FRIDAY, F E B R U A R Y 8 . 1 9 S 7
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Saud Visits United States;
Greeted By Chief Executive
Recatd ReaieuA
Album Reviews
Ella Fitzgerald, generally accredited a s being t h e first lady of jazz,
certainly lives u p to this s t a n d a r d
A million square miles of drifting strategic D a h r a n airbase. This is in h e r n e w two disc L P package on
sand, a desolate wasteland. T h i s is t h e price t h e United S t a t e s m u s t Verve e n t i t l e d "Ella Fitzgerald Sings
the Rogers a n d H e a r t Song Book."
Saudi Arabia on t h e surface a n d yet pay to keep its eagles flying.
Thirty-four numbers are treated
below t h i s scene of u t t e r desolation
here a s they've never been done b e are t h e pools of oil, t h e liquid t h a t The Man
makes t h i s feudal kingdom all p o w In 1953 Abdul Saud, t h e old king fore. Miss Fitzgerald sounds r e erful in t h e Middle East. I t is the of Arabia died; into h i s place s t e p - freshing on e a c h n u m b e r ; t h e r e a r e
piece of territory in t h e world be- ped I b n Saud, t h e n e w king. Old or never a n y tired tones to be h e a r d
longing lock, stock a n d oil barrel new it made n o difference, t h e Saud as one might expect from a lesser
to one m a n , I b n S a u d .
family came first, t h e country sec- artist. I t ' s h a r d to honestly r e p o r t
ond. T h e country r e m a i n e d o n e of which rendition is t h e best because
Blood And S a n d
mud h u t s , dates, camels, a n d pov- each is first rate.
T h e wells p u m p e d t h e liquid Doris Day
This b a r r e n land since t h e time of
"Day by D a y " is t h e n a m e of a
M o h a m m e d h a s been t h e scene of gold b u t disease struck in t h e cities,
bloodshed. Early in t h e twentieth even in t h e holy cities of Mecca song. I t is also t h e title given to a
century t h e r e appeared in this e n d - a n d Medina. Disease t h a t even new album release by Doris D a y
lass wasteland a m i l i t a n t follower struck a little six-year-old boy, all on Columbia. Selections from this
of t h e beliefs of M o h a m m e d a n d this would go unnoticed in this LP will be featured on D. J. p r o the K o r a n . Abdul Saud leading his land of sword a n d immorality h a d g r a m s for a long time to come. Miss
followers with t h e cry "Back to the not t h e little boy been t h e son of Day's i n t i m a t e styling of t h e twelve
K o r a n a n d on to t h e Land," set Ibn Saud, oil baron. Saud was i n - s t a n d a r d s s h e offers here h a s never
out to unify Arabia. He drove out vited to visit t h e United S t a t e s a n d been excelled. T h i s package will
the Turks, t h e ruling family of H e - with h i m came t h e little boy for make D a y fans go wild a n d music
jaz, a n d smashed British plans to t r e a t m e n t . T h e tall m a n in t h e flow- lovers in general marvel at h e r fine
divide t h e country. W h e n Abdul ing robes, blind in one eye, was per- vocalizing.
died in 1953 he controlled all oi this sonally greeted by P r e s i d e n t Eisen- F r a n k S i n a t r a
F r a n k S i n a t r a once again proves
mysterious peninsula except Yemen. hower, a n honor afforded n o one
T h e m a n of t h e black t e n t h a d else on this globe. I b n S a u d pos- why h e is t h e disc jockey's favorite
unified his country t h r o u g h t h e sesses t h e oil a n d we t h e knowledge m a l e vocalist, in h i s new album r e only two m e t h o d s known to h i m : to utilize it. T h e r e a r e no blind lease for Capitol. I t ' s called "Close
sheep in this game of i n t e r n a t i o n a l to You." S i n a t r a i n t e r p r e t s a dozen
physical violence, and bribery.
ballads here in his own u n m a t c h The Weapon
able phrasings. Besides t h e title
T h e Incident
song, " P . S . I Love You" a n d "Blame
1938 oil was discovered,
overnight t h e Saudi family held the
In this world there a r e m a n y peo- It O n My Y o u t h " a r e among t h e
scepter of power a n d wealth in the ple, some intelligent, some o t h e r - tunes included. T o e n h a n c e S i n middle east. T h e land belonged to wise. O n e such person
almost a t r a ' s ' class" vocalizing, t h e Hollythem hence all royalties from it. Oil wrecked American foreign policy by wood S t r i n g Q u a r t e t h a s been e m pays for t h e Cadillacs, palaces, even trying to a c t a s a crusader. How- ployed to supply t h e backing.
the air conditioned R i y a d h Rai road ever, t h e federal
a d m i n i s t r a t i o n Tony B e n n e t
"Tony," a new album by Tony
t h a t r u n s nowhere. T h e "Black stepped in a n d saved t h e d a y by t a k Gold" of t h e world h a s such i m - ing over t h e duties of t h e self- B e n n e t on Columbia, should soon
portance t h a t American oil com- styled S a v a r n r o l a . P r e s i d e n t Eisen- be one of t h e top selling albums in
panies such as A r a m a c o m u s t follow hower s u m m e d it up aptly w h e n h e the country. Ballads a r e tastefully
such rules a s no alcohol a n d no said, "We do n o t talk just with i n t e r - m i x e d with some very good
Christian worship on their installa- those we like b u t with those we dis- up tempo n u m b e r s to produce a very
tions. T h e United S t a t e s govern- like if we a r e to achieve our goals." listenable package. This is Beimel's
m e n t m u s t also train a n d equip t h e King S a u d m a y n o t be r u n n i n g a first dozen deal for Columbia in a
Saudi Army a n d mobilize new oil model Utopia in S a u d i A r a b i a b u t long while a n d should satisfy his
reserves if it w a n t s to keep t h e for t h e time being we m u s t be p a r t - long list of fans who have eagerly
valuable oil concessions a n d t h e ners with h i m till d e a t h do us part. awaited it.
Greeks Feature O p e n House
Announce Election Results
Initiations a n d social events h i g h - lege on Sunday, F e b r u a r y 10, from
light news from t h e Greek houses. 2:30 to 5:30 p m . T h e K a p p a B e t a
house is located a t 577 W a s h i n g t o n
G a m m a K a p p a P h i h a s pledged
Marie Gagemi, Yolanda
a n d Rose A n n Scalfari, Sophomores.
Alan H u t c h i n s o n '57, President of
G a m m a K a p will h a v e formal i n - Sigma L a m b d a Sigma, a n n o u n c e s
itiations F e b r u a r y 10 a t 2 p.m. I t t h a t their formal rush p a r t y will
will be followed by a house w a r m - be held this evening from 9 p.m. to
ing for all S t a t e College students. 1 a.m., a t t h e S h e r a t o n T e n Eyck
T h e house, which is located a t 207 in t h e F o r t Orange Suite. T h i s party
Western Avenue, will be open to
is called R a t Morte and those a t t h e s t u d e n t s from 3 to 6 p.m. I n
tending should be dressed in F r e n c h
charge of t h e reception committee
fashion. I n charge of t h e c o m m i t is Barbara Vaas '59 a n d Gail Rivertees a r e : Ronald Pryor '58, General
k a m p '59 is in charge of refreshC h a i r m a n ; Paul Erickson '59, Arments.
Norton '59,
In a replacement election, Nancy C h a p e r o n e s ; J e r r y Banfield '58 a n d
Madelin '58 w a s chosen treasurer Michael Van Vranken '59, E n t e r of G a m m a K a p p a P h i .
t a i n m e n t ; Joseph Swierzowski '57,
Peter Dykeman '57, President of R e f r e s h m e n t s ;
Louis Cashon '57,
Kappa Beta, a n n o u n c e s a n open Decorations; Robert Stimson '57,
house for all s t u d e n t s of S t a t e Col- I n v i t a t i o n s a n d P r o g r a m s ; Donald
Rice '58, Name Tags; a n d J o h n
Cocca '59, C l e a n - u p .
State College News
Students To Attend
Lecture On Painting
You smoke refreshed
Anew idea in smoking...all-new 5 » a
I,,, /.'../. ItnillilhlH TiilMlrrn Cum mill y/.
VOL. X L I I NO. 2
Sorority Rushing Concludes With Buffets, Formats;
Silent Period Terminates Late Tuesday Afternoon
F o r m a l rushing comes to a conclusion t h i s weekend a s t h e sororities stage t h e i r a n n u a l Buffet a n d
F o r m a l Dinners. T h e Buffet D i n tiers a t six sororities tonight will be
held from 6 until 9 p.m. Formal
D i n n e r s a r e to be held tomorrow
evening from 7 until 11 p.m.
t h r o u g h Tuesday to 5:30 p . m . with
t h e exception of t h e weekend par-
ties. F r e s h m a n preference sheets
should be filled out a n d returned to
the S t u d e n t Personnel Office by
12:35 p.m., Monday. Bids will be
sent to t h e rushees t h r o u g h S t u
dent Mail on Tuesday.
K a p p a Delta
Patricia Burke '57 is general
c h a i r m a n of K a p p a Delta's Informal
Dinner, t h e t h e m e of which is
O'Kady's Saloon. K D Wonderland
is t h e t h e m e of F o r m a l Dinner.
General c h a i r m a n is S u s a n n e R u s sell '58. Coordinator of t h e weekend
is E izabeth Stapleton '57.
Psi G a m m a
General c h a i r m a n of t h e Buffet
Dinner. " C a n d y l a n d , " is S u z a n n e
CiM'michael '59. "A G a r d e n of M e m ories" is t h e t h e m e of t h e Formal
Dinner, according to M a r g a r e t Carr
'53, General C h a i r m a n .
Chi Sigma T h e t a
C o - c h a i r m e n of t h e Chi Sigma
a r e S u e Fusco
iind Mary Shelton, J u n i o r s . T h e
theme is C o n t i n e n t a l Chi Sig. T h e
theme of t h e Formal Dinner is Chi
Sig Castle. C o - c h a i r m e n of t h e
event a r e Eileen Lalley a n d C h r i s tine Melillo, Juniors.
Sigma Phi Sigma
"Women Rule t h e World" is t h e
t h e m e of Sigma P h i Sigma's Formal Dinner, state Frieda Cohen a n d
Lenore Mosner, Juniors, a n d coc h a i r m e n of t h e affair.
Gamma Kappa Phi
General c h a i r m a n of t h e Buffet
is Edna Reger '53; t h e t h e m e is a
F r e n c h Cale. F o r m a l D i n n e r h a s
for its theme 'Cinderella." General
c h a i r m a n is J u d i t h Swan '58.
Beta Zeta
The theme of t h e B e t a Zeta Buffet Dinner is Toyland. Sally H a r t er '58 is general c h a i r m a n , "BZ
Heaven" is t h e t h e m e for Formal
Dinner, according to Beverly W y lam '57. C h a i r m a n .
I'hi Delta
"Roaring Twenties" is t h e theme
ol P h i Delta's Informal
C h a i r m a n of t h e event is Ann
Hitchcock '58. T h e theme of t h e
Formal Dinner is "Showboat," a n nounces Patricia Gearing '58, C h a i r man.
SA Convocation
Meets In Page
This Morning
Committee Holds
Basketball Dance
Alpha Pi Alpha h a s h a d new
elections, a n n o u n c e s Edward J o n e s
After t h e game with New Paltz '57, President. Donald Bindrim '58
T h e new
tonight. S t u d e n t Union Board will was elected historian.
sponsor a J u k e Box Dance in t h e songleader is Lloyd Murdock '59.
G a m e Room, from 10:30 until 12
p.m. Marilyn D a r z a n o '59 a n d William D e G r o a t '58 a r e co-chairmen.
Sandwiches a n d coke will be served
by Beta Zeta in t h e upper lounge
to members of both teams.
B a r b a r a Hungerford '57, PresiOn S a t u r d a y a t 10:30 p.m., fol- dent of D r a m a t i c s and Arts C o u n lowing t h e game with Brooklyn cil, a n n o u n c e s t h a t t h e group will
Polytechnic Institute, Kappa Delta sponsor a talk on t h e Art of P a i n t will sponsor a reception for m e m - ing, Tuesday at 4 p.m., in Draper
bers of t h e visiting a n d home teams. 349.
In t h e G a m e Room, Clyde Payne a n d
T h e speaker will be E d m u n d Cowhis Pedcats will play for dancing,
ley, Assistant Professor
of Art.
s t a r t i n g a t t h e same time.
Cowley will speak on t h e "Basic
T h e sororities a r e sponsoring t h e Schools of Painting," a n d " T r e n d s
receptions in conjunction with t h e in T w e n t i e t h Century
Hospitality Committee of the S t u - Everyone, especially those interested in a r t , are welcome to a t t e n d .
dent Union Board.
15, 1 9 5 7
T h e r e will be a legislative assembly today at 10 a.m. in Page Hall
Auditorium. A t t e n d a n c e
meeting is compulsory. T h e agenda
lor this meeting as approved by
S t u d e n t Council is as follows: two
financial motions, one concerning
S t a t e College Revue, t h e other concerning P a r e n t s ' D a y ; t h e p r e s e n t ation of proposed changes in constitutional
by t h e
Watchdog committee from S t u d e n t
Council; the presentation of a m The presidents if t h e sororities a r e phographed above, In t h e back row, from left to right, arc Mary e n d m e n t s by S t u d e n t Board of F i n Furncr, Chi Sigma
' b e t a ; J u n e Studley, G a m m a Kappa I'hi; Mary Lou Mciscr, Psi G a m m a ; Paula ance, also for t h e approval of S t u Lehrer, Sigma P h i Sigma. In t h e front row arc Ann Kinsler, K a p p a Delta; Nancy Louprette, Beta / e t a , dent Association; n o m i n a t i o n s for
S t u d e n t Board of F i n a n c e a n d S t u and J o a n Van Dusen, I'hi Delta.
dent Council.
Annual Merchandising Clinic
Features Speeches On Retailing Agenda
T h e Distributive Education Club
will sponsor t h e fifth a n n u a l m e r chandising clinic, a n n o u n c e s Reno
S. Knouse, Professor of M e r c h a n dising and faculty advisor of t h e
Poj an. Mr George
Mi- Jeff Di vis.
Perkins, and
Two financial motions for approval
of SA: one for $800 for S t a t e College Revue, t h e other for $550 for
P a r e n t s ' Weekend.
A motion for t h e appropriation
of $800.00 for the a n n u a l S t a t e College Revue will be brought before
t h e s t u d e n t body. Another motion
lor a similar appropriation of $550.00
for P a r e n t s ' Weekend m u s t also be
approved by S t u d e n t Association.
Both of these motions were passed
by S t u d e n t Council; to be carried
out a t w o - t h i r d s vole of S t u d e n t
Association is necessary.
Both t h e Watchdog committee ol
Student Council a n d S t u d e n t Board
ol F i n a n c e will bring proposed a m e n d m e n t s before Student Association tor approval. It is suggested
that each s t u d e n t bring his h a n d book to assembly in order to discuss
and vote on these a m e n d m e n t s .
Nominalions for a S t u d e n t Board
ol F i n a n c e member from t h e class of
'59 will be held, along with n o m i n ations for two members of s t u d e n t
Council: one from t h e class ol '00
and one from SA at large.
posted a new list of names for compulsory a t t e n d a n c e ; those legally
excused first semester must secure
new permission.
Tuesday, Mr. George Fllda will
speak on the .subject of "Creative Constitutional
the Watchdog committee of StuDisplay," Mrs. Monique Jones will
dent Council for SA approval.
discuss "Current Practices in MerCosmetics" and Mr. Student Board of Finance amciidThe purpose oi the clinic, to be chandising
incuts lor SA approval.
Becker will speak on
held in the merchandising labora- Clement
tory .n New Draper, is to bring into "Wholesaling Practices ill the Drug licplacemcnt nominations for two
I he .school t h e highlights of current Field."
members of Student Council: one
from the Class of 'GO, t h e other
practices in t h e field of m e r c h a n Wednesday,
from SA at large.
dising This year's theme i.> " T h e Through Chamber ol Commerce
C'e liien Age ot Retailing." Lew is Activities" will be the topic ol a Nominations for one member of
Student Board of Finance from
C U T "I" President of the Distribu- speech given b , Mr. Robert Young.
the class of '59,
tive' Edui ii tiiJIi Club, announces the
"Creating the Advertising P l a n "
Fraternity bids for all eligible
There will be no a n n o u n c e m e n t s in
billowing speakers and their topics.
Statesmen will be issued on Monday,
today's assembly.
Thursday, 'Display Techniques"
iiiiin 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. in t h e
Monday, Mr. Lloyi Swalison will will be the subject ol Mr. Paul
New lists of compulsory attend
Student Personnel Office, a n n o u n c e s
ance have been posted.
speak on Sliccesslul Uetail Selling Marsh. Miss [-Catherine Van Epps
Alan Hutchinson '57, President of
Ti'i'hniqui ; " Later i panel discus- will discuss "Fashion as a Force in
I n t e r - F r a t e r n i t y Council. T h e bids
"A Close Look At Two Merchandising," and Mr. J. E.
must be returned to t h e S P O on
Major Mi i l l s III Communication
Tuesday between t h e hours of 9 a.m.
'I V." is Its topics will Wlieaton will speak on "Current
and 1 p.m. If a rusliee should fail
lo pick up or r e t u r n his bid or bids
be held Members ol the panel will Techniques In Mail Order .Selling."
during the specified hours, his bid
be Mr ll.irn Goldman, Mr. (Jig
Friday, Dr. George J, Vinson, Dior bids will become void. Since
rector ol Training at Saks Fifth
rushees will be notified by S t u d e n t
Avenue in New York, will speak on
Mail on Monday m o r n i n g if they
"Preparing for Retailing\s Golden
" I n t o the valley ol death rode engro.-sed in winter sports in aid have received bids, it is emphasized
Age." Dr. Vinson's speech will be
that t h e S t u d e n t Mail boxes m u s i
given in room H49, Draper Hull. R e - the six hundred . ." And valiantly them.
be checked before 1 p.m. on that day.
tail m e r c h a n t s Irmu the Albany they rode Never hesitating, never
S i nilo t h e valley they rode, and
A rusliee must have spent at least
retreating. They faced the conlines their w a n inis conquered toe a l t e r
-lores will lii Invited
ol t h e smallest ol all valleys with toe. T h e six hundred became more one semester a s a regularly enrolled
ii .Juii
irk l a b fill, Chairman ol
shun h e a r t s and .simple minds. And and more incensed against t h e e ti- student at this college to be eligible
when they had entered the valley, ers, but t h e elders held stubbornly lor a bid.
( illliles, a n n o u n c e s that a S t u IFC also a n n o u n c e s t h a t a period
they sal and held council. T h e to I hi- old rulings. "Tile valley is
I (illlili prograin will be initialed
talking was loud and l i n n , never large enough lor us. We emphasize ol silence shall exist between all
I in: Mondaj from 0 a.m. to t p.m.
once yielding to the authority ol culture, not competition," they said. m e m b e r s of any fraternity a n d all
will last until t h e Interviews
eligible rushees from U a.m. on
I he elders. For I be elders had bealii
Marilyn DeSunta '57, C h a i r m a n come enemies, T h e wise, astute eldSo the old valley remained, Many Monday to 1 p.m. on Tuesday.
ers bad condemned them to t h e years passed, and as it happened,
its purpose l lie introduction ol pros- ol Myskaiila, announces iwo new
the mightiest warriors in t h e h i s appointments to Student Associa- valley.
pective freshmen to the institutions
tory of thi' six h u n d r e d were a s Year
and traditions ol S l a t e College. A tour
sembled. Eight consecutive battles
ol the school will be given by t h e Hughes, wb was appointed as t h e had promised them a new a n d larg- were won before u defeat was i n er
students ol the cobege who may also new Seliloi member to Election
charge. Tuesday a n d Friday nights curred. It was a mighty record, a n d
answer any questions raised us to Commission; J o h n Oauquie was a p - they would voice their approval ol the quest for a new valley was r e - Elmer C. Mathews, Assistant to
the President, a n n o u n c e s t h e d a t e
S t a l e activities a n d customs.
pointed a Senior member to t h e their warriors. But t h e valley was newed. They wanted to displuy t h e ~{
uv b l J 1 , l n g V l i ( , t u l t ) 1 1 a 8 published i n
Cm i vocal ions Committee.
h e General Catalog is not t h e d a t e
S t u d e n t s from a n y of t h e classes
M>skania h a s requested that all had become t h e symbol of mistrust their cries iell on t h e deaf ears ot l l s U , ( i i n t l l e s t u t e C o i l e g e Directory.
may lake purl in this guidance p r o Tlie new a n d correct dates for
gram. Anyone interested is asked Juniors return their activity sheets and extreme thrift, almost border- the elders.
T h e va.ley remains, even t h o u g h spring vacation a r e as follows:
to send the hours he Is available to Sheila Lister '57 before February ing on t h e cheap. " T h e game is
t h e elders.
They the warriors continue to win battle s i r i n g recess begins ut 12 noon on
to Tide through S t u d e n t
Mail. 2(1. These sheets are used by M y s - scarce,"
There will be un i m p o r t a n t m e e t - kunia to make recommendations could n o t acquire sufficient funds after battle. And every Tuesday a n d Friday, April 12; instruction will
to finance a new valley, a n d t h e Friday night, " I n t o t h e valley of resume a t 8 a.m. on Wednesday,
ing of S t u d e n t Guides on Monday and suggestions to S t u d e n t AssociSkiln ( t h e council chief) was too P a g e ride t h e six h u n d r e d . "
ation for the Spring' Elections,
April 24.
in Draper U49 ut 4 p.m.
To Issue Bids
Elders Reject Promised Quest;
Deem Larger Valley Useless
Chairman Sets
Guide Plans
Myskanio Requests
Junior Activity Lists
College Revises
Vacation Date
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STATE C O L L E G E N E W S , FRIDAY, F E B R U A R Y 15, 1 9 3 7
Gattaon Caption Ganteit
Know Thyself...
This has been a busy week for the few
active people in this school. All week,
Greeks have been meeting in their secret
hideaways cutting lists. In another hideaway, known to the chosen few as Page
Prison, the captives were plotting a means
of escape.
All of these captives had been sent up for
an eight-week stretch. Because they were
born unlucky, some have been re-sentenced.
Others, the incorrigible souls, faced capital
punishment—the loss of the Pedagogue or
a one dollar fine. They thought they had
committed the perfect crime, but each of
them found a mimeographed summons in
Student Mail. After every offense, they reported to the parole officers in the corner of
the spankingly-clean Commons. Some of
their alibis worked, and these fortunates
joined their comrades in the outside world
of the cafeteria. Those who weren't clever
enough were shipped back to Page for the
Friday morning Vocational Class in student government.
The prisoners, completely snowed by the
dull dissertations, slouched in their seats
and read the Prison Weekly. As they restlessly stretched their weary arms, the
"thirteen" jumped up and recorded the
stretch as a vote.
This past Tuesday, a handful of the captives met and discussed their plight. Discussion was lively and interesting. Unfortunately, time ran out. Plans were made
for another non-compulsory meeting.
These progressive prisoners must remember one thing. They, themselves, must initiate the plan of escape, as their captors
refuse to take any action. They must organize and prepare a suitable alternative to
replace the ineffective "Friday at 10" classes
before they can be free.
Next week, sororities and fraternities end
their yearly quest for new members. Rushing has been kept clean. In fact, the term
"dirty rushing" has been dying a slow death
at State for some time. For this we must
congratulate both the Greeks and the
rushees for keeping the battle for bids on
a mature level.
To the freshman who must decide very
soon whether or not to pledge a Greek society, we can only reiterate what past editors of this paper have said—be sure. Since
November you have been exposed to sorority and fraternity life on this campus.
Weigh the pros and cons carefully before
you sign on the dotted line. Be sure the
group wants you, and of more importance,
be sure you want the group. A member of a
sorority or fraternity only enjoys membership and gains satisfaction when he or she
takes an active interest in the group. So,
don't be persuaded by glittering rush party
decorations, and collegiate-looking jackets.
Rather, look at the people who made the
decorations, and who are wearing the jackets—then decide.
Remember also, t h a t to assume the role
of an independent is no crime. But, to join
a Greek organization because your roommate is joining would be both an injustice
to yourself and to that society. If you are
unable to make a clear cut decision, then
remain independent. On our campus the
independent is not lost in the whirl of sorority and fraternity social life since the
greater part of student social life revolves
around all-college activities, which forget
completely the affiliations of the participants.
This weekend, give serious thought to
pledging. Talk it over with your classmates
if you must, but let the final decision be
yours, and no one else's. Whatever your
choice may be, we extend our congratulations.
STATE C O L L E G E N E W S , F R I D A Y , F E B R U A R Y 15, 1 S 5 7
Student Council:
b b
i It * j
The News, in an effort to promote student interest in
the paper, is offering today its first contest of the year
The nature of the contest is a relatively simple one—
merely submit the caption which you think would fit th<
above cartoon appropriately. As they say in the plethora
of today's contests, "It's easy and it's fun to do!" Prizes
will be awarded by the Co-op.
The Rules:
The judges shall bo the co-editors of the News, the feature editor
and the cartoonist.
All decisions of the judges shall be final.
All entries must be submitted no later t h a n 11 p.m., Monday. February 25.
Entries may be submitted via student mail to cither Joseph Szarek
Marie Dettmer, or Arthur Plotnik, or they may be submitted to tin
Publications Office on Monday and Wednesday evenings or Tuesday afternoons.
All entries must be twenty-five words or less
Entries must be written legibly on reasonably a p p r o p r i a t e paper.
The contest is open to all State College students with the exceptioi
of the News staff.
All entries become the property of I lie News.
The names of the winners and their captions shall be printed n
the issue immediately following the contest.
One Man'i Opinion - - In this article I will try to express
my feelings as to what is wrong
with our student, government. In
expressing these problems I feel it
right t h a t I should express some
m e a n s of correcting these wrongs as
I see them. Much of this is familiar
to many of you, and may not seem
to be very new or original. However, it is those who do not know
some of these problems that I hope
to reach.
As I have said, I feel t h a t t h e r e
are many problems with our stud e n t government, and in my three
years of student government work,
there have been c h a n g e s proposed
to alleviate and correct these problems. Some of t h e proposed changes
have been accepted, m a n y have just
been cast aside.
T h e first and perhaps the greatest problem is to find some type of
government to replace the weekly
convocations tor as some prefer to
call them, "the Friday morning
reading n o u n . I t is ridiculous to
compel people to go to legislative
convocations when there i.s little
there to appeal to them. Many have
little interest in the affairs of stud e n t government, and the fact t h a t
we compel these students to go to
t h e convocations will not increase
their Interest In our system. I am
not saying t h a t all s t u d e n t s tlo not
( a r e about s t u d e n t government, but
to a great extent many have less
time and interest for student gove r n m e n t t h a n those who are active
in it.
In order to make our student,
g o v e r n m e n t function properly. 1
think t h a t a representative type ol
government should be set up in
place of the present system. In this
way, a m u c h smaller group of interested students could handle the
details of government work.
T h e body could consist of from
thirty to forty members. There are
m a n y ways of setting up this bod.\
as to where the members would
come from 'class and SA at large,
for example). This group would take
over the fund ions of the convocations as they now exisl. It would
also assume some ol the work of
Council. Council
continue to operate in this set-up.
I would like to go into the problems which I feel have bogged down
the effectiveness of Student Council. My first suggestion is to eliminate the SA at large members,
mainly for the purpose ol decreasing Council's size. What is probably the group's biggest problem is
the fact thai, there are Just too
many committees out of Council.
T h e reports are too long, and when
completed leave little time for disussion. Such a body as ours, that
has committee reports for about an
hour and a hall, cannot expect to
properly. For the past
three y e a r s the discussions in Council have been going down hill. This
is not because of poorer m e m b e r ship, but because of t h e overwhelming number of hours a Council
meeting lasts. Council could give
up some of these duties to t h e representative government to somewhat
equalize the powers and duties of
the two groups.
Because of the poor electioneering
around the campus a t election time
m a n y eaoable candidates do not
have a fair chance to show their
fellow classmates just what they
can do. Because of this I feel that,
m order to get better officers in
the future, there must be a vast
change in our election procedures,
Ai the present
Commission has too many restrictions against campaigning'. More
rallies are needed: more publicity
could be an aid m increasing the
proficiency of electioneering. Some
people fee) that political parties
would be an aid and some say that
they would not work. Personally, I
think t h a t they can work al Stale
and certainly ..nytlung would be
an improvement over the present
Political p a n i c s have been in Hie
platforms ol past. SA presidents. II
was in Clyde Payne's p l a l l o r m last
year, yet 111 lie has been done to
look into this I wnl s,i,\ Hail many
members now m student g o v e r n m e n t
are working on too m a n y t h i n g s to
add this to their wmk. but many
people who are interested in gove r n m e n t who are not oil leers ol
their classes could work on this
nlea which can not only aid them
1:00 p.m. S t a t e Examinations French, Draper 11(11. Herman. Spanish, but the school as well.
Draper 300.
J a n u a r y to J a n u a r y t e r m s of offi:00 p.m. Sorority Buffet Dinners.
lice have also been a n election is9:00 p.m. Alpha Pi Alpha Hush Parly. Brubacher Dining Hall
sue This plan has proved successSATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18
ful with the college newspaper and
7:00 p.m. Sorority Formal Dinners
can be successful in S t u MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17
d e n t Association. Eventually, I feel
10:30 a.m. Hillel I.ox and Hagel Brunch, Ohav Sholom Synagogue
8:03 p i n
L u t h e r a n .Student Association supper, Bt. John's Lutheran t h a t this reform wi.l have to come
about because ol t h e Seniors' proChurch.
fessional semester which j u s t about
|.laces them on the inactive list for
4:00 p.m. S t u d e n t Guide Meeting, Draper 34!)
that semester. Another reason why
this would work is t h a t it would be
4:00 p.m. D&A Council Speaker, Arnold Herstand, Draper 348.
a definite aid to f r e s h m a n elecT H U R S D A Y , FEBRUARY 21
tions because it would give t h e m a
4:00 p.m. S M I L E S Meeting, Draper 340.
<>>i Puyv ft, Column li
7:30 p i n
Newman Club Meeting, B r u b a c h e r Hall.
Co//ege Calendar
Sororities Elect
New Officers; Council Discusses Budget;
Accept Pledges Shows Appropriation Cut
<7Ae Open Mind
0 <J - v u -
T h e infamous Albany urchins, so
p r o m i n e n t a t State College last
year, seem to have diminished considerably in n u m b e r (and size). It
m a y be t h e cold weather. I t may
be the Republican administration.
I t m a y be a p a t h y on t h e p a r t of
Albany h u s b a n d s .
However, sitting in the R i c h a r d son Dungeon recently, I noticed an
immense Davy Crockett h a t toddle
into the room and across the floor.
I picked up t h e hat, and sure
enough, u n d e r n e a t h appeared one
individual serving or urchin.
Naturally I stepped on it before
it had an opportunity lo multiply.
Urchin, Urchin, on the floor.
Would you be large were you not
How can social workers heed you
W i t h o u t a microscope to see you?
Eat better food!
No, you "don't
You'd r a t h e r live on m a r i j u a n a .
Shall I throw you through the door
Or spread your head around the
Before your vacant skull I crunch,
May I please bum a week for lunch?
T h a t was an unjust verse and I
apologize to t h e urchins, the Ecluca-
"Govern a great nation (S.A.I as von would rook a small fish.
overdo it.)
Varsity Club Sells
Pre-Game Tickets
Realizing the rising tension t h a t
is being caused by the forthcoming
State-Siena contest to be played at
t h e Washington Avenue Armory on
February 23rd, the Albany S t a t e
Varsity Club announces t h a t m e m bers of Varsity Club will set up a
desk in lower Draper on Monday
afternoon for the purpose of selling
advance tickets to the game.
Regular Admission One Dollar
T h e r e will be two prices on the
tickets. Regular admission seats will
be selling for one dollar while r e served section seats will be fifty
cents extra. Varsity Club will sell
tickets all next week. However,
there will only be a limited supply
on sale.
This is the fifth time S t a t e will
meet Siena. T h e series between t h e
schools goes back to 1938. In the
live games played thus far, Stateh a s been the loser on all five occasions.
Smiles Organization
Schedules Meeting
Mary K n i g h t '57, President of
SMILES, a n n o u n c e s that there will
be a meeting on T h u r s d a y afternoon at 4 p.m., in Draper 349. Ella
'59, Vice-President,
preside over the meeting.
Schedule Activities
All m e m b e r s and tryouts are
asked to a t t e n d this meeting. Plans
for the r e m a i n d e r ol the semester
will be discussed and committees
appointed to carry them out.
I Don't
What happened to the bulletin boards in lower Draper? Were Ha
owners notified that the boards were going lo disappear? Rumor: h a u
it that thi' peristyle is going lo be painted. We don't like the view -I
abstract expressionism as seen now anything will be an improvement
LET'S (it)
We don't think it's Loo earl,', to start plugging the big State-Sien.i
game on February 23 at the Armory. We know Siena rooters will be then
en masse. Stall getting those red hot tickets now! Let's see II we can
ict. there early enough to pack the place. II you're planning to go holm
that weekend, DON'T! Another added attraction .Student Union Uoaiil
is sponsoring a dance alter the name. Nice hospitality, h u h ?
There were 122 people at the "try" til-class meeting Count il In
that, we have lo keep changing the government m order lo increa.-.
attendance al class meetings?
Tonight, the guests at "Cupid's Holiday" will present sell-signed
humorous valentines as their tickets of admission. We noticed one
freshman signing a card which said. "I may not be much, Valentine
bill you can have me anyway!" Who's rushing whom?"
It makes us feel good to know t h a t at least a few people arc read
mg this column; fifty people were entertained by Mr Cowley on Tuesdav
Next Tuesday at 4 p.m., Mr. Arnold Herstand from the D e p a r t m e n t ol
Fine Arts ol Colgate University will present a look al conUnipoi ar>
American painting entitled "Conformity and the AvanLc-Garde " Hope
lo see a lull Draper 340.
Have you started stripping yet? . . We mean for the H u n g a r i a n s
I t s a good cause and a great chance lo clean your messy clothes-closets
Nancy LoUprette '57, P r e s i d e n t of
Beta Zeta, a n n o u n c e s t h a t formal
initiation was held for C h a r l o t t e
Barbara Hungerford '57, President
Brown '59.
of D r a m a t i c s a n d Arts Council, a n J o a n Van Dusen '57, P r e s i d e n t of nounces t h a t Arnold H e r s t a n d . InPhi Delta, a n n o u n c e s t h e initiation structor of Pine Arts at Colgate
of Sheila Dubrusin, Gail Roberts, University, will give a talk titled
Sophomores, and L y n n R e m m e l '58. "Conformity and the A v a n t - G a r d e "
on Tuesday at 4 p.m. in Draper 349.
Mr. H e r s t a n d ' s lecture will give a
look at contemporary
Mr. Herstand lias studied in several p r o m i n e n t American art colleges and universities, and also in
Prance. In 1954 he obtained his
M.A. in Art Education a t Columbia
University. In 1955, he was a w a r d ed the Littauer G r a n t for experimentation in color intaglio p r i n t making.
He lias t a u g h t at City
College and Columbia University.
His exhibitions include Audubon
Artists, National Academy, Oakland
Art Museum, Bradley
Print. Annual, Silvermine
P r i n t Annual, Syracuse Museum
Regional, a o n e - m a n show at Colgate University, New Talent Exhibition and the Second Annual P r i n t
Show at ROK.O Gallery in New
York, and T h e
New York City.
Used Books
b uy
N () N - F I C T I O N
The regular meeting of C a n t e r bury Club will be held in t h e C a t h e dral of All Saints. Guild House on
South Swan Street a t 7 p.m., S u n day. Those wishing t r a n s p o r t a t i o n
will be picked u p a t Pierce Hall a t
6:45 p.m. T h e significance of the
Vestments in the C h u r c h will be the
topic of discussion, states David
Goldberg '57, President.
Newman Club will meet in the
large dining room of Brubacher
Hall on Thursday, a t 7:30 p.m. Mr.
and Mrs. Gibney will lead t h e discussion on the aspect of raising a
family. This is the second in a series of lectures on marriage. A discussion course on ethical living will
be held in the school n e x t W e d n e s day at 7:30 p.m.
T h e L u t h e r a n S t u d e n t Association will have a supper Sunday a t
5 p.m. at St. J o h n ' s L u t h e r a n
Church. 100 Central Avenue. T h e r e
will be a charge of fifty cents for
the supper. No program is planned.
Rabbi Rubinger will lead an open
discussion, "Ask the Rabbi," a t t h e
Lox and Bagel B r u n c h held at the
Ohav Sholom Synagogue, W a s h i n g ton Avenue, S u n d a y , from 10:30
a.m. to 12:30 p.m., a n n o u n c e s J a n net te Weinberg '58, President of
On Tuesday, a t 7:30 p.m. t h e
Council of Religious Clubs will hold
its regular meeting in Brubacher
Hall, states Elizabeth Dean '58,
Inter-Varsity C h r i s t i a n Fellowship
will hold the second Ski Weekend
with students from Albany area colcges. It will be held at S h a k e r Village
iluough Sunday.
The agenda for the regular T h u r s day meeting will include n o m i n a tions for officers, a n n o u n c e s Ellen
McLaughlin '58.
(Your date's snack half price)
will be on Sale at DISCOUNTED
prices starting next week.
this advertisement
to your waitress
Religious Clubs
Plan Activities
Date Snack Special
pear on t h e ballot: P e t e r B a r b a gelata, T h o m a s Brierly, J a n e t Vormevik, Ronald Gravis, and Henry
It was found to be impossible to
change Moving-Up Day as Council
would like, because organizations
have scheduled other events on o t h er practical dates. F u r t h e r m o r e , t h e
college catalogue h a s printed t h e
date which would necessitate notifying the alumni of t h e college who
wish to r e t u r n for the event.
Next week. S t u d e n t Council will
discuss Political parties, a n i m p o r t a n t aspect to consider in S t a t e
College's plans for a more effective
student government.
Art Instructor
Speaks Tuesday
Starting Monday, FEBRUARY 18, 1957, the
Frosh, t h a t fatal day has come,
When, to your mailbox, you'll run
To get the all important news
And see if you will have to choose.
We'd like to lend to you our voice
Before you make the i m p o r t a n t choice.
A fancy party may be a sensation
But always get a free home demonstration.
When you discover you're not along for the ride,
A friendly conversation may help you decide.
For those of you who may not get hooked
Remember, the best are often overlooked.
And when, on the dotted line, you've signed
Don't let anyone change your mind.
Fur a friend who gives you the overhaul
Was never even a friend at all.
When you know you've found some people sincere
Then you can say. "I b< long h e r e ! "
Initiation, pledging, a n d electing
At this week's meeting, S t u d e n t
new officers was t h e o r d e r of busi- Council discussed a t length their
ness a m o n g the sororities this week. proposed budget for the coming
year. T h i s budget will include a p Mary Lou Meiser '57, P r e s i d e n t
propriations a m o u n t i n g to quite a
of Psi G a m m a , a n n o u n c e s t h e inbit less t h a n this year's total of
itiation of Carol Andres, J u d i t h
$1,738. Such a c h a n g e was brought
Bunt, Naomi Shaver, B a r b a r a Thiele,
about by omitting from the budget
and Gail Van Slyke, S o p h o m o r e s .
allowances for S t u d e n t Council keys
which are an unnecessary added exPsi G a m m a Pledges
pense. T h e ineffectiveness of I n t e r Psi G a m m a h a s pledged M a r g e
Collegiate Association deemed it
Ferrugio and Patricia S m i t h , J u n necessary to withdraw its financial
iors. G e r t r u d e Wilder '57 h a s been
support also. T h e r e seems to be alelected the new house president.
most complete lack of interest in
On February 9. a n n o u n c e s Mary ICA shown by those connected witli
F u r n e r '57, President of Chi Sigma it. Council's budget will no longer
T h e t a , initiation was held for the support an Activities Week, but will
following girls: P a t r i c i a
Ireland, transfer this responsibility to S t u Arlene Leaning, P a l m a Longo, Helen dent Union Board in the future.
Manser, and L a u r e t t a
McGuirk, College Exchange and
Sophomores; Carol S u t c h a n d Ber- Night have also been excluded from
nice Tyler, J u n i o r s . T h e sorority the proposed budget. Council also
has elected Miss Longo as their agreed to allot $500, which, when
added to the same amount given
new Alumni Secretary.
i.y the faculty, will send a H u n g a r i P a u l a Lehrer '57, P r e s i d e n t of an lefugee through our college. The
Sigma Phi Sigma, a n n o u n c e s t h e budget will be brought up before
initiation of J u d i t h Calvin, Arlene Student Association for approval.
Diamond, Sophomores, a n d J o a n
T h e number of members on A t h Landsberg '58. They h a v e elected letic Advisory Board has
Arline B i r n b a u m '58, T r e a s u r e r , and changed from 2 Seniors, l Junior,
Leila Levine '59, Assistant T r e a s - and 1 faculty member to 3 Seniors.
2 Juniors to carry over. Another
Junior must be elected. Student
G a m m a Kappa Phi
Council h a s nominated the followJ o a n Anderson, B a r b a r a Dressier, ing people whose names are to a p K a t h y Soloway, and Anne Marie
Zwakhals, Sophomores, have been
initiated, a n n o u n c e s J u n e Studley
'57, President of G a m m a K a p p a
tion Department, a n d t h e Albany
Boys' Club. It was just one of those
things t h a t escape the mind of t h e
wicked from time to time. Actually
I was an impoverished u r c h i n once
until I started se.ling fake Myskania keys, A.M.I.A. equipment I
h a d stolen, and S t u d e n t Council secrets. I never really escaped poverty until I began to sing calypso
songs in t h e Commons for pennies
and cigarettes.
In this institution we learn how
to help urchins, We also learn how
to help hoods. Also vagrants. We
learn how to help every uneducated
poverty-stricken being. I s n ' t II funny t h a t after learning all of this
we starve to d e a t h ?
Gonunan- Stated
Western Ave. at Quail
TYPEWRITERS are available in the CO-OP
tor RENT and for SALE
Rental rates: $4.50 lor one month, $1150 lor three months.
Terms tan be arranged lor purchases.
-tor Faculty, Students and Graduates—
The Association of Private Camps
. . . Comprising 250 outstanding Boys' Girls', B r o t h e r - S i s t e r a n d
Co-Ed Camps, located throughout the New England, Middle Atlantic States and Canada.
. . . INVITES YOUR I N Q U I R I E S concerning s u m m e r employment as Counsellors, Instructors or Administrators.
. , P O S I T I O N S in children's camps, in all areas of activities
are available.
55 West i:.'iid Street, Itoom 743
New York 3ii, N. V.
SpsUna Social GaUnda*
T h e final p e r m a n e n t social cal- March
e n d a r for t h e second semester h a s F r i d a y 1—Newman Club Dance in
co-ordination w i t h t h e Counbeen a n n o u n c e d by S u z a n n e Liebercil of Religious Clubs.
m a n '58, C h a i r m a n of Social C a l e n Sigma P h i Sigma Open House.
dar Committee. T h e r e will be no
Chi Sigma T h e t a Open House.
changes m a d e ; t h e only additions
will be open house for group houses S a t u r d a y 2—State Basketball G a m e
in Page—Dance in Brubacher
on c a m p u s . If t h e r e a r e any quesAfterwards.
tions, please c o n t a c t Miss LieberC o m m u t e r s ' Club P a r t y .
m a n t h r o u g h S t u d e n t Mail.
Sunday 3 - D & A-SUB Art Exhibit
in B r u b a c h e r Upper Lounge,
Friday 15—Sorority Informal DinFriday 8—State Basketball Game
ners, 6-9.
in Page—Dance in B r u b a c h e r
Alpha Pi Alpha R u s h Party.
S a t u r d a y 16—Sorority Formal DinS a t u r d a y 9—State Fair.
ners, 7-11.
S t a t e Basketball G a m e Away. Sunday 10—Phi Delta Faculty Tea.
Friday 22—State Basketball G a m e Friday 15—State College Revue.
P h i Delta Open House.
Vets' S t a g P a r t y .
S a t u r d a y 16—State College Revue.
B e t a Z e t a O p e n House.
• P a r e n t s ' Weekend.
G a m m a K a p p a P h i Party.
Friday 22—Outing C l u b
S a t u r d a y 23—Vets' F o r m a l Dance.
S t a t e Basketball Game with S a t u r d a y 23—Pierce a n d Brubacher
Siena — Dance in Brubacher
Formals, 9-1.
Madison House Date P a r t y .
Sunday 24—SUB Coffee-Listening Friday 29—State College T h e a t e r
Hour: Dr. a n d Mrs. Childers.
Sayle.s Dance, 9-1.
Vets' Buffet Dinner.
S a t u r d a y 30—State College T h e a t e r
Psi G a m m a J a z z Concert.
Vets' Informal Closed Party.
Friday 5—Music Council Guest Artist.
Saturday 6—High School
D a w n Dance, 5-8 a.m. — Brubacher.
Chi Sigma T h e t a Formal.
G a m m a K a p p a P h i Formal.
Beta Zeta Formal.
Commuters' Club Pizza Party.
Friday 26—Kappa Delta Formal.
Brubacher Party, 9-12.
S a t u r d a y 27—Junior Class Banquet
and Ring Dance.
Psi G a m m a Formal.
Beta Zeta Alumni Luncheon.
Sunday 28—Chi Sigma Theta Picnic,
Friday 3—EEP Formal.
SLS Formal.
K B Formal.
S a t u r d a y 4—Morning Exercise.
Phi Delta Alumni Luncheon.
Beta Zeta P a r e n t s ' Tea.
Psi G a m m a P a r e n t s ' Buffet.
Gamma Kappa Phi Parents'
Moving-Up Day Skit.
Sunday 5—Sigma P h i Sigma P a r ents' Banquet.
Friday 10—Spring Concert.
Saturday 11—Gamma Kappa P h i
Alumni Luncheon.
Chi Sigma Theta Alumni L u n cheon.
Kappa Delta Alumni Luncheon.
Alpha Pi Alpha Formal.
Phi Delta Formal.
Sigma P h i Sigma Formal.
Sunday 12—Alpha Pi Alpha Picnic.
E.'E. Potter Club Picnic.
Commuters' Club Picnic.
Chi Sigma Theta Facultv Buffet.
Friday 17—Play.
Saturday 18—Play.
Sunday 19—Beta Zeta Faculty Picnic.
Sigma Phi Sigma Picnic.
Kappa Delta Faculty Picnic.
Thursday 13—Senior Banquet.
Friday 14—Senior Ball.
Saturday 15—Alumni and C l a s s
Torch Night and Skits.
Sunday 16—Commencement.
^ v
WHAT «WJ°JZ>» —' > J
Bj \ /
"•thiH no.
Fistic Mystic
C C N Y,
YOU'RE STRANDED high on a peak in the Andes. Wind's
rising. Thermometer's dropping. And the next llama for
Lima leaves in 7 clays. You reach for a Lucky. . . t ry every
pocket . . . but you're fresh out. Brother, you're in for a
Bleak Week! No cigarette anywhere can match the taste
of a Lucky. A Lucky is all cigarette . . . nothing but fine,
mild, good-tasting tobacco that's TOASTED to taste
even better. Try one right now. You'll say it's the
best-tasting cigarette you ever smoked!
^ ...
Sticklers are simple riddles with two-word rhyming
^ ^ j££*
answers, Both words must have t h e same n u m b e r of
.syllables. ' N o drawings, please! i We'll shell out %'1U tor all we use
and for h u n d r e d s thai never see print. So send slacks of 'em
with your name, address, college and class In I l a p p y .Joe-l,ucky,
Box (j7A, Mount Vernon, N. Y,
Luckies Taste Better
lb A S O D A
lb A I O U G H GUY S
wAH* A'/t~jrsj
Smug Pug
ucr or <Jw j4nwUe<Mt
Have you ever madly wished t h a t productions of "Peter P a n " with
you could say Helen Hayes, K a t h - M a r y Martin, "Skin of O u r T e e t h "
erine Cornell or Mary M a r t i n h a d with Helen Hayes a n d Mary M a r t i n
graduated from State? You can't. and, w h a t he considers his highest
They didn't. Nasty break. You m o m e n t , K a t h e r i n e Cornell in " B a r would be surprised a t the fame of retts of Wirnpole Street." This year
some of our graduates, though. T a k e he was offered a contract to direct
for example a m a n who, in t h e last four or five plays a year on "Playtwo years, h a s directed all three of house 90" from Hollywood, a n d is
r o w back in New York.
the above leading ladies.
O n e of his greatest assets in the
Vincent Donehue w a s born in
t h e a t r e is his a p t i t u d e for making
Albany where h e a t t e n d e d C h r i s and keeping friends. His c h a r a c t e r tian B r o t h e r s ' Academy. He w a s
istic loyalty to h i s friends a n d to
very young when h e g r a d u a t e d a n d
S t a t e College is shown in his steady
correspondence a n d his willingness
State. He promptly walked into
to help young people. He h a s never
Miss F u t t e r e r ' s office a n d . said, "I
let a n opportunity go by to help a
would like to get into d r a m a t i c s
S t a t e College s t u d e n t or graduate.
a t once." You c a n well imagine Miss
Two years ago, when Miss F u t t e r e r
F u t t e r e r ' s raised eyebrow a t this
gave up teaching d r a m a , her past
young m a n ' s demand, b u t somehow
students gave h e r a farewell party.
he succeeded. He enrolled in EleMr. Donehue flew in from Michim e n t a r y D r a m a t i c s and did quite a
gan a n d back t h a t night as a gesbit of acting. (At t h e time, eighteen
ture of his affection and appreciato twenty Tuesday night plays were
being done per year!) He t h e n took
T h e next time you look a t your
playwriting a n d Advanced D r a m a T.V. guide.
tics from Miss F u t t e r e r . a n d chose
Be my guest . . . and point with
a student's play for his direction.
Although t h e entire class was e x traordinary, his work was o u t s t a n d ing.
College Career
Vince never seemed to get t h e
parts he wanted. I n his Senior year,
"Berkeley S q u a r e " was produced
and he tried out for the part of
S t a n d i s h b u t played the brother.
He laughs to this clay about h i s
During his four years here, Miss
Helen Faye was in charge of t h e
college bookstore. S h e h a d become
acquainted with K a t h e r i n e Cornell,
and was verv interested in t h e t h e atre here. T h r o u g h her, Vince was
introduced to Cornell, who was
to be a great help to him in his
After his graduation in 193G. Miss
Futterer arranged for him to work
in the Plymouth Festival S u m m e r
T h e a t r e , and the following fall he
got a job in Orson Welles' production of "Julius Caesar." In reading
the play. China, the poet, h a s a n
inconsequential part, but in Welles'
production it was a line vehicle
for a n actor. He took t h e part on
the road, a n d was quite successful.
He had a few small parts on B r o a d way, but most of his work at this
time was in radio. For a few years,
he and a friend r a n a t h e a t r e
school in Washington . . . t h e n
came the rise of television, and Mr.
Donehue i as I must refer to h i m
from here oni returned to New
He lias directed the television
y'HH" '••««»
Calorie Cutlery
M A N LI 17 A C T V K E K O F
Stage Huge
Naval College
Offers Annual
Practice Cruise
For t h e first
College is inviting college s t u dents from other schools to send
one male s t u d e n t o n its a n n u a l
Practice Cruise. T h e only schools
allowed to participate are those in
the S t a t e University, including t h e
teachers' colleges, H a r p u r College,
and t h e College of Forestry. T h e
cruise will probably take place from
J u n e 17 to August 27. T h e ship, T h e
Empire State, will visit ports in
the western Mediterranean a n d
n o r t h e r n Europe.
All male students who will have
completed their Sophomore or J u n ior years by J u n e , 1957, and who
have never been on probation a r e
eligible. Those interested a r e to write
an essay of not less t h a n 750 words
on "Why I Am Interested in M a k ing this Trip." T h e essays will be
judged by a committee to be formed by the President of t h e College.
One student will be picked to go.
Two a l t e r n a t e s will also be chosen.
POfUna 0€**N 7<6e £*ckanf*
F r o m t h e Beaver D a m of Oregon
W h a t is a College Boy? . . . I n
between t h e sweetness of adolescence a n d t h e sturdy worldllness
of m a n h o o d we find t h a t specimen
ol m a n k i n d known as t h e college<
boy. . . . Be they tall, d a r k a n d
h a n d s o m e , or short, fat a n d ugly,
they all have t h e same things in
common . . . a firm personal dedication to live it u p , love it up, drink
it u p a n d laugh it u p .
College boys m a y be found any
time or a n y place . . . asleep in
class, conducting panty raids o n
the girls' dorm, a n d trying e a r n e s t ly to prove they a r e God's gift to
High school girls adore them, college girls tolerate them, housem o t h e r s dote on them, professors
c a n ' t stand t h e sight of them, a n d
p a r e n t s send t h e m to college to
get rid of t h e m .
A college boy is a professional
juvenile delinquent with a crew cut
. . . a smoothie with a line as big
as his size 13 shoes . . . a walking
anthology of dirty drinking songs
0*te Ma*t!i Opinio-*,
Can tin m it jram lJ<uj< 2, Column Si
reasonable amount ol tune to familiarize themselves with each other.
T h e r e are probabh m a n y reforms
which could be made to improve
student government which I have
not put into this article. But as a
starter this should provoke some
discussion on the topic and see what
interest is left in SA members.
Gerald Drug Co.
i l " Western Ave.
Albany, N. V.
I'hone li -:i(iiu
that the
O F F I C E of the
L G.Balfour Company
H e a d q u a r t e r s (or
Fraternity Pins - KIUKS - Gifts
Favors - I'liMjues Cups - Medals
Stationery - P r o g r a m s
Alpha Pi Alpha will hold then
formal rush party tonight, announces Edward J o n e s 57, President
It will be held in the Brubachei
Dining Hall from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00
a.m. T h e theme of the party is
"Cupids Holiday's Holiday".
The people in charge of the committees a r e . David Youst, Programs
and Invitations; J a m e s Foster, Refreshments; Lloyd Murdock, Band
Sophomores; George Murphy. Entertainment; Thomas
Clean-up; Brian Mort.cnson, Decorations, Seniors; William Swenson, Flowers, G r a d u a t e Student.
All the girls have 2:00 a.m. hours
for this affair. Guess what the
valentines are for?
SpattifUt OH State
Fraternity Jewelers
is located in
The University Post Office
2nd Floor - 171 Marshall St.
.Syracuse 75-7H37
# * !
Tryouts for Press Bureau a r e requested t o check the Press Bureau
Bulletin Board for scheduling ol
work to be done on Dean's List.
and sorority and fraternity pledging
notices, announces Barbara Davis
'57, Director.
Replacement Election
Press Bureau held a replacement
election. Lynn R e m i n d '58 was
elected, replacing Lois Van Voorhis
'59 as Publicity Director.
For all students interested in the
work done by Press Bureau, a list
of all notices sent to newspapers
will also be posted on the bulletin
Rushees Attend
Cupid's Holiday
^K'fo\ % i f y$.
T h e Dippiklll C a m p Board has
completed its first report, announces
Robert Levy, G r a d u a t e Student. Tine
report includes a description of the
Board's work for t h e year 1956-57.
recommendations for procedure for
the p e r m a n e n t Board, a n d suggested
plans for t h e Dippikill C a m p development.
Since the deed was cleared last
August, t h e following was accomplished by s t u d e n t labor on weekends, under the direction of a hired
contractor. With funds supplied by
Student Association, t h e Board constructed five t e n t platforms, one
wash house, two latrines; repaired,
painted, a n d renovated the farmhouse; started work on t h e construction nf a water system, and
constructed a large dining a n d recreation addition with a stone fireplace.
P e r m a n e n t Board
Under recommendations for selection and organization of a permanent board, t h e group feels the prese n t structure in regard to total
numbers (9) a n d t h e student-faculty ratio (5-4), h a s proven satisfactory. T h e temporary Board also
feels t h a t terms should be .staggered
so t h a t there will always be experienced members on the continuing board.
Tn t h e remainder of the twelve
page report, the board proposes a
plan for budgetary procedure, the
report of the conservation committee.
Group Elects
New Officer
Camp Board
First Report
Carl Sorcnsen, Manager
Syracuse '39
Write or cull
or visit us und see
for information complete display
and catalogue Open daily 10 to 5
FRIDAY, F E B R U A R Y 1 5 , 1 9 5 7
get a lot
to like
with a Marlboro
. . . a guy with t h e ambition of a
five-toed sloth, a stomach lined
with cast-iron, the grace of a bull
in a china shop, a n d t h e d e p e n d ability of Albany weather.
College boys like h i g h school
girls, Dave Brubeck, Bull sessions,
Gina a n d Marilyn, a n d S a t u r d a y
night. . . . They intensely dislike
formal parties, pop, tea, R O T C
drills, final week, uncooperative
girls, work, and t h e m o r n i n g after.
No one can compare with t h e m
when it comes to chugging beer or
picking u p girls . . . n o o n e flirts
a n d fools around in class a s m u c h
as they do . . . and no one screams
as loud t h a t a miscarriage of j u s tice h a s occurred, when they r e ceive their semi-annual valentine
from t h e Registrar's office.
Simply a seething mass of husky,
pipe smoking, loud talking, fast
acting, overgrown school boys.
B u t when you get back t o campus
after a lousy beer-free weekend of
fighting your parents, brothers a n d
sisters, a n d ex's, n o t h i n g could be
more welcome t h a n those four m a gic words, "What cha doin' B a b e ? ! "
T h e S p o r t Spotlight shifts it's
b e a m from t h e h o o p loops t o t h e
kegling c o r n e r s t h i s week with
Decker P a r d e e being given t h e
By roling a 513 h i g h triple in t h e
I M kegling leaue Decker staved off
a n a t t e m p t e d sweep of h i s Ridge
t e a m m a t e s by a powerpacked Vet's
squad. His h i g h series included t h e
day's second best single tally (211).
R u n n e r u p for t h e week goes t o
t h e old pro—Tom Sullivan who led
t h e varsity club keglers to a 3-1
win over ABC. His consistent efforts
of 180, 191 a n d 189 gave h i m a high
560 for t h e night.
FRIDAY. F E B R U A R Y 1 5 .
Three Intramural Basketball Loops BeginWindup; Keglers Top
IM Heads Release State, College Loop Figures ABC Five
By 3-1 Tally
As t h e t h r e e i n t r a m u r a l hoop
leagues c o n s t i t u e n t s began a g a i n
finding their way to t h e confines
of Page G y m n a s i u m in a w i n d u p
a t t e m p t to c a p t u r e t h e coveted
AMIA cage crown, commissioners
from two of t h e leagues released
some preliminary statistics.
College Loop standings as of early
t h i s week r e a d a s follows:
5-0 P i n k s
3-1 Rousers
2-2 K a p p a Beta
Offensive - Defensive Figures to
Hilltop Tops
T h e S t a t e League figures show
1-3 Hilltop boasting t h e high t e a m score
0-4 with 63, while K B hides t h e low
figure of 17.
T h e top five S t a t e scores to d a t e
include J i m Fitzsimmons 17.6, P e t e
Barbagelato 16.3, Bob Tibbets 15.3,
Otremba 14.3 a n d T a t e 12.4.
S t a t e League S t a n d i n g s
4-0 S q u a r e Roots 2-2
4-1 APA
2-2 F i s h h e a d s
Wednesday Night's Results
In two contests Wednesday n i g h t
t h e Lakers downed K B , 48-32, as
Pryor pumped in 21 for the victors.
T h e Square Roots, paced by Baker,
downed APA, 51-46, in the other
tilt. Blesi led APA's vain attack.
Clings to the
road like a
stripe of paint If
The "57 Chevy can give lessons
on taking curves and holding the
road lo jus' about any car going.
Few cars at any price are so
beautifully balanced and so
smooth, sure and solid in action.
A car has to have a special kind of
build and balance to keep curves
under control. And nobody outdoes
Chevrolet in that department! It
"corners" with all the solid assurance of an honest-to-goodness sports
car. Chevy doesn't throw its weight
around on turns because it carries
its pounds in the right places.
And if the road should turn upward, Chevy can take care of that
nicely, loo—with up to 2-45 h.p.*
Come on in and take a turn at the
wheel of a new Chevrolet.
*270-h.p. high-performance VH
engine also available at extra cost
T h e varsity bowling club's r e t u r n
to active duty Tuesday after a long
examination holiday m i g h t
h a v e been labeled " T h e B a t t l e of
t h e A n c h o r m e n " as ABC's Burke
tried to m a t c h t h e efforts of State's
Sullivan. I t could n o t be denied
t h a t Burke tried.
Despite his opening 210 single t h e
S t a t e keglers were right behind S u l livan's 180 initial a t t e m p t and were
able to c a p t u r e t h e first of their
t h r e e points by a margin of 31 pins.
Burke Falls In Battle
Tom came right back with a 191
in t h e middle tilt while the rest of
the Peds were busy chuckling a t
Burke's a t t e m p t to ride out the
n i g h t on the s t r e n g t h of his high
single. He ended the second with
a mere 142.
T h e final tilt saw Sullivan finish
a r a t h e r consistent series with 189
a n d a 560 t h i r t y - f r a m e tally. Burke
was left in the dust with 521.
ABC In F i n a l e
ABC was able to muster out a
third g a m e victory t h a n k s to a
combination of 167, 172, 173 and a
169 scores.
T h e remaining Peds deviated from
a 450 triple by 10 pins at most.
and Simsy—that
IM Bowling
Loop Tightens
Action resumed last T h u r s d a y in
the AMIA i n t r a m u r a l bowling 'loop
with three keglers hitting the 200
circle. Tom Boehm led the APA
quintet to a 3-1 score over Hilltop
with a high 213 game. J o h n Yager
ably assisted with a 517 series as
t h e wmn >rs maintained their fourth
place tie.
Irv Peterson hit for an equal high
single of 213 for the Vets, but Ridge
with Deckei' Pardee rolling 553-21l'
m a n a g e d LO split the score at two
apiece. Tommy Thompson replaced
Tom Sullivan for the Vets high
•series with a 508 three game total.
Dusters Stay On Top
After losing the first game the
G u t t e r d u s t e r s came back to take
the next three points from t h e
Apaches to maintain their slim one
point lead on first place. Eckleman
led the Dusters with a 503 series.
SLS held on to second place With
a 3-1 victory over the Rousers Leo
Legault paced the victors with 460
total pins, m the final m a t c h ol
t h e day, KH and EEP wound up | „
» two tor two split. Jim i.orricchio
was high total wood man for KB
with 476 and B e n n e Theobold led
EEP with a 455 triple.
a La
II 13
In H
« 111
Where There's A Will
There's A Way
night, the
acquired. When he found out that it would be a trying task
^ m C r , t h e umrto u n n r f m i f c rvf P Q W VIP m n « t h n v p t n l r i t h p
tO o p e n t h e W i d e W i n d o w s OI P a g e , h e m u s t h a v e t o l d t h e
COach t h a t t h e p l a y e r s WOUld h a v e t o s u p p l y t h e i r o w n
drafts because t h e P a l t z m e n t h e r e u p o n b e g a n to freeze
everything, including their own chances of making the
game a close contest.
The New Paltz freeze reminded this writer of the time
a West coast team froze the ball for fifteen minutes. Their
opponents, taking advantage of the cold breeze, began to
read newspapers and magazines while the howls from the
stands mounted to a high pelican pitch. New Paltz came
close to causing the same type caliber of casualness. They
frosted the ball for thirteen and a half approximate minutes, while John Rookwood came over to the bench to talk
to Coach, Jack Minon struck up a conversation with one of
the New Paltz players who was sitting out the freeze, and
the rest of the Albany squad put their hands at their sides
and calmly awaited the finale of the chest passing drill
being given by Murphy and teammate.
When the New Paltz talented tossing twins decided
that things had congealed enough and Albany couldn't
possibly score over a hundred points, they put the ball back
into play and managed to score fifteen points, along with
their teammates, for the remainder of the half. It all goes
to prove that if you can't open the windows, the next best
way to cool things off is to have two players strike up some
cross ventilation by the chest passing method.
Advance Tickets for the Siena Game
In an attempt to satisfy as many as possible, the Varsity Club will have a desk set up in lower Draper beginningMonday afternoon for the purpose of selling advance tickets for the Siena game to be played at the Washington
Avenue Armory a week from tomorrow. Tickets will sell
for the regular Armory prices: general admission, one
dollar; reserved section, $1.50. The Armory will seat at
least 3 500, but with our current decisive win over Hartwick and Siena's pair of defeats at the hands of the same
school, and the fact that scores are interested in this game,
we believe your best bet would be to visit the Varsity Club
advance ticket sale desk as soon as possible.
Supplementing Transactions
Jack Minon sank two out of two free throws in the
Hartwick game to give him 28 for 33 for the year thus increasing his percentage to 84.8. . . . New Britain is one of
the leaders in the NAIA offensive team scoring percentage,
averaging around ninety points a game. . . . Coach Sauers
was quoted as saying the team will be lucky to win four
of the last eight games of the season . . . "pessimist" . . .
"Who am I, Don? I was limited to eight points in the
Siena-Williams game."
88 75
" '
will minutes in t h e second half. Holway
h a d fourteen points
territory to meet a strong New each in t h e congealed contest which
Britain five. T h e State JV will meet saw New Paltz score only fifteen
• n u . Mjolless records of high polni
,,,. , Tom Farrell 147 pound Charlie
K e and 130 pound Wayne Harvey
were a kept i n t a c t last S a t u r d a y a:s
u'hed g r a p p l e s held
the Garci;
an Ill-all
a strong Oswego team to
tie in a match marked by two disputed call- "ii the part ol Oswego
T h e Peds had lost twice m the
iwu previous meetings ol the teams
Jumping u ,,n early lead when
the first i . ,j bouts ended in pins
by the pur] le clad duo ol Tom
Farrell and Wayne Harvey, the
urapplers aw their advantage whllHindrun lost a decision
tied away
and Uosoimwi it ii was pinned S a n d wiched in between these Iwo losses
was a sound whipping administered
wego. T h e match, marked by a
hotly disputed point in t h e second
period, m a d e a total of thirteen to
Oswego's eight, but the
quickly tied the score as Snyder was
pinned for a live point loss
Al 'full le came t h r o u g h with t h e
chips down by pinning his m a n in
eight minutes to insure the Peds
ol at leasi a tie and force heavyweight Joe F a r m e r to Work for a
pin to gam that lie. This, untortunatelv lor Fed fans, he did, as
I lit* unbeaten wrestler pinned newcomer Joel Smith for live points to
gain the standofl
T h e pin came
under questionable circumstances as
the supporting m a t s were moving
at the lime ol t he pin
S t a t e closes out the
the season Wednesday
by S t a t e ' s C h a r l i e K a n e to p r e v i o u s
at Yeshiva University
lv unbeaten Pat Augustim ,1 Os- against a team having
road pari ol
with a match
ol New York
a top record
53 N. Lake Ave,
Near Washington Ave.
We Aim To Please
College Florist for Yean
the Becomes
scoring column,
13th Victim
Playing one of their toughest foes
of t h e year on Tuesday night, t h e
S t a t e s m e n nipped Hartwick in a
tight skirmish, 88-75. For Albany
this was their fourth win in a row
and win number thirteen for the
season. Hartwick now has a n 11-4
Joe Anderson and J o h n Rookwood
gave S t a t e a n opening 4-0 lead in
t h e game, b u t before five m i n u t e s
were up, Dutch Frederickson p u t
t h e Warriors in t h e lead, 5-4. S t a t e
regained the lead a t 14-13, but lost
it r i g h t back as Hugo h i t for H a r t wick.
A quick ten point j u m p gave t h e
O n e o n t a five a 25-14 lead. B u t a s
J a c k Minon began to find the r a n g e
on set shots from t h e outside, t h e
Peds bit into the Hartwick lead a n d
came out even at half-time, 40-40.
With Lambros and Lewis h i t t i n g
for the F ' j e and White, State fell
behind by a 55-47 count midway
t h r o u g h t h e third period. T h e visitor's lead was short lived, however,
as t h e Peds began to move in t h e
last q u a r t e r of the game. W i t h
Holway, Mayer, Causey, Rookwood,
Minon, Anderson and Bearden all
playing outstandingly at intervals,
the Peds closed the gap a t 61-61,
took a s h o r t lead, h a d it tied a t
67-67, t h e n broke the game wide
open. Don Mayer dropped two quick
lay-ups in , and with Mayer a n d
Holway controlling t h e boards and
Rookwood and Causey assisting and
driving in for tallys, the score soon
read, Albany 88, Hartwick 75.
R a n c h Tavern of Albany walloped
t h e JV in the preliminary contest,
FG f
AW, G E T O F F MY NECK. It appears as if Hartwick would have Minon
done a n y t h i n g to stop t h e Feds in late fourth q u a r t e r drive as Doug1 Anderson
Lambros of the Warriors fouls J o h n Rookwood on an a t t e m p t e d lay-up Causey
s-hot. Don Mayer and Dick Causey of Albany and an unidentified
wick player watch the melodramatic action. Photo by Gillette.
WAA reports that its clothing
drive for Hungarian refugees will
be continued this week.
Modern dancing classes will be
held in the Commons on T h u r s d a y s
at 3:45.
Also included in the WAA report
this week: Bru II is leading t h e
Tuesday bowling lop with 18 points.
Bernie Tyler of Chi Sig has high
average with 126. In the Wednesday
league, Phi Delta is leading with a
9-1 record Phi Delt took two points
from Pierce this week is second
place Psi Gam dropped two to
K a p p a Delia.
Basketball Schedule
S a t u r d a y , February 16
10:00 Tliurlow vs f a k e House
10 45 Bdu II vs Bru IV
T h u r s d a y , February 21
7 30 Kappa Delta vs Pierce
li 15 Chi SIM 1 vs Bru III
y 00 Beta Zela vs Bru IV
Fr'd'rlcks'n 1 6 20
5 4 14
2 0 4
3 2 8
9 D 27
1 0 2
M O R A L : Accept no s u b s t i t u t e for real
enjoyment. Take your pleasure B I G .
S m o k e C h e s l e r i i e l d a n d s m o k e for real.
M a d e better by A C C U . R A Y , it's the
smoothest tasting smoke today.
S m o k e for r e a l . . . s m o k e C h e s t e r f i e l d
27 21 75
b y C h e s t e r Field
R i c h m a n of t h e c a m p u s w a s D a n n y Drew
B e c a u s e of his wonderful chest t a t t o o A beautiful lady exquisitely etched—
W h e n he Hexed his m u s c l e s s h e got u p a n d s t r e t c h e d
H i s b u d d i e s all g a v e him their h a r d - e a r n e d d o u g h
F o r t h e p l e a s u r e of w a t c h i n g
his p e c t o r a l s h o w .
4 18
7 10
0 14
2 20
4 8
1 5
0 4
• 18 88
209 Central Avenue
DIAL 4-1125
t h e services of their n u m b e r one
Player, Whitey Heie. T h e Peds h a d
no mercy on t h e metropolitan squad
however, as all ten Sauersmen e n -
Unbeaten As Peds Tie JJ ™ Schedule IT'S FOR REAL!
m a r k e r s in t h e second half,
T h e S t a t e s m e n took advantage of
t h e rest given them by New P a l t z
as they came back o n S a t u r d a y
n i g h t to wallop Brooklyn Poly, 10163. I t was t h e second time this year
t h a t the Peds have entered t h e
freeze which lasted almost fourteen hundred division. Poly was absent
Farrell, Kane, Harvey WAA Lists
Corner Ontario & Benson
Coach Sauers's basketball o p e r a - t h e New Britain J V in t h e prelimtives m a d e exceptionally fine use of inary.
their home surroundings d u r i n g t h e
Paced by G a r y Holway and Don
past week as they r a n their w i n n i n g Bearden last Friday night, the Peds
the New Paltz game got under way last Friday streak to four s t r a i g h t with wins r a n u p a big enough lead before t h e
manager of the Poughkeepsie area Peds in over New Paltz, 78-38, Brooklyn New P a l t z delegation decided to cool
t o W h e t h e r o r n o t s o m e v e n t i l a t i o n c o u l d b e Poly, 101-63, and Hartwick College, t h e evenings activities with a deep
!>:t-.\ No. Lake Ave.
i Near Washington Ave i
Hair Slyli-I
Telephone 3-1)740
display this famous trademark
See Your Authorized Chevrolet Dealer
Sauersmen Take Three Home Contests;
Seek Fifth Straight Victory At New Britain
Kampf Komments:
Felicia's Beauty Salon
i Chevrolet all over. Above, you're lookuio, ai thu Bel Air Sport Coupe.
Only Jranchised Chevrolet dealers
$50 (or every philosophlcul vi-ise acceptud lor
publication. Chesterfield, P U . Bun 21, New York 46, N.V
O Uaaolt A B i » . Tubwco Co.
News Views:
Far East Condemns Israel; QoundWaHtiHti"
Proposes Sanction Action
Israel Struggles For Life!
D u r i n g t h e p a s t week, t h e Middle
E a s t crisis took t h e spotlight in t h e
news. I n t h e United Nations, t h e
Afro-Asian bloc decided t o p r e s e n t
a resolution condemning Israel and
calling for t h e withholding of economic a n d financial aid.
T h e United Nations h a d previously asked Israel to withdraw from
t h e G a z a S t r i p and the Gulf of
Aqaba. Israel refused to withdraw
unless t h e UN gave her a g u a r a n t e e
t h a t Egypt would not regain control
of this vital area. W h e n Egypt had
b a n n e d Israel from using t h e Suez
C a n a l in 1949, t h e Israelis opened
a new t r a d e route through the Gull
of Aqaba. Egypt then seized t h e
strategic islands a t t h e m o u t h of
t h e Aqaba and c u t off Israel's only
a l t e r n a t e trade route. Israel is now
afraid t h a t Egypt will do t h e same
t h i n g a g a i n which is why she is
asking for a g u a r a n t e e before she
removes her troops.
Since Israel has refused to comply with the UN request, several n a tions h a v e urged to sanction Israel.
If this decree were carried out, Israel would become isolated.
Dag Hammarslcjold h a s urged the
G e n e r a l Assembly not to sanction
Israel. S e n a t o r s Bridges, S p a r k m a n ,
Kuchel, Knowland a n d Douglas
have all spoken out against the
sanction movement. However, t h e
Afro-Asian bloc is insistent. T h e
sanction resolution will not come
before t h e Security Council because
F r a n c e will veto the measure. If
t h e resolution is to be passed, it
will h a v e to be done in t h e G e n e r a l
Looking back over the actions
t a k e n by the United Nations in the
past, we wonder why Israel was
picked out as " t h e nation to s a n c tion," when t h e United Nations h a d
ample justification for sanctioning
o t h e r nations earlier a n d did not.
We wonder why t h e UN didn't
sanction Egypt when she disobeyed
a UN resolution calling u p o n h e r to
through t h e Suez Canal. We wonder
why the UN didn't sanction Soviet
Russia for its action in H u n g a r y .
Should t h e slaughter of men, women, and children be t a k e n lightly?
T h e UN took the time to approve
over ten resolutions on t h r H u n garian situation, yet Russia r'isregarded everyone of them. We wonder why the UN didn't sanction I n dia after she grabbed K a s h m i r .
Nehru speaks of peace. It is too
bad t h a t he doesn't practice w h a t
he preaches. India wouldn't even
allow a plebiscite. We wonder why!
Above all, we wonder why t h e UN
didn't sanction Red China who is
not even a member of the UN. Red
China's action in Korea, Burma,
Tibet, and Nepal left t h e door wide
open for a sanction movement. Yet
the UN sat idly by and instead of
hearing a sanction resolution against
Red China to the UN, we h e a r d a
resolution t h a t would have admitted
Red China to the UN if it had been
approved. It is interesting to note
I h a t the Afro-Asian bloc gave some
support to this resolution. T h e same
Afro-Asian bloc who w a n t s to s a n c tion Israel today!
Israel is lighting for her life. If
all economic and financial aid is
withheld, Israel will become a nation of t h e past. If t h r o u g h t h e
United Nations, one tiny nation,
like Israel, can be strangled into
oblivion, why can't it h a p p e n to
others? The" United S t a t e s shou'.d
take t h e lead to see to it t h a t t h e
nations of t h e free world remain
free. We should try to remember
t h a t we too were a small nation,
but we were given a c h a n c e to live.
Let's give Israel the same chance!
George Nader a n d Julie Adams
plus a cast of u n k n o w n s are grouped in a mildly a m u s i n g musical
comedy Four G)frls In Town. U n i versal should be given credit for
introducing t h e public to a group
of highly potential newcomers. J a n -
ice Rule a n d F r e d McMurray round
out t h e p r o g r a m with G u n For A
I n a n e a t c h a n g e of pace, W a r ners h a s s t a r r e d S u s a n ("I'll Cry
H a y w a r d and
("Lust For Life") Douglas in a light
comedy T o p Secret Affair. D o n ' t be
discouraged by t h e poor tag given
this solid h u n k of celluloid. It's
loaded with r i p - s n o r t i n g comedy
a n d of course Miss Hayward. Second on t h e bill is a time-killer
Tension At Table Uock with R i c h ard Egan a n d " B a t t l e Cry's" sweatT h e United S t a t e s Bureau of t h e
er girl, Dorothy Malone. You can
Census a n n o u n c e s t h a t it is offer- stock up on popcorn during this
ing a college s t u d e n t trainee p r o - one.
g r a m in statistics a t salaries of
$3,175 a n d $3,415 a year. Anyone DELAWARE
who is p l a n n i n g a career as a s t a t MGM's fine conversion of Irving
istician, and is interested in a Stone's novel Lust For Life is h e a d p a r t - t i m e or summer job leading ing for a second week here. Kirk
to Statistician positions upon com- Douglas is s t a r r e d as Van Gogh.
pleting r e q u i r e m e n t s for a B a c h e - This Technicolor production is deflor's Degree, is asked to submit an initely a must for both a r t lovers
application form obtainable a t one and art h a t e r s .
Be careful—this
of the Albany post offices or R e - movie has been playing to packed
gional Civil Service Office to t h e houses, so unless you check beforeD e p a r t m e n t of Agriculture Board hand, you may be turned away.
of Civil Service Examiners, W a s h ington 25, D. C. Upon request an LELAND
Two B films a r e placed back to
examination a n n o u n c e m e n t m a y be
back on this bill. If you really care,
obtained from the Board.
they're called Shakedown and LarT h e S t u d e n t Trainee in Statistics, ceny.
paying $3,175 per year, is available
to those who have completed one MADISON
Written on the Wind is the curyear of college within nine m o n t h s
rent a t t r a c t i o n h e r e a t the nearby
of applying.
cinema house. According to box ofT h e S t u d e n t Trainee in Statistics, fice reports, this one has become
paying $3,415 per year, is offered Universale top money maker of the
to those who will have completed past twelve m o n t h s . It's not hard
two and a half years of college to see why. Rock Hudson, Lauren
within nine m o n t h s of applying.
Bacall, Robert Stack and Dorothy
To qualify for either of these Malone are starred in this T e c h n i jobs you must be an enrolled u n - color epic. This is a n o t h e r involved
d e r g r a d u a t e college student. You ta'e of the sins and virtues of a
must pass a general aptitude test, rich southern family. Don't expect
and you must be working lor a col- a n o t h e r "Gone With the Wind.''
lege degree, which, when completed However, most of t h e footage conmust include not less t h a n fifteen tains above average
semester h o u r s of m a t h e m a t i c s and Yaqui D r u m s with J. Carroll Nash,
statistics of which at least six hours Rod Cameron ami Mary Castle is
are in statistics.
the second feature.
State College News
Bureau Offers
Statistician Jobs
T h e above picture was taken a t
one of t h e first compulsory convocations. T h e same picture holds true
today, m o n t h s later.
Union Board
Shows Slides
C o - C h a i r m e n K e n n e t h K a d e t '59
and M a r g a r e t Darzano '58 of Listening Hours under the supervision
of the S t u d e n t Union Board, a n nounce t h a t Dr. Wesley Childers,
C h a i r m a n of the Modern Language
Department, will show slides of his
recent European tour at the next
Listening Hour on Sunday, February 24.
Robert Reuss '57, C h a i r m a n of
K a d e t '59 was recently elected Secretary. Marlene F e r n e r '59 was elected to the Board a n d has been a p pointed Publicity Director.
State-Siena Basketball Game To Attract Huge Crowd;
Sauersmen Seek Fourteenth Win A t Oneonta Tonight
For the first time in ten years, State's varsity basketball squad will play Siena
College tomorrow night at the Washington Avenue Armory. This contest is expected
to draw more Albany area basketball enthusiasts than any other game played in the
Tri-City area this year,. The preliminary contest between State's JV and Siena's JV
will begin at 6:30 p.m.
The series between the two schools began in 1939. In the 1939-40 season, Siena
T h e X - r a y t e a m of the New York they do not need an X - r a y should n j n n P r i 7 h P n r p - w a r P e r i s h v s e v e n n n i n t s i n the initial encounter, 52-45. In the followS t a t e Health D e p a r t m e n t will be check with J a n e t Hood, College n i p p e d m e p i e w a i r e d s Dy s e v e n p o i n t s i n
twice in the two meetings of the schools,
set up in the Faculty Room of the physician, immediately.
mg season, the Indians emerged victorious
Monday, anThe X-ray
--'•--'- s-<•--"—
™._ ^
„..,,,„,,,,„ „,ni i a winning one game by only three points and taking the third game of the series by a
nounces Elmer C. Mathews, Assist- follows
1946. Even
Sy Fersh,until
a n t to t h e President. All students
wide margin of 62-27. Due to the second World
didn'tof resume
held many S t a t e basketball records until t h e present
Health Department Schedules
X-Rays For States Students
a r e requested to report on the day
1-2 p.m.—Aarons-Boul.
listed in the schedule below.
S t u d e n t s whose classes conflict
— Colao-Dixon.
w i t h this schedule will have the
X - r a y first a n d then report direct- Tuesday:
ly to their class as soon as com9-10 a.m. -Dodge-Fischer.
pleted. S t u d e n t s wno claim t h a t 10-11
• -Gundiach-Jatnison.
1-2 p.m. J a n s e n - K n i p e s .
- Knowlton-Lessler.
- L e s t e r - Maazarella.
D & A Council
Lists Speaker
gives you the break on f l a v o r !
WINaiuH-ttALb.M, H
Smoke WINSTON ...enjoy the snow-white filter in the cork-smooth tip!
day, the Peds couldn't stop the dominance of Siena
as t h e Loudonvllle I n d i a n s won their fourth and fifth
s t r a i g h t from the Albanians.
Statesmen At Peak For Fray
With the resumption of the series this year, Albany
Marilyn Leach '58, Chairman of Convocations Comwill be going into the game witli a much better recmittee, a n n o u n c e s t h a t there will be a Ion-legislative,
ord t h a n Siena. Prior to the S t a t e - O n e o n t a game in
and therefore non-compulsory assembly a t 10 am. toOneonta tonight, the Statesmen have built up an
day in Page Auditorium. This assembly will consist
outstanding 13-3 record while Siena has a reversal ol
of a pep rally in preparation for our junior varsity
our record, 3-13. prior to their Wednesday n i g h t
and varsity basketball games with Siena College tofray with Iona.
morrow night.
Coach Sauers' starting line-up w.'l depend heavily
Also on the agenda is a speecli by Coach Sauers to
on the results of the Oneonta game tonight. In an
the S t u d e n t Association. He will introduce the mema t t e m p t to get back on the winning side a l t e r last
bers of t h e team to tile students for t h e first time
Sati relay's loss to New Britain, Coach Sauers i.s
this year.
switching ills starting live to include Gary Holway,
These are the Cheerleaders who are supporting the
J o h n Rookwood, Jack Minon, J o h n McDonough a n d
team this year: Beverly Wylam, Marie Carbone, SenDon Bearden. Couch Dan Cunhu of Siena will probiors; Rosemary Salltinlcola, Arlene Slusarz, Beverly
ably start J o h n Obermayer, Bill Nash, Jack Weaver,
Ross, Marilyn Cavender, Sally llarter, Gayle Petty,
F r a n k Connelly and Red Singsheiin.
Junior*; G r a c e Pulmissanu, M a r j o n e Wemple, Hence
The Statesmen are out to prove t h a t they can break
Wallace, Denise Hurley, Sophomores; C a t h e r i n e Rosso, Barbara Kennell, freshmen.
the past Siena d o m i n a n c e and win what lor t h e m
is the biggest game of the current
campaign. Pictured above in t h e
wide - lens photograph
are six
members of the 1950-57 edition of
the S t a t e varsity; Gary Holway,
who has 311 points to date, J o h n
Rookwood, wlio lias an average of
17.33 points a game, Don Mayer,
p a r t u r e in order• to get un inter- when they're necessary. But I'm in- second on the team in rebounds,
Jack Minon, Captain of the Peds,
view. 1 'ollowing is the story us lie clined to think t h a t 1 deserved a and Dick Causey and Tom Hoppey
told it.
who may wurk Into t h e starling
T h e reporter told Minerva about I eople will never learn. Too bad
line-up tomorrow night.
her recent news-making
events, you have to knock some people over
Minervu shook her head in u know- the head with an opportunity to do Evenly Matched
ing nod. "Yes," she suid, "I know some good. I hope you have enough
Although t h e team won-lost recall about it and that's the reason sense to tell this story. None of this ords arc exceedingly diverse, the
1 decided to talk to .someone. I Just secrecy stuff!"
teams shape up quite evenly. Siena
T h e reporter assured
can't u n d e r s t a n d why so m u c h seundoubtedly h a s played the toughcrecy is being placed on my story. t h a t her words would be told. Beer
schedule, but they have lost to
For all people know around here, I
might j u s t as well have walked u p - Minerva if she had any solution to Hartwiek twice, while t h e S t a t e s stairs myself. Alter standing a r o u n d her own case and any other slm m e n recently walloped the same
h e r e for so m a n y years, I welcomed ilar cases. She replied, "I think the team. T h e fact t h a t Siena plays t h e
the change of scenery. But I s u g - whole place needs more interest, less majority of its home games on t h e
gest everyone m u s t have their se- secrecy, a n d someone to t u r n me spacious Artnory court gives t h e m a
crets. Secrets a r e a good thing around."
slight court advantage.
Why Must Secret Of Capture Remain Hidden?
Statue Reveals Refreshing Change Of Scenery
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tastes rich and full. And its pure, snowy-white filter does the job
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9-10 a.m.- - M e a d - M u r d o c h .
Dramatics and Ar' Council will
1-2 p.m. Qulrk-Salem.
present Walt Witcover, who will
speak on the topic "Getting the
Show on in New York" Thursday
a t It p.m. in Brubucher Upper Thursday:
9-10 a.m. Swc/.iex-Zwakhals.
Lounge, announces Barbara HungT h ii s e who
erford '57, President.
earlier dates.
S t u d e n t Union Hoard i.s sponsoring u coffee hour utter the lecture
Witcover is a t present a partner
of "Witcover and L u U Productions"
In New York City. He is also ,1
teacher of acting in New York Willi
his own studio. P a r t of his educational background includes receiving
his B.A. ulld M.A. at Cornell. He is
At lust It can be fold I Altel
a member of Phi Beta Kappa. During the wai' he served with the weeks of checking and rocheukiug
armed forces in Europe where he in order to verily t h e facts, the
directed several plays in Germany. story ol an interview that has
Besides teaching acting he has scooped every newspaper in the
also performed in a number of New country, can at bust be told.
Several weeks ago, a member ol
York stage productions and on television. Moreover, he has directed the News stall told of a .strange
olf-Broadway productions in New und enlightening interview t h a t he
York, and
numerous hud received quite by accident. It
seems t h a t he was about to leave
Two years ago he and Paul Pettit, Draper late one evening, when he
Professor of English, collaborated heard a voice call to him, T h e voice,
on the set designs lor State Col.ege's lie discovered, belonged to none
production of "Girls in Uniforms." other t h a n our lime-honored p a t "
'•••• ruuess, Minerva. Realizing t h a t ho
Witcover produced the
same play
off-Broadway a tew months after had r u n across t h e scoop ol the century, the reporter delayed his d e Its presentation here.
Cheerleaders Direct Rally
In Page Hall Convocation
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