wnmt •
Sororities Climax Traditional Yearly Resolves Show faculty QoobutUl Law Prescribes
Dr. Edward P. Shaw, Professor of Deferment Rules
Rushing Period, High Ideals, Low Will Power
Modern Languages, was a guest of
I firmly resolve—to get In bed be- age old fallacy of "turning over a James H. Hyde at the annual lunch- (ContinuedfromPage 1, Column 2)
eon of the American Members of the ive Service College Qualification
Accept Pledges aiways
fore five o'clock every morning, to new leaf" every January 1.
Institute de France, held at the Test may be considered by their
remain at least two weeks
behind in my homework—and to
never attempt to follow any worthwhile resolution, since I always
break it within a week.
Seven I con I'roslimeii luivo boon |)'eilB0f1
by Hem Zeiu, nccoi'illiitf 111 Evelyn
Such seems to be the concensus of
Knmlco 7i2, President, 'I'lloy are Slninm opinion on campus regarding the
Iterators, Lniirn Brtllio, Llicrcllii D'Aliilron, Hiii'linrii Devllt, Mnriinrui (ionsor, ('liiirlntre (inliliiuiii. Mni'lo drum,
lternlee Ulinsbei'g, Mary Iilooviino, Three Grads Receive
.leiinelle Kill/., Angela Kimiiiiurli. Mill'colli) Ki'uposkl, Kllznbi'lli Mel 'nini'l I, Positions Through TPB
Virginia DHIUIIII, Pnlrlcin Sweeney, Ann
Vlgllnnto, mill Marilyn Wliiselien.
I'lil Delia, uernrillng in Mnrjorle ParElmer C. Mathews, Director of
we.l '52, I'roslilenl, litis pli'iigotl toll the Teacher's Placement Bureau has
freshmen. Tlioy are .loyoo Baldwin, announced the placement of three
I In ti tin It Hanks, .lanieo Kniitlenn, Willi• In fliior, Klallle liiiwan. Marie Kennell, State College graduates. The posiShirley .Inlins
Nancy IJghilnill. tions range from grade school to
Hotly Miller, anil Killliarlno Snsa.
college teaching.
Students Accept Operetta Parts
Donald Ely has been appointed
Two new members of the cast of Instructor in Education and Audiothe operetta Trial By Jury by Gil- Visual Aids at New Paltz State
bert and Sullivan have been an- Teachers College. Mrs, Miriam Esnounced by Dr. Charles P. Stokes, penship has accepted a position as
Professor of Music. Mitchell Burk- Third Grade teacher in the Ravena
owsky '52 has been accepted for tho Central School, and Estelle Weispart of Defendant and Donald Duc- blatt has been placed as a Comlos '54 will be Counsel for the plain- merce instructor in the Monroe
High School.
(Continued from Page I, Column I)
Monro, Sn.iy May, Piitrleln Nnyo, .roiin
Rogers, Xnncy Kviins and Bliilno NiryItci', fi'osluiien,
Anna Apostolides was the first to
tell us she had already broken he:'
resolution, "I guess I really didn't
believe in mine," she said with a
laugh that was far from regretful.
"I broke mine the second day of
school," declared Fran Hopkins. "I
intended to go to the library instead of the Commons. It doesn't
work." Flo Friedman made a typical resolution, to get enough sleep.
"I've already broken it. Brubacher's
so close, you know."
Fran Schatzle w a s completely
honest. "I didn't make any resolutions because I'm good enough without them."
Vickie Baldino frankly admitted
that she hadn't made any resolution, but said that she had reformed,
nevertheless. "I get up half an hour
before breakfast—I'm really a new
At this point we resolved to scurry home and write some of our own.
However, it is now quite a oit later,
and we're still only thinking about
it. Maybe next year.
University Club, New York City, on
December 15, 1951, Dr. Albert P.
Blakeslee, noted authority in botany
and genetics, and M. Andre Siegfried, of the French Academy, delivered the major addresses.
Dr. James W. Childers, Professor
of Modern Languages, will attend
the third national convention of
UNESCO from January 27 to 31,
Tne convention is titled "The Citizen and the United Nations: The
Struggle for Peace, Freedom, a">.d
Advancement." Dr. Childers will
work with the Communication in
the World Community group, and <i
sub-sroup concerned with the international exchange of professors and
Dr. Lois Williams, Instructor in
Ancient Languages, and Florence E.
Raanes, Ancient Languages Supervisor in Milne, attended the joint
annual convention of the American
Philological Association Institute nf
America at Princeton University
from December 27 to 29, 1951.
local board for deferment. However,
local boards are not required to defer men who meet one or both of
the criteria.
If students who meet one or both
of the criteria are not deferred, they
have a right to appeal to their local
boards, General Hershey reminds
students. Those who wish to do so
should write to their local boards
ten days from the date the local
board mails the notice that they
have been placed in Class l-A.
Although the Selective Service
law allows a man to enlist at an.\
lime until ordered to report for induction, General Hershey explained,
the Army, Navy, and Air Force in
July 1950, agreed not to acept anv
IT:an for enlistment in any of the
services after he has been notified
to report for his Selective Service
pre-induction physical examination,
Since June 1951, the Department o r
Defense extended the period until
March 31, 1952, increasing the probability of a choice in January or
June 1952.
State College
ews* <
Frats, Sororities
Slate Initiations,
Social Activities
Greek Plans Include
Parties, Open Houses
Varsity Players
Will Encounter
ject just because he is asked his
Oswego, Potsdam
Dr. Carlson is on record as being
Dr. William S. Carlson To Succeed Dr. Alvin C. Eurich
As New President Of The State University Of New York
Dr. William S. Carlson, formerly
President of the University of Vermont, has been appointed President
of the State University of New York.
He succeeds Dr. Alvin C. Eurich,
who resigned September 1, and will
assume his duties April 1. Announcement of the appointment was made
by Dr. Oliver Carmichael, Chairman
of the Board of Trustees of the University.
As President of the State University, Dr. Carlson will head an
educational system of twenty-two
schools and colleges and eleven twoyear technical institutes. The institutions have enrollments totaling
33,000 full-time and 14,000 part-time
The new chief executive of the
State University was graduated from
the University of Vermont in 1930.
He also studied at the University of
Copenhagen and at Columbia University. A specialist In geology, he
was twice leader of expeditions, to
Greenland sponsored by the University of Michigan. The educator has
taught at several colleges, and for
a time held a principalship in
Wakefield, Michigan.
The educator became an assistant
professor at the University of Minnesota in 1937 and in 1941 was appointed director of admissions and
records for the University. After
three year's service in the Air Force
during the war, he was named Dean
of the University of Minnesota. In
194G Dr. Carlson accepted the presidency of the University of Dela-
opposed to commercialized college
football. In December of 1948, in a
speech before the Midde Atantic
States Collegiate Athletic Conference in Philadelphia, he declared
that college football was a possible
•Frankenstein m o n s t e r
threatened to obliterate the aims of
the college itself"
The announcement of Dr. Carlson's resignation from his former
position at the Vermont University
came as a surprise even to members
of the University's Board of Trustees. In the New York Times one
trustee is quoted as saying that "Dr.
Carlson's departure would be a
great loss to the University of Vermont and to the state," while another expressed the feeling that he
was "much let down by the news."
When he takes over as head of
thirty-three schools on April 1, Dr.
Carlson will become the second
president of the State University of
New York since its founding. His
predecessor, first president of the
University, resigned September 1 of
this year in order to assume the
position of vice-president of the
Ford Foundation for the Advancement of Education. Upon Dr. Eurich's resignation, Charles Garside,
an active member of the Board of
Trustees, w a s appointed Acting
President. He has continued in this
capacity until Dr. Carlson's appointment.
Hathawaymen Average
64.8 Points Per Game
Seeking to extend their current
The campus Greeks have anwin streak to five stealjght, the: state
nounced their weekend activities.
College Varsity Basketball squad will
The sororities have released inforjourney to the North Country to
mation on open houses, a date party
vie with Oswego and Potsdam toand recent pledges. The fraternities
night and tomorrow night respecthave announced initiations and a
rush party.
high on the crest of three
An Alpha Epsilon Phi Valentine
stunning victories, over Pratt, Marlopen house has been announced by
time, and Pittsburgh, by 15, 23,
Helene Patlen '52, Vice-President.
and 17 points, the Peds will face a
The open house will take place topowerful Oswego quintet led by a
morrow evening from 8:30 p.m. to
crew of fledglings. The "Profs" from
12 midnight. Evi Iglauer '53 is chairOswego will be out to avenge last
man of the affair.
year's squeeker when Killer Kaehn
Phi Delta To Hold Open House
dropped in a one-hander in the last
Phi Delta, according to Marjorie
three seconds to end the "Profs"
Farwell '52, President, will hold an
streak by a 51-50 count. Oswego
open house tonight for Statesmen
of the five squads on State's
from 8:30 p.m. to 12 midnight. eJan
slate that is only met once each
Osborne '53 is general chairman of
year alternating home and away,
the open house.
state Favorites in Potsdam Tilt
Kappa Delta, will also hold an
o n Saturday, t h e
open house for Statesmen tonight
from 8:33 p.m. to 12 midnight, acas
Uniooiding to Joan Bennett '52, Presiters' court. The North Country team
versity of Vermont.
dent. Marilyn Oadd and Nancy
will be strengthened by the return
In a press conference last month,
Ashman, freshmen pledges are coof lanky 6' 4" Van Orman who is a
Dr. Carlson stated that he regarded
chni'.'iv.en of the event.
seasoned veteran and he will be supthe new position as "a challenge to
Psi Gamma To Hold Date Party
ported by a hustling aggregation.
build on a sound foundation which
Psi Gamma will hold a date parLast
year on the Page hardwoods,
ty with students from RPI tonight,
Bob Brown and Bill Walker com"I hope to be the kind of president
according to Anne Sullivan '52,
bined to mesh 34 points between
who doesnt pontificate on every subPresident. The parly will take place
them for the locals, as the Peds
at the house lrom 8 p.m. to 12 midromped 89-68. The Dutchmen will
night. Ruth Dunn '53 will serve as
be out to avenge this loss, but will
,-o ial chairman in charge of the
be facing a powerful Purple and
Gold squad that has averaged 64.8
Chi Si una Thcta lias recently
points per game, while holding the
pledged lour girls, according to
opposition to 62.4 per game.
Florence Kloser '52, President. PaPeds at Season's Peak
tricia Aswad '53, Joan Carlin, Jean
Do you feel sluggish? Are your
The Hathawaymen, although sizKelly, Theresa Moellcr freshmen,
veins heavy? Is excess blood
zling hot in their last three outings,
have been pledged to the sorority.
weighing you down? Don't slit
have had a three week abstinence
SLS To Initiate Pledges
your wrist; get rid of some of
Student Union Board will spon- from intercollegiate competition and
Today in assembly there will be
Sigma Lambda Sigma, as released
the burden by donating to the
sor Slate's first Student-Faculty might have a little of the luster reby Kenneth Wade '52, President of a talk on civilian defense, a forenRed Cross Blood Bank.
Coffee Hour Sunday from 3 p.m. to moved "from "their"otoerwlM~8pirU
liie fraternity, will hold an inform- sic honorary society will be inThe University of I d a h o 5 p.m. in the lower lounge at Bru- • n U n c k T h e t o n m f e a t u r e s a f a s t
tCtmliwud on Page (>', Columns, stalled, the proposed bowling apbacher. The purpose of the Codec break and has been doing better
claims to lie the bloodiest campropriation will be discussed, and
Hour, according to Joan DeVinny than average work on defense. If the
mis in the U.S.A. Thirty-three
replacement nominations for Mys'53 and Joseph Lombard! '53, co- defense improves In any measurable
kania and Student Board of Finance per cent of the student body dochairmen, is to provide an oppor- degree, the Peds should fare well in
nated blood and the University
will be made according to William
tunity for students and faculty to Ihe remaining 10 games, six of
has challenged any other camWiley '52, President of Student Asgather in an informal atmosphere.
which are on the road. At the seapus to beat its record. It would
sociation. Student Council voted, on
Although this is Stale's initial son halfway mark, the squad boasts
the basis of a poll taken In assembly, be (mite an honor to win with
a .600 won-lost percentage.
the present urgent need for
The women ol .State College will to acepl the blood donation chalmany other colleges throughout the
blood in Korea.
The probable starting lineup for
have lie (i iporlunlty lo hear a ropstate. According to Miss DeVinny
Wo can't let Idaho beat the and Lombard!, they are reported to tonight's game will be Brown, Walkii'!•cniai ive from the U. S. Marine Idaho. An amendment was proposKmpiiv State. Already one hunCor s aiul the Naval Reserve. Dr. ed in Student Council for changing
be some of the most popular and er, Tabor, Centra, and Hoppey.
successful events at colleges.
F.llcn C. Slokes, Dean of Women, the method of nominating the Stu* dred and seventy-five State College students have promised lo
has announced that an officer will denl Association Songleader.
Marie DeSeve '53 is in charge of
A talk on civilian defense in the
donate. If the other fifteen
discuss the Naval Reserve Officer
the Arrangement Commtitee; memhundred get patriotic l those bers ol the Food Committee are
Candidate Program Monday and City of Albany will be the first on
who ar.- able) perhaps we can
working under the supervision of
Lieutenant Patricia A. Maas will Ihe assembly agenda today. Colonel
prove that we are as bloody as Joan Bennett '52. Julie Korba '53 Is
visit the campus during the week Alfred Jncobson, County Director of
in charge of the Publicity Committhey. When you are asked to
uf February 1(1 to acquaint the womtee and Grace Smith '52 is chairman
Three new members have been
donate, give your all!
en students willi the women's OI'll- Student Association about correct
i cr Training Class of the Marines.
to the State College faculty.
Commander (i. J. Burnett will dis- should be bombed.
DeVinny and Lombardi urge all according to Dr. Evan R. Collins,
cuss the Reserve Officer Candidate
students and faculty members to atForensic
President of the College. The addiProgram ol the Navy, which It; giv- a
tions have been made in the Educaen during the summer for women. (Continued on Page fi, Column II
Commander Burnett will speak at
tion, Biology and Commerce DepartSeventy-Six Students
;i 30 p in. Monday In room 349.
A bulletin lrom the Marine Ilead- Committee Schedules
The Education Department now
niiiirieis Recruit Inn Station eiiipliaThe Eta Chapter of Alpha Epsi- Enroll For Semester
has as an Instructor William K.
M/,es the services oll'ered with a Two Rivalry Events
lon Phi, located at Stale College,
Second semester registration has Louis. Louis received his A.B. and
has won the Alpha Epsilon Phi
military career. Women in Hie MuA ping-pong contest and a debate Scholarship Cup. The cup is pre- been completed (his week and lists
rine Corps receive Ihe same pay, reM.A. degrees at Duke University,
graduate students,
sented by the national association of entering
> punsibilities, and privileges as Ihe
nun A Murine Corps .second llou- The ping-pong contest Is scheduled composed of 38 chapters, lo the transfers, and beginning students North Carolina. Previous to his aplenaiii obtains a salary of $213.75 for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the chapter which has attained the have been compiled and released pointment here, Mr. Louis was an
monthly In addition to $00 for liv- (iaiiie Room nl Brubacher; the de- highest scholastic average during by Edward Sabol, Coordinator of Instructor and Administrator in
Field Services, Enrollees in Slate Schenectady.
ing quarters H Ihej are not furnish- bale will lake place in assembly the preceding academic year.
Friday, February 15.
College for the second semester beed,
According to Jacqueline Coplon
The new instructor in Biology is
After her visit to the campus, The ping-pong matches will con- '52, Dean, the Eta Chapter will keep ginning February 1952 Include four- James L. Chamberlain, Jr. ChamLieutenant Minis will return to the sist nl mixed doubles, doubles for the cup for one year. II will then teen freshmen and thirty-one grad- berlain received his B.S. degree at
uates. The remainder of the 70
, .iihi'.c in interview the women In men. doubles for women, singles for be awarded to the next winner.
newlj enrolled students at State is Cornell University and his M.S. at
icgiird lo Ihe Women's Officer men, and singles for women. Three
Beverly Bteln '53, Scholarship composed of fourteen readmitted Amherst.
Training Class. College women en- points will be awarded to the class
Having served as Assistant Prowinning
ol the .sorority computed students and seventeen transfers.
rolling Ill Ihe class can earn a comThe freshmen now lead the Soph- I he averages for Ihe group. A dele- Among those transfer students les sor nl Skldmore College, Elizaniisslon as second lieutenant In Ihe
Corps upon graduation by .success- omores In rivalry points. According gate will be chosen to attend n con- recently matriculated are students beth Burger is now leaching in tho
lulls ciimplellng two summer cours- lo Robert Donnelly 52, Chairman ol vention in Colorado in June at from three Slate Teachers Colleges. Commerce Department faculty. Miss
es nl ihe WOTC at Murine Corps Rivalry Committee, the score is 12 wlich tune she will accept flic cup Yale Univrslty, Slenu, RPI, Hunter, Burger received her B.S. and M.A. at
New York University.
to 8 In favor of tho freshmen.
and Syracuse.
for the local chapter.
SA To Hear
Defense Talk,
Frat Installation
State To Enter
Bloody Contest
Board To Hold
Coffee Hour
At Brubacher
Military Officers
T o Visit Campus
College Acquires
Faculty Members
Sorority Wins
Scholarship Cup
N E W S , FRIDAY. F E B R U A R Y 8, 1SS2
It's Your School
Every year at the beginning of the second seBy CHARLIE GRUNEISEN
mester students become lackadaisical about the
appearance of their school. From recent observations of the cafeteria, the commons and the bul-. All hail, P r o g r e s s , Goddess of old class spirit. J u s t listen to our
letin boards it appears that nobody seems to care. Change, a n d all h e r Progressive cheerleaders,
Twenty-five years c a n do
"Rah, r a h r a h ! Ray, ray, ray!
This year with the moving of the commons next Children.
We've gotta team that'll win t o a lot, '52, even to old S t a t e College.
to the cafeteria, it has become more difficult to W a y back then, w h e n you old s e n day!
keep both places clean. Obviously the cafeteria is iors faded away, t h i s was just a Stayte College, S t a y t e College,
not large enough to accommodate the students of little school: a bit provincial, a bit 5, 6, buzz, 8, 91"
the college. Therefore, the only alternative is to slow to change, a n d a bit h e s i t a n t No, the school h a s developed, a n d
look for a seat in the commons with a bottle of to realize the good in a c h a n g e for our catalog shows it. Adding a n d
are t a u g h t on the gradmilk and sandwich at the midday rush. Those in- a change's sake. B u t now we're a subtracting
big school, '52. C h a n g e s have come u a t e level, for those who don't learn
dividuals who are not fortunate enough to obtain furious a n d fast. (Note t h e inver- t h e m in t h e m o d e r n elementary
a seat in either the cafeteria or the commons must sion of a tritism, w h i c h m a r k s m e school. Officiating in Tiddly-Winks
resort to the hallway outside the commons.
t h e m a s t e r of style all English m a - is a required course for first-year
men, a n d the language requirement
The rules of Campus Commission definitely jors should be.)
h a s been entirely dropped: you
state that there is not to be any eating in the comT e n years ago, our old foster don't even have to know English!
mons. Perhaps it is better thai one break the rule father, the Legislature, broke down (except for Alphabet 202).
and sit down for lunch. However, this does not a n d bought us a football team, its We've got the whole of Draper
mean that students should leave milk and coke bot- equipment, a n d even built a s t a d i u m for a Commons, with private dens
us (the i n t e r n a t i o n a l l y - k n o w n a n d the like. T h e sharks play
tles around the commons to be spilled on some- for
Pish Bowl) in t h e middle of W a s h - hearts, a n d a few mediocre souls
one's clothes (which has been the case many times ington P a r k Lake. Coach Merlin try their luck a t F a n - T a n , but by
this year.) If rules are being violated, students says t h a t , once t h e difficulties in a n d large t h e game is now War, a
should take care of their materials. The fact that t h e Major-Minor Social Calendar highly intellectual, and strategic
are worked out, t h e t e a m c a n be
(extended m e t a p h o r , see?)
it is difficult to find a seat for lunch in an at- expected
to win t h e i r first game
tempt to make a twelve-thirty class does not mean against D e l m a r C e n t r a l G r a m m a r game.
If there was a Cult of Youth in
that papers and milk bottles should be strewn in School.
your clay, you h a d to do the p a m the hallway outside the commons. At the present
And w h a t School Spirit weve got! pering. Remember how you couldn't
time there is no receptacle in this area for students You'd
hardly believe it, I know. You ilunk us little darlings? And we of
to discard waste paper. Perhaps such an instal- used to be all split u p into groups S t a t e College today, have come to
ment would help in alleviating the situaiton.
called classes (silly designation) a n d realize our place in this grand
At t h e age of 28, our
all your spirit t h a t way. B u t structure.
The commons this year certainly has atmosphere wasted
now weve got a n e x p a n d e d E d u c a - average g r a d u a t e is the most cultibut the question is whether it is a desirous atmos- tion schedule t h a t h a s expanded vated, most pampered youth in our
phere. Certainly, cigarette butts on the floor do our official p r o g r a m to seven years whole youthful .society. He is too
not give it a respectable appearance. Keep in mind (the Liberal Arts people wouldn't old physically to s t a r t over, too
have it otherwise) a n d the way we young mentally to change. He will
that the students of the college should cooperate take in freshmen m a k e s failure a indeed make the most congenial of
with the janitorial staff in helping to keep the n o r m a l , h e a r t - w a r m i n g a d v e n t u r e , all congenialities before a class.
school clean. Many visitors travel through our r a t h e r t h a n a source of frustration. Yes, '52, there is much good In a
now, no one knows where h e change for its own sake. You and
hallways everyday. The school can be as clean as sSo
t a n d s until some November m o r n - those about you couldn't see it, so
we want it to be. It's time that somebody cared.
ing, when t h e R e g i s t r a r mails his
last June's diploma to him,
we're not worried w i t h t h a t
Money Again
T o d a y in a s s e m b l y m e m b e r s of the b o w l i n g
t e a m will r e q u e s t $ 1 3 8 from S t u d e n t A s s o c i a t i o n
in o r d e r to p a r t i c i p a t e in the N e w York
Howling T o u r n a m e n t at K i n g s t o n . L a s t y e a r t h e
t e a m r e q u e s t e d $ 1 5 0 in o r d e r to p a r t i c i p a t e in t h e
s a m e t o u r n a m e n t . W i t h the result of their s u c cess t h e m e m b e r s were a b l e to t u r n over to t h e
S t u d e n t Association s u r p l u s a s u m of a p p r o x i m a t e ly $ 5 2 5 . T h e m e m b e r s of t h e bowling t e a m a r e
a s k i n g for a r e a s o n a b l e sum of m o n e y a n d it should
be g r a n t e d to t h e m this year. P e r h a p s in t h e fut u r e if this bowling contest is to r e m a i n an a n n u a l
affair a t S t a t e College ( a l t h o u g h it is not e n t i r e ly limited to college p a r t i c i p a t i o n ) , it would be
wiser to i n c l u d e the s u m in the regular a t h l e t i c
a s s o c i a t i o n b u d g e t instead of s e n d i n g a special
r e q u e s t to a s s e m b l y every y e a r .
W e wish to extend o u r deepest s y m p a t h y to
the family of Dr. R a l p h G, C l a u s e n , who died
J a n u a r y 14, 1952 at t h e A l b a n y H o s p i t a l , N e w
S c o t l a n d A v e n u e . Dr. C l a u s e n c a m e to S l a t e
College in 1933 a n d served as C h a i r m a n of the
liiology d e p a r t m e n t until F e b r u a r y , 1950 when
he resigned. His inspiring lectures a n d his fine
sense (if h u m o r will lung be r e m e m b e r e d by the
students of Slate College.
J a n u a r y 11, 1952
we have stolen your future from
a n d you, but I'll bet you wish you had
it all to do over again, don't you?
T h e Ballet Russe de Monte C a r lo will appear a t t h e Palace T h e ater on Tuesday night, Fe'j. 19 a t
8:30 p. m. with Yvette Chauvire,
famous F r e n c h ballerina, a n d Oleg
T u p i n e in the title roles. Tchaikovsky's "Romeo et J u l i e t t e " , based on
the Shakespeare tragedy, will h e a d line the program. O n e of the more
popular of the m o d e r n ballets with
which the p r o g r a m will be concluded is " G r a d u a t i o n B a l l " to the
music of J o h a n n S t r a u s s . This episode of a gala e n t e r t a i n m e n t at a
fashionable girls school will include
most of the s t a r s of the Ballet de M o n t e Carlo. Tickets are
now on sale a t t h e P a l a c e at prices
from $1.20 up to $3.60.
Bob Snyder's S u n d a y night show
Greatest B a n d s " will feature Tony
Pastor this week. D a n c i n g time is
from 7:30 till 12 p. m. a n d tickets
are $1.50.
The Albany I n s t i t u t e of History
a n d Art is sponsoring the Sixteenth
Ceramic National, a n exhibition of
the country's best pieces of pottery.
T h e exhibition will open today and
continue through M a r c h 3.
pottery on display h a s just come
. B y B . DUNN and
I n case you h a d n ' t heard, t h e University of Idaho
m a n a g e d to get 1/3 of its s t u d e n t body to donate
blood a n d they have issued a c h a l l e n g e to all other
colleges to try to beat t h a t m a r k . Anybody with a
surplus will have a c h a n c e to " s p o u t " as soon as
the c a m p a i g n gets under way w h e n we hope to have
a mobile unit a t the school. Some of us won't have
a c h a n c e because they won't accept a n y t h i n g over
90 proof.
P. S. If yours is over 90 proof, we h a v e a very close
friends who can use a gallon or so. It's gonna be a
cold winter!
Wednesday night at S t u d e n t Council a very pointed
motion was brought up to c h a n g e t h e constitution
to take the nominations of SA songleader out of the
class meetings a n d put them i n t o SA assembly. A
good idea in view of t h e "log-rolling" a n d "railroading" t h a t went on at a recent class meeting concerning these nominations.
Under the present system, the poor a t t e n d a n c e a t
class meetings makes it possible for small groups
to eliminate everyone except t h e one they w a n t
from the election.
Any budding songwriters keep your eyes peeled for
a contest for a new Alma M a t e r which might be
brewing in the near future. We are trying to contact J o h n n y Ray to audition your e n t r i e s ? !
To the administration for looking out Tor our welfare and moving exams up. We t h i n k the faculty
also did a fine job coordinating their work on such
short notice.
has come up with what we consider a terrific idea.
They are going to ask everybody to " d o n a t e " a twenty-five cent admission at the next basketball game
and whatever they collect will be given to the polio
fund. All the other colleges in the vicinity have done
it and have been successful a n d we think State
should get on the bandwagon since none of our
money from Campus Chest went to polio this year.
Good a t t e n d a n c e at the game will boost both the
fund a n d the t e a m - - - S e e you t h e r e !
TKA, a national honorary forensic fraternity, will
be installed at State. T h e c h a p t e r was brought here
through the efforts of Mrs. C a r i n o a n d our debaters.
from the n a t i o n a l exhibition in Syracuse. It will tour eight of the
which the Institute is one. On display will be m a n y types of ceramic
work: ashtrays, vases, bowls and
sculptored figures.
On February 13 the Institute is
having a one m a n show of the
paintings of Jack
Warren. His
amusing and broadly painted posters and drawings are brilliantly
colored and exaggerated.
Tli.- Albany Civic Music Association will present Herva Nella, sop r a n o featured by Toscaninl, Feb.
26, at the G r a n d T h e a t e r .
Nella was selected from hundreds
of singers by Toscanini to sing in
"Oletto" in 1946. Her success was
United States and South America
followed. She has sung every major
soprano role in Toscanini broadcasts since then.
T h e Colonial T h e a t e r will close
a l t e r this S a t u r d a y ' s show, "Summer Stock" and "Come to the
And don't forget to tune in
" S t a t e College on the Air" (his
S a t u r d a y from 1:15 to 1:30 over
of graduation has finally been set
J u n e 15 it was announced this week.
(See you around the campus, bo'fus.i
Goiiv; to the Oneonta game a n d New Paltz game
by bus. T h e Oneonta game is F r i d a y , February 22,
and the New Paltz game is S a t u r d a y , March 1. R e p resentatives in each group house will be inquiring
as to t h e number of people who are interested . . .
slight fee for busses by the way.
Let's get behind the t e a m ; they've really got it
this year. Let's show 'em we like it.
In view of the many things still lacking at the
S t u d e n t Union, why don't the S e n i o r s consider giving the Union a gift. Pictures, tea sets, decorative
furnishings for tables and shelves are just a few
necessary items,
Can anyone lend us $1,000 to buy a couple of books
in the Co-op?
I" 12
p.m. Psi G a m m a Date P a r t y with
H:30 to 12
p.m. Kappa Delta open house for
«:30 to 12
No. 12
A - « i > r l n l f i l ('Dlli-iflnlP I'ri-mi
t'ulli-trliili' l)l|fi*nt
T h r iliiilt-rirruilmi11< III'WH|III|IIT nf tin- N e w York S t a l l ) C o l l e g e fur Ti'iii'liiTH; piilillxlii'il e v e r y F r i d a y of Hie Collet,'!'
yeiir li.v ll"' M O W S l l m i r i l for llie Hliulunl AHHOIMIUIIIII.
Ill' l'e;li-lieil T i i r H i l n v Mini
. M e n i i i e r t nt I lit- N K W S Hl;iIT
Mild W e i l l i e x i l i l ) I l
i : in I I |i in MI OTJII Km
•S n i l l l i . SM-M
Kiiili', il.' His I , l l u n m , il'.'IKIM.
(IRACK S M I T H - .Mil nil u I II K Ktllttir
VICTORIA KAIIi: - - - - - 1'nlille ItrlullniiH K i l l t u r
HpurlH !•: • III11 r
ItliHlneHN M u m i u r r
KUIICIII JACOIIY ( I n iiliillnn M u m m e r
IIAKIIAKA JOU'IC - - - r.xehiinue K i l l t u r
Di'CICCO - • AilvertMnu Killliir
I ' A I 1(11 IA H A I K . I SOU
- - - i'Yutlire
II i : \ K V K O H Z K W N K I • A
l a l e Killtur
. - - . . . .
A x n o c l u t e Killliir
AHMII l u t e Killliir
I I l / . V I l l l II I ' l . A T T . . .
AKHirltile Killtur
Phi Delta open house for S t a t e s men.
1:15 to 1:30 p.m. "Stale
8:1)0 to 12
p.m. Alpha
open house.
I) p.m. to 1
a.m. Potter Club Rush Party, Student
to i
p.m. Coffee Hour, Lower Lounge, l l i u baeher,
A l l e i i m i i i i i n l e i i l l i i l l i H I I O I I I I I lie 11 il il ri'HHinl In l l l e n i l ! ' r m i l l
i n i i n l lie m u n e i l
V i m , • » w i l l lie w l l h l i e l i l u p o n r e i j u e H l .
The S T A T U i i i l . l . K O K N I ' i W H n t.n i IIH-H no r e » p o i i » l l i l l l l . v
t o r o p l n l i i i m e n p r e i m u i l in l u e o l i i i i i i i i i or I ' o m m u i i l i ' i i i l o i m
iih s i i e l i e » | i r e m i | i i | | « ilo m i l neeetmiirlly r e f l e e t l t n v i e w .
•HjjJjjJJJ*. •
Council Sponsors Sfafe Fair To Take Sporty Twist
Radio Program
With Lady Wrestler, Gambling
*\ r
Copyright 1950 by ESQUIRE, Inc.
H.pilnl.d Iron July 1950 Inut of ESQUIRE
"Come and put on the jeedbag,
p.m. Women's
meeting, Loom 349,
I- noon
S('A Chapel, U n i t a r i a n Church.
Rivalry P i n g - P o n g , G a m e Room.
Forum general meeting,
unison Lining e.
Dr. Mary G. Goggln, Assistant
R a d i o Council is sponsoring a
; „
of Ancient Languages, h a s
Over h e r e folks! See
weekly radio p r o g r a m , " S t a t e Col- t h e strongest ladles in t h e world who go to fairs only t o enjoy t h e m an article entitled " R h y t h m in t h e
lege on t h e Air," over S t a t i o n wrestle. Listen to t h e s c r e a m s a n d s e l v e s or to win odd prizes, t h e r e p r 0 s e of Favorinus
In t h e Yale
WROW, J e a n i n e Burke '52, Presi- g r o a n s — t h e y are only limbering u p ! are little turtles floating In w a t e r classical Studies, volume X I I , p u b d e n t of t h e council, h a s announced. £ £
J g - g K i J S A K
T h e program time is from 1:18 to r u a r y 1 6 p s a y s p r a n c i s Hodge '53
1:30 p.m. S a t u r d a y s .
h e a d barker.
T h e opening act, to be p u t on by
Tomorrow Primer, t h e S t a t e Col- o u r faculty, is a very novel p r o d u c lege literary publication, will present t i o n according to r u m o r . T h e y are
t h e third program of the series. T h e keeping it a big d a r k secret.
^ t f i & t f i t t ^
maybe you'll win a m i n k coat,
As m a n y of you h a v e discovered
from u n f o r t u n a t e experiences, n o r or
shows a r e not for those who a r e
t of heart. T a k e it from one
who knows, oh you of little courage,
SCA To Hear
RPI Discussion
O n Conference
Davison Will Address
Members A t Chapel
" * « * ^
» * « ™°
™ "
versity Press.
A t a special m e e t i n g T h u r s d a y ,
Luthpi, Anrirpw<,
; C ', L ™
Andrews, Professor S t u d e n t C h r i s t i a n Association m e m f
Physics, Dr. M a r g a r e t D. Betz, bers will a c t as hosts to SCA m e m Assistant Professor of science, Dr. bers from R P I , who w i l l ' r e p o r t " o n
A . Rebecca Oliver, Assistant P r o - a conference of t h e S t u d e n t Volunteer Movement. T h e m e e t i n g is
s i c s
show will be a h u m o r o u s p r e s e n t a - s^ t a nTd a ^r d Jfair^ product
l mystery,
S P ajn dM a d• v e£n - ' , ™
,.l J . . .t to
.„ those
." L H
. . .E. . vertise
. . ° . ^, . _' *,. • ™ * ,.» , « * » - scheduled to begin a t 7:30 p.m. in
tion oi two poems a n d a short story, l i k e t 0 e a t a s t h e y s t r o l l d o w n t h e ture.
del, Assistant Professor of chemis- B r u b a c h e r . SCA Chapel will be held
according to Miss Burke.
gay, colorful midway.
A genuine
Wrestlers, sports, prizes, a n d n o r - try, Marvin J. Pryor, I n s t r u c t o r in as usual Wednesday noon, Helen
w e s t e r n cafe h a s been opened to 0 1 ' shows are not t h e only intrigues physics, a n d A r t h u r J. Jones, I n - Pilcher '52, President, announced.
JMifnr of
Harrison F. ^ a r t l e
a t State Pair. Night clubs offer a l provide cool ice cream
T h e S t u d e n t Volunteer Movement
structor, in physics
attended the
if your tastes r u n along t h e line hiring floor shows, variety spectacles
Primer, w... c o m a ..*. c ',:,c program
Conference was held in K a n s a s in
with a reading of uis cwn poem, of sports, you can try your h a n d a t provide amusing e n t e r t a i n m e n t . You meetings oi tne American Associa- December. T h e conference, which is
c a n
go to a circus or view an tion of Physics l i n e r s a t Colum- held every four years, was a t t e n d e d
M e p h e s t r a s Last P o k . r Uamc. T h e n d a r t f o r:• even m i n i a t u r e golf. Be o ! c t even
careful of loaded golf balls!
i i m e movie.
bia University J a n ^ c . y 31 to Pebru- by representatives from t h e United
T h o m a s u n g u e s 53 will read a poem
too, may possibly be m a g S u p p o s e something i m p o r t a n t
S t a t e s a n d m a n y foreign nations,
entitled Speaking Knr All Poets udlau r' tBsi, w u ' " m * pu»='w.y uc m a s —«-«-;
_.--— 0 ....,,„.„„..„
who discussed t h e problems a n d
w h i , h u-n, wiTt'iTr, hv Tovee s h a i e r netically a t t r a c t e d
to s o m e t h i n g comes into your m i n d , you can h a v e a l J '•
J. Sabol, will repre- aims of t h e worldwide movement.
which was w n t t e n by Joyce Shafei Q t h e r ^
^ ^
0 r g a n l z a . l t recorded for posterity on a tape
E d w a r d
.o u g h t is m e a n t sent the college a t t h e Wilbur H. T h e m a i n focus of t h e movement is
t i o n s h a v e tried to m a k e t h e i r busi- 1recorder.
To conclude the program the nesses as m u c h like those a t real 0 1 ' someone in p a r t i c u l a r send h i m L y n c h High School in Amsterdam, missionary work, according to Miss
P r i m e r staff will present, in d r a - fairs a s possible even to t h e s t a n d - n ' " e g r a m . .Blanks may be obtained February 13 in their "Career Day' Pilcher.
no difficulty,
matic lorm, a short story by David a r d gambling device, t h e roulette with
Rev. Andrew Davison, of Hope
Seriously speaking all your nickels program.
W a n d e r '52. This story, T h e Way of wheel.
Baptist Church, will be guest speakF o r t h e not so energetic people and dimes go i n t o a fund to be
All Flesh, is written in the style of
er a t chapel next Wednesday noon.
used to bring a foreign s t u d e n t to
the late Damon Runyon, whose inHis topic will be "Making Crippled
our campus. W o n ' t he learn some
t e r p r e t a t i o n s of Broadway c h a r a c t Words Walk." Rev. Davison declarstrange things if h e ever sees S t a t e
ers are well known. Lester Leviness,
ed his t h e m e would be connected
a g r a d u a t e s t u d e n t , will act as n a r with World Day of Prayer, which
rator of the tale. T h e cast consists
is scheduled for Sunday.
of Clarence Spain and Donald P u t Gates, G r a d , will act as s t u d e n t
Have you useot u p a full semt e r m a n , Seniors, as Leo the Gink
ester's cuts looking for lost
a n d Terrible Eddie Spumoni. W a n classes? Have you frosh gaily
der in the p a r t of Joe the Strangler,
Chi chapter of K a p p a P h i Kappa
tripped into a classroom only to
Miss Shafer as Gracie Spumoni, and
the national professional educationfind lecture-weary g r a d u a t e s t u Hughes as Butch will also particial fraternity, h a s formulated its
d e n t s t h e r e ? Have you s p e n t
pate in the show.
plans for t h e semester and initiated
half t h e period listening to a
thirty-one new members.
physics lecture before you r e a Next week replacement n o m i n a - are Jesse Galin, G r a d , President;
lized it wasn't a lit class ?
tions will be m a d e for the J u n i o r Lawrence La J o h n '53, Vice PresiPledges will be initiated into Pi
Consolations if you still h a v e and Senior songleaders, J o a n B e n - dent, Edward Treacy, G r a d , Secren ' t found the right class—Connett '52. C h a i r m a n of Election Com- tary; and Ronald Rockhill, Grad, Omega Pi, n a t i o n a l honorary society in Commerce, this Tuesday at
g r a t s if you have.
mission, has announced. Miss B e n - Treasurer
8 p.m. in B r u b a c h e r Hall, according
T h . r e are students who a r nett has also released the list of
Kappa Phi K a p p a ' s main project
Robert Jacoby '52, President. T h e
rive a t the right classes on time.
nominees f or Student, Association
Casting of the Sophomore Big-4
in cooperation with the Education n e w members are F r a n c i s Baker
Bedraggled, loot - weary s t u songleader.
production, " R u n a w a y Land," has
a m l
Murray Zweben, Seniors, a n d
d e n t s , who've checked t h e regisNominations for J u n i o r and S e n - Department, is to investigate means
been completed. Peter Teller, J u n i o r
Adamson, Eli Ballin, C a t h t r a r ' s office, e v e r y
ior songleaders to replace Virginia of recruiting s t u d e n t s into State eDouglas
President, has released information
College a n d into the teaching pro- r i n e
Castaldo, Marie
concerning the ordering of class
Evelyn Paulus, Elizatacked on doors. W h a t price
will be opened Tuesday, according l'ession. T h e society also plans to l j e t 1 Murcott,
'' .
. Harold S m i t h , J o a n
glory? W h a t reward for dilito Miss Bennett. T h e n o m i n a t i o n s sponsor a job symposium. T h e symgence?
T h e east for " R u n a w a y Land,"
will be closed 4:30 p.m. Wednesday posium will consist of various dis- Stacker, P e t e r Telfer, a n d Helene
As you shyly poke your head
under the direction of
and the declinations will be closed trict school principals and superin- Z i m m e r m a n , J u n i o r s .
into t h e classroom, t h e beaming,
Kolch and Marvin Chernoff, con4:30 p.m. Friday. All nominations tendents who will discuss job posThese s t u d e n t s have shown outu p t u r n e d faces of those who
sists of C. J. Pierpont, Robert Reimust be made on the Election Com- sibilities as well as qualities t h a t
standing scholarship a n d leadership
h a v e suffered a n d overcome it
gle; Barbara, Margaret Eckert; Agmission blanks which are kept at they would like to see in teachers
in the Commerce d e p a r t m e n t , a c all will greet you. Ah yes. W h a t
the Election Commission ballot box whom they hire. All s t u d e n t s who
nes. Joyce N o r m a n d i n ; Mrs. Barcording to Jacoby. To be eligible, a
b e t t e r reward t h a n c o m p a n y in
located under the Myskania bulletin are interested may a t t e n d , declares
ry less, Diane Wheeler: Mr. Klinger,
member m u s t have at least a 2.0
James Thompson;
Bill Hastings,
average in C o m m e ^ c subjects and
J o h n Laing: Ernie, J o h n Jacobus;
T h e nominees for S t u d e n t Associaverage
in other
Tuesday, F e b r u a r y 5, at 7:30 p.m. a 1.0 general
P r a n k . Frederick C r u m b ; Beverly,
ation Songleader to replace Mrs. an initiation for new members was courses or ? :..c general average.
Mary Ann F r a s c a t o r e ; Mrs. Hatch,
Marks are Marion Newton '52 Louise held in Richardson Lounge. G r a d u Sonia Bush; Archie, Harry W a r r ;
Pctfield. Barbara Newcombe, J u n ate students who were initiated are
Parker, Jack
Wilson; Joe, Don
iors, and Ellen Snyder '54. T h e new
Robert Demers, Walter F a r m e r , O t Voellingcr; Dave, Henry Berleth;
songleader will be elected in assemto Mex, Edward S t e a r n s ,
Michael, Arnold S m i t h ; Young Girl,
bly February 22.
Steinrod, K e n n e t h Wright,
Madeleine P a y n e ; Old Woman. EiSidney F e l t m a n , P h . G .
N o r t h w e s t e r n University is offerleen Snyder.
The Seniors who were elected are
ing fellowships, scholarships, spe217 Western Ave. Albany, N. Y.
Edward Adams, A r t h u r Batty, RobJuniors who have not ordered cial a w a r d s , and assistantships, to
P h o n e 6-8610
rings should do so as soon as pos- s t u d e n t s in the g r a d u a t e school for
Coles, Robert
sible, according to Teller. The rings t h e a c a d e m i c year 1952-1953. T h e
Gibson, Alan Hall, Robert Hausner,
will be distributed Moving Up Day. a w a r d s a r c available in all d e p a r t Robert Lanni, David Manly, Donald
m e n t s of Liberal Arts and Sciences,
The State D e p a r t m e n t of Educa- Sonberg a n d T h o m a s Yole. Those
E d u c a t i o n , and Speech.
i o r s who became members are
T h e g r a n t s will r a n g e in a m o u n t s tion in cooperation with Edward
Abraham, T h o m a s Bencnfrom $400 to $2,300. T h e r e are a Sabol, Coordinator of Field Scrv- nChnrlcs
Edward B o n a h u e , Robert G l a m n u m b e r of awards of tutorial fel- ices, is photographing and interFounded 1905
P h o n e 4-2038
assistantships, viewlng State students for its new Jmatteo, William Hawkins, Richard
a n d research assistantships, which
leges in New York S t a t e . Sabol Lombardi,
Forum is making plans to a t t e n d r a n g e from $400 to $2,300. Anyone stales t h a t this brochure, which will Smith, J o h n Paul Ward, and Gilbert
two major inler-collegiate confer- interested may obtain application include photographs of future t e a c h - Waldman.
ences I lie
Intercollegiate L i n n s from the Dean of the G r a d u - ers, teachers in t h e field, and t h e
Legislature, and I he Collegiate Con- a t e School, Northwestern University, buildings and oilier facilities conThe purpose of the fraternity is
ference on the United Nations. Evunslon, Illinois. Applications must tributed by the S t a t e , is being p r e - to promote the cause of education
(Hen Arinitage '52, Speaker of Forpared to interest high school s t u - by encouraging men of sound1 moral
um, declares that Forum will also School by March 1, 1952,
dents in the teaching profession a n d character to engage in the s ' dy of
resume Monday night trips to the
to acquaint them with the a d v a n t Rings
Legislature. The nexl general m e e t ages and activities presented by
in ; will be held Thursday. FebruSlate Colleges throughout our state.
ary l i , ai :i;:i!) p. in. in the Richard10% D I S C O U N T TC
This pictorial p a m p h l e t , to be r e club p IIS
son Lounge.
STUDENTS a n d F A C U L i F
leased this spring, will have a cirMedals
T ophics
A c h a p t e r of Tan K a p p a Alpha, culation of approximately 20,000.
'I he Muck Intercollegiate LegislaWrite
ture will lie held this year In the a
and Richard DeForest, of lhe B u CARL SORENSEN
A.-sembly c h a m b e r s ol the s t a l e
30 M u r r a y Ave. Waterford, N.Y.
of reau nl Guidance of the S l a t e De150 Central Ave.
Capitol. Forum will send lour dele- pus
I'artnient of Education have interOpen Evenings Until 9:00
gates and lour a l t e r n a t e s as olII- .U.s. l ' r a n k Carrlno, Instructor in viewed various s t u d e n t s at S t a t e .
Telphone Troy — Adams 82563
, ial re, rcsenlatives. Forum Is also Spec .'h. TKA is the largest n a t i o n - Kenneth Ireland. P h o t o g r a p h e r for
anticipating the Collegiate Conferthe Stale D e p a r t m e n t of Education.
ence di the United Nations, which total of 113 chapters.
students and educawill he held at IJurnnrd College.
SAVE 10 % — ON FOOD COSTS — SAVE 1 0 %
Delegates will be Muriel Dessinioz, forensics and original speaking and lional and social facilP'-s of S t a t e
be in the upper third of their class. during the past twe ,/eeks
Daniel Joy, David Manly, Vasilike
'I hey may have participated in deI'antelakii . and Marion Gorski, albale oratory, radio, or c o m m u n i t y
U'rnate, all Seniors.
PHONE 5-1913
Lie', en students who are eligible
general meetint ol
t h e nexl
selected to for m e m b e r s h i p will be a d m i t t e d as
Forum d legates will
represent S t a l e i n 111 Muck Legis- « II as three honorary
Inline According I" Arinitage, par- from the faculty. Five g r a d u a t e who
licipaiiou is open to everyone, al103
$5.50 FOR $5.00
though Forum is sponsoring the were s t u d e n t s will also become
Li- iislalure.
Student Misery
Finds Company
Seniors, Juniors
Will Nominate
For Songleaders
Kappa Phi Kappa
Inducts Members;
Holds ceremony
Society Selects
New Members
Sophomores Cast
Runaway Land
Gerald Drug Co.
State To Release
College Pamphlet
H. F. HcQifcel & SON
Forum To Attend
Two Conferences
L. G. Balfour Co.
State Installs Chapter
O f Forensic Honorary
Board To Approve
Oslo University Andrews Plans Art Department Ped To Conduct
Organization Budgets
Schedules School Demonstrations Exhibits Designs Tryouts For Staff Student Board of Finance is
studying budgets submitted by the
Students wishing to try out for various organizations under Student
The Art Department will exhibit
PEDAthe work of several members of the
For Americans
For Television
Association. According to Victoria
basic art class today, announces GOGUE should contact Donald
Today the Physics Department, is Ruth E. Hutchins, Assistant Pro- Putterman, 'o2, Editor, via student
The University of Oslo will hold
its sixth Summer School session going to present a television pro- fessor of Art. The emphasis of themail. According to Putterman, try
from June 21 to August 2, 1952 for gram from 11 to 11:30 a. m. over drawings will be on design in va- outs will be conducted for the typing, editorial, and circulation staffs
students of the United States and WROB, Schenectady, according to rious forms.
and other phases of year book proCanada who have completed at Dr. Charles L. Andrews, Professor
least their freshman year in any of Physics. "Microwaves" will toe A few representative plates from duction.
Tryouts are toeing accepted from
the mechanical drawing class will
accredited college or university. A the chief topic of the program.
Six physics students will demon- also be on view on the second floor the freshman, Sophomore and Junspecial feature of the 1952 session
will be an Institute for English- strate the various phases of micro- of Draper. These plates and de- ior classes. Students interested in
waves as Dr. Andrew narrates the signs will be on display until Feb- obtaining additional information
speaking teachers.
should contact the editor.
The Oslo committee announces procedure each one follows during ruary 22, Miss Hutchins states.
open competition for a limited num- the demonstration. Radio fading
ber of standard scholarships in the will be demonstrated by Benjamin
Summer School and Institute as fol- Button, '54, and microwaves by
lows: 1) Scholarships covering tui- John Spenard, '53. Donald Cohen,
tion board and room, student and Grad, will measure wave lengths of
excursion fees, worth $225; 2) Schol- microwaves.
arships covering tuition, student and
The remainder of the program
excursion fees, worth $115.
will be composed of demonstrations
In addition, the Electro-Chemical of measuring standing waves by
and Electro-Metallurgical Industry Marie DeSeve, '53 and interference
of Norway is offering a limited by Arlene Everson, '52. An illustranumber of Ralphe Bunche awards tion of reflection of waves will be
in honor of Dr. Bunche, the recipi- presentedtoyRobert Stuart, *53.
ent of the 1951 Nobel Prize. These
awards will range from $115 to $225
and are open to those interested in Judicial Body
Norway's export industries.
The Norwegian American Line Guards For Classes
all-expense scholarship will be given to an American student whose
Myskania has appointed eight of
main interest lies in the field of its members to act as Class Guareconomics. It will cover a round- dians to each of the four classes,
trip passage from New York to Oslo, according to David Manly, '52, Pretourist class; board, room tuition, sident of Myskania. Students in
student and excursion fees at the the Junior Education classes Will
Summer School.
receive activity sheets Wednesday
Designation of scholarships will to fill out for Myskania.
be made on the basis of financial "Class Guardians are as follows:
need. For further information, stu- Class of '52, Joan Haggerty, Teresa
dents should write to the Oslo Sum- Porta; Class of '53, William Wiley,
mer School Admissions Office, St.
Olaf's College, Northfleld, Minne- Marion Gorskie; Class of '54, Harvey Robinson, David Shepard; and
Class of '55, Henry Smith and
Manly. The duties of each pair will
be to advise the students in their
Mathews Announces various
class activities, states Manly.
List O f Placements
lialdino, '52, Chairman of the
Board, meetings are being held
every Tuesday and Thursday.
Student Council approved Board
recommendations for conference
food allowances Wednesday evening. Students attending any conference financed by Student Association will be allowed $.50 for
breakfast, $.75 for lunch, and $1.25
for dinner.
I Campus Interviews on Cigarette Tests
No. 32...THE YAK
Evenings by appointment
l i e ' s far too sophisticated to lie amused by
cigarette mildness liy one last puff or a single, swift
Corner Ontario & Benson
Dial 4-1125
College Florists for Years
Special Attention for Sororities and Fraternities
lia's hcen around and he limns!
horn coast-to-coast,
millions of smokers agree: There's hut one
true test of cigarette mildness!
Ws the sensible
lest . . . the .'i()-l )ay Camel
Mildness Test, which simply a^ks you lo try darnels
as your steady smoke, on a day-after-day,
pack-aller-pack hasis. No snap judgments! Once
i •^«i>;«i^>»fc*iinn ii.nfnutjj
EiaSONABLB rmicwi
.. 25
went up, he knew that you just can't judge
you've tried Camels lor M) days in your "T-Xone"
I T for Throat, T for Taste | , you'll see why . . .
Tie had no wish but—
to be glad
statistics are as follows:
slap-stick comedy! From the minute the curtain
snilF. Those capers may fool a frosh — hut
Basketball briefs . . . .Varsity
Tomorrow the IM Basketball
Club will sponsor a benefit game League will carry on a marathon
when State faces Willamantic Feb. slate of games as they send fourlil at Page . . . . all proceeds will teen clubs to the post. The first
Delta girls, in the latter part of the Tuesday's action at the Rice Alg;o to Knick—News sponsored polio game is slated for 9:00 and the
season, seem to have found the
fund . . . . an "admission" charge final contest goes off at 3:00 PM.
basket in their pace as they have leys saw the Pinks retaining their
consisting of a 25c donation will be Ihis mass scheduling is a result of
been defeating some of the best first place slot in the downstairs
required . . . al profits realized the vast number of contests left
Bowlteams in the league.
on sale of refreshments also go to be played before a champ can
to benefit . . . . game time 8:00 . . . be crowned. At present, Potter
Th excellent passwork of the ing League as they topped the Po
according to .foe Stella, Varsity Club's quint is holding down the
team and the outstanding guard- 41 quintet by a score of 3-1, The
Club President, plans ,are being lead spot with an 8-0 record. The
ing by Betty Piatt of fleet-footed Commuters whipped the Misfits 3-1,
considered for staging a student- EEP men are closely pursued by
Nella Bertin, aided the Green and thereby insuring themselves of a
faculty volleyball game as an added KDR and the Finks, each of these
White in maintaining the lead second place tie with the rousing
attraction . . . . plans also on theoutfits are only a half game off
throughout the entire contest with Rousei s. In the upstairs division
fire for chartering a bus for thethe pace with 7-1 slates. The fourth
BZ never threatening.
the Potter Club Grads widened
State-Onronta game Feb. 22 . . . . spot finds a host of clubs tied.
BZ worked the ball around the theii first place hold by defeating
cost should run about $2.00 per Potter-Finks Clash
outer rim of the court well, but the KDR aggregation, while SLS
head . . . . any students interested
could not work it close enought
in supporting the team by making Feature game of next week's card
to get to the basket for favorable
the trip should contact Marge Ruck will be the clash between Potter and
Beavers to one game by topping
'53 or Tiny Donovan *52 for all de- the Pinks; this fracas will take
them 3-1.
. . . attempts arc being made place Monday night at 8:00. The
"Hot Shot" Joan Pearson lead
special hours for women, Pinks have a good chance of pullKappa Delta with ten points as she Finks, Rousers Win
make the trip . . . . alling off the "big one" since their
hooped them in from all angles. The Pmks, sparked by Ray Gibb
plans are tentative, depending en- opponents have been weakened by
Mary Pugsley and Joan Stopielo and Bob Jacoby, with scores of
the loss of Big Ed Mathews through
tirely upon student interest
were outstanding for The Maroon 453 and 430 respectively, defeated
graduation and Al Kaehn because
and Grey.
the Po 41 team. The Rousers by This may sound like an adverof injuries. These two boys reprevirtue of a 4-0 forfeit from the tising slogan but we're saying it 98 points in previ\us Meeting with sented most of the scoring punch
Pierce A Wins Again
for State Street boys.
In the second contest, Pierce A Splits, jumped into a tie with the anyway: "Hats off to Hiram Walcontinued their winning streak by Commuters. Led by the consistent ker." William Walker, hailing from
Last Monday's action provided
clowning a fasl Piii Delta team in bowling- of Ken Everard with 43(1 Goshen, New York, was perhaps
the most exciting games to date.
a close game 14-13. The "Pierceites" and Bob Mllham with 407, Commu- tin' main reason for the three game
In the first battle, the Clowns
who were behind throughout the ters vanquished the fourth place win streak the Statesmen have put
made a last minute rally to overMisfits.
together. The G'l" sophomore, who
entire contest, rallied in the last
come the Fakers 49-47. Neither of
for Goshen High's Chamfew minutes as Anna Apostolides
these teams could open more than
The Potter Grads, paced by Jimplayed
sank in the foul shot that meant Juisto, and Jim Warden, and Alpion ship team of 1949-1950, has
a five point gap and the lead
WAA has started off with a bang changed hands on a number of
the game. Both Apostolides and Kaehn with scores of 492, 483 andled in the individual scoring deJoan Haggerty lead their team with 482, trounced KDR. The 527 bypartment since the beginning of this semester; so far, in addition ocasions. Bill Dunn was In his
the current Ped hoop campaign, to IM play, several Sportsdays and usual role as high scorer for the
six points.
Bob Hughes and 524 by Jack Thcr- and
rebounding, defensive work a mixed doubles ping pong tourney victors as he dented the nets for
Brubacher E and P Units rolled rien led the Lambians in stopping and his
hawking have thus far have been scheduled.
21 points. Big Rudy Bode gave
over Chi Sigma Theta in a one- the Beavers. The defeat was costly
and inspired an alTomorrow, the Stateswomen will the finest performance of his brief
sided contest 29-11. For the victors, for the Beavers for it cut their
journey to Oneonta State where IM career as he hooped in 22 points
"Iggie" Komanowski led with six- second place lead to one game. Pot- ready hustling State quintet.
Bill has hit double figures in they will meet the ladies of One- in a losing effort.
teen points.
ter Club had little trouble in taking three points from KB. The State six out of the nine intercollegiate onta in basketball, bowling and vol- KDR Wins In Overtime
In the final contest, Gamma Kap- Street
Boys all bowled better than games he has participated in dur- leyball. According to Joan Haggerty, The companion on Monday evepa Phi very easily downed the Lefting this season, an injured ankle President of WAA, this is the first
overs by the score nf 28-8.
limiting his service, and tints his inter-collegiate meet sponsored with ning saw KDR knock the Pinks
scoring, in the remaining three another New York State Teacher's out of the undefeated ranks with
The remaining games of the seas- Adams is High Bowler
an uphill 42-39 overtime victory. A
on promise many exciting,
Ralph Adams with a 179 average
sensational one hander by Paul
games as the teams, unlike la.s< secured his position at the to]) Playing one of Die key roles in
The Ped team will consist of Victor in the last second of regular
semester, are now composed of only of the individual bowling; his 642the three game streak. Walker
one league.
meshed 22 points against Pratt, 25 Anna Apostolides, Evelyn Erdle, and time sent the contest into the extra
triple also went unchallenged.
against Oneonta and 30 in the Marge Farwell, seniors; Aliki Apo- period. KDR maintained the upper
Pittsburgh contest, averaging 25.(i stolides, and Linda Hopkins, '53; hand throughout the game and
Peg Smith, Buzzie Burke, Nella only Victor's Herculean effort propoints per larac during the skein.
His ability to maw fouls ha.s Bertin, and Karen Prindle, sophs; longed the defeat of the Finks.
Marilyn Wittchen, Zoe Laurie,
greatly akled the squad, and to date, and
Marge Liddcll from the fresh- The outstanding individual effort
he has drawn almost three times as and
of the season was accomplished by
man class.
many fouls as any other man on
Paul Kelly of the Knicks in a prethe squad. This clearly exempliAt the present time, practices exam game as he hit for 38 countfies Bill's dri\c, since Coach Hatha- are being held Tuesday and Thurs- ers. All his efforts went for nil
Highlighted by a 98 point scoring spree against Oneonta, the State way ha.s wisely employed him onday evenings for Sportsdays sched- as his club lost the game to the
uled February 23.
College Varsity basketball team sports a (i-4 won-lost record as the half the outside.
way mark of the season lias been posted.
With Willie Walker as the big gun, the team ha.s an offensive average
of 04.8 points per contest as compared to a 02.4 markers for the opposition.
The squad is on the road for six of the remaining ten tilts, Willi the next
four in a row to be played on unfamiliar courts.
OPEN 9:00 to 5:30 DAILY
'Kid Around, Corner' j ® *
^ J j ^ '
Charity Tilt Set
Kelly Sets Mark
Features Hoopsters Splurge
Pierce A Tops
Potter Grads
Phi Delta 14-13
Increase Lead;
Handicapped by the loss of two
key players, Evie Knmpke and Mary
Marks, the Beta Zeta girls were EEP Beats KB
vanquished by snappy KD. Kappa
Oneonta State
"Portrait At Its Fineat"
| M Team Very Active;
Undefeated EEP O n Top
W A A To Play
P£ M±
Hiram" Leads
Quints Spree
"Some peop' *
will do anythp
for laugn
A list of placements made in January of 1952 has been released by
Elmer C. Mathews, Director of the
Teacher Placement Bureau. James
Spence, a member of the Class of
'39, has been appointed Principal of
the South New Berlin school.
One member of the Class of '50,
Joseph Keefe, is teaching English
Drama at Delmar. Five teachers
who received their degrees in '51
have also been recently placed. They
are Mrs. Miriam Espenshlp, Ravena,
third grade; Marion Connelly, New
Lebanon, English; Barbara Natali,
Edwards, English; Jess Barnet, nonteaching position, State Education
Department; Robert Reno, Trumansburg, Latin and English; and
G o r d o n Bennett, Lansingburgh,
Eight graduates of the Class of
'51 have been placed. They include:
Estelle Weisblatt, Monroe Central,
Commerce; Poswell Buckingham,
North Syracuse, Social Studies 9;
Paul LeBrun, Oswego High School,
French; Pauline Reimenthal, Corinth, Junior High English; George
Stephens, Albany High School,
Drama; James Pronteau, Utlca, 7th
and 8th grade; Walter Farmer, Jr.,
Chatham, Science; Evelyn Shor,
Lebanon, English.
KD Beats Beta Zeta;
Feature W A A Contest
• >
Key: Fids Held goals; FIs loulsliols; T total
per game; FIs Avg. foul s hooting percentage
A v g . F I s Avg
JSIor want bat—
Kuril trust v bottle nl Coke is the
p i 11 I l l s ,
he thirsted
Tin- Jolly /l,Mllr
In lliirsl . . . enili
licit (If is ,i bargain, Inn. Robert
Burns uniilil like that
Avg. p o i n t s
After all the Mildness Tests...
Camel leads all other brands byb///fons
P»AM <*
ALBANY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO"Cote" /'» a regUlared trademark.
< *
State College
^ ^
Curtain To Rise O n Tenth Annual State Fair;
Faculty Members W i l l Enact Opening Show
A D Directors
Announce Casts
Of Two Plays
Program For Tuesday
Includes Farce, Excerpt
Faculty, Students
Imbibe Together
They've got an awful lot of
coffee in Brazil, but not as
much as they had in the Lower
Lounge of Brubacher Hall during the Sunday afternoon Coffee Hour.
A glance around the Lounge
revealed that the usual tidyncss
was eplaccd by coffee cup upon
coffee cup. Of course, a few
loyal Britishers stuck to their
tea bags. There were also lots
of cookies within easy reach,
that is, if you once lived in a
boarding house.
Amid pleasant conversation
and precarious balancing of
cups, the food was quickly absorbed by the faculty and the
students. The cloud of smoke
did not interfere with the good
fellowship that prevaded the
The very near future will see
an encore of this successful social affair. Everyone had a good
time, including us.
A selection from a three-act play
and a farce will be presented by
the Advanced Dramatics class Tuesday in Page Hall. The curtain will
rise at 8:30 p.m. on the first of the
Donald Collins '53, who is directing the excerpt, says it deals with
the psychoanalysis of a group of
The farce, according to the
director, Louis Vion '53, is concerned
with the day dreams of a Budapest
Collins to Direct Drama
The cast of the excerpt consists
of Lester Leviness and Caroline
Williams, Grads, Edward Kyle '52,
Marietta Wiles '53, Doris Hagen '54,
and Elaine Stryker and Ross Newman, freshmen.
The set committee for Collins'
play is working under the leadership of Sarah Brewer '53; members
of the costume committee are working under Roslyn Lacks '52; Walter
Goodell '53 is chairman of the publicity committee; Richard Gutta '52
is head of the props committee;
Robert Sanders '52 is in charge of
Epsilon Phi sorority is raismake-up; Louise Petflcld '53 is in ingAlpha
money for a charity benefit by
charge of lights.
selling perfume on campus. Two
The cast of the farce consists of sororities are having date parties
Ross Federico, Roslyn Lacks, and tonight, and Kappa Delta Rho will
Robert Donnelly, Seniors; Ruth have a rush party tonight. Several
Dunn, Robert Hughes, Thomas fraternities held formal Initiations
Hughes, Madelon Knoerzer, and last Sunday.
Richard Scott, Juniors; Frederick
Member.", ^f Alpha Epsilon Phi are
Crumb, John Laing, and John Japerfume, "White Shoulders"
cobus, Sophomores; and Charles selling
and "Chanel No. Five," for a proBeckwith and Robert Inglis, fresh- ject of the national organization,
according to Jacqueline Coplon '52,
The sets committee for the farce President. The project is to provide
is under the chairmanship of Mad- scholarships to train teachers and
elon Knoerzer '53; James Hughes leaders for displaced children In
'53 is in charge of costumes; Sarah Europe, who are living in villages
Brewer '53 is chairman of the props under UNESCO supervision.
committee; the make-up committee
is working under the leadership of Schedule Date Parties
Tonight Chi Sigma Thcta will
John Smlthler '52; Walter Goodell
'53 is in charge of lights; Francis have a date party from II p.m. to 12
Hodge '53 is chairman of I he house midnight, Florence Kloser '52, Prescommittee; Louise Peflleld '53 is in idenl, has announced. Gamma Kappa Phi is having a Valentine party
charge of sound effects,
tonight from 8 p.m. to 12 midnight,
according to Gene Donovan '52,
Beta Zeta has pledged Barbara
Ryan '54, according to Evelyn Kiunke '52, President. Miss Donovan
Last Friday in assembly the has announced that, Gamma Kappa
charter members of Tau Kappa Al- Phi has pledged Virginia Hover '55.
pha, a For. lisle National Honorary, Lists Rush Tarty Plans
"Sweethearts of Kappa Delta
were announced by Mrs. Frank Carrino, Instructor in Speech. In order Rho," a rush party, will be held
to become members, the students tonight In Brubacher from 1) p.m.
must have participated in forensic to 1 a.m., according to Kenneth
activities, original speaking, ami be Rtitloy '52, President, William Floyd
in the upper third of their class, and Charles Cullen, Sophomores,
informs Mrs. Carrlno. Only those are the co-chairmen of the affair,
who were approved by the National
Council were admitted to I lie group. /Continued on l'ai)<: (i, Column HI
Five graduates who qualified for
admittance at the I line of graduation are Walter Parmer, George
Christy, Thomas Oodward, Dorothy Mldglcy, and Harold Vaughn.
Included in llie eligible group are
Myskanla has released procedure
live Seniors, Evelyn Erdle, Marjorlc by which Juniors may return the
Farwell, Charles < Irunelson, Clar- Activity .Sheets handed out In Junence Spain, and Jean Welch.
ior Education classes last Wednesother active members are Robert day, according to David Manly,
Bi'i'khofor, anil Joyce Leonard, Jun- President of Myskanla
iors Jo Ami:' Doyle, Ronald FerguAll Junior Class Activity Sheets
son, Edward Lehman, and James must be placed In the Myskanla
Thompson, Sophomores. Honorary mailbox, lower Draper, by Friday
members chosen I rum the faculty afternoon, February 22. Anyone who
are l)r Evan If Collins, President has not, received a sheet may pick
ul the College, 1)!' Shields Mcll- If up from a chair which Is to be
wiiini', Professor o' English, and Dr.
underneath the Myskanla
Paul C. Doom.-.lifer, Professor ol placed
Sororities, Frats
Induct Pledges;
Schedule Events
Campus Gains
T K A Honorary
Juniors To Deposit
Sheets In Mailbox
Rivalry Debate
Will Highlight
Attractions To Include Wrestlers,
Gambling, Golf Food, Concessions
SA Assembly
"Resolved; that Moscow Mules
should be tried for subversive activity" will be the topic under consideration in the rivalry debate today
in assembly. The Sophomores will
argue against this resolution; the
freshmen will argue in favor of it.
In addition to the assembly agenda, Student Council at its meeting Wednesday evening also considered a poll sponsored by Intercollegiate Association. The poll
concerns the possibility of organizing all the state teachers' colleges
into a basketball league.
Sophomores and freshmen will be
competing lor two rivalry points in
the assembly debate. Representing
the Sophomores will be Beverly
Winer and Marvin Chemoff. Robert
Coan, Robert Lundergan, and Betty
Miller will represent the freshmen
by arguing the positive side of the
Student Council suggested the
formation of a nine team league
including all the state teachers'
college.! except Broekport and Cortland. The purpose of such a league,
if it is formed, will be to promote
closer relationships among the state
Chairman of Statu Fair
Bulletin Informs
Draft Eligihles
Concerning Test
A notice to all students who intend to take the Selective Service
College Qualification Test in 1952
has been released by Dr. Evan R.
Collins, President of the College.
All eligible students who intend to
take this test should file applicaRivalry swimmini; and basketball tions at once for the April 24 adhave been scheduled, according to ministration of the cxnm.
The application blank and a bulRobert Donnelly '52, Chairman ol
Rivalry Committee, The Sopho- etin of information can be obtained
mores have tied the rivalrj score. at any Selective Service local board.
The student should fill out his ap
T h e P u b l u , B ; l U l a l U l e c o r n e r o ) plication immediately according "to
Ontario Street and Centra: Avenue the instructions in the bulletin and
,. u
rivalry 'nail it in the special envelope prou, b
swimming event, Thursday. Rivalry vided. Applications must be post
basketball will be played March 3 marked no later than midnight,
through 5. Cheering will be counted March 10, 1952. Early filing will" be
greatly to the student's advantage.
at the latter event,
The Educational Testing Service,
The Sophomore class, having won which prepares and administers the
rivalry howling Thursday night, test, will report the results of the
February ti, and rivalry ping pong test to the student's Selective Servlost Wednesday night in the Student Ice local board. The local board will
Union at Brubacher, has fled the use the results to consider his derivalry semes al. 12 to 12.
ferment as a student.
Sophomores Tie
Rivalry Score
University Players Will Present
Shakespeare, Moliere Comedies
"Both plays are racy, bawdy, and
hilariously funny," says D&A Prcsldent Henry Smith of the two
to be presented by the Cafhohc University Players next Friday.
Friday's appearance will be the second the Players have made at State.
They will present "Twelfth Night"
and "School for Wives."
Last year the Players presented
Shakespeare's "Much Ado About
Nothing" and Shaw's "Arms and
the Man" to an enthusiastic audience In Page Hall. In May the
group completed a 17,000-mlle four
In which they played before 177,()tl()
Members ol the troupe, a nonprofit,
founded in 1949, are students in the
dramatics department of Catholic
University of America at Washington, D. C. 'Phis department Is reputed to be one of the most up-to-
date theater departments in the
Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" is
a comedy of errors. It is characterized by intrigue, slapstick, a ridiculous duel, and a perfection of wit,
particularly in the person of Viola,
one of Shakespeare's most lovable
heroines. Moliere's "School lor
Wives" Is a satire on marriage, in
which the author mocks the role
women play in marriage,
'Twelfth Night" will be presented
in the afternoon u! 2:30 and "School
lor Wives" at 11:31) In the evening.
Students will receive tickets to one
performance upon presentation of
their student fax tickets. Additional
tickets may be purchased In lower
Hueslid, 'Pickets for the afternoon
performance are selling for $1;
tickets lor the evening performance
are $1.50.
Tomorrow evening at 8 p.m. the
curtain will rise on the opening
show of the Tenth Annual State
Fair, according to Francis Hodge '53,
General Chairman. Assisting Hodge
in making preparations for this jubilee are Katherine Anderson '55,
secretary; Lenore Kotch '54, publicity; and Robert Giammatteo '53,
Campus groups and the faculty
will participate in this All-College
affair, with their shows and various
other concessions. A prize will be
awarded for the best show along
the Midway and first and second
prizes will go to groups with the
best concessions. Prizes will be
awarded on the basis of originality, appropriateness, participation,
and appearance.
Faculty to Commence
Annual Event
The opening show, which is being presented by the faculty this
year, will begin promptly at 8 p.m.
in Page Hall Auditorium. Co-chairmen of the show are Dr. Caroline
Lester, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; and Dr. Vivian C. Hopkins,
Assistant Professor of English. A
great number of the faculty will
participate in this show which will
include a men's chorus and a women's chorus. Admission will be $.25.
Gym Houses Midway
Along the Midway of the Fair, the
following organizations will be found
in the gymnasium: Alpha Epsilon
Phi, Charming Child Contest (baby
pictures of the faculty i; Press Bureau, Shoot the News; Pierce Hall,
Roulette Wheel; Beta Zeta, Circus.
Located in the Commons will be
Kappa Beta's Night Club; Psi Gamma's Roulette Wheel; Commuters
Club, Lights Out;
Council, Dart Throwing; Kappa
Delta, Shave a Balloon; and Forum,
Mock Town Meeting.
Concessions along the Midway
located in the Cafeteria and outside
(Continued on Page 6, Column li
Classes Release
Activity Plans
The Senior class has made plans
for graduation and for the Senior
Prom, according to Robert Donnelly,
Class President. Nominations have
been made lor Junior and Senior
Class Song Leaders, and the director of the frosh Big-Four has been
Graduation of the Class of '52
will take place Sunday, June 15, at
10 a. in. in the Alumni Quadrangle.
In case of rain, it will be held at
the Palace Theatre. This year there
will be no Baccalaureate Service,
Marlon Newton has been nominated for Senior Class Song Leader.
There will be a class meeting Tuesday at 12 noon in Room 101, Draper, states Donnelly.
Nominees for Junior Class Song
Leader arc Barbara Newcombe,
Louise IH'tfield, and Evelyn Paulus.
Ann Oberst has been .selected chairman of Junior Week End. Heads ol
the committees for Ihe week end
Include: Ruth Hershkowitz, Arrangements; Muriel Woodman and
Alan Sweltzer, Orchestra; Beverly
Pranlfls and Robert Credon, Decorations; Joan Sfoplelo, Tickets;
Harold Smith, Business Manager;
and Kathleen Wright, publicity.
Carmen Coral Is In charge of the
Friday night festivities. Peter Teller, President, has announced.
Dire-ior of the freshman BlgFour is Nancy Evans. Tl'e production Is Robert Lundergnii's "HI-Yo
Perclvul," states Lundergan, Class
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