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State Allowance Juniors To Welcome Freshmen
Enables College With Kentucky Mountain Gusto
O f State Faculty
Sayles To Welcome Frosh
In Opening Assembly
Your State College
Eight Members
XXVIil NO. 1
by Jane Heath
Until the gold-edged stationery j and a sure 'nuff wedding (with the
supply was exhausted and the fiery groom in attendance perforce) scene
Voting System Change
red ink ran dry, the Junior Class I"»'« included in the skit,
An appropriation of $5,000 by the wrote, or thought about writing to
Also scheduled for the evening's
State of New York has enabled the
festivities is a speech of welcome
To Be Explained Today
College to make extensive repairs in the freshmen, inviting:
by President Florence Garfall and
the Commons, the Publications
community singing.
With the Class of V,G,
Office, the cafeteria, and the roThe class of 1947 will be officially
And if this extensive program does
Traipse 'round to Friday'* yalherin'
tunda of Draper Hall.
welcomed to State College by Dr
not entice the Class of '47, the partyAnd
John M. Sayles, President of the
The balcony of the Commons has
givers offer two more treats: excluCollege, in today's assembly. The
been torn up so that a new stairway 1 Somehow, the Kentucky eolloqui- sive information on how the interentire student body will be asked to
and floor may be laid, The Press allsms just slipped out from the class rivalry cup was earned last
consider two major items of busiBureau will occupy the office re- dialogue in the mountaineer-musi- year coupled with advice for this
ness, and in addition, Patricia Laticently vacated by Student Christian
season's competition . . . and . . . .
mer, '44, President of Student AssoAssociation. Offices for Student
ciation, will introduce the members
Council, the Primer, Music Council,
Miss Buyck has been named
of Myskania and the Student AssoDramatics and Arts Council, the English, the announcement reads: General Chairman of the affair. The
ciation officers to the assembly.
Pedagogue, Debate Council, and SCA "The Class of '40 will entertain its committees appointed to assist the
NEWS Asks $50
have been built into the lower Com- sister class, the freshmen, at a tradi- chairman include: Refreshments,
mons, leaving sufficient space for
Nora Crumm, Peggy Dee, and Miss
A request for an appropriation
tables and the dance floor.
from the Student Association surWith a tenor borrowed from the Brown; Entertainment, Miss Marsh
P. ()., Cafeteria Remodeled
plus wil lbe made on behalf of the
Senior Class to play the male lead, and Martha Sprenger; Publicity,
The former Publications Office is j the familiar Kentucky love-story. Betty Howell and Joan Hylind;
STATU COI.I.KUK NBW.H by Janet Baxnow solely occupied by the STATU "Heavens Above" or "What Good is a Clean-up, Betty Carmany, Miss Now,
ter, '44. A year ago the Nuws Board
COI.I.HOU NKWH. The walls have been No. 18 Coupon If You Haven't a Leg Peg Bostwick, and Miss Garfall.
purchased two fluorescent light fixpainted pale green, the floor scraped j to Stand on?" will be presented. The Junior Class President urges
tures out of Its own surplus for the
and varnished, and the desks re- James MacFeeley and "Kippy" the Class of '47, "The best way to
NEWS section of the Publications Ofpaired. One new desk has been Marsh co-star in the production. start off a full year is to take advanfice. This year, the Nuws has taken
purchased. The railings have been Other members of the cast are tage of the social calendar's numerover the entire office and wil utiDr.
removed, giving the office an even Phylis Snyder, Josephine Simons ous offers. Not to be missed are the
lize all space during both daytime
more spacious appearance. The Jeanette Buyck, Jean Brown, Sunna I class receptions in honor of you, the President Sayles will address to- and nighttime working hours. The
radiators have been repainted silver. Cooper and Mary Now,
'• first of which is our, your sister day's Assembly presided over by sum of $50 with which to purchase
Various receptacles have been disPatricia Latimer.
two adidtional light fixtures for the
Original songs, square dancing, j class's, party."
tributed throughout the room for
other half of the office will be recigarette butts, to keep the floor as
well conditioned as possible. All
Voting System Change
offending "butters" will be reported
A change in the entire voting proto Myskania.
cedure will be outline dby Trece
The cafeteria has been almost
Aney, '44. The resolution to alter
Class of '47 here is your Stale College! We're proud of State
completely remodeled. A greater
the election system was formulated
and want you to feel the same. We want you to feel always that you
amount of eating space is provided
by Myskania in an effort to stimuare
by the opening of two more rooms,
late more active participation in
only what you put into it. And what you gain can amount to a great
a large one for students and a
student government. The proposal
smaller one for the faculty. In adwill be submitted to the entire studeal if you respect the college and all that it stands for. Respect
dition, the cafeteria counter is now
dent body today for discussion,
Slate for all thai it offers not only scholastically hut socially as well.
out in the hall. New floors have
Nominations for the oirice of ViceThis institution has progressed remarkably in the 100 years since
been put in, and the student lunch
President of Student. Association will
it was established, and each year finds it changing and expanding
room floor is covered with a durable
be announced and will be held in
linoleum. The tables are of the
even more rapidly. It is a privilege to be allowed to attend such a
next wek's assembly. Harold Goldround restaurant type.
stein, '45, was elected to that office
school as this. Don't forget it.
New marble slabs have been laid
last spring, and since then has been
colin the rotunda on the first floor of
drafted. Student Council has apDraper Hall. After the sealing malege. Terrazzo floors are being installed in the balcony of the Compointed Barbara Putnam, '45, as
terial has been put in, the benches
mons while the lower Commons has been transformed into an actiVice-President pro tern.
and the statue of Minerva will be
Myskania will announce the class
replaced in their original and traguardians for the first semester.
and given over to the N'KWS. The Cafeteria has been enlarged.
ditional positions.
Oilier changes are evident in every building of the college,
To Make Repairs
Enter Service
All ibis was made possible by a slate allotment, it is true, but the
actual results were effected through the initiative and cooperation
of many people. I'residenl Sayles' interest in making Stale a college
bigger and belter for everyone is evidenced by his willingness to
accept student suggestions and act upon thcin promptly and completely. This year's Myskania instigated the renovation of the
Commons and old I'ublicalions Office and Dr. Sayles acted upon
their suggestions, Special commendalion goes to Mr. Maker and his
staff. Working despite the handicap of summer session, he managed
lo have nearly everything completed before I he opening of school.
Now what are we, freshmen and upperclassmen both, going to do
about this? Those with the interest of Stale College at heart need
iiol be told, but there are others to whom Slate means little or
nothing. Ilv being even slightly more aware of what is going on
about them and participaling more in college functions, such individuals would easily change their attitudes, Additional improvements
mean more when eat h one of us as an individual is concerned,
|,el us look about and resolve lo lake of all that we have.
The Armed Forces and the Red
Cross have borrowed eight faculty
members, while lour members have
resigned or retired. Eleven educators
to fill now-existent vacancies 'Did
one returning from sabbatical leave
complete the changes on the faculty
The place of Dr. Roberl Relnow,
who is now in I lie U. H. Army ami
stationed at Camy Upton, will lie
taken by Dr. Elaine Forsyth, IS K
(Teachers College, Wisconsin' AM
(University of Minnesota i I'll I) lias left to join the overseas Service
(Cornell University) She will ail as nl Hie Red Cross. Mr Hurley Sense- SCA To Welcome Frosh
Substitute Assistant I'rolessor in inann. A. H, A.M. i University of At Frolic Tomorrow Night
Social Studies, Dr. Forsyth has as- Michigan! wil serve us Substitute
AM. positively all lieshinen
sisted in the Hislor,\ Depart
nl al Instrbuclor In .Science in Miss
are invited lo student Christian
< ('Brian's absence, Mr Sensemann AssoetatIon's Annual Flash ProMiss Frances D Aeoiub, A I) collies in Milne School alter leachlie in lie held at tin- Ingle Room
(Wellesley College' A M (Smith Col- ing al Kuyvllle. N Y and Robert
in Pierce Hall tomorrow night
lege! will be Substitute Inslruclor College, Islailbul, 'I lirke.V.
from it .'to I'M. in 12 I'M. Eunice
in Hoeial Studies for Dr. Ralph II
Mr. .liiliu l( Roach, A. li. (SoitlhHaird president nl SCA wishes lo
linker, absent on military leave
emphasize Hint the affair Is
Miss Aeoinli lias been a research lis easleru College, Oklahoma) A M
purely social, and all freshmen
slsluul nl the University ol Chicago iSyracuse University I is In be Subare Invited regardless of religious
where she has been working Inward stitute Instructor to fill the vacancy
left by Mr. James Cochrane, Instrucprelerenci.
a I'll. I). decree
The program will Include
Mr. William Fullager, Instructor tor mid Supervisor In English, who
Karnes, a latent show, a skit ami
Mid Supervisor in Science In Hie is now serving In the Army. Mr
dancing. The talent show will
Milne School, on leave, now serves Roach has taught in lloosac School,
be an exclusively freshman pres111 the Army Air Corps as a bomber lluo.slek Kails.
The iiduilnlslralive duties In the
navigator. His place will be taken
Mai'lha Hprengci', '-ll) and Alice
by Miss Gladys IS. Hrrrlsk, U S . Milne School of Mr. Paul <i Bulger,
MacGowaii, '40 arc general
iCornell University* A.M. (Colum- now in Hie Army, will be taken over
bia Universityi Miss Iierrick taught by Miss Ida I.. Walte, li S„ M.S. in chairman for the affair. They
would like In re-emphasize that
uf Tunkhaunoi'k .Senior High School Education (State College. Albanyi
the Frolic is purely social and
Miss Waite taught in the high school
in Pennsylvania.
for the purpose of acquaint Inn
The Milne Science Department in Frcwsburg, New York.
/Continued on Puyu -i)
also loses Miss Marian o'liriau who'
Complete Shift
Made in Housing
The increased number of women
' enrolled this year, and the shortage
of men, have necessitated an almost
complete shift in the housing situation.
Sayles I lull, Cornier men's dormitory, now houses 1311 women, 80$
nf which are freshmen.
The James Fenimore Cooper House
lias been discontinued on the campus. In its stead I.s Nelson Hall, a
new cooperative lor women at 1002
Madison Avenue. The Potter Club
fraternity house on stale street has
now assumed the name of Stokes
Hall. It has been transformed into
another cooperative which accommoIt) women al present.
Student Guides Lead dates
Ol the three cooperatives now on
Moreland Hall is the largest
Freshman Orientation campus,
with 1)4 women residing therein.
Student Guide co-chairmen Ruth
Approximately KM women are
lllnes, '•II). and Herb Brock, '44, this living at Pierce Hall and collages.
week supervised the planned guid- Farrell has been reopened again.
ance nl the class of '47 a lour of Membership this year has been Inthe college, a discussion, and lunch creased to 27. Wren Hull, privately
with the freshmen.
upended dormitory on .South Lake
The Guides are divided among Avenue, has \\2 women living there.
thirty-two captains, with two guides There are al women al Newman
', under each captain. .Since there arc Hall, a dormitory at 741 Madison
•10(1 freshmen, il gives each guide ap- Avenue which i.s operated by the
proximately live students.
Albany Catholic Association.
| Duties of the Guides began during Sayles Hall Annex, former SLS
the summer, when they wrote to fraternity house, accommodates 21
their freshmen lo acquaint them
with .Slate. Monday, groups were men.
! taken on a tour of the college, shown The room and board Jobs for upthe Commons, the rehabilitated P.O., perclassmen have not been tabulated
and other points of interest. Tuesday lo dale, but there are approximately
the Guides met with their freshmen It) in the freshman class.
Several women, particularly freshI for informal discussions. They plan
lo be present with their freshmen at men, have been forced to room off
President's Reception next Saturday. campus because of Hie housing crisis.
flanxfOH tit Q 9
The Critic—
by Cooper
Established M a y 1 9 1 6
Eyes blurred p e r h a p s with m e m - THE M U T A B I L I T Y O F T H I N G S
It's n o t j u s t t h e violent shade of green on the P.O. walls n o r t h e
ories, searching t h e halls for f a By the Class of 1 9 1 8
miliar faces, they were looking for fact t h a t a certain fraternity house is now m i s l e a d i n g ^ called Sayles
Hall Annex. Nor is it the absence of familiar faces on the faculty a n d
No. 1 something . . . something t h a t was
September 17, 1943
Vol. X X V I I I
missing. They were looking for a oh so m a n y freshman girls . . . B u t they represent t h e real changes —
a n o t h e r year under increasingly difficult conditions a n d t h e proving
Collogirtto Dlgosl year t h a t h a d passed.
A.Hsoi-liitI'll t'nlloglnto l'rcss
ground of a new feminine regime under Princess P a t .
The iniilcrirriiiliiiili' noWHtiiippi' if Hie \ e w Vcirk Stnto CollegD for Toachcra;
We find t h a t about 109? of State's glamour a n d a t least 40% of its
imlillslieil every Kriilny of th<
activity h a s "flew the coop" in the person of Mary Studcbakcr, who is
Association, Phonos: Office, -DH7H; Hosier, 2-noli"; Blunge!, 5-2804; I'lekeri,
He, too, must feel t h a t things moving to Maryland and who plans to attend college there. Wo would
would be okeh if only he could like to toss a well-deserved orchid to this behind-the-scenes lady, one
catch ahold of something tangible. time contender for the Crown. "Studie," in her own cyclonic way. h a s
Something like t h e green bound figured prominently in dramatic class, war a n d student activities. VerNational Advertising Service, Inc.
volume t h a t humbly reads "To t h e satility a n d beauty all in one armful . . .
College Publishers Representative
men of State—those now with us T O R E T R O G R E S S
I a n d those who used to be—we dediCHICAGO • BOSTON • Los ANGELES • SAH FRANCISCO
We r e t u r n to our G.I. Joys . . . It would Lake a kangaroo to catch
cate this book."
up with the lads on their travels and we have used two or three address
T h e '43 Pcd Is not sophisticated books now on a handful of [hem . . . But we have a whole year . . .
The N e w s Board
nor flamboyant. I t ' s not a showy
T h e first story of the week comes from A/C Paul " G l a m o u r - B o y "
piece of exaggeration nor a gawdy Barselou. Paul, who is stationed at San Antonio, Texas, in the way of
C O - E D I T O R S - I N - C H I E F bit of showmanship.
I t is simpli- research, found a really novel method of getting drunk, ft seems t h a t
J A N E T K. B A X T E R
city. I t is State, life a t S t a t e , a n d he was asked to demonstrate the effects of annoxia (lack of oxygen to
those less learned) for his class. Finding himself at 10,000 feet minus
It is State-ly
| an oxygen mask made Paul feel slightly exhilarated. A lesson to you
Dr. DoBcll a n d Bob Wesselman I
ingenious creatures . . .
Harold (Yo-Yoi Goldstein, God's gilt to the Junior class, is now a
A S S O C I A T E E D I T O R should indeed be lauded for t h e i r !
At a loss to interpret Goldie's peculiar
A S S O C I A T E E D I T O R superb photographic shots, one of | private in C a m p Fannin, Texas.
But you can't
A S S O C I A T E E D I T O R the finer of the fine a t t r i b u t e s of I talents, the Army put him in a n unassigned division.
the Ped. Giving the book t h e n e - l ' t e e n fl Bood m a n clown a n d even now he is helping with a show which
cessary contrast, t h e photos p r e s e n t ! they will produce when, as, and if they ever gel an auditorium
Once an editor always an editor—even in a G.I. uniform. A request,
complete a n d finished impressions
A l l r i i i i i i i i t i i i l r i i t l n l i x w l n i l l l i l lie IIIIIII'CMMI'II In Hi
I l t n r u n i l I I I I I M I h i ' s'lttneil. in a single glance.
weak though it be, to Bernle Skolsky, will bring you a copy in Ihe next
Xiiincs will lie Withhold Ilium I'l'tpirsl. Tile S T A T U CI II,I, BOM XHU'S iiss
mail of his new baby—"The Clarion Cub." Bernie is especially privileged
There's less patter, a n d more picmi rcsncinHllilllly I'm' IIIIIIIIIIIIH oxnrexxeil in its cnliiniiix nr ciiliiiniiiilciilInns' .is
to be a t t e n d i n g a small teacher's college in Pennsylvania.
HiK'll e.\|irexsintis iln mil 1 cssiii'll.v I'elleel ils view.
tures. W h a t printed m a t t e r there
"Red" Evans, stationed at Camp McCall, North Carolina, received
is, is n a t u r a l and varied. O n e c a n
his paratrooper's wings this summer. T h a t is, Brucker received them . . .
T h e r e a r e s t u d e n t s who will never o f t h c o v c r t a u i s t i i t e d n c s s . CheerTu! I ^ ' , o n ** v i ' s i t h o m c \ w n s Particularly proud of his boots, which h e
read this editorial. They a r e the and gay a t times, s e n t i m e n t a l a t displayed a t every occasion. "He looks wonderliu . . .
Pvt. Earle Snow left for Fort Benning, Georgia, leaving in the care
W i t h this issue t h e NKWH begins .students a t whom subsequent edi- others—It's as t h e boys would w a n t
of one lovely J e a n Chapman, one lovely ring . . . Roz Slote, also flashing
the 28th year of its existence as a torials will largely be directed. 11. It's "their" book. They need third finger left hand, says t h a t Gordon is "waiting" to go in t h e
a s t u d e n t controlled a n d operated W h a t then, S t a t e College, is the only open t h e cover to see for Army. He plans to come up soon so that Roz can help him wait . . .
themselves N.Y.S.C.T.
Corporal Ray Howard applied for overseas duty a n d was sent to
newspaper. Since its inception in answer? T h a t we cannot supply.
You have but to t u r n to Page 15 England . . . Ray is having a wonderful time showing t h e English girls
1916, t h e most familiar p h r a s e used
to see Dr. Reinow—now a buck p r i - "a few courtesies" . . .
in connection with t h e NICWH h a s
vate a t Upton. T h e same with the
PFC Herb Lencker, whose name we speak in reverence a n d awe
fellows. 15 senior m e n were left in since he was t h e one who made the "V" column a "thing of beauty
been "News policy," a phrase t h a t
h a s become more familiar a n d more
Class of '47, Rivalry presents to of the fellows who left before, t h e and a joy forever" Is in Fori Logan, Colorado, as nearly as we c a n
vague with the passing years. T o - you a golden opportunity to show fellows who didn't graduate—but figure out. Herb is slightly elusive
W a r r e n Kiillniiin drew a soft berth in the form of R.P.I.
day the NBW.S p r e s e n t s its platform your ingenuity a n d school spirit, to not because of choice.
enables him to get home every weekend . . . Says he just managed to
MAA is still there, to hold us over squeeze in on it.
for t h e year 1943-44 tangibly a n d make your class a n integral p a r t of
until the boys come back, frats
the college by s t a r t i n g you off as a and K a p p a Phi K a p p a , now t e m - HERE A M ) T H E R E
Vlnce Pickett, "Jake" Vining and "Doc" Beyerl at Union . . . J i m
In t h e past t h e NBWS h a s been coordinated group with a purpose.
porarily discontinued.
Ryan a n d S t a n Gipp at Hobart . . . PFC Pete Marchetta a t P a r r i s
i n s t r u m e n t a l in campaigning for
T h e print a n d titles a r e plain a n d Island . . . Romantic Verne Marshall a t Sampson Naval Base . . .
This year, you undoubtedly will
clean-cut, easily read.
The capreforms a n d alterations in t h e conbe beseiged with a "friendly" malice tions under the pics a r e tricky, a n d Report from Lt. Carroll "Wliezc" Lehman in North Africa t h a i R o m a n
duct of general s t u d e n t government.
ruins are surprisingly modern . . .
to beat t h e Sophs. T h a t goal, how- connect.
This year, we believe for t h e first
T h e distribution of m a t e r i a l is s e ever, is b u t a m e a n s to a n end.
T h i s is not a "middle-aisle" column, but we just can't ignore those
time, we state our aims a t t h e belect.
This year, s o m e t h i n g far more
who managed to defeat the l-in-7 ration . . . Wedding bells designed
ginning of t h e college year.
is panoramic. Cover to cover, t h e by Marion Duffy, '42, a n d Lt. (j.g.) Charlie Quinn, USNR . . R u t h Dee,
decisive lies behind Rivalry. I t is Ped Is kaleidoscopic.
Much griping a n d fanfare h a s a c '43 a n d Lt. J o h n Newton . . . Nordic Davis, '43, and S t a n Leven
called United W a r Efiort. Section
For once, t h e pics look like Betty Barden, '43 and Kill Terwilliger, '42.
companied t h e p h r a s e "school spiC of Rivalry Rules will inform you the people.
Quotation of the week . . . "Gee, I wanna get back so much I'd
rit." It is a much-overworked exBouquets go to T r a c e a n d h e r even be glad to see a Potter Club m a n " . . . Finis . . .
t h a t 10 points will be awarded to
pression, but its m e a n i n g h a s still
staff for " w h a t they did with w h a t
the class for the most successful
they had," for t u r n i n g out a comto be grasped by t h e s t u d e n t body.
conduction of at least two major pact, well-balanced issue.
Once t h a t is accomplished, there
projects directly p e r t i n e n t to w a r
For giving t h e "baby
will no longer be t h e problem of
work. You will choose for your- something to remember S t a t e by,
cigarette butt-littered floors, halfsomething t h e freshmen m e n c a n
selves t h e c h a n n e l s In which you
-By KHONA R Y A N have to sort of "chase down" t h a t
hearted participation in class a n d
wish to direct your effort.
rested this summer, or Joined t h e services, or
school activities.
We will go so
worked in war plants, Ihe Allied armies kepi unceasingly pressing their
W h e n t h e time comes next May what t h e first year is.
far as to predict t h a t cutting classYou knew, '43, a n d you gave us offensives. T h e attention of the world was mainly focused on Italy,
for you to h a n d over your final r e es will no longer figure as a major
a t we wanted, d i d n ' t you — where t h e fat-bellied Mussolini was suddenly ousted from power, aiid
ports, t h e number of s t u d e n t s p a r t i problem.
No—merely a
"A common
bond lo link Iln panl where the first steps of invasion seemed to be beginning.
cipating In each activity must be
W h e n Mussolhi was overthrown, a wave of optimism swept over
iiiul present In/ memories we hart
college in the true sense of t h e
America, which is now seen to have been sadly premature . .
for as
word. S t a t e College as we would included. Let this not be a f e w i „ way to keep our hopes alive and this column is being written, America's 5th Army .struggles grimly a l
like to see it.
work. R a t h e r , lei t h e achievements " ' ' « " / friendship
and spread il far Salerno against an equally grim Nazi Army. For the first time since
the Invasion of North Africa, American troops are suffering a setback,
Specllic organizations have frebe t h a i of o n e - a class as a whole, '/'"•'""' ,""'*•', " ' . " « * '""'' "'"•'s' ' " i T h e r e is some comfort however, in Ihe reflect ion t h a t Salerno is
quently been a t a c k e d in the NKWH.
, ,
, keep and nil to IIIVC.
probably a second choice as an invasion beachhead. Evidence seems
H ly
and will be a t t a c k e d again should working In the kind ol combined • • T h n n L "
l-o be t h a t Allied troops intended to land a t Rome, but W.TC sloppecl by
participation t h a t spells democracy.
the occasion arise. T h e NKWN s t a n d s
j news ol heavy reinforcements of Nazi divisions therci. And. If ihe Nazis
F r e s h m e n , we're counting on you.
do succeed in forcing an evacuation of American troops al Salerno, I lie
this year for more democratic polionly reward would be an easy avenue for retrcul ahead of Montgomery's
cies in the government of women's
crack Dili Army. A defeat lor our troops al Salerno would be only
social activities.
Again, however,
serious in terms ol morale anil in a lengthening of the Kalian campaign.
the women of S t a t e College must
Al any rale, in Ihe next three days, will be seen Ihe final answer to
Ml I I I
whether ihe numerically superior G e r m a n s can force an evacuation of
cooperate if any attack Is to net
11 :10—Friday T h a i ' s a dale each
el |il'ii
ihe resisting Americans before Montgomery's troops reach
successful results. Last year, ResilM'M|le
crno in
student here at S l a t e views with
their push up southern Italy against small resistance.
dence Council met the complaints
I, II! Il
Al any rale Ihe Salerno Incident will give Americans food lor thought
mixed emotions. Anticipation. Bore- M, i
of tlic women and their News-spon.i r i l , n i l
as Ihey light the war on si reel-corners and m Uu'lr homes The Nazis
sored cause wllli an Invitation to an dom
arc a different breed from Ihe war-sick Italians, and ihi linal defeat
nl Ihe fascists may be a long way from opliinlsllc predict ins thai Ihe
open "gripe" session,
Result no- Cutting Assembly is one absence
war in Europe will be over this Spring.
body .showed up. School sjlrll and Dial inosl sludeiil.', look on Willi
Ill the inlcresl in the Indian campaign, Ihe Russian advance has
democracy a r e Inulii'iwilily eonncclbeen slightly over-looked, bin Ihe Russian l roups have gone on anil on
mit I h e li
,1 p . i n
nl conscience,
They arc S t a l e College probtaking buck a hundred or so villages and lowus ever) day ul ihe summer'
.1 w .
illen forget Is - n i ' i i >
Wlml l l i e y
eleullcssl) pressing I heir offensive, Russlun-Aligln-Amcrieun relalem.', winch must l>c mel
\l ii,
ih.ii As s e m b h
me period Ihe
I lull have been suiel,\' tried diplomatically lids summer, ami ve| Salerno
Third and last and leasl tangible
Ihe Russians Ihal ihe Anglo-America
m,i \
i udelils l hem .eh i have sel aside
I I'l Hips
re mil yel
ol all lolerunee anil the developThis winter may pei'hu|; S s e e s i i m e
rend) lor , m all-nul second trolil
II ua:. their Idea; Ihe) vnicd on If,
ment nl Internal IUIM1I.MII
All ol
III III ll I HI l i ;
ndliig may
mill I h e ) I h i ' i u M ' h •s asked the a d US arc a bll w e a n ul being lokl
be I c a r l li i l
- • l l III s i
m i n i : I r.i I Inn I u ei i l o r c e al t e n d a n c e .
ave ended
"There's a war on," lint how iiuuij
J a p i e i lance, ulli u alum I cuiiueiill). ns In Ihe iiivas nil ul K i s k a s o
This was done I liniugh an elaborate
oI u:, are prepared h> live in the
cariiiilh planned anil . ,u i nil mil, mil) u, | 111( | [| u l |
small scoillilig
. em lug urrangeiui'iil and a checkworld thai will i isc mil nl Ihe seeds
pari) cuiild ha\ c lakeii I lie i nipl \ island
liul in n e S o u l l l I ' a e l l i c
American I roups have \ei in be deh aled a . ihe) bore I I h e o i l l e n n o s l
nl this conflicts 1 Itartal, da.'.:, anil
nl ihe laeullj lu miss pari nl their
I i'l Die euui|in ii il ,lap,inc.- e empire
political tolerance u n c i be the keyOn ihe hoine-lruiii in prospective drafting ol luthei is I h e he:
lunch hour
note ol Die future II a lasting peace
,i h i ! i n ,
news 'I'he Scniile Mllllar) Allans cuininlltee is preparing o h e a r Ihe
This Krlda) al 11 ID there will be
is lo become factual. And inextristories ul A n n ) ami Nn\> higher-ups, before voting on ihe measure
i, i
cably fused with I lie 'new toler- no scaling a r r a n g e m e n t s lor AsSome civilians, who have wan lied ihe draltliiL; nl fathers in [heir lionieMil!
lUW lis looked 1 l , u bewildered al all Ihe Hiss, Inn i|„, " l u s s " ih evidently
a n c e " is the "now i n t e r n a t i o n a l - sembly Consequently, no check can
in I'lul
be h e a d l i n e
IIOIIH Willi ihe Kalian campaign lor a month
Roosevelt, talks about if,
Willkie talks about it, Churchill
And, also on Hie honie-lronl, the slump in war industries which s e i n e d
: |(eee|illi
t a l k s about it Well, the STATU UUI.- lo cui but ll you'll remember thai
lu be occasioned b,\ iivcr-opl linisiu, has been almost overcome and unless
Assembly was designed to be your in. II I'
there arc more strikes, industry will be l a m i n g ,nn | | , | s w | l l U , j . m , n m
I.KOK NKWH is going lo talk a b o u t il
I • l-i I, II -. II
miraculous production tlguros ilinii ever before
hour a n d your Congress, you won't. i, l i n e l
Best Foot Forward
W e l l , Freshmen?
Your Congress
Weekly Bulletin
1 1
Patricia Latimer Announces
Evening Classes
Student Council Appointments
Begin Monday
New a p p o i n t m e n t s for 1943-44
h a v e been a n n o u n c e d by Patricia ! Sisters-Real and Juniors
Latimer, S t u d e n t Association President.
They Are All At State
G r a n d M a r s h a l for t h e year
"Relatively" speaking, S t a t e
1943-44 is H e r b e r t Brock. T h e other
College is really a great place.
Senior Marshal is Virginia Moschak.
S t a t e College is following t h e
Here we have J u n i o r a n d S o p h J u n i o r M a r s h a l s a r e Mary S a n d e r trends of education in war-time by
son a n d M a r t h a Sprenger, Sophobeginning a n extension program
just sisters.
T h e freshman class
mores, Helen Slack a n d Shirley
Monday evening, u n d e r the direcboasts of a favored group who
Ford, a n d freshmen, Elsie Stockman
tion of Dr. Howard A. DoBell, P r o is following in "big sister's a n d
a n d Edward Cole.
fessor of M a t h e m a t i c s .
brother's" illustrious t r a c k s .
Activities Day p l a n s this year are
Courses such as "Geography in
Ginny Moscliuk's "kid" sister,
u n d e r the direction of Hannelore
the Air Age," "Mathematics for
Schoen, '44, w h o is G e n e r a l ChairArmy Men," "Elementary Spanish,"
m a n . Activities director will be D o - along with her a r e Audrey Cox,
"Studies in American Literature,"
Trudy Smith, J a n e t Soule a n d
and "American Diplomacy" will be
rothy Townsend, '44. C h a i r m a n of
Trudy Kasper, little sisters of
stressed. Courses given during t h e
t h e E n t e r t a i n m e n t Committee is
Dorothy Cox, J o a n Smith, Marie
week will begin a t 7 P.M. a n d will
J a m e s McFeeley. w h o will be assisted
Soule a n d Adele Kasper, respecrun for a h u n d r e d minutes. S a t by Marjorie Breunig, '44 a n d Edna
tively, J u n e R a e Hiseh a n d Lois
urday courses a r e scheduled b e M a r s h , '45. T h e Bonfire committee
Holstein were preceded at S t a t e
tween t h e hours of 8:30 A.M. a n d
is Robert Sullivan, '40, c h a i r m a n ,
by 1042 Myskania-ites Ira Hirsch
A g r o u p o f f r e s h m e n a n d c o u n c i l l o r s w a i t i n g f o r " c h o w " o u t s i d e of
2:30 P.M.
Sylvia Trop, '<l(i a n d Osnif Serabien,
and Ed. Holstein. Y e p ! It's just
"Geography in t h e Air Age,"
one big happy family!
taught by Mr. George M. York,
New Committees Formed
Professor of Commerce, will begin
Campus Commission this year will
Monday. Professor York will deal
be headed by Florence Garfall, '45.
, with the problems a n d t h e probable
new c o m m i t t e e s
effect of air transportation upon
formed this year by S t u d e n t Counexisting centers of population.
cil. One, as yet u n - n a m e d , will be
Dr. Louis C. Jones, Assistant P r o for the purpose of looking up old
: lessor of English, will begin his
traditions of t h e College. C h a i r m a n
! course in "American Folk LiteraNewman Club will welcome t h e freshmen registered Friday after- SEB Announces
is B a r b a r a Put nam,'45. T h e material
noon, September 10 for F r e s h m a n
ture," Tuesday, September 21. This
found will be used in connection freshman class a t their a n n u a l r e - I week-end. T o welcome t h e m were New Placements
course will include a study of the
with the C e n t e n n i a l Celebration lo ception tonight, 7:30 P.M., a l New- fifty-three upper-classmen acting as
songs, tales, heroes, a n d beliefs of
be held next Moving-Up Day week- man Hall, 741 Madison Ave.
T h e most recent placements made , American folklore.
Marguerite Boslwick, '45, is gen- : councelors. K a t h c r i n e H e r d m a n , '44,
end. Another new committee, the
I was director of t h e weekend. Edith
"Elementary Spanish," a study of
C u r r e n t Records Committee, will eral c h a i r m a n of t h e affair. Com- j Beard, '44, assisted her.
j been released by Miss Doris Kelly. the essentials required for t h e
a t t e m p t to keep t h e essential rec- mittee heads assisting h e r a r e
Both frosh a n d upperclassmen Those placed from t h e Class of 1943 I translation a n d writing of Spanish,
ords of each college organization Elizabeth J. M c G r a t h , '40, reception i were housed in Pierce a n d Sayles | include:
will s t a r t Wednesday, September
which is m a i n t a i n e d by S t u d e n t T a x c o n d u c e ; Eileen Moody, '40, e n t e r - Halls throughout t h e weekend. T h e
Rose Stern, Millerton, Commerce; 22, under t h e supervision of Dr. J,
money. Heading this committee is tainment; Rosario Trusso, '45, r e - congestion problem was solved by Helen
Eleanor Hayselip, '45. Each organi- freshments; Agnes Fitzpatrick, '45, ; t h e simple expedient of having t h e ] Gloria Cammarota, Ossining, F r e n c h Wesley Childers, Professor of S p a n ish.
zation thus supported will this year vie and records; a n d Marion M u n - j councelors sllep on the floor.
• a n d Spanish; Irene Kalmanovsky,
"Review of Mathematics," will be
be required lo m a k e out minutes in sen, publicity,
All activities were confined to Higley, Arizona, Grades 3 a n d 4; l t a u g h t by Dr. Ralph A. Beaver,
T h e program for t h e evening will
duplicate, one of which will be
Miss i t h e Dormitory Campus. T h e c a m p Dorothy Roth, Parishville, English I Professor of Mathematics.
t u r n e d over to this committee. They open with a talent show.
w a s a self-contained unit; a store a t l a n d French; Elsie Roth, Parishville, I course begins T h u r s d a y , September
will keep the essential items, these Boslwick, President, club officers, j Pierce provided freshmen with post- Commerce; Mary J a n e McManus,
| 23, a n d is for those people who wish
will be used to a c q u a i n t new officers and F a t h e r Cahill, Chaplain, will i cards a n d stamps.
Roxbury, English a n d Social Studies; to review their m a t h e m a t i c s either
t h e following year with t h e workings ' speak. T h e evening's festivities will
K a t h r y n Norma Enea, Union Springs, F r e n c h j preparatory to teaching the subject
close with refreshments a n d d a n of their organization.
H e r d m a n . '44' welcomed t h e Class of j a n d Social Studies; Lois Brautigam, I or to entering t h e armed forces.
Robert Sullivan, '45, h a s been r e - |
1947 at. a general meeting. Friday Greenville, English a n d Spanish;
Also beginning o n Thursday, is
appointed m i m e o g r a p h operator. He
night a Candlelight Service was con- Frances Boyle, Round Lake, Social j "Educational Tests a n d Measureis t h e only person who will be a l ducted by Eunice Baird, c h a i r m a n . Studies and M a t h ; Emma Baccari, j m e n t s , t a u g h t by Dr. Margaret L.
lowed to use the m a c h i n e . Any p e r - jFaculty
Lights out a t 10:30 were for a p u r - | Narrowsburg, French, Latin, a n d Hayes, Assistant Professor of Edu/Continued from Page t)
son who wishes to have mimeo- J
pose. T h e councelors serenaded t h e Social Studies; Margaret Sinclair, cation. T h i s course may be counted
T h e Milne Physical Education D e - frosh with Good Night Ladies a n d i Berne, English a n d Library, Mary toward a certificate valid for guidg r a p h i n g done m u s t c o n t a c t Sullip a r t m e n t loses both its instructors Taps.
van.. There will be a slight fee.
Smith, Cohoes; Margaret ZalvLs, ance service.
to the Armed Forces. Miss Mary
S a t u r d a y was a full day for t h e Schenectady, General Electric Works S a t u r d a y Courses
Elizabeth Hitchcock, Instructor, is Class of '47 with games a n d meeting 'Shirley Mosher, Kendall, M a t h ; Alice
T h e S a t u r d a y courses will begin
Doman Asks Students
now a member of t h e Marine Corps, faculty. At night they were e n t e r ] Benzall, Ballston Spa, M a t h a n d September 24, as follows: a t 8:30
Mr. Harry Grogan is a t Chapel Hill, tained with a talent show (it was
Physics; Helen Gregory, Blooming- A.M., Dr. Shields Mcllwaine, P r o To Send Soldiers "Peds"
North Carolina, in t r a i n i n g with t h e frosh t a l e n t ' , a style show a n d a
dale, Social Studies a n d Science; fessor of English, will begin h i s
Navy Air Corps. His place will be skit.
i a n d Fannie Verdiani, Staatsburg, course, "Western Life a n d LiteraMary Doman, '44, E d i t o r of the taken by S t u b s t i l u t e I n s t r u c t o r J o h n
t u r e " which is a regional survey
T h e weekend ended Sunday m o r n - ! Grades.
Pcdai/otiuc, h a s issued a call to the C. T a n n o , B. S. in Education (Ohio
ing after a Sunrise Service in t h e
Those from the Class of '42 who of t h e Southwest, G r e a t Plains,
s t u d e n t body to expedite t h e circu- Universityi
M. A.
California, a n d t h e Pacific N o r t h lation of the '43 Peds to servicemen. (Teachers College, Columbia) who Greek T h e a t r e for Protestants a n d j have accepted new positions a r e : west, including their culture a n d
ComS t u d e n t s who a r e in c o n t a c t with has taught t h e physical education
T h r o u g h o u t the weekend t h e fac- merce; Henrietta Abramovitz, L e b - literature. At t h e same time, Dr.
former State s t u d e n t s in t h e a r m e d classes of Palchogue, Long Island,
members in charge of t h e week- I anon Springs, Commerce a n d M a t h ; Floyd E. Hcnrickson, Assistant P r o forces should call us soon us possible public schools. No substitute h a s
a t Pierce Hall. They were j Lucille E, Stalker, Stlffcrn, English ' lessor of Education, will conduct a
n t the storeroom outside the lounge yet been named for Miss Hitchcock.
Dr. Mary Goggin, Instructor in L a - l a n d Social Studies; Leah Ellingham, jstudy in "Audio-Visual Aids to I n for the servicemen's copies. II w a s
struction." Also a t 8:30 is the class
Dr. Harvey M. Rice, A. B. (Conpointed out the s e r v i c e m e n ' s Peds cord Slate Teachers College, W e s t ) tin, Dr. Minnie B. Scotland, Assist- Leonardsville, English; Mary Mold- i in "American Foreign Relations."
Marwhich remained uncalled for after Virginiai A.M. (West Virginia Uni- I
j Dr. W a t t Stewart, Professor of S o all student copies had been distri- versilyi P h . D . (Ohio Slulei lias a c - C. Stokes, Dean of Women, a n d Miss jorie Tims, Yorktown Height, M a t h ; cial Studies, will direct this class,
buted would be mailed by the staff cepted Ihe professorship in history
emphasizing the development of
Mary Elizabeth Simmons, Freeporl, American diplomacy and its effect
but that tin' men would receive their left open by the resignation of Dr. Physical Education.
Commerce; Ann Monaghan, Brush- on international policy.
books much sooner if their friends Donnal V. Smith who is now Presi- C h u r c h R e c e p t i o n s
would call for a n d mail t h e boons dent of Stale T e a c h e r s College, CortFive churches in Albany- t h e First Ion. English a n d Latin; Daniel Bucci,
At 10:30 on Saturdays, "Labor
and Social
land. Dr. Rice was Assistant Co- jPresbyterian, Madison Avenue Pres- SI tidies; Elizabeth R. Olmsted, Cale- Problems" will be taught by Dr.
Miss Doman a n n o u n c e d thai plans ordinator of Civilian Aeronautics; byterian, Trinity Methodist, St. A n Theodore G. S t a n d i n g , a new prohave already been formulated for Association War Training Service i drews Episcopal, and Friendship donia; Harriet DeForesl, Valatie, fessor lu the Social Studies d e p a r t Language;
beginning the p h o t o g r a p h y for this and Instructor in History, S l a t e Uni- !House will hold receptions tonight
ment. Dr. William G. Hardy, i n year's I'edaaotiut
as soon as school versily, Ohio.
for the class of '17. R e f r e s h m e n t s Falls; Elinor Sclilesinger, Ithaca, structor
in English, will teach
gets into session.
will be served.
"Types of D r a m a " ; a n d Dr. Ralph
'I'he retirement of Dr. Adam A.
G. Kenncy, Asistant Professor of
Walker, Professor
in Economics,
Guidance, will have charge of t h e
caused a vacancy which h a s been
j course, "Analysis a n d the Counselfilled by Dr. Theodore G. Standing,
ing of the Individual Pupil." These
A ]',. i Tenn College,, Iowa i A.M.. and
are also scheduled for 10:30.
Ph. I), i University of Iowa i. Dr.
On S a t u r d a y at 12:45, " P r o b Standing served as .Social Science
lems in Secondary School SuperAnalyst Willi the Bureau of AgriMinnie! Minnie! MINNIE!"
vision" will be taught by Dr. R o b cultural Economies, li s . Depart Bewildered,
irosh. I ''' sl ' 1 "' l 1 "' Imperiled Goddess ol en W. Frederick. Professor of Edumeiil nl Agriculture
wailing tor Ihe unknown a u t h o r s ol Wisdom.
cation, and will cover ihe relation
Miss ( ) l,uc) Wheeler A 11 '< trill
mailbox holes, searched Iranllcallv
' m n " llil - vs ", l u l "'"'I 1 I'*1 ' ^ " " f ol supervisor to teachers and prinlie] College, Iowa • A. M ' I hlivel'sily lor State's greatest tradition.
*™ «|X'»I " . l i e unending search cipals, and methods of observing
nl Wisconsin' has been named Inall lu no avail. 1 hen a prowling and supervising. Also at Ibis lime
sl ruelor in Mai heinal ies in l he place
The upperclassmen wullzed along j u u U „ . iStflll , m l 0 | 0 U l f o r , i u , a o i 0 will be taught " T h e Development
ul Miss Ellen Slokes, now Dean ol Ihe halls, registered, paid Iheir
ol Democracy in America." by Dr.
| M ,,.,„,,,. ,,, nbseunding with an e r a Women
lees mid sludeiil lax in Ihe ro- .,,.,., I l l l ( | w U h mingled emotions of II M Rice. Professor of Social
I ,n I in nine, all IT an absence ol Iwu liinda .ind never noticed Ihe ills- | ( ) J u u | h(),.,.,,,. | im ,|>,., U 'd upon our s i m i l e s This course is intended to
\ i,n i I >i William I l a r d ) , lie i rue ct'epalic)
helmed M i n e n a . i u\ eloped in dim Ibelter ihe siudcni's understanding
IHI in Knell.h. who eotnpleled work
., 1U) M m n g bonds. And, oh nl American democracy by drawing
held.' ol history, sociology,
ii ( 'in Hi II I 'in\ l-i .11 \ l II earn a doc- strolled between Ihe sloul pillars llM ,,, A .,|„. h i u | |„,,, n l ; ,k ( . n rrom l l l l l !
u n i p n l l l l e a l eieliee,
lurale l.i I Ma\
1»' i lard) 's dis- and dldn'l collide Willi a plaster | l r | | )r de.Mal:
(laarc open lo leachcis and
ci I ,ii inn w a- de\ ol ed lu Modern lance
Uubellevillgl), she limned
| l k l , wildlire,
T l u , ni,ws
In (J roil I V a l i d . )
ul ihe general public who
Si III n ,i ic ] lit iii Ii
I Hiring i he sum - and .m/eii dumb)) al the empty ; ,nd cheers could be heard lor hours m i i n l i
mi i In i m i l ;i I II i ruelor in Km: space
Then ihe sludeiil liuih was ,11 e interested in studies al a colA I
lege level
llsll nl I h e iiccelei a l c d i e: • Inn nl
"Eureka!" she exclaimed "Mill- .,. M m , d l l M , M n m u . would be relite C o l l e g e
e n . i hie In ' n ibducled!
nulled alter a repulnl |ob.
.Small gn ups licgau collecting in
Three college women have gal- Jobs
J U U S Wailing
w a n i n g /A
- \ti PTEB
Under Ihe supervision of Miss Elihe hillierlo serene hulls ul S t a l e lanll) and graeiousl) donated their
'I'he corridors buzzed Willi bin one ' m i r e s until Minerva is back in len Slokes, Dean of Women, the
lupie ul coin ci'saliuii where, oh her royal estate. The)' will stand Pari 'Time Employment Bureau will
Any students d e w i e i c was Minerva?
in Minerva's
twenty-four i again function.
The vile minor bogan to circulate hours a day, working in three siring employment should register
I 111
l 111 I I I . I
.11. W l I I l<
ihe) had pushed her Into the a r - shifts: T i n e Ancy, daytime; Roz jnl ihe Dean of Women's office
2 2 1 C E N T R A L AVE
chives ol oiiliuoded fashions. D e - Slote, swing shift; and Helen, H e n - where Ihey have been promised
103 C E N T R A L AVE
clding lo discover the t r u t h for nessy, graveyard shift.
It should "prompt action in t h e h u n t for
themselves, no matter what Ihe he ihe duly ol every State College employment,"
cost, a stalwart posse set out lo sludeiil lo laud Ihelr efforts.
Program UnderDirection
OF Dr. Howard DoBell
Newman Club Plans
47 Reception Tonight
Over 250 Students Attend
Freshman Weekend A t Dorm
Famed Art Treasure Missing
Greek Goddess Forsakes State
Frosh Response Brings
Intramural League For Men
Girls Move in
• B e r t Kiley
Men No Longer
For t h e benefit of t h e v e r d a n t
ones, transfer students, short m e m lories, a n d those mlserables w h o Hail From Sayles
didn't get a r o u n d to reading t h e O a t
Hammond to Conduct
New Athletic Program
-Margo ByrneSince t h e u p p e r c l a s s m e n can be
counted on o u r
chucking in a couple of toes, too)
and t h e males of '47 a r e not n u m e r ous either (alack t h e day I), t h e field
of sports is in a fair way to be
taken over by t h e women. So, it
behooves us to make a n adequate
showing, a n d t h a t , a s you all know
well, requires cooperation.
Kit H e r d m a n , "44, president of
WAA, (Women's Atheltic Association, to you still-unitiated frosh),
is organizing h e r fall p r o g r a m to
begin Monday—with hockey a n d
archery. Now, this is where you
freshmen a r e particularly welcome.
Because, you c a n m a k e yourselves
the back-bone of WAA a n d t h e
time to s t a r t is N O W .
I t is always a mystery to us a n y way, why it should be necessary to
urge anyone to h a v e fun. We just
love having fun ourselves, but in
the beginning one does let little
things like sports just whiz by. O u r
advice to you is to get into t h e
game immediately.
which in past seasons h a s been the
principal characteristic of t h e a n nual tennis t o u r n a m e n t is a case in
point. We realize t h a t the 1943 t o u r ney h a s not yet been cleared from
the lists, b u t in t h e interests of
health a n d t h e peace of mind of t h e
sports d e p a r t m e n t , (we really p u t
out h e a r t s into this), please, we
beg, get on t h e beam.
However, if a n y of our readers
are t h e lazy, sluggish type, who p r e fer to sit on t h e sidelines, (this
sounds like a p a t e n t medicine a d v e r t i s e m e n t ) , happily critical of
more active sisters, we have a comfortable niche for you in t h e Sports
An I n t r a m u r a l Football League
u n d e r the direction of Regis H a m mond, '44, came o u t of last T u e s day's S t u d e n t Guide meeting. A
group of fifteen frosh, r a n g i n g from
Bin on its maiden appearance, we
Any evening now, if one chooses P T boat to s u p e r - d r e a d n a u g h t size
again explain t h e connotative signi- to pass 179 P a r t r i d g e Streets, lights responded enthusiastically to t h e
ficance of t h e old caption.
and activity will be streaming from suggestion t h a t a league be formed.
I n t h e nasty old world of horse every window of Sayles Hall. T h e
W i t h t h e addition of a few of
racing, inside information is n o t laughter of girls will seem to rock t h e upperclassmen, a three team
only gratifying t o t h e curiosity, it the very structure . . .
league wih get u n d e r way a s soon
is profitable.
Naturally, t h e plug
It was in t h e fall of '41 t h a t this a s official consent is received from
himself is t h e one to see for t h e j u i - very same building with all its male t n e Administration a n d H e a l t h ofciest stuff. And where better to get ruggedness a n d unfinished splendor fices.
t h e steed in a n expansive a n d confi- was opened to house the m e n of
H a m m o n d , a v e t e r a n of the fordential mood t h a n after a good State. Built by t h e Alumni Associ- mer I n t r a m u r a l Council, h a s d r a w n
h e a r t y meal a t t h e old oat-bin? Do ation of the College, it was chris- up a tentative schedule calling for
you think you c a n take it from tened Sayles Hall; it w a s conceived each team to play two games a
week. He says, " T h e boys won't
and designed for m e n only.
One of t h e nicer parts about t h e
Two years have now passed since bo playing for their f r a t e r n i t i e s this
old Frosh C a m p was t h e line it gave the Fall of '41 a n d in that short year but I think we'll see t h e m
t h e upperclass t a l e n t scouts on t h e lapse of time h a s come W a r a n d playing as h a r d a s t h e old gang."
athletic ability of the incoming the thunderous transitions it strikes He also requests those s t u d e n t s i n terested in officiating a t fifty cents
frosh. At a n y fall fraternity meet- throughout t h e world.
ing could be h e a r d something to t h e
Today when Mr. Hall, director of a game to sign up on t h e I n t r a effect of " I know he's a jerk, but he Sayles, a p p e a r s on first
floor, m u r a l bulletin board.
I n contrast with other years when
throws a m e a n pass."
shrieks of " M a n on floor!" peal
Since both Frosh Camp a n d fra- out where there never used to be fraternity a n d group house t e a m s
dominated t h e league, t h e personternities have gone by t h e way of i anybody but m e n .
"Do . . . mi . . . sol . . .do" a n d nel of each outfit will be chosen
steak roasts a n d nylons, we have to
judge t h e boys by their physiques, every morning a t 6:45, melodious by MAA with a view to equalizing
handclasps, a n d their own say-so, chinies zoom up through the halls t h e team's s t r e n g t h .
Since most of t h e players a r e new
although t h e last h a s frequently to warn everyone t h a t there a r e but
15 minutes until breakfast. Eating to t h e league a n d t h e few veterans
proved to be unreliable.
T h e m e n of '47 have about t h e in the dining room with the girls were not a m o n g its brightest stars,
usual distribution of athletes, semi- are the men from t h e Sayles Hall a different brand of ball t h a n was
athletes, a n d Signum Laudis m a - ! Annex. (The Annex is t h e former t h e case in former years, is expected.
Among t h e frosh who will answer
terial. However, due to etc., there SLS house).
The presence of m e n a t breakfast t h e opening whistle will be K e n
are less of t h e m a n d hence they m a y
seem either brawny or brainy, d e - and dinner m e a n s t h a t t h e Sayles George, former Schuyler High backpending on which section of t h e Hall ferns can't come clown too in- field star a n d Ed Cote, 220 pound
formally on S a t u r d a y a n d S u n d a y Rensselaer semi-pro linesman. T y group one sees t h e most of.
pical of t h e frosh spirit is jovial
Since this is t h e Sports D e p a r t - morns.
Few changes have been made in P h i l Lashinsky of Monticello, who
m e n t , we a r e concerned with t h e
says, " I ' m strictly a basketball m a n D e p a r t m e n t of t h e STATU COLLEGE
athletes. T h e boys who pass, r u n , the actual set-up of the building.
but if the fellows w a n t football, I'm NEWK, whose office, newly decorT
a n d block will be our especial pride
ated, steam heated, furnished t a s t e in."
a n d joy. Not only do we love t h e m
fully, a n d frequented by " c h a r a c t rooms
because they give us something to
ers," offers a h a v e n between classshout about, but also because they room a c c o m m o d a t i n g four girls. T h e t h e same rules as last year, t h e feapool table h a s been p u t away " u n - t u r e s of which a r e t h e permission
give us something to write about.
til the boys come h o m e again."
cf actual blocking a n d two h a n d s
However, if there were only somesimultaneously
on t h e
Mrs. McLaughlin, P h i Delta's touching
t h i n g we could say or do t h a t would
back. These rules m a k e t h e game
get all t h e m e n in t h e College w h o former mother house, is assisting
as n e a r to actual tackle as is posare physically able to get in there Mr. Hall in the supervision of t h e
sible with t h e e q u i p m e n t .
In a
a n d fight in some sport, be it only a dormitory. J a n e t Roe, '44, is acting
l a t e r issue of t h e Nrcws a complete
fast game of shuffleboard, we should executive, a n d K a t h e r i n e S m y t h e .
copy of the official rules will be
feel t h a t our typewriter were e n - '44, is head of the waitresses.
DeChenc a n d Hylincl
The women a r e determined to printed.
gaged in essential industry.
C a m p at t h e Dorm
T h e I M football league h a s always
Isn t t h e •norm.'
been t h e m a i n item in t h e fall pro- condition t h a t t h e m e n did. They Men To Meet Today
B u t gosh, it was keen
gram. Some fine athletes have play- have all pledged to themselves t o
T h e r e will be a brief meeting in
Let's do it "ageen."
ed football on t h e Page Hall field. take the utmost care of all property front of t h e a u d i t o r i u m immediately
(Apologies to Ogclen N a s h ) .
Some of t h e m were brawny, some so that when t h e boys come back, after today's assembly of t h e m e n
" C a m p was wonderful," say the
speedy; others h a d no more n a t u r a l
who a r e interested in participating frosh between sneezes i remember
equipment t h a n a lot of heart. Last "home" a n d say, "Here it is, boys, in a n y phase of t h e men's a t h l e t b how wet t h a t g r a s s w a s in the m o r n just
year D a n Gillen palyed football, basp r o g r a m for t h e fall a n d winter. ings?). B u t a trifling tiling like
ketball, a n d softball, a n d played
Football, basektball, boxing, tennis that couldn't d a m p e n
t h e m well, with a leg crippled with Lockers To Be Distributed
a n d a n y other sport for which an so it wasn't very good) the spirit
infantile paralysis.
Mr. Deyo, college treasurer, a n - interest is shown will be discussed. of '47. Since this is the sports page,
T h e i n t r a m u r a l program is your nounces t h a t lockers will be distri- Since MAA is anxious to sound out let's stick to t h e athletic angle.
program. You pay for it with your buted to men registrants as soon as t h e students' wishes, everyone is Athletics played a major part in
urged to attend.
camp life—ask any muscle-weary
S t u d e n t T a x . T a k e advantage of possible.
i frosh tor upperclassman—we're getwhat's offered. You don't have to
ting old, you know—most of us
be good to play on an i n t r a m u r a l
aren't in very good condition).
team. Football is just one possibility.
T h e r e could be boxing, tennis or socWhen the rivalry soft-ball game
cer. If you don't see what you want,
| comes around, '46 had better watch
ask for it.
out—the frosh a r e really on t h e
Unrationed Beef
ball, i Isn't it awful the way these
Lhing.s keep
to our
For our first beef of t h e year.
m i n d s i ? ) . T h e pitcher's box never
(There will be more>, we'd like to
, lacked competent recruits, and we
know why t h e gym is at present
( V
hear that Mary Now is still looking
heremetically sealed. Not only is it
for some of the balls that went sailimposible to get into the gym but
%•"* *
ing out of sight. Oh, before we foralso into t h e MAA office a n d equip_ y ~ T~ """
get—Pierce Hall came out on top
ment room.
in the game.
Willi a free afternoon on their
Volley ball proved to be popular
h a n d s Wednesday, a group of the
with t h e frosh.
I t was very odd
more athletically inclined freshmen
that the side which was playing
wanted to play a little basketball or
& \
into the wind always lost. T h e
Some of them carried
cheering sections were a n added a t sneakers, etc., from home.
traction and helped make the games
basketball seems to be their prime
We m a y be prejudiced,
love they were in hopes of being
but we think Sayles showed Pierce
able to pick up a game a n d pass a
how volley ball should be played.
pleasant afternoon sweltering. As
a compromise measure, a football
would have been nice to throw
around. Result, no basketball, no
football, n o nothing. Those of an
ironic turn of mind may wonder
why physical condition is c r a m m e d
down one's throat on one h a n d a n d
an opportunity to indulge in some
when one wants to is refused.
WAA's fall sports program o p e n s
officially Monday, a n d ends N o v ember 30. A full calendar h a s been
planned, although all the c a p t a i n s
of t h e various sports have n o t been
This season will offer a variety
of sports—hockey, soccer, archery,
riding, tennis, b a d m i n t o n a n d golf.
Mary Now, '45 a n d Eileen S h o u p ,
'46, are co-captains of hockey. T h i s
sport will be played Mondays, W e d nesdays a n d Fridays a t 3:30. T h e r e
will be a sheet on t h e WAA bulletin
board to sign up for t h e sport. K i t
Herdman, WAA's president, hopes
t h a t a large n u m b e r of fresmen
and sophomores sign up, for hockey
is a major rivalry sport. Of course,
juniors a n d seniors are heartily
welcome too—the more t h e m e r rier.
Besides hockey, archery will be
an event of 3:30 on Mondays, W e d nesdays a n d Fridays. On Tuesdays,
T h u r s d a y s a n d Fridays a t 3:30 t e n nis and b a d m i n t o n will take t h e
Riding a t 10:00 every
S a t u r d a y morning is something to
look forward to. T h e time and place
for golf h a s n o t been decided as
yet. However, t h e sport will be a n
added feature this year for S t a t e ' s
athletically inclined females.
Kit H e r d m a n hopes for a very
successful season this year. S h e
held a council meeting Wednesday
and captains for sports were chosen.
These will be announced in t h e
very near future.
es. This digression is a plaintive
cry for workers, of a n y class, b u t
especially freshmen
and sophomores. Women's sports h a s been
hit by the labor shortage.
So, you gals may not be joiners
by inclination, b u t when you plunk
down t h a t twelve dollars for a s t u d e n t t a x card, automatically you
become members of t h e athletic a s sociation.
Consequently, it's e c o nomical to make t h e most of y o u r
Freshman Camp Reveals
Softball Sluggers Show Promise
Archery, hiking a n d tennis c o m pleted the sports program. Looks
as if Garfall a n d Giavelli will h a v e
some stiff competition in the tennis
t o u r n a m e n t this year from the girls
of '47.
There's nothing like getting lyrical in a sports story, but the Dorm
field certainly was a colorful p i c ture. T h e blue sky w a s fluffy with
clouds a n d formed a perfect ceiling
for the vari-colored shorts on t h e
gals, green grass a n d the bright
round archery targets. (Just t h e
poetry in us coming o u t ) .
F r o m where we're sitting, '47
looks like a peppy, spirited g a n g
which will do WAA proud in t h e
years to come. Now don't let us
down frosh--our predictions a r e a l ways right.-—iJohn Kieran a n d u s ) .
\3r: *
A L B A N Y . N . Y.
Outside of the fact t h a t it seems
foolish to deprive anyone of playing
a g a m e h e wants to, there is the old
saw about t h e idle mind a n d t h e
devil's workshop. Instead of some
fun a n d exercise there was t h e a l t e r n a t i v e of hanging around, a m o vie, or a g a m e of darts in some
friendly hostelry.
Tty Our Businessman's Lunch
W&MB WJ sea wmm SMd t
State College News
W A A Plans
Autumn Season
A L B A N Y , N . Y.
Ginsburg to Head
Symphony Group
Sixty-five Musicians
Registered This Season
Greeks Carry on Tradition;
Schedule Annual Smoker
E v e n if S t a t e College doesn't
have active fraternities this year,
the r e m a i n i n g Greek m e n of
S t a t e cling to t h e t r a d i t i o n by
holding t h e a n n u a l S m o k e r for
the m e n of t h e f r e s h m a n class
t o m o r r o w evening.
Following t h e P r e s i d e n t ' s R e ception, P o t t e r Club will play
host to t h e frosh in t h e lounge
from 0 P.M. to 12 P.M. It is
expected t h a t all upperclass frat e r n i t y m e n will be present.
In previous years, t h e interf r a t e r n i t y s m o k e r h a s been an
occasion for t h e frat men of
S t a t e to get acquainted with t h e
freshmen men. It h a s always
been one of the most informal,
and yet popular, social events of
the i n t e r - f r a t e r n a l organization.
This year, an a t t e m p t is being
m a d e to curry over as many of
the men's activities as possible,
t h e smoker being the first on t h e
F r e d e r i c k S h o e m a k e r , '44, is
Gem al C h a i r m a n of t h e affair,
.IIHI Bert Kiley, ' I I , is in charge
of e n t e r t a i n m e n t .
Itinerary of New Milne Instructor Two Receptions
Includes Greece; Turkey, Japan To Honor Frosh
By Marion Buetow
This Weekend
Could you calmly smile a n d say,
"We got out all right," if you h a d
Juniors and Faculty
Plan Welcome For '47
been chased out of Greece by Nazi
bombs a n d held as a hostage by t h e
T h e S t a t e College S y m p h o n y O r J a p a n e s e ? C a n you imagine yourc h e s t r a will be revived t h i s year
self sleeping in t h e hold of a b a t u n d e r t h e direction of R o s a l i n d
tered freighter with fifty J a p s . AcGinsburg, '46. Music Council a n d
cording to Mr. Harley S e n s e m a n n ,
Two traditional events of t h e colDr. Louis C. Jones, Assistant P r o new Substitute I n s t r u c t o r in Milne
lege will be held this week-end,
fessor of English, will sponsor t h e
School, t r u t h c a n be s t r a n g e r t h a n
Junior Reception a t 8:15 P . M. in
Page Hall Auditorium, a n d t h e
Less t h a n a week of c a n v a s s i n g
President's Reception in Hie Ingle
Mr. S e n s e m a n n ' s amazing story
h a s brought a total of sixty-five
begins in 1932 when, to satisfy a
Room of Pierce Hall tomorrow
members to the new orchestra,
life-long t h i r s t for travel, h e took
night a t 8 P.M.
m a n y of whom are from t h e fresha summer trip to Egypt a n d P a l To begin the evening, t h e Juniors
m a n class. A few of the s t u d e n t s
T h a t brief glimpse only
to present a familiar Kentucky
have no i n s t r u m e n t s , but it is exwhetted this desire to live a n d teach
ove story—"Heavens Above," or
pected t h a t they c a n be m a d e availin strange a n d ancient countries,
"What Good Is a No. 18 Coupon
able. T h e group h a s fallen heir lo
so in 11)37 he accepted a position
a complete musical library of (he
If You Haven't a Leg to S t a n d
on the faculty of t h e American
classics had by its predecessors,
University in Egypt.
T h e leading m a n , J a m e s
making unnecessary the p u r c h a s e
McFeelcy, '44, borrowed lor the eveThe
in which he
ol new scores.
ning, will co-star with Edna Marsh,
taught was operated on t h e AmeriYear's Program
Phyllis Snyder, Josephine Simons,
can plan, a n d most of the profesHARLEY SENSEMANN
Miss Gmsuurg should prove to
sors were Americans. He added t h a i
Jeanette Buyek, J e a n Brown, S u n be a capaulu conductor, having a
in spite nf a compulsory system of men of Egypt a r e illiterate. Smil- na Cooper, and Mary Now, J u n wide range ol experience in t h e
education, ninety-five percent of ing, he said. "If you're a M o h a m - iors, will take pari.
concert Held. S u e is a pupil Of
the women a n d fifty percent of t h e medan it doesn't m a t t e r whether Committee Members
wellyou send your children to school
On leaving the auditorium, both
known area mti ieian, a n d she
or not a great many p a r e n t s send
freshmen a n d the upperclassteaches both violin a n d piano.
tl:i in out to beg in ihe streets. If.
She l.-. a member of t h e Albany
on ihe other hand, you're a Chris- men will adjourn lo the gym or, if
possible, to the Commons, for d a n c Light Opera Company, lirst viotian, you must.
ing. Refreshments will be served,
in tiie Albany
After a hi lie more t h a n a year
Orchestra ami [he Monday Musical
and group singing will conclude t h e
of ti aching in Egypt, Mr. Sensein keeping with tradition, the
Call) S u i n g Ensemble. At present
mann lelt i h e urge lo move on program.
she is Lie instructor a n d conductor
again, and so he went to Greece.
'45, General
ol the Symphony Orchestra a t Viu- A e t u i l i e s Day on S a t u r d a y , October
Dr. Milton G. Nelson, Dean of There he found a people .slill be-!. at LI P.M., as S l a t e College l r e s h Chairman lor the evening, will be a s ceutian Institute.
mi I'III/I
men get their opportunity lo be- the
sisted by t h e following commit lees:
Among the
Miss Ginsburg is planning a full come acquainted Willi unci sign up morning's assembly.
Refreshments, Nora Cruiiiiii. Peggy
ilher business scheduled for the
s c h t d u k ' lur llic coming year, w i t h ] ior e.xira-eurncular activities.
Dec, and Jean Brown; E n t e r t a i n meeting
resosevi ral assembly programs a n d one
Hannelore Schoen, '44, G e n e r a l
ment, Edna Marsh a n d M a r t h a
or two large concerts as h i g h l i g h t s C h a i r m a n ol the program, a n - lution lor t h e a m e n d m e n t to t h e
Sprenger; Publicity, Betty Howell
of i!ii' season. T h e scores will be nounces that the committee will I Constitution introduced by Trece
and Joan Hylind; Clean-up, Betty
designed to please the public a t a t t e m p t to inaugurate several new Aney, II, in last F r i d a y ' s Assembly,
Carmany, Mary Now, Marguerite
large, and will swerve lo tile light l laclilions
customary 'flic Student Association will also
nominate c a n d i d a t e s lor t h e office
classics of such popular eompos- schedule.
Bos I wick and
e i s as George Gershwin a n d S i g Helen Brucker, '44. President of Juniors.
Although details ol these i n a u - I ol Vice-President to replace Harold
niund Romberg. T h e concerts will gurations cannot be made public i Goldstein, '45.
announces President's Reception
also serve to prove the talent in t h e until a later d a l e . Miss Schoen says
T h e resolution is designed to several changes in t h e program for
Remembering t h e need for incollege by presenting s t u d e n t s in t h a t they will be chiefly concerned clear up the former needs for n u - open rush period, requesting that
traducing the freshmen to the sosolos a n d duets.
with class banners a n d b a n n e r - merous re-votes in school elections. not only freshmen but upper-class- cial life at S l a t e
t h e J u n i o r Class
O r c h e s t r a History
hanging ceremonies,
ll the Class Previously it h a s become necessary men as well take note of these
Miss Garfall,
three or four re-votes in order changes.
T h e first S t a t e College S y m p h o n y of 1 ;J47 banner arrives in time, it for
d e t e r m i n e the outeonie of an
This year open rush period ex- Ihe student body t h a t this r e O r c h e s t r a was organized in t h e fall will be presented to tin 1'reshmen I
election. Although many s t u d e n t s tends from Monday, the beginning ception will surpass all previous
of 1938 by B e r n a r d P e r l m a n a n d on Activities Day.
She says, in a special
George Seifert, both of the Class of
During t h e afternoon, clubs a i d | may have voted in t h e lirst election, of college, until Saturday, October ones.
'\'l, a n d consisted of forty m e m - various
e x t r a - c u r r i c u l a r by Ihe time a second or third r e - i), which is ihe end of sorority open I message to t h e freshmen, "All
frosh — Please come a n d get a c bers.
T h e orchestra
h a d four , r o u p s will a t t e m p t to present a c - vole h a s come up, only nine or ten houses.
successful years under Perlnian's tual "behind ihe scenes" programs people m a y be deciding t h e course Hushing Defined
quainted with us. Juniors, please
direction, a n d upon his g r a d u a t i o n , to show Ihe freshmen each activity of an election.
During this period, the custom ! come and meet t h e frosh."
Earle Snow, '44, assumed leadership as il is in action. S t u d e n t s may
Miss Alley's resolution will elim- has been for freshmen women and
to be j At the President's Reception t o until his Induction into t h e Army visit each group, inquire about d u - inate this disinterest by ruling out entering
ties, privileges, work a n d promo- ihe need lor re-votes entirely. T h e "rushed" by girls who are members morrow night, t h e S t u d e n t Guides
this summer.
will assume the responsibility of inMiss Ginsburg expresses a wish tions, a n d then register lor those plan calls for t h e voting lo take of the seven sororities on campus.
Association "Rushing," according to Intersor- troducing the freshmen to Dr. J o h n
to see all of the " o l d - t i m e r s " at activities which interest t h e m most. place in a S t u d e n t
S t u d e n t s who will not be here for meeting called by P a t r i c i a Latimer, orily Rules, is "concerted action of , M. Sayles, President of the College,
(he opening rehearsal
Activities Day may register for t h e '44, President. E a c h s t u d e n t in voting a sorority such as parties, either or- Dr. Milton G. Nelson. Dean of t h e
within the next two weeks. S h e
clubs of their choice by contacting will indicate his first, second, a n d ganized
or i m p r o m p t u ,
for a College. Miss Ellen Stokes, Dean of
a d d s : "Don't be afraid lo sign
t h e heads of these organizations as third choices for t h e office in ques- rtishee." Rushing is forbidden, ex- Women, a n d members of the faculty.
up because you haven't played your soon a l t e r as possible.
tion. In event t h a t no candidate cupt during this designated period,
i n s t r u m e n t in some time. B r u s h - u p
Climaxing Ihe program of the achieves a majority, Ihe second a n d with exemption m a d e for e n t e r i n g :
courses will be given to those stuseniors a n d g r a d u a t e students.
dents who feel the need for them." I day, t h e a n n u a l bonfire, cheers, a n d third choices will be distributed
class sing will lake place in t h e among the proper persons.
During open rush period this
i evening at the upper Dorm field Aney pointed out t h a t this would year, sorority women a n d freshmen
' behind t h e Alumni Residence Halls. insure a more democratic voting women may get together from 8
j Robert Sullivan. '4(i, is in charge. procedure.
A.M. until 7 P.M. on class days, and
O t h e r committees a r e : A r r a n g e T h e resolution in full is printed from 8 A.M. until 12 midnight over <
Townsend, '44: on Page 3.
week-ends. In previous years, frosh
J Entertainment,
The upperclassmen appointed by
women a n d sorority women could
'II, C h a i r m a n ; Marjorie Rriienig,
noi speak after five o'clock, n o r '' S t u d e n t Council lo work on this
P l a n s are now being m a d e by '44, and Edna Marsh, '45; Pep R a l could girls outside the dorm talk year's Directory include: Editorial,
the seven sororities of S t a t e Col- ly, Osnif Serabian, '44, a n d Sylvia Tax Receipts Indicate
to the freshmen over week-ends. j Evelyn McGowan, '44, Helen B u s h lege for their open houses to be held T r o p , '4(i.
I nell and Peggy Dee, J u n i o r s , a n d
Event P l a n n e d
T h u r s d a y a n d Friday, October 7
4 3 - 4 4 Budset to Balance Social
Brucker says t h a t the Coun- : Kit Kendall a n d Agnes Young,
a n d 3.
cil Is planning a social event to Sophomores;
Present receipts on s t u d e n t lax
Prom 7 P.M. lo It) P.M. freshtake place between Open House and Ciirran, '45, C h a i r m a n ; G. B e r t r a m
men women wil visit tIn- houses in
Formal week-end. Rushees are lo Kiley, 'II, Elaine Drooz a n d J e a n
budget will balance.
groups divided alphabetically. Hel[receive invitations for this event. Chapman, J u n i o r s , and Hetty L a To
en Brucker, '44, President ot I n Viewing t h e total of $!i,(>24 r e - The exact date a n d type of event Faro, 'Hi
lersorority Council, announced this
ceived lo date, Dr. Cooper com- has not yet been decided
Freshmen will be given a n o p week thai the dates h a d been
Florence Curtail, '45, c h a i r m a n inenls, "As soon as we have been
Sorority women may not tele- portunity to become members of t h e
postponed one week so thai they of Campus Commission, lias named paid by a few stragglers, we are
according to
would not conflict with S o p h o m o r e ihe students who will assist her on quite certain of being able to cover phone rushees at any lime, but staff of the liirvvtury,
Keeepi ion on October 1.
include, this year's budget. We should be should a n y t h i n g i m p o r t a n t arise, Jane Soutliwick, '43, Editor of t h e
Miss Brucker, if she wishes, may publication, who announces
Gu T h u r s d a y , October 7, K a p p a Commons, Barbara P u t n a m , '45; able to collect this money fairly
give special permission to (lie girls there are openings in both stall's, t h e
Delia, Alpha Epsilon Phi, a n d P h i Mailboxes, B e r t r a m Kiley, '44; An- soon."
lo make Ihe call.
greatest need being for typists. AnyDelta will play host lo Ihe fresh- uex, Marie l.eibl, '4(i; Lost a n d
Although t h e figures are promisPertaining
to ihe number of one interested should communicate
man women while on the following Found, Leah Tischl IT, '45; Poster ing, Ihe n u m b e r of "stragglers" is
pledges, Miss Brucker quotes I n - with ihe Kditor.
evening, Friday, October H, I'si Committee, Georgia Hardest y. '44; approximately a h u n d r e d .
tersororily Rule VI, Section B :
G a m m a , Chi Sigma T h e t a , Beta J o a n Hylind, '45 a n d Muriel Navy,
This year's Dirt ctury,
In previous years, s t u d e n t tax was "Beginning with t h e class of 1945, containing the n a m e s , addresses,
Zeta, a n d G a m m a K a p p a P h i will '4(i.
open their doors to the class of
and telephone n u m b e r s of t h e faMiss Garfall will read Ihe new lion voted on t h e reduction of $2
each sorority may pledge shall be
C a m p u s Commission regulations in after considering t h e out in allot- limited to fifteen." T h e addition to cully a n d students, will print t h e
As yet Ihe groups have n o t been | Assembly this morning. In reading ments to various organizations. I n this rule is, " I n t h e beginning of Social Calendar a n d n a m e s of o r arranged, but they will be a n - t h e m she will stress t h e fact t h a t spite of t h e c u r t a i l m e n t of activities, Ihe year 104:1-44, Council will d e - ganization heads. P l a n s to conduct
nounced to the freshmen in t h e t h e Publications Office can no longer the program is still varied enough cide if this n u m b e r should be raised a contest for the cover design a r e
being formulated a n d will be told
near future.
be considered as a Lounge.
to utilize 100 p e r cent cooperation. or not."
to the student body a t a later d a t e .
Activities Day
In New Commons Dean to Address
Assembly Today
Council Explains
New Rushing Rules
Brucker Announces
Open House
Directory Names
1943 Members
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