Paris, Italy, Capri Afford Senior Greeks Schedule
Frosh W e i come
Excitement Sights, Knowledge
Myskania Lists
Frosh Restraints
Equal Number
To Deans List
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The penalties for violations of
traditions are as follows'
Pirst offense: Warning from Mvskania.
Second offense: Warning from
Myskania and publication of violators' name in the State College News.
Third offense: Public apology before Student Association,
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.._ - a —,,.,——jajjgiaaasgs; •
Miirie floffinun, Marltin Horn, Koslyn
.lafcobfl, PMBCIINI Tones, Domi Knplnn,
Junta Keek, Jeanne KltitJ, Muilolun
KiuitTzi-r, I.itii Kriimluil/., Murguri't
lii-oiiiiril, .IOHI-UII Lorn Im nil, Lloyd Limp,
Kutli Loveuice, Ami MeDougftll, Barbara Mi'iiuosui, Ofiiee Myer, Wllmonte
NUMII, MurtlM Xevlesscr, Barbara Neweomlio, Tiiin Nlcas'tro, Helen Onborne,
J run U»boriio, Joseph rnsquurelln, Bertha PU'IKT, MnrU< Pruelilln, Dtiniel HobIIIMOII, Winter Si-liiiclli-r, lOilna Slierbor,
ltiibi'i't Si.iHim, Jiirtlliif Skiifl', Franklin
Sitiltli, .lattice Smltii. Tlti>ii!iiH Soule,
.Uiliii Siifiinril,
Vlriflniii Sfoinmol, Donalil Stint1, Juan Stoeker, Ann Stiirgcs, (Continued from Page 3, Column 1>
Hubert Tuber, liitiiOii Taylor, Peter
Teller, BlfrleUii 1'lilebe, Joyce Turner, filed, with all supporting docuGt.bert WuUlnmn, t'nrol Wnmlerusse, ments, not later than October 15,
Mary Webster, Piltrlcln Wilkcrsoii, Dick 1952.
Wooil, Miiryiimie Zllin ami Mclene KlniDr. Shaw also advises that the
mernvan ami Miirinn Howard.
Pulbright Program for foreign study
CitiNN of IVOil: Niiol Aivit/.. Rose has now been broadened to include
Seniors and
lliTt.srh, Mitrllyii Itniilillii'til, PaillillU Western Germany.
carl, JliiUeJne Clilnl, Ella Curtis, Bil- graduate students desirous of studyward Flebko, Helena Gohla, Charlotte ing either in this area or in other
(iiminiiin, Audrey llwicock, .Maty King, countries covered by the Pulbright
Kiiiinlii Lackey, Walter Lawder, Nancy
LlUhthali., Virginia Nnrmnu. Tonl Pack- Program are urged to see Dr. Shaw,
er, Luulla ptncek, Ann Kearilun, Wii- in Draper 339 at once in order that
lard A. Rellz, Frances Slialr, Patricia the deadline for filing applications
Theobald, Ann Tolioy, Bllnabetli Whit- may be met.
tle, Anna IVIMIB anil Mary lima.
Fulgright To Include
German Universities
Jeans, sandals, and sloppy shirts,
with beards and long hair and their
easels under their arms—or painting on the Seine near ancient Notre
Dame Cathedral—or leisurely chatting in one of the innumerable
"Paris is the most beautiful city
I've ever seen." says Jean. "Without
knowing a soul, a person can still
have a good time because there is so
much to see and do. It gets into your
Jean also spent Christmas vacation in Spain and three weeks at
Easter time at the Riviera, Italy
and Capri.
Salt tears flooded the Atlantic
Ocean on September 7 of last year,
as parents and friends wished the 62
students sailing for Prance on the
R.M.S. Moritania a "Bon Voyage."
Among those students Jean
Simon, who, after studying for two
years at State, was taking advantage of an opportunity Sweet Briar
College, Virginia, offers students of
French to spend their Junior year
studying at Prance. Dr. M. Annette
Dobbin, on a leave of absence from
State, also took the trip as Assistant Director of the group.
After landing at Le Havre, the entire group went on to Tours for six
weeks of intensified study, and then
were split into small groups for the
remainder of their stay.
With a schedule that included
three 1 p.m classes a week, one 10:30
a day, and one 2 p. m. a month,
Jean had plenty of time for sightseeing. Living with a French family
in Montparnasse also afforded Jean
an opportunity to really get to know
the French people. Montparnasse is
the "artists' quarter" of Paris, and
Jean describes the neo-Millet's hurrying through the streets in blue
Council Will Air
Civil Rights Issue
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mere academic interest. Every
phase of our culture is effected by it.
Tryout schedules for the coming
debaters will be announced at this
meeting, according to Miss Leonard.
Refreshments will also be served at
the end of this important meeting.
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Chi Sigma Theta at 7 p.m., Kappa
Delta at 8 p. m., and continue on to
the Alpha Epsilon Phi house. Refreshments will be served at the
houses. The other sororities will welcome the newcomers to open houses
on Friday, October 3.
Potter Club has selected Willis
Bosch '55, as their new club historian. Monday evening they elected
the following officers for the school
year: President, Harold Smith 'oS,
Vice-President, Peter McManus '54:
Treasurer, Gary LaGrange '53
Kappa Beta liouse has elected the
following officers: Douglas Nielsen
'53, President; Konrad Maier '54,
Vice-President; Kenneth Schoonmaker '54, Secretary; Ronald Reuss
'54. Treasurer. A Sophomore pledge,
David Howard, has been made an
official member of Kappa Beta 'fraternity. The KB men have moved
back into their house at 203 Ontario
Street after a temporary absence
during the summer.
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State College Ne¥$
Freshmen To Sign Up For Various Organizations
In Commons During Traditional Activities Day
S A T o uiscuss
Big-4 Motions;
Nominate ICA
Features Include
Soccer Contest,
Sing, Soph Skit
Are you in favor o replacing Big-4's with an All-College Revue?
Robert Inglis '55—No I I think that for a large part it is too much for
a person to handle and it is necessary to have one person in charge in
order to avoid split leadership.
Patricia Byrne '54—I don't feel that an All-College Revue will bring
Saturday is the scene of traditionout the more obscure talent in various classes but I would rather have a
al Activities Day. athleen Oberst
Reconsideration on the Big Four revue than a poorly put on Big-4.
'54, chairman of the event, has anwill head the
during today's
„ , agenda
Kathleen Obcrst '54—1 was definitely noL in favor of an All-College
nounced the schedule for the entire
assembly. Wednesday evening Stu- R e v u e l a s t y e a r | b u t x t h i n k t h c entertainment provided at the Allday and the activities which are to
dent Council discussed Plans for Co H e ge Reception showed what could be done. However. I feel that
take place.
Campus Day, and All State Day o n l y ., s m a l l g l . o u p w o u i d have the opportunity to participate in an AllAll organisations of State College
which will be held Sunday, Octo- college Revue.
b e r 19,
will participate in the program. The
Morris Hamlin '55—No! I am not in favor of replacement, but I
clubs will decorate their booths beThe rest cf the agenda includes believe it is possible to have both. Have a shorter Big-4, then apparent
tween 9-10:30 a.m. At 10:30 a.m.
Inter-Collegiate Association nomln- talent could be used in Revue. This would give undeivlassmen n chance,
everyone who is interested in either
ations, nominations for Who's Who,
Rudy DeSantolo '53—1 am not In favor of replacing Big-4'-, with an
the extra-curricular organizations
and announcements by activity All-College Revue or an All-College Revue with the Big-4. I think the
or the departmental clubs should
heads. Student Council President two can and should exist simultaneously. After all, almost every college
come to the old Cafeteria. There
John Lannon '52, reminded students 0 r university of any note has both school and class presentations. Why
they will up for the different
that assembly is still compulsory, must State be unique and deny its students these!
organizations. TliLs part of the proAttendance will be supervised by
George Hathaway '54—Yes! I am in tavor of an All-College Revu?
gram will last until 12:30 p.m.
Campus Commission. The assembly because we have seen the poor quality and results of past Big-4 efforts,
seating arrangement will be posted We could have a greater utilization of ability with the talents of the
'5G To Rcc.ivc Banner
on the Student Association bulletin whole student body. The frosh have a chance to show their talent on
The banner of 1956 will be preActivities Day and would have an equal chance In the Revue. The proboard.
sented to the freshman class at
duction would not place any more strain on the director than Big-4's.
12:30 p.m. At this time also the
SA To Discuss Big 4's
Junior banner will be hung up. The
Student discussion on Big 4 elim- Freshmen who felt they were missing a chance in the Revue would cerhave the advantage over future frosh when they were upperclassscene of the banner activities will
ination and the substitution of an tainly The
chance of Blg-4's and an All-College Revue existing simultake place in the new Commons,
All-State Revue will center about a men.
taneously is improbable due to the already crowded social calendar and
formerly Richardson Lounge.
proposal by David Manly '52, on Oc- the extensive extra-curricular program we now have.
tober 10, 1951. The proposal states,
Varsity Meets Queens
Nadine Watson '55—Speaking entirely on personal opnion, I do not
' T h a t the freshman and Sophomore
At '. p.m. there will be a Varsity
Big 4 production be discarded in
soccer game. State will play Queen's
favor of an All-State Revue; try- thereof. We can never have enough workers on a Big-4 and those who are
College on Beverwick Field.
on t.s for all phases of such a produc- enthusiastic
and class spirited should not be denied the opportunity. An
.Soph's Enact Skit
tion to be open to all members of All-College Revue would be n popularity poll, a combination of nil the
After the soccer game, there will
Student Association of New York wheels. Let's not let State go "arty." Bring back Big-4's.
A faculty tea, an open house, and be n period of rest until the SophoState College for Teachers; the preKaren Prindle '54—I'm in favor of Biy-4's for getting experience. An a date part;, are the sorority activ- more Skit. The curtain opens at 7:30
liminary steps in Lhe organization All-College
Revue would be put on by the people already established in ities .scheduled for I his week end. p.m. in the auditorium of Page Hall.
of such a production to be handled dramatics
whereas the Big-4's encourage newcomers, in fact exclude the Potter Club has elected some new The :;kit, which is about an open
by a committee composed cf the upperclassmen.
house at one of the local men's
lour class presidents, the president
John Orscr '55—As much as I think Big-4 did a lot to get the class
of Student Association, the presi- together,
The Inter-Sorority open house dormitories and a froshwoman's reI
dent of D&A, and the president of it con do for school unity. Then and only then can we decide what i- M-hedule lor tonight is as follows: ad ion to it, Is under the co-direcMusic Council. All proceeds from best.
Beginning at 7 p.m., frosh women tion of Nan MacEvoy and Prances
such a production to be used by Stuwith
names A-E go consecutively Vervnn, Sophomores. The story was
Frank LaTruglio '55—When I came to State last year as a transfer
dent Facilities Beard for such Col- student,
Kappa, Phi Delta, Psi written by Evelyn Ruben '55, and
I found that working on the Big-4 helped me to make friends
lege Union facilities as arc deemed and get to know better the lriends I had. Therclore I am in tavor an.I Gumma, ami Beta Zeta; those with the cast consists of John Orser,
F-L, Phi Delta, Psi Gamma, BZ. I Continued on Page 6, Column 1)
necessary and/or appropriate for the i u ) p e for their return
Gamma Kappa; those with
Union by the Student Facilities
Mary Ann Johnpoll '55—I am most certainly not in favor of replacBoard."
ing Big 4's with an All-College Revue. Considering the spirit which ex- tvl-R, Psi Gamma, BZ, Gamma
ists at State, an attempt to present an All-College Revue would result in Kappa, and Phi Delta; and those
Forum To Conduct Poll
with S-Z, BZ, Gamma Kappa, Phi
Forum is conducting a Soapbox everyone making pretty much of a spectacle of himself. Big-4's are the Delta
and Psi Gamma.
poll to find out the student body's place where fresh talent is developed, friends are made and a good time
choice of the Presidential candi- is had by nil. Sure, they're a lot of work, but you can see the results of
Gamma Kappa Phi is holding u
dates. Plans lor Campus Day have your efforts. It's the people who didn't bother to come and work for tea for faculty members Sunday
The Class of 1953 has scheduled
been made. Marvin C'hernoff '54, them who were the quickest, lo vote Big-4's down. If they wouldn't work at'le:"i"?n Irom' ;. to 5 p. m., states
a sing rehearsal for today at noon
has been designated chairman. Ross lor their own class, I don't think they'd be loo quick to work on an Patricia Wilkcrsoii '53, President.
in Pape Auditorium, announces JoHark '50, is the Campus Day Skit All-College Revue.
Two new members were pledged seph L..niburdl, President, The songs
I'uliiiina I'alahrese '54—An All-College Revui would help unite the
Diiector. Skits will be presented bv
the freshman and the Sophomore school. It would also give the talented Juniors and Seniors a chance to bv Kappa Delta Monday nigh', to be sung Activities Day will be
They are Joyce Leonard '53, and practiced nt that time.
classes beginning at 7:30 p. in. in participate in rah! rah! State Activities.
At a class meeting yesterday, the
Thomas Dixon '55—I favor the return of liig-4's but the return of Evangeline Burns '55. Kappa Delta
Page auditorium.
will entertain Statesmen at an open Junior class discussed starting a
Student Council has released the these frosh and Soph productions should not rule out the possibility of buns' tonhhl, from 8:30 to 12 p.m., ^hisfi newspaper and a summer
names of the people on the fresh- nn All-College Revue. Most, colleges have nn All-Cllege Revue unci they slates Elizabeth Pintt. '53. President newsletter, A committee for class
man banner committee. The com- seem very .successful. So why doesn't Slate try lhe Revue but still keep .Wlmliii Thompson '54 is chairman ''higs was appointed. The class has
mittee Includes John Hughes, Sam- this UKIM essential part of rivalry.
ilso adopted the orphan that was
RdJlh Tittcrton '55—Definitely not! Overlooking rivalry, Big-4 gives cil- lie even'
uel Krchniak, Richard Gallup, Germany
ol the students a chance to have u little tun, and learn how to
Psi Gamma will he • id a dale par • previously cared for by their sister
ald Murray, freshmen.
class of 1952, according to Marvin
work una production wlthoul being embarrassed about their untried t.y wllli Union Salur
Gerald Kline '56, Is the new direr- abilities. Considering its effect on class spirit; liig-4 does unite u class, p.m.,
states Irene lay night a! >l C'hernoff, President of the Junior
Bresdnsky '53, class. Proposed plans for a Junior
tor of Campus Day Athletics. The whether It be that lhe whole class is proud of llieir wol'K or even mad President,
revue were also discussed.
alternates are William Rock, James us heck about It. Ask '55. Concerning school spirit, a good All-College
Sweet II, and Manford Hochmuth. will naturally help the college. However, A.D. has given the school u (Cnntinurd on Page <;, Column S)
The Sophomore class has planned
a lmyridc for October 11, as anpretty good name for dramatics already, To improve school spirit, how
nounced by Robert Conn, President.
about working on a new library—with .some books In It, and a new
Those Interested will meet on the
gym ilial looks like a college gym. Why not have n Ilig-I and all All-Colcampus a I 7:30 p.m. and from there
lege Revue':' Give lhe college more than il has now. II can use it.
lake a bus to Fuller Road.
Nominal inns for ameinber of Student Council to replace James LockMyskania will challenge lhe fresh- liiirt. who Is now in the Navy, were
The opening session of the SixBecause of luck of facilities aile- be offered on an lUvllve basis open men lo a soccer name to be played made nl a Sophomore class meetteenth Conference of the Association nl New York Stale Teachers quale' for lhe physical education to all fc-uphnmoros, and credit will October 13 at 4:30 p.m. on the Dorm ing yesterday. The election will lake
College Faculties will be held Thurs- program planned for llii.s year, the be given lor activities nl the iMiliI, announces Peter Toller '53, place in assembly today.
day, October I). The three day ses- gym requirement for the present rule of one semesler hour each se- Chairman of Myskania. The chalsion will be presided over by Dr. J. Sophomore eluss has been waived. mester. These elective credits will lenge will be issued today ill As - Correction O n H o l i d a y ;
Wesley Chllders, President of tile The lii'shinim gym program re- not be credited to the basic uniclu- seinbly.
ii I Ion require incut of 124 hours, bill
Association and Professor of Mod- mains unchanged,
M.skani.i has also announced that Most Classes To M e e t
Physical education activities will will be recorded n credil hours in lie placed in the Myern Languages. "Education In A
Due to a typographical error In
physical uuncutlon
World Crisis" Is the Conference
skania mailbox In a sealed envelope.
Present Juniors and .Seniors who Af,er receiving one warning, a lust week's issue of 8tote College
have nol completed their require- in lunar w ill gel a letter from My- News, there has been some confuThe following morning Dr. Chilments in So.'.homoro gym will be g.tnuiu. Tiie second waruln; will sion about attendance of classes
(Icr.s will participate In a panel disexempt I ruin those requirements: In in: another letter from Myskania 1'ildiiv, October 10. Dr. Evan R. Colcussion, while Dr. WillUim K Vlcklins, President of the College, has
however. IIHI-C still needing credit and the publication of the offender's iinnotinei'd
I'ly will act as chairman of u group
that Friday, October 10
discussion, "Thi! Work of lhe Stain
yin W
name In State College News, Three W|U not be a Collage holiday. MemUnion
SophoUniversity Center for Community
llla (
warnings will obligate him to make bora of the faculty who plan to atStudies.' Dr Shields Mcllwuiiu1, to improve the Union. Rudy Do- m u r o l(VU1 requirements have been a public apology In SA Assembly, tend the Luke Plucld meeting will
Professor oi English, and Mrs. An- Suntolo '53, chairman, announced waived only until such lime u.s fn- If a fi'i ih should receive lour warn- dismiss College classes for that, day.
na IS. Love, Instructor In Health, thal four new Improvements have u (nti o s permit the resumption of lugs, lie will be unable to hold office The Milne school
will not be in
for that school year.
tOontinwd on Page ,1, ColumnSJ (Continued on Paye 0, Columns)
the program
Greeks Pledge
New Members,
Plan Activities
Juniors Adopt
1952's Orphan
State Teachers
Will Convene
Administration Waives Soph Gym
Union Will Sponsor
Free Soccer Dance
Myskania Team
To Challenge 56
SiaUi 4*4eHdly Rid
Today in assembly the much-debated Big-4 moGROWING PAINS
tion will have its fate reconsidered., T h e motion
In the last three years, State has been enlarged
originating in Student Council on October 10, 1951, State College is a friendly college, though and people become aware of with the addition of new buildings and the expansion
was passed b y Student Association in the assembly By virtue of its size most everyone his motives
of old facilities (including the new cafeteria door).
Plans are now in process for a new building adjacent
of April 4 by a vote of 414 to 288, thus express- knows everyone else. This is very
N o t everyone at State is a "Walt"
ing SA's desire to replace the Big-4 with an All- nice. We even give other people a o r anything comparable. But let's to Richardson, the spreading of the cafeteria so that
will include Every part of lower Husted, and a field
State Revue. At the next Student Council meet- lasting impression of friendliness. f a c e j t j there are more than a few it
Last year, for example, when the p e o p i e who are majoring in gossip. house on the present site of Summit House (St. Mary's
ing following the vote the reconsideration motion Debate Tournament was held at a o s s i p j s useless except for idle con- to you Vets). These facts are both very creditable
was made and passed. Since SA has expressed the State, our visitors were most im- versation, a n d college students to the present administration and a definite sign that
desire to review its decision, we hope that the ac- pressed by the friendly atmosphere should be able to carry on an in- State is expanding and classrooms are becoming
telligent conversation. No one ex- more crowded. For example, the . . .
tion taken today, regardless of its direction, will which enveloped the "campus."
Having a friendly interest in your pects you to discuss Plato, Thoreau
represent a more thorough consideration of the is- fellow students is a wonderful at- or Rousseau while drinking a cup
sue at stake a n d the consequences of the decision tribute. However, there IS a differ- of coffee <n the Union, but your
Where during the past two weeks, due to lack of
that was evident in the initial consideration.
ence between a friendly interest conversation can be constructive facilities and instructors, positive proof has been
advanced showing the hopelessness of scheduling
The traditionalists will argue that the Big-4 be and a gossipy interest in people, rather than destructive.
Gossip can be injurious and, more
Malicious prattle has hurt many
reinstated because it is a tradition; the progres- often than not, malicious. Gossip p e o p i e a n d even ruined a few lives, compulsory classes for over half the undergrads. It is
now time to redirect the whole purpose of the Physicsives will insist that the All-State Revue become isn't constructive and helpful; it someone gets a false impression of al Ed Department and to provide professinoal credita reality because it represents progress. You, Stu- was devised by those who lacked another, spreads it around and then ed courses benefitting men and women interested in
better to occupy their l t . s accepted as true because it is physical education. Such an addition would alleviate
dent Association, know that no tradition can be something
common knowledge. People are only
maintained for its own sake if injurious to SA ac- At State W3 do have a "grape human; they usually remember the the crowded conditions, eliminate the teaching of
basic fundamentals to advanced students, and the
tivities; nor can a change be expected to be for vine" which is often more accurate bad things about a person long aft- wasting
of time, energy, and instructors on students
the better simply because it is a change. Likewise, than the News and usually "en- er the good is forgotten,
whose interests and aptitudes lie in entirely differLet's keep State friendly without ent fields.
it cannot validly be maintained that the All-State lightens" us faster. We can even
Revue will or will not perform the tasks of talent, justify the existence of the "grape any "buts"—
vine"—after all, you do have to
organizational, and leadership development forwhat's going on around school.
Another means of loosening the problem of classmerly assigned to the Big-4 since the Revue has know
BUT, you don't have to know the
space Is to use more rooms at 12:35 p.m. on
not been tried; it has not proven itself either way. private details of someone's personFriday. (Subtle, huh!!> By setting up a system under
For these reasons, SA voting today will require al life, as spread by a frustrated
which one representative for every fifty students
much foresight. Don't prejudice your vote because Walter Winchell.
would attend a Senate and on the major proposals,
"Walt" has gleaned his tasty tidBizet's opera, "Carmen," produc- we could save endless bickering, incorporate the long
you did or did not participate in your class Bigbits of gossip from various sources.
4's, because you, personally,
enjoyed them or He can get his information by pre- ed by the famed London Opera overdue party system at State, and eliminate the
present carryings-on which have resulted in the audithought them a waste of time. T h e outcome of to- tending a friendly interest in oth- Company is scheduled at the Strand torium being called "Page's Pit of Personalities." Spethe evening of October 21.
day's balloting may not affect you personally, but ers and getting them to confide in
A cast of 100 artists will be tour- cial Issues could be voted on by either the Senate's
vote intelligently—your decision will affect many htm. His interest is anything but ing the country with the company. request or by petitioning on the part of SA. And . ..
friendly. There is another manner
990 students could read their paper in comfort.
a class to come.
in which "Walt" can get his infor Their first American tour was In
mation which is more pleasant and >1ITEM: Art Kapncr sold 70 insurance policies less of an effort. He can arrive at Vera Crenny, mezzo-soprano, will 5-0, STATE
Nice going so far, Soccer Team, and best of luck
this week, bringing the total to 420. This repre- the Union at seven and lean against sing the title role of Carmen. Fran- against a powerful Queens team tomorrow. If anythe counter until eleven watching cisco Palumbo, baritone, will play
sents SA support of the program.
thing, our performance and schedule proves State
the people who frequent it. During the role of the matador,
this observation period, he can con- To accompany the singers Is a 35 is capable of playing Inter- Varsity sports against
sume a few cokes and even carry piece symphony orchestra directed real rugged opposition—and who knows what else
is feasible?
on an extended conversation with by Tedore Cargiulo.
some of his cronies. Of course, he Tickets for this performance are
The Administration and the Athletic Department is mentally 'taking notes" the whole now on sale at the theater box- JUST WONDERING IF
time. Naturally, "Walt" can stoop office.
The sale of the Playhouse, only legitimate theatre
pulled an irritating, but understandable, boner this
The popular voices of Sara in Albany, might make Page Hall a natural for visitto ordinary eavesdropping on conpast week in the setting up of the Sophomore gym versations — this is too obvious Vaughn and Nat King Cole will be ing troupes and bring in Albanians and their money
program. We will admit that they were in a spot.
heard at the RPI Field House, Troy which could improve and add to the already good
beginning at 8:15 on October 15 caliber of productions now sponsored by Dramatics
Last spring the college set up requirements for
Putting on the show with them are and Arts Council.
graduation which made it necessary for SophoPlan Kenton and his orchestra,
mores to acquire two hour's credit in gym. The
George Kirby, Teddy Hale and the RECOIL ON DAVID'S SLINGSHOT
shortage of facilities was anticipated at that time
Today in assembly, the Big Four motion will be
and provision for acquiring outside facilities was
For classical music lovers the reconsidered. The first big question, however, is whethAn Open Letter to the Editor:
Chamber Music Society of Albany er the frosh should have the right to vote on somemade in the budget; however, during the summer,
As former president of Kappa
the cost of these facilities was raised to such a Delta Rho, it is my duty to an- has arranged three works of the thing about which they know next to nothing. We
early nineteenth century period to
price as to make it financially impossible for the nounce that 61 members have re- be performed at 3 o'clock Sunday in hope that In the very near future an amendment to the
Constitution will clear up the frosh vote issue comCollege to obtain use of them. T h e situation was signed from active membership in the auditorium of the Albany Insti- pletely.
that organization.
tute of Hi.-tory and Art. Arriaga,
further complicated by the scheduling, by mistake,
As you know, Kappa Delta Rho Beethoven, and Schubert selections THIS AND THAT
of classes in the gym from 8 to 9 a.m. while the
has been on this campus since 1915. ill be clone.
Congratulations to Alpha Pi Alpha for taking a
Milne Basketball team uses the gym for practices However, we of the undergraduate w i.
A s 0 n t the Institute two art dlsat this hour. These occurances are understandable; body feel that due to what we con- p i a y s are currently on exhibit. The long over due step and the best of luck in the future . . . Facilities Board has ok'd a TV set for the
however, we feel that had time been taken to ex- stder racial and religious dlscrim- 0 n portraits of Lawrence McCoy Union. With immediate action, perhaps we could have
amine the program which was submitted as the ination within the national organi- a r e being shown with the Karollk it installed before the Yankees romp . , . The Bruwe can no longer participate collection ot American paintings.
bacher Dining Hall is now under SUB supervision
solution, it might have been realized that, while ration
In the afalrs of Kappa Delta Rho.
Area theaters are now .showing and no longer will organizations be compelled to pay
the plan solved the Athletic Department's probTherefore, we who have resigned s o m e 0 r the best productions of the the $6 advisory cleanup fee . . . How about making
lem, it created so much confusion and so many have reorganized as Alpha Pi Al- season.
a r.ul cafeteria out of the old Commons by adding
conflicts with other student activities as to make pha, and shall continue as a local
Victor Hugo's immortal classic regular booths?? . . . In regarding the "Who's Who"
"Les Miserable" is at the Rltz.
its operation impossible. A little more thought fraternity at State College.
nominations, let's not make it sound like a polling
Sincerely yours.
A spectacular "Ivanhoe" with Liz of the delegation from New York . . . The Co-op is
might have saved Student Association from the
.lolin Zongrone, President
taylor and Robert Taylor leading now selling everything under the sun, but the prices
anger and confusion into which it was submerged
Alpha IM Alpha Fraternity the cast is billed at the Palace.
are still too near its temperature . . . And for those
at the beginning of this week. It has been demwho want to know—th" one way road outside of
onstrated in this case that a plan which works in
Brubacher runs from Partridge to Ontario mow
they're building the sign) . . .
theory on paper will not always work when the
Well, girls, the rat race has begun. Watch out for
individual student's schedule is applied to it. The
traps, and may the best pack win.
Administration and the Athletic Department are
to be complimented upon the prompt rescinding of
Hey, you want'a sit in my assembly seat?
their action. We can only hope that this slop be
carried further to the permanent suspension of
Sophomore gym on the required basis.
Boner . . .
College Calendar
MAV 1818
October 3, 1952
No. II
Mt'lli IO'I'H nf Ihi' NKU'K
x til ft IIIII.V hi' ri-iirlii'il TII.'KIIII,V
7 In I I |> iii
in '.' :i.TJH. Kxi I I
j : U . ' i i : 11, .ii nun ii, •_• 117 III: I\IIHM>\VKI<I. II KC1;
Mii.vuliU, KtllUIIJ; lliidlimlij. Hi! llhT'J ; I'liiii, J ,Vil."i.
Till' NlllllTUrilllllllll' lll'H'»|lll|>l T "1 I III' \'l'W V i l l i . S nil- ( i l l
li'Ui' fur Ti'Hi'lii-m . inililUlii'il i'Vi'1'j l-'rlilio nf MM I "«»| i-itr
ji'iir li.v i In- M'iWN It" i i.i Im- In M i n i , H I A»»,irlu! Inn
I'l) A l l ' :
i : H l l i i ; i t M.VV.VKIN I'.lti:/. NHH\ i:i.i/.Aiii:i ii i
unit IS I I O I I I I < < \
.IOIIIHM: siiiiii' •
M\mi;i.i.i:\ X M . I I K
FRIDAY. OCTOBER 3, 1 9 5 *
- -
( ATllKltlNi; M M II -
I l l I'lllilil- llt'lltlilllln
Itoliitliiim ICilllnr
NIMII'U Killliir
Mi-iili>r S | , i n ' U Mriiilii'r
It IIN I III'HH- A il\ itrOuliig Mil mi KIT
- - - I lr< i i l u l l n i i M u n i i m r
l o u t urn Killlur
AhMirluli' Killtur
8:30 p.m. Kappa Delia open house for Statesmen.
10:30 a.m. Sign up for organizations, Old Crininons
12:30 p.m. Presentation of Banner,
p.m. State vs. Queens Soccer game, Beverwyck.
7:30 p.m. Sophomore skit, Page Hall.
p.m. Dunce, Student Union.
p.m. Gumma Kappa Phi Faculty Tea
freshmen W i l l
Divide For New
Orientation Class
Gibson Starts
New Program
For Instructors
A new course has been introduced
in driving training. It is a two hour
course that orients the students in
both pedestrian and vehicle safety,
announces Dr. Thomas Gibson, Prolessor of Health. The student will
practice teach second semester, for
which he will receive two hours of
credit. This new program of instruction for drivers training begins this semester. All those who
are interested must see Dr. Gibson,
before Monday if they wish to enter
this course. The quota of the class
is sixteen, and no one can be accepted after the quota Is filled.
Langford And Hartley
To Speak To Sections
Orton Resigns
For Position
In Utah University
To Assume Leadership
Of Education College
The resicnation of Dr. Don A.
Orton, Director of Education at
State College has been announced
The October sessions of freshman
by Dr. Evan R. Collins, President o!
orientation will be divided into four
the College. Dr. Orton will" leave
sections, according to Dr, David E.
about December 1 to assume his
Hartley, Dean of Men. A copy of
new duties as Dean of the College
of Education of the University of
the schedule will be posted on the
Utah.. The University of Utah has
bulletin board outside Room 110 in
an enrollment of 7,500 students with
Draper Hall.
approximately 1,600 in the College;
of Education. Dr. Orton has tieeri
Each week the sections will report
at State College since September
to different rooms as follows: last
Dr, Gibson announced the follow- 1950, serving as Director of Edunames A-E report to the Library
ing requirements for entering the cation.
October 6: Draper 349, October 13;
class. They are: 3:35 to 5:25 p.m. Dr. Orton began his professionRoom 20, October 20; and Page
must be free, the student has to be al work as a teacher In the rural
Auditorium on October 27. On the
a licensed driver for one year, he schools of Utah, and was a memsame dates those with names F-L
must have the room to add a two ber of the University of Utah facwill report to Page, Library, Draper
hour course, and he should be a ulty for three years before comthg
349, and Room 20 in that order.
Junior or Senior, but some Sopho- to State.
The third group, M through the
mores might be considered.
Under Dr. Orton's. leadership t l »
name Scordato, will go consecutiveIf there are some difficulties that Department of Education has exly to Room 20, Page. Library, and
might prevent you from taking this tended its graduate program, deDraper 349 on those dates. The last
course, Dr, Gibson will talk the veloped a strong study council for
section beginning with the name
situation over and attempt a pos- Capital District school systems, and
Sellers through Z will go to Draper
sible solution,
Improved its program to increase
349 on October 6; Room 20, October
Dr. Gibson also stressed the point direct observation and experience
13; Page, October 20; and the LiA Frosh Little Brother shakes hands with Dr. Collins as Big Brother that there are many practical as- for beginning teachers in local
brary on October 27.
looks on at the Annual President's Reception held last Friday night in pects of this program. Not only does schools.
Dr. Oscar E. Lanford, Dean of the the Lower Lounge at Brubacher Hall.
it improve individual driving, it also gives the teacher the opportunity
College, will speak on the academic
of improving the skill and safety
program, while Dr. Ellen C. Stokes,
measures of other people through
Dean of Women, will talk on peradult education classes and outside
sonal responsibility. Dean Hartley
will give accounts on student services.
Directory lists will be placed on
I the Student Council bulletin board
result, there is not much interAmong the new faculty members action between students and facrOSn • O A \ t t e n Q i n Husted Hall, Tuesday, for correcin the Chemistry Department at ulty, and to get to know students
tion, according to Sheila Hill '53,
State is Dr. Hassan Bey. a native personally is almost impossible.
It is imperative that every stuof Albania.
Dr. Bey has a definite opinion
Upperclass students are asked to dent check these lists in order to
Dr. Bey has been here for three about the contrast in manners and
The Slate College religious clubs years, but this Is his first teaching
refrain from using the main read- correct possible errors in the name,
which have scheduled events for position m the United States. Pre- dress between European women and ing room in the Library by Mary E. class numeral, home address, school
next week are Inter-Collegiate Zion- vicusly he taught in Italy, where women in the U. S. In Europe, the Cobb, College Librarian, for the next address or phone number.
ist Federation, Student Christian the classes are very different. Some women dress with what Dr. Bey de- four Monday afternoons from 3:35 Boomsliter Will Lead
scribes as "chic" to attend their
Association, and Newman Club.
of the differences stem from the classes. There is also a noticeable p. m. to 4:25 p.m. The dates con- Discussion On Speech
size of the classes in European Uni- difference between the modes cf cerned are October 6, 13, 20, and 27.
ICZF is having its first reception versities. From 250 to 300 students
Library instruction for the fresh- 'Continued from Page 1, Column 11
of the college year en Wednesday in each class is not unusual. As a dress of different economic levels. man orientation classes will be held who will act as chairmen of the
at Brubacher from 7:30 to 10 p.m.
Nurse-Instructors, are participating
tell a woman's economic position by in the Library at these times so it in the afternoon. Also acting as
Dr. Morris Eson. Assistant Profeswill
sor of Education, will be the guest Faculty Loans Obj ects her manner of dress. As to the mat- t.i work there. The downstairs read- chairman is Dr. Paul C. Boomsliter,
ter of "chic" among State College
speaker, announces Phyllis Krakowwho will head the discussion on
our newcomer ing rcom will be open during these Speech. Included in this discussion
er '55, General Chairman.
For Foreign A r t Exhibit undergraduates,
times. The Library will be open durthinks that something is lacking.
ing its regular hours over the Octo- is Dr. Floyd E. Henrickson, ProfesAt the SCA meeting in the New A display of art objects from NorBefore coming to Albany, Dr. Bey ber 10 weekend.
sor of Education.
Commons at 7:30 p.m. Thursday a way, Sweden, and Denmark is be- lived for a while in New York City.
film of animated cartoons will be ing exhibited in the museum case His reaction to the city was a comshown. Paul Ward '53, President, has on the second floor of Draper Hall. bination of confusion and disfavor.
staled. This gathering will also hear These were loaned to the Art De- The freedom or young people ima talk by a local clergyman on the partment by Dr. Minnie Scotland. pressed him unfavorably, as did the
Student Christian Movement Con- Professor of Biology, Dr. Caroline prevalence of moral crimes and their
Lester, Assistant Professor of Math- lax punishments.
On the lighter side, Dr. Bey saw
ematics, Miss Mabel Jackman, AsThe Newman Club meeting is to si-tant Professor of Librarianship, his first television program in this
take place at Newman Hall at 7:30 Helen James, Assistant College Li- country. Most of the entertainment
p.m. Thursday, according to Patri- brarian, Dr. David Hartley, Dean of he gets l'rcm T.V. is from watching
cia Butler '53, President.
Men, and Mrs. Hartley, and Mr. the enthusiastic reactions ot his
Carl Peterson, Instructor ill Music, younger relatives.
Mrs. Peterson. The exhibit will
Dr. Bey appears to have made a
To meet numerous requests, we now have
A4ademo»se//e Opens and
conliiui" until October 8. During very happy adjustment to upstate
the following week there will be an New York and to Slate College. He
a counter devoted entirely to toilet articles.
Contest To Women exhibit of Scandanavian textiles. looks forward to the hunting season.
The Art Department has also on
Applications for undergraduate
re pi eductions of different
women are now being accepted by display
of Rubens, the sevenMademoiselle magazine for mem- paintings
bership on Its 1952-53 College the portable screens in the second
Hoard. The deadline for applica- lloor corridor of Draper. This exRazor Blades
tions is November 30. Information hibit will supplement the film about
concerning applications may be ob- Rubens, which will be shown by the
Shaving Lotion
Tooth Brushes
Color by Technicolor
tained from College Board Editor. D&A Council on October 8.
Mailamiiist'lle. 575 Madison Avenue,
New York 22, N. Y.
Albanian Native Joins Faculty
Finds State s Classes Different
Religious Clubs
Schedule Events
Students Will Check
New Directory Lists
Library Classes
Miniature Drug Store Now Open
; r v NOW
Girls who come out among the
top twenty in the three campus assignments during the year will be
senl to New York next June In help
write and edit the August College
issue. Thej will be paid a regular
salary tor the month, and traveling
expensi s,
H. F. Honikel & Son
Phone 4-2030
01 niled 1905
157 Central Ave.
Bobby Pins
Corner Ontario & Benson
Dial -1-1125
You May Still Purchass
7:30 p.m. ICZF Reception, Brubacher.
3:30 p.m. Tun Kappa Alpha
Vaughn, Diaper 340.
7:30 p.m. Newman Club.
7:30 p.m. SCA general meeting, Richardson Louise
Meet The President1.
<mflufff WOP
Ct liege Florists for Years
ir-'periul Attention
Sororities and Fraternities
"PlLd-J (/lucu a.<r t- :*~t'-~*<
• T A T E C O L L E G E N E W S . FRIDAY, O C T O B E R 3 ,
Debate Council
Slates Schedule
For Tournaments
Songs For Sale
At Dormitories
" W h a t ' s t h a t noise??? S o u n d s
like singing . . . Let's go see."
These may be often h e a r d
words in t h e corridors of Pierce
a n d Brubacher on future S u n day nights.
T h i r t y - f o u r s t u d e n t s signed up for
debate or discussion activities a t a
Debate Council meeting held in
B r u b a c h e r T u e s d a y evening. Joyce
L e o n a r d '53, President, h a s a n nounced t h e coming schedule of d e bates, which includes more t h a n 100
encounters for beginning a n d e x perienced debaters.
B e t t e r get your homework
done early, girls, so you c a n
lend a n ear to the frosh Saylesmen. Twenty-five of t h e m will
be on h a n d in fair weather or
foul to serenade you from both
Beverwyck and t h e Dorm Field.
Alan Welner and his "activated
accordion" will provide background music for their novel
F r e s h m a n debaters will be s e lected for debate t o u r n a m e n t s held
a t t h e Universities of Vermont,
D a r t m o u t h , Colgate, a n d Hamilton.
which State's experienced debaters
will be a t t e n d i n g a r e : University of
Vermont, Brooklyn College, t h e E a s t
Coast Regional, West Point, a n d t h e
N a t i o n a l Debate a n d Discussion
Conference a t t h e University of
Colorado in Denver.
Girls who desire to join t h e
singing from their "lookouts"
a r e welcome to lend their voices.
T h e boys won't reveal their r e a sons for these serenades b u t it's
bound t o be a good one. "So
don't be late, girls, for your 10
o'clock date every Sunday.
Numerous high school assembly
debates are being scheduled. An a p p e a r a n c e by t h e British Debate
team will be m a d e here December 9.
State Enrollment
Shows Increase
Among t h e experienced debaters
r e t u r n i n g this season are from t h e
Class of '53; Joyce Leonard, Robert
Berkhofer, and Anita
O t h e r s Include Sylvia Semmler, Edward Lehman, Ronald Ferguson,
R i c h a r d Shaper, J a m e s Thompson,
Marvin Chernoff, JoAnne Doyle,
J a m e s F i n n e n , and J o a n B a t h r i c k
from t h e Class of '54; a n d Edward
Cornell a n d Rose Steinberger from
t h e Class of '55.
Men s Glee Club
Needs Members
T h e latest available figures of the
second largest enrollment in the
history of t h e College has been released. T h e year 1950 was t h e largest enrollment with a total of 1623.
T h e freshman class is the largest
with 425 as compared with 329 last
year. This year's grand total of 1601
enrolled students Includes 187 grad
u a t e students and 38 special s t u d n t s and 38 special students. Last
year's total of 1577 included 247
grads and 53 special students,
T h e r e are still some vacancies in
the Men's Glee Club. Dr. Charles
Stokes. Professor of Music, a n nounced t h a t all those who are interested
should come Wednesday evening a t
Rushing. T h e r e shall be unlimited
7:10 p . m . tc Room 28 in R i c h a r d son. T h e opportunities exist in all rushing except as follows:
sections of the Glee Club.
A. A rushee Is any regularly enMonday afternoon at 3:30 p . m . rolled male student at New York
there will be a meeting of t h e Opera S t a t e College for Teachers, who Is
Work S h o p in R i c h a r d s o n 28. T h e not a fraternity member.
operetta to be presented this year
B. No freshman shall be p e r m i t will be t h e famous "Mikadc" by Gilted to remain overnight (2 a.m. to 7
bert and Sullivan.
a.m.) at any of the respective fraT h e Men's Chorus is still able to ternity houses. This rule shall go
accept some tenors and basses. Dr. into effect beginning at twelve p.m.
Stokes also invites any Interested of the first Monday after freshman
s t u d e n t s to join Women's Chorus.
Department Plans
Education Labs
Dobbins Reviews tfacttltu 4WtVffflW
French Problems Dr. J a m e s Wesley Childers, P r o -
Children s Homes
any fraternity on c a m pr u s until one
calendar year h a s elapsed from the
date of resignation a n d then, only
with the sanction of I n t e r - F r a t e r nity Council.
F. On t h e night t h a t one
fraternities has a regularly
uled rush party, t h e o t h e r
nity houses shall be officially
to rushees.
of the
F r e s h m e n sign-ups for S M I L E S
will get a preview of t h a t o r g a n i zation Sunday, just after Activities
Day. At t h a t time, Doris Doherty
'53, President of SMILES, has an nounced, the new members are to
be taken on a tour of the Albany
Home for Children. T h e tour, conducted by the children themselves,
will terminate with a movie a n d a
short talk by F r a n k M. Howard Director of the Home.
L. G. Balfour Co.
Additional replacement n o m i n a tions for J u n i o r Class Scngleader
and Sophomore Class S t u d e n t Council member may now be m a d e according to Louis Vion '53, C h a i r m a n
of Election Commission.
Wrrte-in nominations for either
J u n i o r Songleader or Sophomore
S t u d e n t Council representative, tu
supplement those m a d e in class
meetings this week, may be m a d e
up tc 4:30 p. m. Tuesday. All declinations must be m a d e by 4:30 p . m .
Wednesday. Special blank forms for
write-in nominations a n d declinations and a deposit receptacle will
be placed under the Myskania bulDramatics and Art Council will letin board.
show free films for all interested on
Each candidate for the office of
Tuesday, at 7:30 p . m . In P a g e Hall, S;udent Council representative is
states F r a n c i s Hodge '53, President. required to submit to a test to qualify him fcr the position. These tests,
T h e first of these films, "Rubens," given by Election Commission, m a .
won first prize a t the Venice film us taken on Wednesday a t 7:30 p. iv
festival. A study of the artist's tech- in Room 140, T h u r s d a y at 3:30 p. n .
nique is given in the film.
in Room 111, or F r i d a y at 12 n:>; i
in Room 111. Failure to take such a
"Looking At Sculpture" was made test or tc pass it will automatically
to promote public interest in m u - disqualify the nominee.
seums. T h e development of style a n d
technique through the ages in sculpturing is shown.
D&A Council Slates
Three Cultural Films
Albany High Offers
Classes In Russian
Plan to moot your friends there—
T h e men living in t h e newly designated S u m m i t Dorm have done
much work of reconditioning the
building themselves. A reception
room has been decorated, and rooms
S t u d e n t s having any special t a l ents t h a t would be useful a n d who
are able to spend some evening each
G. T h e r e shall be a limit of one week
, . ^ . „ with
the childrn are urgently
informal party a m o n t h a t the fra- needed by the organization, states
ternity house c o m m e n c i n g at 8 p.m. Miss Doherty.
A party shall be constituted by ten
(10) or more rushees.
I n conjunction with the principle
t h a t learning is a t its best when
you observe w h a t you are t a u g h t .
Dr. Don Orton, Director of Education, h a s announced t h a t the E d u cation D e p o r t m e n t h a s developed
a three-fold observation program
for t h e Sophomore, Junior, and
g r a d u a t e education classes. Four
public schools in Albany will be
open to Ehe students for observation, They are Public Schools 4, 10,
16, and 19. T h e r e will also be observation classes in Milne. Regular
D. Persons not bid u n d e r Section
members ot the faculty will also
Instruction in the Russian lan- B., and who have spent one full
conduct demonstration classes for guage is now being offered to inter- regular semester nt S t a t e may be
t h e observers from the three classes. ested students.
issued bids before 12:35 on the Monday before Thanksgiving. These bids
Classes will be held at Albany shall be returned to I n t e r - F r a t e r I n t h e third part of the new program students will be placed In High School on Monday and Wed- nity Council before 12:35 p.m. on
community agencies where It will nesday evenings from 7 to 9 p . m . the Monday following ThanksBi'vino
be possible for t h e m to observe ad- Students will be Instructed by Nik- Day.
olescents and the functions of the olai Mlkhallovitch Slniapkln.
community a n d their agencies. This
T h e registration fee for the course
program will be under the direction
of Dr. William Vickery, Professor is $2. For further information call
Albany 3-2410 or 8-8722 after 5 p. m.
of Community tudles,
Several new a p p o i n t m e n t s were
m a d e a t t h e C a m p u s Commission
meeting last Friday,
Owen S m i t h '53, G r a n d M a r s h a l .
T h e last Friday of each m o n t h will
be the meeting day of t h e o r g a n ization.
Sayles, Summit
Select Officers
H. A regularly scheduled rush
party Is one t h a t is on the social
calendar for which written invitations may be sent. W r i t t e n invitations may not be sent for informal
C. There shall be no oral or writ- parties.
ten bids or suggestions of bids issued to any rushees until the day Formal Bidding
set for official bidding as prescribed
A. T h e r e shall be no voting for
in Article VI.
membership until ten clays prior to
the issuance of bids.
D. Any person whose pledge is
broken for any reason shall be inB. Bids shall be issued through
eligible to receive a bid from any I n t e r - F r a t e r n i t y Council
fraternity aurlng the following se- 12:35 p.m. on the last Friday of
February to all regularly enrolled
students who have spent a t least
E. No fraternity may issue a bid one semester at S t a t e College.
to any m a n who has resigned from
C. All bids must be r e t u r n e d to
T h e Uist film, "Ai-Ye." is the story
the I n t e r - F r a t e r n i t y Council on the
Monday following the last Friday of the development of m a n k i n d .
of February before 12:35 p.m.
CC Releases Rules
For Lost And Found
fessor of Modern Languages, will
speak o n October 8 about " B e n j a min F r a n k l i n ' s Efforts toward C o lonial Independence" a t East G r e e n bush ir. their Adult Education P r o gram. This Is his secona year of
T h e Lost and F o u n d D e p a r t m e n t
Her speech included t h e following participation. Last year h e discussed
affect t h e t {
, . Q r e a t M e n a n d Q r e a t is under t h e supervision of F r a n c e s
Allen '54. All articles found should
France. T h e physical recovery since i s s u e s »
be given to h e r or the a n n o u n c e the war h a s a d v a n c e d rapidly because t h e country is a good sound
T h e Brookhaven National Labor- m e n t of this should be posted. Missagricultural n a t i o n a n d it has iron atory h a s announced t h a t Dr. A n n e ing articles should also be handled
a n d coal mines. Also t h e E R P h a s R. Oliver, Assistant Professor of in this way. All a n n o u n c e m e n t s
given F r a n c e t h e necessary credit to Physics, h a s been m a d e a consult- should be posted on the Lost and
buy materials abroad.
a n t of t h e institution. For t h e past Found bulletin board in t h e lower
T h e F r e n c h people themselves a r e t h r e e v e a r s D r ' o l l v e r h a s worked Draper corridor,
skilled and industrious workers, and t n e r e o n P u r e research during t h e
Rose Mary B r a d t '54, Is in c h a r g e
a great n u m b e r of people own their s u m m e r vacation.
of assembly. Any questions concernown small businesses. T h e y are co
This week Dr. Milton Olsen, D i - ing assembly procedure should be
operating with t h e g o v e r n m e n t to
rector of Education, a n d Roswell referred to her.
check inflation a n d h a v e a sound
Fairbank, Assistant Professor of
economic system.
Commerce, a r e p l a n n i n g visits to
T h e country lags In one aspect several commerce g r a d u a t e s .
though. T h e construction of housing
R u t h Hutchins, Assistant Profesunits is proceeding slowly. T h i s is
due to the r e a r m a m e n t p r o g r a m and s o r ,°f Art. , w , a t t e n d t h e L a k e
the sound construction of t h e new Placid Teachers Conference n e x t
building's, so they will last for ages, weekend.
Officers representing two resiT h e different g o v e r n m e n t s of the
This weekend, October 3-5, Dr. dence halls have recently been c h o fourth republic h a v e kept t h e social services a n d even added to Minnie Scotland, Professor of B i - sen, it was announced this week.
them. T h e C o m m u n i s t s , one of the ology, will a t t e n d a district confer- They are Sayles Hall and S u m m i t
political parties, a r e losing in popu- ence of Zonta I n t e r n a t i o n a l , which Hall, formerly t h e St. Mary's P a r k
larity. T h e y are also decreasing in will be held in Montreal.
influencing the labor unions,
Howard Flierl, Assistant ProfesSayles officers, announced by J o Written in F r e n c h on some of the sor
___ of
._ Social Studies,, „,,
spoke before seph Purdy, House Director, are
walls is displayed the a t t i t u d e of t h e Schenectady U n i t a r i a n Women's President, F r a n c i s Hodge '53; J a m e s
some, but few, of the F r e n c h m e n . G r o u p on September 25. He gave Fox '54, Vice President;
T h e sign says "U. S. go h o m e l " , but t h e Introductory talk on t h e topic Combs '55, Secretary; Samuel K r c h the government neutralizes this a t - of "land, food, and population."
niak '56, Treasurer.
titude by definite cooperation with
the United States,
Officers of S u m m i t Hall include
T h e general a t t i t u d e of the people ^ I T I I € S
| <
Jerry Cline, President;
is cheerful and hopeful. T h e governO'Laughlin, Vice P r e s i d e n t ; Michael
m e n t Is spending money upon the
Humphrey, Secretary; Walter C a r artistic and intellectual aspects of
ton, Treasurer. All these men are
the nation.
O n T h u r s d a y , October 2, a t its
first general m e e t i n g F o r u m h a d as
its speaker Dr. M. A n n e t t e Dobbin,
Assistant Professor of M o d e r n L a n guage. T h e topic of Dr. Dobbin's
speech was " F r a n c e in 1952."
9*Uvi 4*eUe*Hilfy Council Rui/uHf
T h e following rushing regulations
released by I n t e r - F r a t e r n i t y Council
have been published due to the fact
t h a t they have been revised and
were not printed in the F r e s h m a n
Club Pins
Write or Call
30 Murray Ave. Waterford, N.Y.
Telphone Troy - -
Adams 82563
Blue Note Shop
156 Central Ave.
Open Evenings Until 9
Capital Press
T h i s afternoon a proven P o t t e r
team meets Thurlow for the latter's
first trial on Beverwyck Park. T h e
Dorm Field will feature a strong
K B team playing S u m m i t House in
Summit's first official game. M o n day, SLS is scheduled to play V a n derzee on Beverwyck, while t h e
F i n k s wil ltangle with T h e Steelers
on Dorm Field.
Wednesday afternoon KDR took
a 10-0 decision from the the Steelers. T h e g a m e featured h a r d drivingline play, highlighted by J i m B e n net of APA who almost single h a n d edly stopped the Steelers offense.
Bob D r e h e r and Chuck Derwin played good ball for the losers.
Both APA and the Steelers have
strong a n d well-balanced teams, but
APA locks like the team to beat
in the Dorm Field League.
KB Defeats Mustang's
Tuesday afternoon KB routed the
Sayles Hall Mustangs 24 to 0 as
they displayed a fine running and
passing attack. T h e KB backfield
of Ryder, Wander, B l a t t m a n and
Sturm, operating behind a big line,
made t h a t team look like one of
the powers cf the Dorm Field League.
On Beverwyck, Tuesday, a powerful Potter Club romped over the
Tri-City All-Stars. T h e frosh club
was handicapped from the start,
since they could field only eight
Champlin, Brown
T h e "Club" seems to have hit on
a potent combination again this
year. Ray C h a m p l i n appears to be
in his usual fine r u n n i n g and p a s s ing forn\ Bob Brown, a new a d d i tion to the forward wall, snared
three passes in pay territory. Soph
field general for the boys from 145
State St., Bcb Sage, also played a
fine offensive game. Don Nolan and
Arnie S c h a u n b u r g were the outstanding players for the badly outclassed All-Stars.
T h e "Club" is picked to repeat its
last year's performance again this
year. It is almost certain t h a t they
can win t h e Beverwyck League, but
the contenders from Dorm Field
should prcve troublesome.
Leagues Have Poor S t a r t
Monday, the Dorm Field League
got off to a harmless s t a r t as the
Finks forfeited to S u m m i t House.
The game was played out, however,
and resulted in a
scoreless tie. O u t s t a n d i n g in this
contest was the s h a r p passing of
the Fink's Bob DeMichael and the
stubborn defensive play of the h u s t ling frosh from Summit Hcuse.
The s t a r t of the Beverwyck League proved as futile as the one on
Dorm Field. T h e SLS-Thurlow tilt
was cancelled because the field had
not been lined.
D. B. and R. W.
Gerald Drug Co.
Albany, N. Y.
" P o r t r a i t At Its Finest"
Phone 6-8610
Cheerleading Held in Cafeteria
Cheerleadlng practice h a s also
started and is being held every
Tuesday, Wednesday and T h u r s day nights in the cafeteria from
7:30 to 8:30. Notices for hiking, riding and ping pong will be placed on
the WAA bulletin board.
T h e r e are no organized teams this
fall, so there is an opportunity for
each girl to get in her fall sport
credit en the day or days convenient to her. T h e sports are played in
pick-up t e a m s so everyone will have
an opportunity to play.
Siyi+Uf Id ft Sftobtd.
. . . Soccer team looking great—
Should have t h a t really good year
. . . Basketball practice will probably begin about October 15 . . .
Hear t h a t a certain veteran plans
to go out again—namely Pete Teller . . . Seems t h a t Bob Brown might
coach JV Squad . . . Peds should
continue winning ways from last
year . . . IM football j u s t getting
s t a r t e d . . . 4 F r a t s a p p e a r to have
strong aggregations . . . if talent
was pooled a pretty fair gridiron
squad could be fielded . . . Bowling
will resume approximately Oct. 28
. . . only ten teams entered so far
—hoping for 2 more . . . so two leagues may be formed . . . also hear
t h a t intercollegiate bowling is out
this year . . . a couple of F r a t teams
should be bolstered because of this
. . . Our Sports Editor took a quick
leave of absence—reason—"Greetings" . . . Still predict Yanks will
take World Series—in not more t h a n
six . . . anyone for tennis?
By D O T T I E
Bouquets of roses a n d orchids to
the a d m i n i s t r a t i o n a n d t h e physical education d e p a r t m e n t ! T h e faculty h a s seen fit to waive the S o p h omore gym requirement.
T h e whole mess s t a r t e d w h e n t h e
physical education d e p a r t m e n t discovered t h a t about one half of t h e
Sophomore class was not scheduled
to take gym because of conflicts with
the new two hour education lab. O n
top of t h a t , certain facilities p r o m ised t h e gym instructors were not
made available to them. T h e only
remedy seemed to be t o h a v e gym
classes two n i g h t s a week.
And then, loud complaints were
heard from all corners of S t a t e College. T h e one-third of our s t u d e n t
body t h a t commutes complained.
The State College News' editors
complained when they discovered
t h a t the Scphs couldn't work on
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings
when they needed them. T h e s t u dents in Stagecraft and Elementary
Dramatics (who are almost all
Sophomores) complained since they
are required to meet at school a t
night for laboratory assignments.
T h e s t u d e n t s in A.D. complained
when they remembered previous experiences with t h e actors en stage
shouting to be h e a r d over the roar
of a basketball game In the gym.
T h e m a n a g e r s of i n t r a m u r a l sports
complained, and so on and .so on
and so on.
And in view of all this, the powers
t h a t be waived t h e Sophomore gym
requirement. We t h o u g h t t h a t they
would, but only after going through
much red tape, repealing m a n y laws,
and in the m e a n t i m e producing
much bedlam. We'd like to express
further opinion and say t h a t it's
about time. With so m a n y d e m a n d s
being m a d e on our time in subjects
t h a t pertain to our major fields of
interest, or which further our professional training, a required course
in gym seems not only unreasonable,
but impossible!
Moreover, there exists on this
campus a well-planned program of
individual and team s p c r t s in the
forms of i n t r a m u r a l s , rivalry sports,
and WAA activities. Since there are
no physical education majors here,
we can assume t h a t any interest
shown in sports is for pleasure or
relaxation. Surely, these activities
can accomplish this end as competently as a gym class.
With no qualms about being repetitious, we want to say. " t h a n k s
again" to the administration for
coming up with a delightful and
workable solution to a mess. We
hC'pe it is a p e r m a n e n t improvement, and not a temporary measure
to rectify an immediate problem.
State Again Host Team;
Queens College Invades
Hathaway Releases
Basketball Schedule
Coach Merlin C. Hathaway r e leased t h e 1952-53 Varsity Basketball schedule today. The roster i n cludes t h e same teams State m e t
Again tomorrow afternoon State's
last year when they won 13 a n d
squad will play host, this
lost 7.
time to a Queens College outfit.
Hoping to continue their masterful
1952-53 Basketball Schedule
ways, S t a t e will probably go along
December 5 Maritime
Home with the same lineup which comDecember 6 Oswego
Home bined to m a k e t h e first victory look
December 12 Harpur
Home easy. S t a t e will be favored to chalk
December 13 New Paltz
Away up win n u m b e r two.
December 17 New Haven
!l Potsdam
Home S t a t e Rolls to Easy Victory
Last S a t u r d a y a comparatively
10 Maritime
17 Plattsburg
Home fair New England College squad saw
30 Oneonta
Away how soccer should really be played
31 Utfea
Away when the S t a t e s m e n mauled t h e m
February 5 Willimantic
Away for a 5-0 victory. New E n g l a n d nevF e b r u a r y 7 New Haven
H o m e er displayed any of t h e power t h a t
February 12 Willimantic
Home they were supposed to have. In fact,
February 14 Plattsburg
Away there was a complete reversal.
F e b r u a r y If P r a t t
Home Goalie Telfer could have just as well
February 21 Harpur
Away brought his rocking chair along as
February 28 New Paltz
Home he had to exert effort only on seven
Home occasions to stop opposing shots. In
e Oneonta
Home a further breakdown, only two could
* Utica
Home have been classified as shots.
Stella T u r n s in G r e a t P e r f o r m a n c e
On the other side of the ledger,
State's points were countered by Bill
Adams, Tom King, a n d Al C a n n o n
with King and C a n n o n each booting the ball past the goalie twice.
Joe Stella was probably the outstanding player of t h e day. Stella
A last call has been issued for e n - as halfback was constantly booting
rollments in the Beginners Class to the ball downfield into scoring pobegin next Tuesday at Public B a t h sition. His defensive play was one
3. T h e course is being held Tuesday of the reasons why most of the
a n d T h u r s d a y evenings from 7-9 for game was played in New England's
t t h e next three weeks. The class is territory. C a n n o n ' s play, a l t h o u g h
open to both men and women. Ap- creditable, could not be considered
plication can be made by contacting on a par with last year's. King,
Marie DcSeve '53, or by calling the Strickland, McCcrmick a n d B u t t o n
also were key men in State's attack.
Red Cross Chapter.
Button was injured late in t h e first
Later in October there will be an half and was forced to sit out the
I n t e r m e d i a t e Class at Hackett J u n - remainder of the game.
ior High School to be held on Mon- Fresh Look Good
day and Wednesday evenings from
New faces in the lineup who look
7-9. T h e class begins October 27 and like they will be steady performers
is also co-educational.
fcr Coach Garcia's squad are Jack
Beginners Class
Meets Tuesday
Hughes, who played a good game at
fullback, and Don Snyder, who covered a lot of ground on the wing
position. Dick Pfiffer and "Rebel"
Hockmuth made good showings in
their soccer debut.
Next weekend t h e team journeys
to the North Country for two games.
They will engage P l a t t s b u r g S t a t e
Teachers College on F r i d a y afternoon and then take on C h a m p l a i n
Ccllege Saturday before r e t u r n i n g
Advanced Courses Offered
More advanced courses including
Life Saving and the Instructors
Course are being scheduled for later in the year.
T h e r e are openings for students
holding their Instructor's tc aid in
teaching these classes on a voluntary basis. F u r t h e r information may
be obtained from Marie DeSeve,
S t a t e College Unit Leader.
Campus capers
call for Coke
F R E E !
Webster's Pocket Dictionary with
each purchase of $1.00 or over.
Statesmen Down
New England 5-0
For Initial W i n
Everyone enjoys the break
b e t w e e n c l a s s e s . T h e l i d ' s off
for a t i m e a n d r e l a x a t i o n ' s
t h e m a n d a t e . W h a t b e t t e r fits
Central Variety
the m o m e n t t h a n ice-cold C o k e ?
Below Quail Street
—Open Every Night 'Til !>—
OPEN 0:00 to 5:30 DAILY
Evenings by a p p o i n t m e n t
T h i s week WAA fall sports s t a r t e d
with activities being scheduled on
Dorm Field weekdays from 3:30 to
5:30 Monday and T h u r s d a y afternoons Archery and Hockey are t h e
featured sports.
Volleyball is scheduled for T u e s days a n d Wednesdays and is being
played a t the n o r t h end of the field.
Soccer will be held on Tuesday and
Wednesday afternoons
a n d also
frcm 10 to 12 o'clock on S a t u r d a y
In W a s h i n g t o n Park there will be
supervised tennis on Tuesdays and
T h u r s d a y s . Swimming is being held
as usual in the Jewish C o m m u n i t y
Center Pool on T u e s d a y s evenings.
An opportunity for lessons may be
included in the swimming; program
on Tuesdays if enough interest is
S-iHr With Mmkan
Special Discount for Decorations
217 Western Ave.
170 South Pearl Street
Albany, New York
Fraternity Teams WAA Starts
Take First Games Sports Program
Thurlow To Play Potter;
KB Vs. Summit House
"Col«" it a r»aiil<tred lrad»-mark,
l»AOK •
Students To Sing Ten Year History Of Big Four
O n Page Field, M a y Reach Concluding Paragraph
lance In Uni
Now thaf the time has come to State Special, presentations by the
again review the question of Big g g etaasea, a ^ t a t d g a i pageant
'£ /**
D & A Affiliates
To M e e t Today
SUB Requests
State Pennants
Column 6) F o u r s - >' w o u l d b e w e l 1 t o u n c o v e r tersorority' presentation, and Dorm i n s c h ° o 1 a t a p l a c e t o b e a n n ° u n c " Is also an investigation to be unDonald Lein, Charles Beckwith, the long hidden history of Big p 0 ni e s constituted the events. The e d - Leanore Kotch 54, chairman of dertaken for the decoration of TernFrank LaTruglio, Doris Mehan, Pa- Pours.
Frosh and Soph programs were the organization, announced the perance Tavern.
tricia Finger, and Robert Coan,
On October 1 1943 the State c o u n t e d towards rivalry.
This week a suggestion box is bem a l n p u r p o s e of this meeting Is to
Sophomores. The following people
Big Ten was instituted as a means organize the program for the school inf. h l L n g " p ° n the Ontario Street
are the heads of the committees: College News released plans by MyP
exit of he Snack Bar DeSantolo
Janet MacDonald, Props; Nan Mc skanii and Student Council for a of obtaining money for the war efEvov" ^ e ^ C h a r i e s 8 ' Beckwith "Big Ten." The Big Ten, as its fort.
- • —
a s i c s fa&t anyone who has an idea
LiBhts' and Ann Tober Miscellan- name implies, consisted of ten so- to buy a field ambulance.
are considering ior the_ improvement of the Union
T h e Aff|]lates
cial events spread a t intervals
In 1944 the Big Ten was short- sponsoring a field trip to RPI for d r o P t h e i r suggestions into the box.
The students will then go out to throughout the year from late Octo- ened to the Big Eight. The All the presentation of the First Drama
George Hathaway '53, has been
State Special and the Christmas Quartet's show. The activity will designated to investigate the possiPage Field for the Activities Day b e r t o t h e middle of May. An All
Pageant were omitted. 1946 saw the take place on November 18 at the bilities of decorating the walls of
sing. Barbara Newcombe '53, will
exclusion of all events except the Field House. Anyone who Is inter- Snack Bar with cartoons. .'These
direct the singing. While this goes
Soph a n d frosh presentations, ested may attend. The organization paintings would be life size tarlcaon the bonfire will be lit.
State Fair, and a Religious Clubs will take charge of buying the block tures and would also be used ,to decRobert Comley '55 will be at the
program. The Big Eight was now of tickets. Transportation arrange- orate the four walls of trip game
head of the snake dance and will
Big Four c'.ue to the overcrowded ments will also be taken care of by room.
lead the participants to Brubacher
social .T.'.endar.
D & A Affiliates, but the students
In the future there will be a drive
Hall. The route of the snake will be
From 1948 until last semester Big w n o attend must help to meet the for pennants and banners. This
as follows: up Western Avenue to
drive is another way by which more
Four consisted of what might better cost of the chartered bus.
Cortland Place, turn right at CortVolunteers to work at the Pruyn have been termed the "Tiny Two.'
decorations can be added to the
land and follow this street to State
Library and Clinton Square Neigh- Although State Fair has still conSnack Bar and the game room.
Street and then to Brubacher.
These pennants and banners are to
When the snake arrives at Bru- borhood house Story Hour have tinued, it is no longer known as
. been requested by Alice T. Hastings, p a r t oi B i g P o u r i a n d t n e Religious
come from local colleges and unibacher which will be about 9 .p.m.,
until midnight. Gecrge Hathaway Assistant College Librarian. These C i U D S a l s o discontinued their Big
versities. The Student Union Board
is also seeking banners from the
'54, is in charge of decorating the Story Hours will be held every Frl- Four Program,
State of New York. A special emgame room for the gala event.
day afternoon at 4 p. m. starting
All that is left of the Big Ten,
Tau Kappa Alpha, national lion- P h a s l s i s b e i n 8 P u t upon these colRefreshments are under the di- about November 1 and will continue a fter ten years, are the two shows
le es w h o bel
° " g to the University
rection of Catherine Cowell and until the College Easter vacation, for rivalry. Today will see the con- orary forensic society, will sponsor 0 Sl
Pork This drive is also for
Joan Bathrlck, Juniors.
Any student interested is asked to tinuation or dissolution of one of a lecture Thursday in New Draper a11 New
Auditorium, according to Robert
College students. All stuRonald Koster '55, is the chair- contact Miss Hastings cr Beverly state's oldest traditions.
d e n t s w n o wtnlld llke t o
Berkhofer '53, President.
man of 'the publicity committee. Dodge '54, chairman of the project.
to this project are asked to give the
Frances Hopkins and Kathleen Obstudents leading these Story
The speaker will be Harold pennants and banners to Rudy Deerst, jun crs, are assistant chairman H o u r s m a d o a v a r l e t y o f a c t l v i t l e s Potter Club Releases
Vaughn, a State College gradaute Santolo.
and chairman respectively of the c o n n e c t e d w l t h s t o r y t e l l i n g i s t a t e s
who spent this past summer in YuNames O f Officers
Activities Day program.
Miss Hastings. They may tell the
goslavia under the sponsorship of
stories themselves, have the children /Continued from Pane;, Column //1 'the "Experiment in International
Lounge In Richardson
act the story out, use puppets to
Living." He will talk on his eight
Potter Club elected Edward Me- weeks' visit inside Communist Yudemonstrate the stcry, or have the
Becomes New Commons children
sing songs connected with Carthy '53, and Joseph Derby, Jun- goslavia.
Richardson Lounge has been of- a particular story. The children in tars, co-chairmen of their pledge
The names of the new officers of
ficially named the Commons and these groups range from the age of committee. The following officers
During hi.-- slay in Europe, Vaughn Residence Council have been recan no longer be reserved for activ- 6 to 12. The leader may arrange the elected by Potter Club last week visited collective farms and worker- leased by Julia Korba '53, President.
ities during the day, announces John activities to fit the age level of her a i e h o u s e officers rather than fra- owned factories. He also interviewed Vice President is Lu-Ann LivinLannon '53, President of Student particular group.
ternity officers as was incorrectly Archbishop Stepanak while the lat- food, and the secretary-treasurer is
Association. It may be procured for
stated In last week's State Coll.gc ter was being held prisoner in Yu- Mnrjorie Alguire, both Seniors.
evening meetings, however, by signTwo students may work as a team News, states Paul Ward '53, Presi- goslavia.
Members of this year's Judicial
ing up on the calendar in the office in leading a Story Hour. Attend dent. The new house officers are
Board are Margaret Smith '54, Aliki
of the Dean of Women. The new ance every Friday is net required President, Harold Smith '53; ViceSlides taken in Europe will aug- Aposlolides, and Anna Oberst, Senlounge is located in New Draper, Interested students may come as of- President, Peter McManus '54; and ment the lecture. The program will iors. Korba is President ex ofRoom 149.
ten as they wish.
ficio of Judicial Board.
Treasurer, Gary La Grange '53.
commence at 3:30 p.m.
Hastings Seeks
Story Hour A i d
Grad s Lecture
Council Releases
Names Of Officers
IBut onlyTime will Tell
State College News
There will be a meeting of the (Continued from Page 1, Column t)
D & A A f f u l a t e s today at 3:30 p.m. b e e n d e f
dedded upon
fir 30 dap
A D To Present
nlghtwatchman. Must
Laboratory Plays hateOnecokes.
Must have handled
ping pong paddels and billiard
Tuesday In Page cues as weapons. Must enjoy be-
The series of Advanced Dramatics
class plays which will extend
throughout the college year will begin Tuesday evening with the presentation of two plays, a hilarious
comedy and a romantic tragedy, announces Frank Hodge '53, President
of Dramatics and Arts Council.
Strange Ending Concludes Tragedy
The tragedy, directed by John
Laing '54, is concerned with a love
triangle. I t is said to have an interesting and surprising ending. The
audience is incorporated into the
play Itself to act as a jury to the
characters. Those acting in the
drama are: Roslyn Lacks '52; Diane
Wheeler '54, and James Erlandson
'55. Technical director is Marcia
Griff; Stanley Hewlett is In charge
of the House; Frederick Crumb is in
charge of Fublicily; Margaret Eckert will furnish sound effects; lighting is under the direction of Norma
DeRcos; Leanore Kotch is in charge
oi' make-up; Doris Hagen is In
charge of props, Juniors, and Janice
Smith '53, is chairman of costumes.
Comedy Portrays Marital Problems
cultics of a man who is cursed with
a wife who can not speak and later
is afflicted with the problems of a
wit's who .suddenly become:! talkative. The cast consists of: Frank
Hodge '53; Madeleine Payne, Donald
Voelllnger, Harry Warr. Marvin
Chernoff, Juniors; Joan Carlin and
Charles Beckwith, Sophomores; Ross
Hack, Robert Betchum, Eleanor
Goldman and Donald Murdock,
freshmen. Committee heads for this
play are: props, Frances Clllberti;
Costumes, Doris Hagen; Technical
Director, Norma DeRoos, Sophomores; Make-up, Janice Smith;
House, Kathleen Wright, Seniors.
CAMELS lire America's most popular cigarette. To find out why,
test them as your steady smoke.
Smoke only Camels for thirty clays.
See how rich and flavorful they are
— pack after pack! Sec how mild
CAMELS are — week after week!
An educational program featuring
Dr. E. Dennis of the Sterllng-Wlnthrop Research Institute will be
held in Page Hall at 8 p. m, on
Thursday, it was announced by Dr.
Margaret D. Beta, Assistant Professor of Science.
For nearly ten years, Dr. Dennis
lived in the Near East. During his
slay he was affiliated with several
ci I'.eges and was active In medical
research, He will present a film entitled, "Impact of American Education on the Near East." This film Is
narrated by Lowell Thomas and produced by the March of Time. Dr.
Dennis will answer questions on the
topic, and will show several color
slides he lock while in the Near
This program Is designed for all
who are Interested in education. H
will be .sponsored jointly by D&A
and by the Albany Club of Sigma
CAMEL leads all other brands
by billions of cigarettes per year!
It appears that an unknown
sum of unknown felons absconded with the machine. After
intense study of the surrounding terrain, your reporter and
Jr. G-Man, Spam Stade, has
reached the following conclusions: Upon reaching the alumni
quad, the thieves got thirsty,
drank a coke, and abandoned
Big Red to the surprise of the
slccpy-eyed Brubacher girls on
their way to breakfast.
Saylcsmen are on the alert. If
you're one of the culprits, this
is your last chance. Better sneak
out of town, along with all the
Dodger fans.
Creeks Pledge
New Members
The sororities have announced
that there have been seven girls
pledged within the past two weeks.
Potter Club has scheduled a smoker
for the freshmen and transfers.
Gecrge Smalling '53, President of
inter-Fraternity Council, announced
that plans are underway to select
a band for Winterlude, the sororityfraternity formal which is held in
At the weekly meeting Monday
night Kappa Delta pledged three
new members. They are Phyllis McCormick, Mary Ann Hopko, and
Patricia Dean, Juniors.
At the Chi Sigma Theta sorority
there was one girl pledged. Katherine Sinclair '53, President, announced that the new pledge is
Donna Hughes '55. On Friday evening a date party has been scheduled
with Siena. The chairman of the
activity is Marion Howard '53, and
Janet Canavan '54, is in charge of
the refreshments.
Ruth Poole '53, President of the
Phi Delta sorority, has announced
that the sorority has initiated Patricia Zylkc '53, and Ellen Baronnas
'55. Three new pledges have also
been added to the sorority. They are
Dolores Mariano, Lorraine Voepel,
and Saiah Hoyt. Sophomores.
This Thursday evening at 8 p.m.
Paul Ward '53, President, announced
that tne Pctter Club will hold a
smoker for the freshmen and transfers.
All Sophomores interested in enrolling in elective classes in physical
education may do so by applying: to
Isabellc Johnston, Instructor in
Physical Education, or Merlin Hathaway, Instructor in Physical Education, on or before next Friday, announces Thomas Gibson, Professor
of Health. Classes will begin Monday, October 20. One credit hour
will be given for each semester of
enrollment in Physical Education.
Classes for Sophomore women nre
scheduled as follows: tennis, Monday and Wednesday, 2:45 to 4:15
p. m.; badminton, Monday and Wednesday, 7:30 to 9 p.m.; field hockey
techniques and officiating, Tuesday
and Thursday, 2:45 to 4:15 p.m.;
apparatus and tumbling, Tuesday
and Thursday, 7:30 to 9 p.m.; modem dance, Tuesday and Thursday,
7:30 to 9 p.m.
"We're all pals together!" What
better theme for a Sundayful of entertainment. And all for the benefit
of no one else but the fun lovin'
.students and faculty of our own
Slate College.
You'll know it's All State Day
when the band r-rlngs forth, Al
Peachy and his charming majorSophomore men's gym classes are ettes make their debut, and the facscheduled thus: tennis. Monday and
Wednesday, 12:45 to 2:15 p.m., and
Tuesday and Thursday, 1:45 to 3:15
p.m.; soccer, daily, 3:30 to 5:30 p.
in.; ami apparatus and tumbling,
Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30 to 9
p. m.
Myskania Issues
Frosh Warnings
State Will Participate
In Education Program
Soapbox To Poll
Religious Clubs
S A Members
Plan Conference,
Political Choices
Engage Speaker Heading the agenda for Student
Student Christian Association will
initiate its Student for Christ Movement next weekend. Inter-Varsity
Christian Fellowship will sponsor ii
guest speaker on Christ—Tne Answer."
Tonight in Brubacher
A Conference of Student Christian
Association to be held in conjunction with R.P.I., is initiating a Students for Christ Movement, Paul
Ward '53, President, has announced.
The theme is Social Action. The
Conference will be held at R.P.I, in
Troy, October 17 to 19.
Chapel is being held each Wednesday at the Park United Presbyterian
Church. Until further notice, it will
be from 12 noon until 12:30 p.m.
This e v e n i n g ,
Christian Fellowship is having a
guest speaker. Reverend Stansfield
of Auburn, New York will speak on
"Christ — The Answer." William
Whitwer '53, President, announces
that it will be held at Brubacher
Hall beginning at 7:30 p.m.
The State College chapter of
IVCF has a program which includes
conferences, weekly Bible studies, and daily
noon devotional meeting for prayer
mission .study, and the discussion of
vital doctrines. Tri-city monthly
meeting speaker include prominent
Christian philosophers, and clergymen.
Association Assembly today will be
a poll to be taken by Soapbox to determine student political preference
in the coming presidential election.
Also on the agenda are a continuation cf last week's discussion of the
Big-4 reconsideration, and the reading of assembly rules by Campus
Commission. Student Council this
week elected representatives to ICA
and accepted a constitution for Student Facilities Board.
Council Elects Delegates
The election of four members of
Student Association to attend the
annual Inter-Collegiate Association
Conference was completed by Student Council Wednesday night. The
representatives are John Lannon
'53, Marvin Chernoff, Patricia Dean,
and Neil Brown, Junicrs. Alternates
are Beverly Pranitis, Louis Vion, and
Ruth Dunn, Seniors. Lannon will
act as chairman of the group.
The ICA conference will be held
at Buffalo State Teachers College
November 7, 8 and 9. Representatives
from eleven state teachers colleges
will discuss extra-curricular problems and exchange Ideas. Student
Council has submitted the following as possible discussion points:
Compulsory assembly, State aid to
athletics, and problems of student
Student Council elected Ann Vigilante '55, as Publicity Director of
Rivalry Committee. Miss Vigilante
will be a non-voting member of the
Facilities lid. Obtains Constitution
A constitution for Student Facilities Board, submitted by Elizabeth
Coykendall '53, was unanimously aculty dance across the Dorm Field cepted by the Council. Also accepted
by the Council was the formal reswith their young 'uns.
Muscles will dominate the after- ignation of James Lockhart, now
noon with a tug-of-war and softball in the Navy.
game. Garcla's Growlers and Hathaway's Hecklers will rhumba onto
the diamond to compete for the All
State Softball Championship.
And then—then the great moment
arrives. A grand rush to Tempy's
Tavern and . . . food! Majorettes
will be tiptoeing about the tables
Plans for the Eastern College Sciselling door prize tickets while a ence Conference to be held here artChinese Auction :s being conducted State, March 2(1 to 28, have been anfor the benefit of Campus Chest.
nounced by Herbert Thier '53, ChairDon't stomp your feet yet, cause man. Most of the colleges of the
there's a heigh-down comin' up. Eastern United States will be repReuben Merchant and his square resented.
dance band have a couple of hours
Features of the conference will
billed for ya in the dining hall.
include eminent speakers In the field
Dat's all? No WhWen you're all of science, field trips to local induslagged out from blddln' and dancin', trial plants, exhibits, and papers on
you'll be entertained in the lower all the natural sciences, educational
psychology, and general psychology.
The new All-State Day will help
The executive committee for the
you become better acquainted with conference includes Thier; Linda
the faculty. This will mark the third Hopkins, Vice Chairman in charge
year Student Council has sponsored of arrangements; Michael LaMarca.
All State Day.
Vice Chairman in charge of techSo, remember Slate Day's a- nical details; Elizabeth Piatt, Treascomin', there'll be dancin' that urer; and Patricia Dean, Executivenight--October 19—you'll be there, Secretary. All are Seniors except
Miss Dean who is a Junior.
Students from any field who are
interested hi working on a commit'55 Releases Schedule
tee are requested to sign up on a
sheet to be posted in the near future.
For Hayride Tomorrow
Merriment, Majorettes,
To Dominate Third All-Stale Day
The names of freshmen who have
received two official warnings have
been released by Elizabeth Piatt '53,
Chairman of the Warning Committee of Myskania. They are Sheila
A faculty committee, set up to de- Milliard, Mimi Patterson and Dovise plans in order that students lores Price.
from State may participate in AmThe penalties for violaticu- >f
erican Education Week, has been rivalry rules, as released by Mysannounced by Elmer C. Mathews, kania, are a.s follows: first offense,
Director of the Teacher Placement one written warning; second offense,
Bureau. American Education Week a written warning and publication
will be November 9 to 15.
of the violator's name in State Col"Children In Today's World" is lege News; third offense, a public
the committee's theme, chosen to apology before Student Association.
Rules for issuing warnings are listpublicize the educator's view cl
teacher training. Plans for carrying ed below:
1. The warning must be placed in
the program include a possible
man To Speak out
television show, radio program, a a sealed envelope In the Myskania
exhibit, and a college open mailbox not later than 24 hours aftIn Draper Auditorium book
house in order that the public may er the offense has been committed.
visit classes.
2. The warning must Include the
"The New Educational Program
following information, full name of
Members of the committee Include the violator, date, hour, location and
In England" will be ihe topic of a
talk by Professor C. H. Dobnison of Dr. Vivian Hopkins, Assistant Pro- the name of the person issuing the
fessor of English, Dr. Perry WestReading University, England, who brook, Assistant Professor of Eng- warning.
;i. A person can receive only one
will speak In Draper Auditorium to- lish; Dr. Don Orton, Director ol
warning per day for each type of
day at 12:30 p.m., announces Dr. Education, and Mathews.
David E. Hartley, Dean of Men.
Kappa Phi Kappu and SOAQ8 are
The committee is interested in
4. Each warning must be on n
Jointly sponsoring the speaker and obtaining students' Ideas on wliut separate piece of paper but, more
invite all interested students and the college can do during American than one warning can be placed in
faculty to attend,
Education Week, states Muthews.
one envelope.
Ten exhausted Saaylesmcn
rushed into the P.O. to place
this ad. Their reason: they're
tired of lugging their coke machine from dead center dorm
field to the game room.
Assembly To Continue Debate
On Reconsideration Of Big-4s
Sophs To Enroll
Directed by Dolores Donnelly ™ In Optional
the comedy treats the marital d
Dennis To Show
FRIDAY. O C T O B E R l O , 1 9 5 2
ing behind the eight ball. Call
8-0287 from 2 to 5 a.m.
Directors Name Casts,
Production Assistants;
Rele se Plo Synopses
ior Mildness and Flavor
Thier Announces
Conference Plans
There will be a hay ride for the
Sophomore class tomorrow evening.
The wagon is scheduled to begin its
tour at 7:30 p. in,
In the lower corridor of the perlstyle between Husted and Draper,
there Is a booth where any Interested Sophomore may obtain his
ticket. The tickets are on sale at
fifty cents per person.
All those who are going on the
hay ride should assemble in the
front of Draper on the Western
Avenue side at 7:30 p.m.
'Pea" Editor Posts
New Picture Schedule
All Seniors, sorority and fraternity
members who have not had their
pictures taken for the yearbook are
requested to sign up on the l'ed»gogue bulletin board before Tuesday.
Veronica Price '53, President, has.
announced that Patricia Qarrett 'S3.
Is the chairman of the art staff.
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