O c t o b e r 25, PAC Recital Hall
Tickets, PAC Box 457-8606
discount on c o n c e r t s w i t h lax card
"I've had a lotol higthrills. but I'd
have lo call this my most satisfying,"
said Tanner, who was horn on the
Fourth of July and smacked a home
run in his first major league at-bal
with the Milwaukee Braves in 1955,
" W e were down three games to
one. and it look a total effort to
come back and win... There wasn't
one guy who didn't contribute, It
was tremendous."
Happy Birthday
The Chub
sa funded
SA Funded
Karla Bonoff
Ooh You Little!!!
Professor Margo
of the Italian
Dept. at UCLA
The Role of
Friday October 19
at 8:00
in Boccaccies
Hu 354 at 3:30 pm
$6 tx44' cMiekb
Every Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
An Italian T o i l 3u.11 an .I la »t*astr •vrn lh# *tauteil «pp*lll* Wt> atari y>u off with
our Liiitiii. i ANTIPASTQ Salad B u l f t l , , , «| much »t 1,011 want. - and follow lhai tvllh
and '»•«.• You tlop only whtn you'v* hadcnouyh.
< llll 1)1(1 N i l Indtl 10)
S*tic<ISundov Not
9icAefo €tA^e tvwcUltv&le tzt
V)€t/wie*p€e Malt
tvnct W t i t l e
We couldn't
find a rabbit,
but good luck
* K V %^ 1
Ms.Cottino-Jones is a well-known specialist
in Medieval literature. She is a guest
ot the Italian Studies Department
0 ( lofting Monday & ^ in--.il.tv 4 urn m Cltii
Dear Joy,
R X W S a W ' X M W W K j a K K J M K : 3K«
Genie Coetzee Wants Title
Not "White Hope" Label
fight to go the distance.
Both men arc unbeaten as pros.
Tate has won 19 fights, w i t h 16
knockouts. Coetzee has knocked
out. 12 of his 22 victims, earning his
title bid with a one-round knockout
of former champion Leon Spinks
last June 24.
universal championship recognition, but he's not looking past
I'm just on old country boy and
I've been taught lo cross one bridge
at a time," he said. " I haven't beaten
"Being called 'Great White Hope' Gerric yet. When I do, then I'll talk
means more money for me," said about Holmes."
Tate earned his title shot by
Coetzee, who will fight American
T h e A l b a n y Slate f o o t b a l l
black John Tate tomorrow for the slopping South ASI'rican Kallic
Knoetze in eight rounds last June 2. coaching staff names outstanding
World Boxing Association
performers after each Dune contest.
But he said he has not been lulled
heavyweight title.
into a false sense of security by the For last week's Albany-Buffalo
"But I don't really like It," the 24victory.
game, the honors went l o the
year-old Coetzee said Wednesday. I
following: Denfensive back
"They're two different kind of
want while people, brown people,
Haynor, defensive lineman Eric
fighters," said Tale. "Kallic likes to
black people to accept me as their
Singletary. defensive hustler
take you out with one punch. Gerric
chamnion "
is the type of guy who likes to box. Flanagan. Offensive back Terry
So Coetzee promised that if he
He can't take you out with either
Walsh, offensive lineman- M i k e
beats Tate and becomes the first
hand but lie's a boxer. I've trained
A r c u r i , offensive hustler I'hil
white man to win a heavyweight title
Sara vis.
since Ingemar Johansson in 1959 for 15 rounds."
that he will work for full racial
C'oelzee. also 24. agrees that he's a
equality in all South African spoils.
boxer with a punch but expects the
"One has only to look at what
Muhammad A l i achieved for his
religion by using the world title as a
platform," said Coetzee. " I i is
possibly the best platform in the
world to launch such a message."
A F R I C A ( A P ) Gerric Coelzec of
South Africa doesn't want to be
known as a white hope, but just a
fighter w h o wants to be a world
Top Football
Performers Picked
Ticket prices run from about $345
to about $12. A crowd of at least
70.000 is expected by the promoters
for the bout that will he seen live in
the United Stales on N I K ' ill 4:JO
p.m. E D T .
The W H A title became vacant
when A l i retired earlier this year.
The W o r l d B o x i n g C o u n c i l
recognizes l . a r r y H o l m e s as
c h a m p i o n a n d most
observers considci Holmes the best
heavyweight in the world.
"I:very day when I gel up lo li'ain
I think ubout people in the boxing
norld not havingitceepted inc.and ii
ilolivitlcs me." he said,
The 24-year-old from Knoxvillc.
) enn.. wants a crack at Holmes ami
Former professional football coach
Hank Stram says he had a simple
philosophy in counseling his players
on how to deal with the media.
"I've always told my athletes to
think before they talk," said Strain,
former coach o f the Kansas City
Chiefs and New Orleans Saints, and
now CBS sports commentator and
newspaper columnist.
Stram participated in a panel
on freedom of
information i n sports at the
Associated Press Managing Editors
Also on the panel were Eddie
Crowdcr, athletic director at the
University of Colorado: Hale Irwin.
U.S. Open champion, and George
Steinbrenner. owner of the New
York Yankees.
" 1 here isn't enough mustard in
.the world lo coyer Reggie Jackson,' 1
Bicycle Sale
The fight, which has been
protested against by U.S. civil rights
groups because of South Africa's
apartheid policy, will be staged
before an integrated audience at the
l.oftus Versfeld rugby stadium in the
capital o f Pretoria JO miles from
Women Spikers Twice Victorious
Hank Stram Speaks Out On
Dealing With The Media
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a c k n o w l e d g i n g the h o t d o g
reputation of his star outfielder.
"But Reggie does his j o b for
baseball more than the player who
runs into the trainer's room, slams
the d o o r a n d w o n ' t
Steinbrenner added.
"Hale Irwin has to worry about
his back swing. Eddie Crowder has
to worry about the alumni. Hank
Stram has to worry about his
Nielsen ratings," Steinbrenner said.
" A l l I got to worry about are Hilly
(Yanks Manager Billy Martin) and
Americans of all ages "cat, sleep
and drink sports, particularly the
way the world is going loday."
Steinbrenner told the editors.
"When the Yankees make n
decision, eight million people know
about it the next day. and they all
think they have the answer.
Available at
all locations
M|j(F'C H ' l !
by Amy Kantor
volleyball coach Pat Dwycr called
Tuesday's victory against Utica and
Union Colleges "the highlight of the
season." With the victories, the
Albany team secured their position
in the state championships, which
will lake place soon alter the close of
the season on November 14th.
The Albany Stale women's volleyball team defeated I'lien and Union last
Tuesday night in Schenectady. (Photo: Suna Steinkamp)
Dike House
by Hob Bcllafiore
The Albany Slate women's tenuis
team dominated neighbor R.P.L, on
Tuesday, winning six ol seven
1 np i a nki'tl j u n i o r Lisa
Dehenmark had the most impressive
on l i n g , blowing out the number one
single.-, player from R.P.L. Periann
Edwards. She was no match lor the
Danes' best player, as Denenmark
kept her opportunities constantly in
a hole and. *is the score (6-0. 6-0)
shows, never gave her a chance.
Albany women's tennis coach
Peggy Mann was ex K .ionally
p l e a s e d w i t h D e n e n m a rk "s
performance, " I asked her to n \ to
go to the net more. 1 wanted her lo
he more aggressive." said Mann.
Number three EHse Solomon also
had a perfect day, healing K.P.I.'s
Cathy Sewell 6-0, 6-0. I lie lop
doubles team from R.P.I, went
scoreless, as Albany's Sue hard and
A m y Fclnbcrg shut out Diane Sehy
and f o r i A l k i n with successive 6-0
Rounding out the lineup, number
two Anne Newman beat Heidi
Second Half Letdown Leads
Women Booters To 2-2 Tie
by Susan Milllgan
Albany State's women's soccer
coach Amy Kidder cited "a loss of
domination in the second half" as
the reason f o r P i t t s b u r g h ' s
comeback and ultimate 2-2 lie
against Albany last Tuesday.
The Albany women had clear
control of the ball in the first of the
45 minute halves. A goat by
freshman Donna La Monica with
only six minutes to go in the half
gave A l b a n y an a d v a n t a g e
statistically and psychologically.
"We've found thai in the games we
have won, we had scored early in the
game, or at least in the first half."
Kidder said.
Sue Stern, the team's swiftest
player, scored early in the second
half to give Albany a 2-0 lead. But
apparently, Watisburgh was not
Hours: 10-5 Mon, Wed, Fri. Sat
10-9 Tues, Thurs
pportshoes-State Campus]
discouraged. P i t t s b u r g h began lo
gain control of the ball and made
several close shots on goal. Albany
goalie Laurie Briggs made some
outstanding saves, but eventually
P i t t s b u r g h had lo score, and did.
bringing the score to 2-1. P i t t s b u r g h
did nol lose their hard-fought
domination that they won in the
second half. As Albany suffered ihc
short-term loss of two injured
players, Plattshurgh scored again
to tic the game at 2-2.
The game went into two 10-miiuilc
overtimes. Both teams pul up a
fierce light, but neither team scored.
The Albany State women's soccer
team's record now stands al .1-1-2.
T h e w o m e n ' s next game is
tomorrow al the University of
across from Western Ave. S U N Y A Entrance behind Dunkin Donuls
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OCTOBER 19, 1979
The Dwycr line-ups consisted of
Captain Allison Heals. Reha Miller.
Anne Caibcrry, Julie Menoff. Lisa
Dieht, Kapia Neito. Elizabeth
Austin and Lynn Moesch.
"Albany is one of the best
Division 111 women's volleyball
teams in the state."said Dwycr. " A s
players, the girls are young and show
good skills."
The Albany squad looks forward
t o a Ring ha n i t o n
tournament which will involve 10 top
teams in the state, and will be held in
approximately two weeks.
"We were in a slump f o r the last
couple o f weeks," Dwycr assessed,
"But we're officially out o f it now. 4 '
Albany will host Onconta this
coming Wednesday, a squad which,
according l o Dwycr, "gives us the
most competition." However, he
expressed confidence about doing
well. " W e have a fine chance of
winning." he concluded.
Women Netters Dominate RPI, 6-1
Available at
all locations
The Danes look to Union's court
in Schencctday and handled the
Utica squad, sweeping both games
15-9 and 15-11. After Utica dropped
another set of games l o Union.
Albany battled the home team,
losing the first game 1)-I5. They
outscorcd Union in the next, 15-9;
and then slipped by the tough
opponent, winning the final and the
match 15-14. The 'come from behind'
victory set the volleyball team's
season record at 10-3. " W e were
trailing 14-10 in the last game."
Dwycr explained, "but we managed
to come through," he added, as the
team was down by an almost
constant lour points throughout the
last game.
A second half comeback by Plattshurgh dropped Albany's womens soceei
team into a 2-2 tie on Tuesday. (Photo: .Ion Hodges)
Schmidt 6-J. 6-1, fourth ranked
Manila Wertheimcr knocked o f f
' l i t . I f IThomas
I. ~l 6-1,
/ . I In
I . . secondI r |
doubles. Calhy Comerford a 111! A
Anne Livid
• I V I U beat
Hk,ii lerri
i L I i i Miller
i M i n e i and
i i m i 51
Sion Cioei 6-2, 6-.V Comerford
didn't make the squad last year. Inn
worked hard atul has pleased Maun
this year, I his mulch was also
Kreid's firsi laste ol competition.
^ ^ ^ ^loss
^ ^ ^was
^ _ .by
nuinbe IIVI
I he^ one
ingles player Beverly Bnggs. win
alter inking
' — the first setft-3,lost the
second, 5*7,
id tlie nine point
The victor
Is up lhe season for
the Albany women won
ilh a «*record. When asked about the win
Mann related, " I expected it to be
onesided, but I'm happy. I i helped
us uoi lo have a losing season."
Incidentally. Mann has never bad a
season below .500 al Albany.
Next weekend, six members of the
team travel to Rochester for the
N Y S A I A W ( N e w Y o r k Stale
Association o l Intercollegiate
Athletics for Women) Championship Tournament, Denenmark is
seeded ninth a n d . along w i t h
Newman, will play singles, and the
doubles squads of Baid-I einberg
and Sandra Burrclle and Chris
Rodgers will represent Albany. Last
year the Danes were ninth of 2S
schools. This year, Mann hopes t o
be in the top ten oftbe 39 squads that Dominating RPI last Tuesday, the Albany Stale Women's tennis team
improved their record 4-4. (Photo: Jon Hodges)
will compete.
Missed Opportunities Hamper Booters In 2-2 Tie
vontinued from na#e twenty
Midway through the closing half,
Ne/aj stole the ball from the O w l
rush al mid-field yet lost control in
front of the net.
Dane goalie. Ciiordano. who
made nine saves in the contest, fell
that he "wasn't tested much al
all."Of the saves that Giordano bad,
one of the tougher ones was with 15
minutes to go in regulation, when an
O w l player kicked a point-blank
shot thai'Ciiordano blocked.
Willi regulation time coming to a
close, there was some intense body
contact in front of the Kcene goal,
and Arango came out of the contact
with an injured left leg. "Luis is
d o u b t f u l for tomorrow's game
B i n g h a m t o n , " said
Yet another free kick f o r
Albany, at Ihc close of regulation
time, was not able to provide the
Danes with the win as Pagano'sshot
was blocked in front of thCtOwl
wall. The last eight minutes of the
game was entirely in the hands of ihe
Albany offense yet, when time ran
out the score was deadlocked at
zero. "We were tired. We tired after
the first half but we're really a
second half team," said M a / i n .
Throughout the game the Kcenc
Win lac game, yet Ciiordano came up
with some phenomenal saves in an
action packed final minute.
W i l l i the clock winding down, A
Kcene rush fell just short as their
shoi hit the posl to end the game.
Ciiordano commented on that dual
shot, "1 thought my defender had it
Albany's Sehicffclin Tell a bit but I was sure it was my ball.
different. " A s it turned out. the refs Luckily. I was able to gel my finger
didn't destroy the outcome of the tip on i t . "
game but I've seen an awful lot
Sehicffclin was most pleased with
the effort* in Parrella and Chiarelli.
" M a l t was all over the field. You
The two teams went into the first
overtime rather tired yet Kcene wind him up and watch him g o . "
seemed lo have a liule advantage in
Tomorrow's game against a very
thai ihc Dane squad is somewhat
physical Binghamton squad is "a key
depleted with the injuries to game to go to the N C A A ' s . It's
delenseman Vlado Sergovich and
between us and them to sec who goes
Arango and the departure of Alie
to the National Championships."
Kamara. "Kecne subbed like hell. said M a / i n .
We play our subs," stated Markes.
" L o r Binghamton. I t ' s d i i r d i e , "
Stale coaches badgered the referees
for what they fell was misinterpretations of the game. " W e had to
contend with more than the game.
I he referees were very visible and
whenever this occurs, il takes away
from the game," reflected Kcenc
Slate head coach Ron Butcher.
As the opening overtime period
b e g a n , the w e a t h e r
increasingly chilly and the Albany
offense was in full gear. The last two
minutes showed co-captain Robert
Dahab pass the ball from the right
wing to Jim Igoe who shot (he ball
wide right.
The teams switched sides and
Albany defended the goal that faced
Dutch Quad in the second and final
overtime period.
Kcenc had two opportunities to
said Schieffelin.
Binghamton is a quality learn, as
evidenced by their tie against lied
p o w e r h o u s e M a r l w i c k , where
Albany lost a tough 1-0 contest to the
Hartwick club.
Looking into the future, the
Danes lace the number one team in
New York Slate and ranked tenth in
the country. Division I St. Francis,
Giordano ended the discussion by
staling thai "we can't take anybody
easy the rest of the way."
-*.OCTOBER 19, 1979
Friday, October 19, 1979
SUNYA Alcohol Policy
Undefeated Danes Set Sights On 0-5 Brooklyn
by Paul Schwartz
As a leam, they have been
defeated in close games, been
shutout, and last week, routed. They
pose no special problems with their
strategy nor their si/e, but they will
be the Albany State football squad's
opposition on University Field
tomorrow, and that make win less
Brooklyn College the only
remaining soft team on the Dane
After Brooklyn, Albany faces a
torrid four-game stretch with
proven opponents at every turn.
Next week, it will be Norwich, a
p o w e r h o u s e team that was
undefeated until a setback in their
last outing. But before thinking
.about the tough teams, the Danes
must concentrate on Brooklyn, a
squad that even falls short of
mediocre- the Kingsman are 0-5
against a very average .schedule.
"They arc prohahly the poorest
team we arc going lo lace all
season." said Albany State head
football coach Bob Ford. "It isn't a
matter of trying to shut them down.
We have been working on all aspect1
of our team, and wc must continue
working on our passing attack and
eliminating offensive mistakes."
The Kingsman have had a
winning tradition in football 29
wins, nine losses since 1975,
including last season's 5-4 record.
But this year they have been
dreadful, prompting Ford to state
that "the bottom has just fallen out
of their program." Brooklyn started
ml their season losing to Jersey
City. 2.1-7. and then the steamroller
hegan (o roll: Pace 7. Brooklyn 6.
New Vork Tech 24. Brooklyn 17.
Marist 14. Brooklyn 0. The
Kingsman hit rock-bottom last week
Split end Scotl Lusher curries the ball on an end-around in the Danes victory over Buffalo al University Field
last Saturday. Albany hosts Brooklyn tomorrow. (Photo: Mike Furrcll)
when they were trounced by Kean
This is the fust meeting between
Albany and Brooklyn, and the
Danes go into the game with a
scarcity of information about the
Kingsman. The Albany coaches
have not seen game films of
Brooklyn, and no season statistics
were available cither. In last weeks
game against Kean. Danes coaches
I ony Diange and Don I'ouracre
scouted the K ingsmau. but again, nogame statistics were lo be found.
What is known about Brooklyn
conies from the scouting report
prepared by Diange and I-'ouracre,
and they witnessed the Kingsman at
their absolute worst. "Brooklyn had
trouble executing and Kean just
jumped all over them." said Diange.
leading the Kingsman are
quarterbacks Pepe Carrubba (6-3,
180) and lorn Sajecki (6-2. 210).
Carrubba started against Kean. but
neither signalealler distinguished
hi in sell with a n impressive
performance. The duo was sevenfor-20 throwing the ball, and Kean
defenders intercepted four passes,
two of which were returned for
Utilizing a tw'm-vcer offensive
setup. Brooklyn managed to run off
only 19 rushing plays last week, and
of those few plays, Brooklyn
fumbled the ball eight times, with
three lost possessions. Runningback
Ron Mikel carried the bulk of the
time, but had only an average day,
according to Diange. Halfback Tim
[Senate Committee Rebukes
Brown (5-10. ISO i is u first-stringer us
a freshman, but was injured on the
game's 10th play against Kean and
saw no action the remainder of the
Two players that were highlytouted in the Brooklyn program,
halfback Gary Grccco and Barry
.letter, did not play a week ago. and
it is not known if they will be
available against the Danes. Mack
Short handles the Hanker spot, and
the Kingsman offensive line, while
allowing their quarterback to be
sacked live times, is physically above
"Personnel-wise, they don't have
anybody that we have to run away
from," said Diange. "We will
attack them with our base defense
and offense, and try to I iricl out their
weaknesses throughout the game."
Denfensively, Brooklyn lines up
in a 5-2 with a monslerback, a
formation Albany has seen m a n y
times. The monslerback slot is filled
by John D'lorio, who Diange feels is
the best athlete on the Brooklyn
squad. Other key players are tackle
Craig Coker and end Alan Waters.
Another factor in the Kingsman's
dismal season is their inexperience,
as the team hits only three seniors on
the roster.
"I feel Brooklyn is the kind of
leam I call a burglar." Diange said.
"They will come out and try and
steal a win from us. We can't afford a
lapse. We've got to see this as a week
of improvement."
"It isa natural tendency to look by
a team like Brooklyn." added Ford.
"But we'd belter not. We have a lot
of veterans on our team, and after
last year's upset hy Buffalo, those
players found themselves sitting al
lunne when the playoffs began."
Requests Lifting Of Curb
by Graham C. .SMimun
The University Senate Committee
on Residence voted Friday to
recommend that the SUNYA office
of Residences withdraw the University's Interim Policy on Alcohol.
The policy, which seeks to limit
alcohol consumption and control
overcrowding at campus parties,
was introduced this semester by the
Residence staff. In addition, the
policy has been used to curb vandalism and enforce fire safety laws.
The Committee, composed of
seven faculty members and five
students, questioned the present
guidelines and the necessity of an
alcohol policy. "The University has
no right to regulate how much a
person drinks," said Student Affairs Committee Chair Mark
The guidelines apply to oncampus parties held in public areas,
Vol. LXVI N o . 40
S U t t Unlverwty ot N e w Yof* at Albany
Tuesday, October 2 3 , 1979
i t r t b y AJtany H u d M » r « u Corporation
DA: They Had No Authorization For Dorm Drug Raid
Big Boozers
p. 3
Albany's Dave Neville (3) and Jim OgQfl (20) fight for (he ball with Ke'ene
players in the Danes 0-0 tie on Wednesday. (Photo: Sue Taylor)
such as a theme for parties.
Lafayette said he will call for a
vote of the Student Affairs Committee if Welty docs not act on the
Trial Of 2 Albany Cops Wears On
Bing'ton Bans
Missed Opportunities Drop
Albany Record To 5-2-2
Photo: Karl Chan
Offense Fails Booters In Tie With Keene St.
disappointed." said Ma/in. "A shot
like that is almost a sure goal."
Albany keeper Alberto Giordano
commented, "The goalkeeper made
an excellent save on the penalty kick
by Afrim. Ninety-nine percent of the
time, a shot like thai scores."
" Ihc missed penalty kick by us
oy Jeff Schadoff
first goal of the game. Jack C hiarelli. giiVO Keene a resurgence, lo come
On an afternoon that would be taking the shot for Albany, passed
away without a score on a penally
considered "quite fa\ o r a b l e " the hall to Alex Pagano. who
kick really psyches the team up."
weather conditions, the Albany slammed the ball that hit the upper
commented John Markcs.
Slate soccer leam extended their upper crossbar of the goal and
A tenacious Albany offense fell
^iulout siring to four, playing to a kicked out. The rebound came out in just short again, when with IK
double-overtime 0-0 tie with the front but Albany's Afrim Ne/aj
minutes lo go. an Albatn pass from
Keene State Owls of New headed the rebound out ol bounds.
midficld eluded Owl delenders and
"Wc were coming so close. The got through to Ma/in. who sideAlbany State soccer coach Bill
posi shot hit to the side where there stepped the defenders only to lane
Schielfelin was "disappointed but
was no player lor a rebound." said his shot blocked in front.
no) dissatisfied. It was ;i quality
Jeff Ma/in.
Ihc play concentrated in Keene
game against quality teams. If we
Al this point, and throughout the territory throughout the first half
finish this week (including
entire game, end-to-end action was and Albany missed out on four
t o m o r r o w ' s ga me a g a i n s t
to be characteristic ol the entire corner kicks. "We had all the
Binghamton) without a loss. I'll be
opportunities in the world hut we
very happy and we'll be in good
With 2K:40 to go in the first half, just couldn't cash in on ihcm."
the Danes had the best opportunity commented Schicllclin.
to go ahead. Again. Keene
A lough and stubborn Albany
I he game began with most of the
committed untimely errors that defense, highlighted by Pagano and
play in the Keene territory. The
caused another penally kick for Chiarelli "were the key to the game.
Albany booters had numerous
Albany, but this time the kick waslo noted Schicfelin. "Keith Falconer
opportunities to get the ball in the
be a point-blank shot, Ne/aj versus also played a very steady game "
the Keene keeper, There was no wall
"The defense has improved so
Wiih three minutes gone by in the
to block this shot. I his lime it was much in the last lew games that it
opening half. Dane right half-back
may have taken away some of the
Matt Parrclla hooted a crossing shot
from deep in the right corner
Ne/aj let go a blistering shot that tenacity of the offense," remarked
towards the net. Luis Arango took
was unbelievably blocked by the Ne/aj.
ihc crossing shot and headed it just
A corner kick by Parrclla, early in
Owl keeper's outstretched right arm.
*ide and high of the goal.
"I guessed right on the kick and I the second hall was headed by
did what I normally would. Maybe Arangt), but the drive hit the post
Wuh foughiy nine ijiinules gone
I hung it up a little too high," coming just short again of a Dane
in in ihc first half, ihc Danes had a
penally ihoi thai uccmed to he the commented Ne/aj. "Fverybody was
continued on page nineteen
such as Quad flagroom's and
Drinking restrictions are set at
forty ounces of beer, ten ounces of
wine, or three ounces of liquor per
person. A maximum of two kegs,
for example, would be allowed at a
party for 100 people.
Citing a lack of student input in
creating the policy, Lafayette called
it "an insult" and said its founding
has " n o basis".
Director of Residence John Welty said there has been a general
decrease in vandalism since the
policy's implementation. He added,
however, that the reduction may Meeting of the University Senate Committee on Residence
not be a result of the policy.
The group is questioning Ihc present need for an alcohol policy.
Welly said that without a policy,
the University would be condoning "unenforceable. It is not going to mendation to Quad Boards,
In addition, it was suggested that
the use of alcohol. "We cannot af- meet the need it was designed for."
Committee members suggested the Quad Boards and Residence
ford the old level of vandalism."
Colonial Quad Board President the limits be abolished and the staff develop alternative programmMark Baldwin called the plan policy be used as a general recom- ing to reduce the use of alcoholism,
by Sylvia Saunders
District Attorney Dennis Acton
called the last of the prosecution
witnesses to the stand Friday and
Monday, as the trial of two Albany
police officers continued in the
Albany County Court.
Albany Police Department Narcotics Enforcement Divisions
Detective Francis Dolan, Sergeant
Jon Hodges
Officer. Michael Budianan(lup) and Richard Vltatbottom),
The befense Attorney likened them to "Starsky and Hutch"
Warren Jones, Detective Loren
Grugan, and New York State Police
Laboratory's Senior Chcmisl Andre
Lavigne testified against officers
R i c h a r d Vita and Michael
Acton stressed that the officers
acted without required departmental authorization for any drug investigation.
Dolan said on Friday that "all
departmental investigations must be
authorized. Anyone working on an
undercover assignment must fill out
a weekly report."
He added that failure to obtain
authorization for any type of investigation would result in departmental charges.
Dolan testified that Buchanan
and Vita made formal application
to the Narcotics Division only once
while the defense argued strongly
that the officers "were anxious to
be narc officers just like Starsky
and Hutch."
Dolan added, "Experience obtained through unauthorized investigation would have a very
negative effect on the selection process."
Grugan and Jones were questioned about a search of Vita's car on
March 28. Grugan testified that he
found "vegetation" in Vita's
unlocked glove compartment.
Lavigne described the procedure
for receipt and labelling of the
evidence found in the glove compartment. He said he conducted
three scientific tests and found
marijuana present. in all the
evidence discovered.
On Monday, Dolan was recalled
to testify that police records state
Buchanan served on the Narcotics
Division in 1976, He said the defendant worked as an assistant from
August 3-7, but did no undercover
work and received no training in
narcotics at this time. "He was just
filling in," he said.
Defense Attorneys Paul E.
Cheeseman and E. Stewart Jones
requested a mistrial because of Ihc
"prosecution's -distortion of. the
case and proof based only on
hercsay," said Cheeseman. He added that he had been "unduly
restricted in his cross examination."
Judge Harris ruled that there was
" n o justification for a mistrial"
and advised the defense attorneys to
take their complaint to the appellate
court after the trial was over.
Jones called SUNYA Departmeni
of Safety Patrolman John Canto to
continued on page five
Downtown Waterbury Hall on Alumni Quad
The two officers allegedly ransacked a room here.
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