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1941 Commission
Will Conduct Tea
Talented Freshmen to Entertain
School in Lounge T h u r s d a y
O n S t . P a t r i c k ' s day, T h u r s d a y ,
at 3:30 o'clock in t h e Lounge of
R i c h a r d s o n hall, t h e freshmen will
sponsor a school tea, according to
C a t h e r i n e O'Bryan, president of
F r o s h commission. T h e best t a l e n t
of t h e f r e s h m a n class will provide
the e n t e r t a i n m e n t .
T h e c h a i r m e n of t h e committees
are as follows: K a y Hoch, hostesses;
.Frances Wood, e n t e r t a i n m e n t ; S h i r ley Myer, i n v i t a t i o n s ; Mildred Foley
decorations a n d A n n a Acee, p u b licity.
T h e e n t i r e s t u d e n t body is invited
to a t t e n d t h e tea.
Sigma Lambda Sigma
Kappa Beta Fraternity
To Give Informal Supper Pledges Eleven Members
K a p p a Beta will conduct an informal s u p p e r c o m m e m o r a t i n g its
first a n n i v e r s a r y a t S t a t e , S u n d a y
evening at 6:00 P . M. in t h e Van
At the s a m e time it will Induct
formally its faculty advisors who are
Dr. R a l p h G. Clausen, assistant professor of biology; Dr. Earl J. Dorwaldt, assistant instructor in hygiene; G. Elliott Hatfield, coach;
a n d Dr. Carleton E. Power, professor
of General Science.
T e n freshmen and one sophomore
have been formally pledged i n t o
m e m b e r s h i p in Sigma L a m b d a Sigma.
T h e new pledges include: Richard
Loucks, '40, Eugene Agrello, F r a n c i s
Cassidy, Glenn W. Clark, D a n Flinn,
J o h n G a r d e p h e , Delfio Mancuso,
Howard Merriam, Robert P a t t o n ,
Edward Trost, and Joseph Witney,
association, t h e drive h a s obtained
pledges a m o u n t i n g to $2,900.
T h e s t u d e n t s pledging u p to $100
a r e : Sophie First, Ada Bukowski,
Betty Appeldoorn, Sophie Wolzok,
Helen Greene, Helena B l a n c h a r d ,
Mary Zita Furey, Lucille Lancaster,
Doris K. Anderson, Earle Cleaves,
E d i t h Cort, R i c h a r d Cox, Antoinette
Housing Fund Drive
Has Successful Start
T h e c o m m i t t e e in charge of a r r a n g e m e n t s is as follows: Herbert
'39, c h a i r m a n ;
Tfie^'annual senior drive for funds
Fluster, '39 a n d William Miller a n d for the expected men's housing p r o David Kotler, freshmen, will assist ject h a s begun with a fine measure
of success. Under the direction of
Juniors Order Class Rings
Mildred Nightingale a n d Richard
Orders for junior class rings will
be t a k e n u n t i l April 1. Any juniors Prusik or a n y m e m b e r of her com- Cox, seniors, aided by Mrs. B e r t h a
Brimmer, secretary of the Alumni
desiring rings a n d who have not yet mittee.
D o n Vlto, M a r y Dowling, Carolyn
G r e t a J a c k s o n , Beverly J o h n s o n ,
Mildred Nightingale, E d w a r d Reynolds, J o h n S c h o n e n b e r g , J a m e s
Zubon, Eilleen MacDougall, Helen
Moore, Florence Ringrose, Mabel
Anderson, H e r b e r t Drooz, M a r i a n
Bisnett, W a r r e n D e n s m o r e , Florence
Nelbach, Elizabeth Daniels.
Good Food and a Friendly Fire
a t the
Vol.. X X I I , No. 19
State Socialites
To Dance To-night
In the Commons
To C r o w n King of State;
Feature Rider R h y t h m ;
Tickets Going Fast
fffestrrn atOjiril
swingsters will be p r e s e n t a t t h e second All-Slate dance which is to be
conducted in the C o m m o n s . D a n c ing, to (he smooth syncopations of
Lew Rider's orchestra, will hold sway
between 8:30 and 11:30.
ge N e w s
Miss Wheeling Receives
Columbia Press Award
Miss K a t h e r i n e E. Wheeling,
assistant professor of education
a n d supervisor of English, was
presented with a gold key by t h e
Columbia Scholastic Press association a t its a n n u a l conference
last weekend a t Columbia U n i versity, New York city. Miss
Wheeling, who is advisor to the
Milne High school paper, " T h e
Crimson a n d White," was praised
for h e r ability as an advisor, a n d
as a supporter of the Press association.
I n a n n o u n c i n g the award, officers of the convention praised
her activity In the field of s c h o lastic journalism, which has included the presidency of the
Capital District Press association. In addition, Miss Wheeling
was elected to the presidency of
the Advisors' association, a n organization of faculty advisors to
school papers.
has been
r a m p a n t as to who will wear the
crown of t h e " m a n with the most
beautiful legs at S t a t e . " T h e identity
of this "to-be-envied" m a n has been
kept secret, a n d it will n o t be revealed until this evening.
C h a i r m a n of the ticket committee,
Arnold Ellerin, '41, h a s a n n o u n c e d
thai t h e tickets have been selling
Plans for the Sophomore Soiree,
taster t h a n ice-cream cones in the
S a h a r a Desert. For those who w a i t - the gala social event to take place
ed too late to gel a dale, may we say, at the Aurania club, April 8, are
practically completed, according to
"At, we warned you!' 1
the a n n o u n c e m e n t of Joseph C a p Lona Powell, 41, general c h a i r m a n piello, general c h a i r m a n . Art S h a w
of the dance, says that all plans are and his New Music, a swing unit of
in readiness for this gala affair.
national lame, have been engaged
T h e committees ior t h e occasion to supply the r h y t h m s ,
are as follows: Orchestra, J o h n AlTlie price of the bid 1 . been set
den, c h a i r m a n , a n d Cyril Kill), Rob- at $3.00 per couple. Bids will go on
ert Mrsck, Steve K u s a k ; Decorations, sale to t h e general public within the
Betty P a r r o t t , c h a i r m a n , and Muriel next two weeks.
Howard, Merrill W a l r a l h ,
Shaw and his orchestra have g a i n Snover, P r a n c e s Riani, Anne R a t - ed a great deal of popularity within
tray, Betty Wessels. Sieve Paris, and ilie past year through the medium
Phyllis R y a n : Publicity, Rosemary of the radio a n d vie recordings. PolMcCarthy
Irene Pogor, co- lowing is reprinted a portion of w h a t
Scesny. M< Imimiiii . the musician's m a g Marilyn Oroff, Isabelle Robinson, azine, has to say about S h a w : "A
C h a r l o t t e Ritchie, a n d Jack Me.sek; swell example of good swing has been
Tickets, Arnold Ellerin. c h a i r m a n , turned in recently by Artie S h a w ' s
and William Ilaller, Roy McCreary, band.
Here's u bunch that really
Dorothy J o h n s o n , a n d Virginia Mc- .settles into some swell r h y t h m i c
D e r m o t l ; Chapcrones, Vivian Liv- grooves, which is obviously inspiringston, c h a i r m a n ; Floor a n d Door, ed by whal it's playing, and possesses
Vinccnl Gillen and Robert Ague, co- the knack ol propelling thai bil of
Inspiration if) Its listeners."
Sophomores Complete
Final Soiree Plans
\th0i. ,
Faculty Delegates Give Reports
On Convention in Atlantic City
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Satisfy.. . millions.
by David Minsberg
During I he period from February l ', v , ' n »c«wiei-; for while science
23 to February 20, the national or- | c l , u . n « e K ' , " I " ' 1 1 radically, pcreinally.
in essence, always remains
g a n U a l l o n of education u d m l n i s t r a - j1 1poetry,
tors conducted a convention at A t - " ' s l i m L ' ' , He concluded by reading
lantic City which ten m e m b e r s of «*v''i'" -selected poems a i n o n g which
the .Stale'College faculty a t t e n d e d . *«« Wadswortli s Ode On IinmorPrcsidcni Urubacher Dean M. O. t a l l t y Nelson, Dean Morel'and, Professor
Commissioner Studebaker ol the
Sayles Profe.ssof I) V S m i t h , P r o f - 1 I n d e r a l Bureau ol Education conessor C. C. S m i t h , Professor Hicks, ll1 "' 11 '' 1 " ' ' , m l l ( 1 Ltiblc discussion on
Professor Frederick, Professor South vocational preparation lor youth
and Miss Halter, a s s i s t a n t professor I which decided thai general cducuand supervisor ol social studies, all lion was superior lo specialized edureturned with remodeled old ideas, cation because II Idled s t u d e n t s lor
new ideas and smiles r a d i a t i n g the more things in an age of mobility
ol population.
Atlantic Oily sunny weather,
President Brubucher, in his r u p u After interviewing President l i n i
bacher, Dean Nelson, Dean More- rl[S " ' toastnmsler ol the Yale Eduland Professor Sayles a n d Professor ''iillun d e p a r t m e n t dinner, spoke on
I). V .Smith, a n d making futile a t - "The T e a c h e r ol Teachers." a disr u p t s u, e.aleh Hie o t h e r more clu- M-rltition on good college faculties,
sive delegates In their ollices, we
Dean Morclulid besides lining a
obtained Die following m a t e r i a l
talk "n "Co-ordination ol Major
T h e convention began on S a t u r d a y Administrative Ollices," was, made
with a discussion ol Juvenile delln- j c h a i r m a n ol the Deans ol Women
i|ucncy by Warden Lewis 1'.'. Luwes | in T e a c h e r Colleges lliroi ,;hoill the
ol s i n g Sing and Hurry Klmer United S l a t e s .
Barnes, einlnonl sociologist and hisProfessor D V. Sinilli in nls ad
i ol in 11 in which I he roots ol luveuile dress belore the social study group
and adull crime were I rucked down stressed llle billowing points
to n tnull.V educill lolial s.V: leni which
I Thill llle school lilllsl leave room
does nol adequately provide lor the lol llle sllldeill lo read and llilllk
aboiii contemporary social issues
Hal iirduy a l l e r u o o n , P r e s I d e n I
- Thai the social sll dj course
llulehiii., ol Hie University ol Olllotl- should have as its aim discussion ol
go, ..poke on methods ol Improving j problems and nol Hie acquiring ol
i hi curriculum in higher schools, He fuels.
also paid tribute li, Hut friendship I Professor Suylcs conducted a dli
between hitn and Professor .halil cushion of a paper led "Si peralso oi Chicago, who has contributed vlhory Practices involved in the In
invaluable unilerlal io applied a n d jdiiction ol the Hiiideni Into liusponiheoreilciil education,
.able G r o u p Direction."
Sunday, Professor Willlum Lyon
As a whole, the convention dlsPhelps, loiuieily ol the Yale E n g - cussed much valuable educational
llsh deparlnieiif addressed u g a t h e r - work, mid since it was a t t e n d e d by
ing ol 7,Odd Icachers a n d adiiilnls fhi' great educators and iidministridors on Hie topic " T r u t h a n d trators, it IN very probable t h a t Its
Poelry" In which he m a d e t h e pointIconclusions will bt; put Into practice
t h a t poetry h a s more t r u t h In It t h a n > before long.
Seniors Obtain
Housing Funds
T h e senior class drive to obtain
funds for housing projects is progress
ing quite successfully, according to
the a n n o u n c e m e n t of Mildred Nightingale and R i c h a r d Cox, seniors, and
c o - c h a i r m e n of the drive. Over four
thousand dollars h a s already been
pledged to this fund, a n d many reports have still to come in.
T h i s year's .senior class is the
first one to take the initiative on
conducting the drive, as former
classes h a d been asked to do It. Recently Dr. J o h n M. Sayles, professor
of education and principal of Milne
High school, gave a talk in which
he explained the drive, and urged j
everyone to support it. Dr. Sayles j
looks forward to the time when there i
will lie a men's dormitory, which,
wiih the Alumni Residence halls,
will help compose a campus for State
T h e Lwenty-four
were appointed by the co-chairmen
are working to secure the pledges.
A t h e r m o m e t e r or barometer, recording the progress Of the campaign,
soon will be placed in t h e rotunda.
Assembly (o Choose Delegates to
Attend NSI'A Conference
This morning's assembly will fcalure the rivalry debate between the
sophomores and freshmen, according ID Die a n n o u n c e m e n t made by
W a r r e n I. Densmore, president of
student association.
'flic subject will be, Resolved: thai
llle S l a t e college should have an
honor system.
T h e freshmen will uphold the affirmative and speakers will be Arnold Ellerin, first affirmative, J o h n
Murray, second
Louise Snell, rebuttal.
T h e speakers for Die sophomores
will he Mary Arndt, lirsl negative,
Lillian Rivklnd, second negative, and
Joseph Oapplello, r e b u t t a l ,
T h e lirsl iwo speakers of each
team will be allowed five minutes
each. This will be followed by a
five minute intermission. The rebullal speakers will be allowed six
minutes each.
Additional business in assembly
will consisl of voting for N. S. V. A.
delegates to the Mid-Atlantic district meeting at Vassal' college. Candidates a r e : Christine Ades, Belly
Baker, J o h n Edge, Leonard Friedlander, B e l l y
Rockefeller, William Ryan, Gordon
TiilmiT, William Tori-ens, and Dunion T y n a n , juniors.
State Debaters to Meet
Rutgers, Marrymount
Next T h u r s d a y evening al 11:15
o'clock, S t a t e will participate In Iwo
oiu-id-iowii debates, according to
William Hindi, '311, prcsidejil of Debale council.
o n e debate will be in Miirrymounl
college at Tiirrylown, New York. A
women's leiini composed ol 1,luetic
Parsludl a n d Florence Ztlbres, senior
will take llle negative side ol
Hie Isi lie T h e neutrality net. This
debate Will be llle fin. i decision
debali' ill llle hcillt'htiT, There Is,
liowi K T , a tendency lo do away Willi
decision debates mid silhsl llillc Hull decision debutes mid panel discussions ai which Slide debaters have
shown ureal proflenry.
Al Hie siinie time a men's lentil
compuhcd ol William Bradl. and Herbert Drooz. seniors, will travel lo
Rutgers university a t New Brunswick. The topic to he discussed Is:
The national labor relations board
Last night S t a l e debated H1. Michaels college ill a panel discussion on
Uiilruilierii'lslll. At Hie same time
a n o t h e r team deluded a t the University of Vermont on the negative
side of tlie Issue: T h e national labor
relalions board,
$ 2 . 0 0 P E R Y E A R , .32 W E E K L Y
Foreign Policy Association
To Entertain Eight Colleges
Senior Dorm Drive Gains;
Four T h o u s a n d Dollars
P l e d g e d to Fund
Class to Conduct
Rivalry Debate Today
I S , 1938
W a r r e n Densmore, '.'18, president
of s t u d e n t association, who is general c h a i r m a n of a r r a n g e m e n t s for
the Wednesday supper meeting of
Foreign Policy association.
Nine Students Have
Teaching Positions
Delegates From Colleges
To Discuss Far-Eastern
War Situation
O n Wednesday, M a r c h 23, a t 5:30
o'clock in the Second C o n g r e g a t i o n a l '
church, 112 C h e s t n u t street, t h e F o r - ,
eign Policy association of S t a t e col-.'
lege will be host at a supper meeting
to eight visiting college delegates
of the capital district. T h e colleges
who will participate in the discussion are, Albany Law school, B e n - '
nington college, Rensselaer Poly--'
technlc Institute, Russell Sage, St. (
Rose college, Skidmore college, Union
college a n d Williams college.
T h e discussion will center a r o u n d i
the conflict in t h e F a r East. A new ,
method of covering the m a i n issue
will be Lo divide It up Into four subtopics which a r e : United S t a t e s i n ,
relation to the war in the F a r E a s t ;
W h a t J a p a n wants and why; Effect
of a J a p a n e s e victory on war polities; New triple e n t e n t e , J a p a n , G e r - .
m a n y a n d Italy, T h e 100 delegates
will be divided into groups of ten,
with one representative from each
college at each discussion tabic.
W a r r e n Densmore. '38, president
of s t u d e n t association will be general
c h a i r m a n for the affair,
Drooz, "ill, is In charge of the a r r a n g e m e n t s and Ruinona Van Wic,
"ill, is c h a i r m a n of the reception
At 8:15 o'clock t h e same evening,.
I he Foreign Policy association will
sponsor two guest speakers in C h a n - <
cellors hall In the New York S t a t e
Education building.
T h e first speaker of the evening
will be Colonel M. T h o m a s T c h o u , ;
aide lo Generalissimo Chiang K a i shek. He is the unofficial representative of the Chinese g o v e r n m e n t
on a speaking tour in America.
T h e other speaker, Dr. Yufaka
Mlnakiichl, pastor til the Congregational church a l P e a c h a m , Vermont
has Hie distinction of being Hie o n l y ,
oriental clergyman in America. He
has been very successful In p r e s e n t ing the J a p a n e s e poinl of view to
audiences In all purls of America.
T h r e e seniors and six g r a d u a t e s
have received new teaching positions,
made by the P l a c e m e n t Bureau.
They a r e : Sophie Jadick, "if), commerce at Elba; Helen L. P a l r b a n k ,
"III. library a l Norwich: Mabel Anderson. "III. history a n d F r e n c h a l
S e h c n e v u s ; R u t h Chase, '34, English anil library a t Cherry Valley.
William Fullugar, '30, science at
Hudson Falls; Edward Osborn, 111,
Falls; Howard Golf, '28, supervising
principal al West Winlield; Alice
T h e admission charge will be 2 5 ,
Gray, '30, Latin a n d F r e n c h at cents for college students. Members
S e l a u k e l ; Louisa Kelly, '.'17, history of the Foreign Policy association will
at Klndcrhook.
be admit led free.
"Weekly Reporter, "NSFA Leaflet,
Discusses Honor System Question
by I,en Kowalsky
Available on t h e r e a r shelves ol be used lo Instill Hie necessary spirit
Hie Slalt' college library Is a ten and a l t i t u d e toward the system.
Both Tulinie and Princeton h a v e
page m i m e o g r a p h e d leaflet entitled
the "Weekly R e p o r t e r of the Nat- established outstanding honor sysIn
ional S t u d e n t F e d e r a t i o n of Amer- tems ihul are very successful,
Issued weekly, ihis publica- dealing wiih violations, both h a v e
tion concerns Itself with Hie pro- worked mil coiiipefeni methods, At
blems and affairs occurring on the Tulane, the power of enforcement
campuses of colleges t h r o u g h o u t Hie lies 111 I be h a n d s of it group known
nation. Including reports and edi- as Hie Academic Board, made up of
torials, each issue usually c o n t a i n s 15 s t u d e n t s Including three class
some new Information which throws ol fleers. T h e group has Ihe d u t y
light on such topics us student g o v - j " 1 invesligutliiM; all violations, cone m i n e n t , e x t r a - c u r r i c u l a r activities, I dueling a trial iiitl (leternilng t h e
and si iideiu co-operallves,
Recelil Issues ol the "Weekly ReAi Princeton, u committee of seven
porter" have dcvoled much space members reiu'cseiithig ihe student
lo reports and discus,sion on the body deals With cases of violation,
honor system, a subject of Imme- nilllclliig pilliisbineiil ll necessary,
diate Interest to S l a t e college stu- In extreme cases, Ihe trial goes bedents,
Al the recent congress ol lore II muss meeting ol ihe s t u d e n t
ihe NSFA conducted lusl December, hod)'.
Hie Commission <>n Dlrecl AdminisAi Ihe unlvei'sliy ol New Mexico,
tration reported on the honor sys- a i|Uesiiniiiiiiire was conducted lo
tem. In lis report ih commission I del i n nine the a l i u n d e ol the s t u d e n t
i e c o in in e ll d s Hull
liDiior|bod,\ inward Hie establishment ol
system depend.', upon Hie iniln liluul an honor system,
Fifty-nine per
college, lis U'lldltlolls a n d elrcuin- iilil ol the hotly desired lo see Ihe
slalices. Where the inslallal Ion ol system established locally
Fortyan honor system Imperils the ei- clghl percent believed Hint ihe syslecllveliess, of h a s been lound illl- tem could be Hindu in work, whereas
pracilcal In siudeiii government us l e l l percent s l a l e d I h u l they WUIllll
has h a p p e n e d In sonic of Hie larger report any violation.
schools, If is not considered advisOpinion gleaned from the various
Issues Indicate thai the nonor system
T h e group feels (hid II should be a can work. An editorial stales t h a t
personal Institution where the person "a scholastic honor system, desired
assumes the responsibility r a t h e r and installed by stiiduiiU can work."
ihim have It depend on the "squeal- Another opinion, is while social
ing of others." It also urges t h a t honor Is deteriorating, "academic
proper orientation of the freshmen honor h a s remained Inviolate,
Page i
Established by She Class of 1918
T h e u n d e r g r a d u a t e Newspaper at New Yorie S t a t e
College for T e a c h e r s
PuMfcsfaed every F r i d a y at the college year by the tffewj
Board representing She S t u d e n t
T e l e p h o n e s : Office, 5-93T3;; Wolzole, 2-6753; Smith.
N i g h t i n g a l e . 2-4 i « ; Gaylord. 2-43M
Entered ax necrmd rjat* matter in the Albany, .V ?'.
tfi*«ii.u.u7is *o» surtoiMAA. »aMX;mnti\ii3 i f
National Advertising Service, Inc.
42OMA01-3CM Art.
c.*n:.i.;.-. - a,itir-,,i
Mrw r o » c H. f
- '.,:,! i.i.:t:.,M
• J e * * u.ii:iiit:<5
B&emn Wmz&z
DATOJ B. S w r r o
Activities and Criticism
-COMMENTSTATERWe would like to divert ourselves from a criticism
of the s t u d e n t organization ' c o n t r a r y to public belief I
to a n appraisal of the e.ftra-currtcular activities which
have aroused interest at S t a t e . We feel t h a t it, is opportune at this time, when mid-'sems are coming up
and when you feel the need of a vacation, to acquaint
you with the work of S t a t e college students for their
interest in affairs not e:ctrtnsical.ty connected with
school woric which is r a t h e r a means of gaining wide
a n d varied experiences from the social and political
world of today
Asmcbate Managing
Associate Managing
Associate Managing
T o the men of S t a t e college! You nave been interested in the wide variety of programs a n d activities
t h a t the Vo'xng Women'.? Christian association has
sponsored. A great m a n y of you have a t t e n d e d their
discussions on crime, religion, marriage, etc.. and you
V K J H H M A. B c z ;
i n o w what It does a n d what it s t a n d s for. Here is a n
opportunity to take a n active p a r t in their affair's,
j What do you think of the idea of uniting both men
William R y a n
Men'i Sport*
Editor a n d women of this college to form a S t u d e n t Christian
Char!«3 F r a n k l i n
Betty Clark
WornenJt Sport*
The S t u d e n t Christian association movement in
prevalent today on many American campuses t h r o u g h Sophomore
out the country
Instead of having two separate orRobert Cogger
Saul Gr-i-snwaid Otto J Hr.Ttrt
ganizations of the men and women it combtnuu iha
Leonard Kowataky
David M i a s b e r g
Sally T o u n g
activities of both groups for social recreational u u i
religious activities
Muriel Ooidb^rg R a m o n a Van Wie, Albert Ajcbitze!
The Y W. C A would like v. find :>.i inn / C i r a m
Joyce H a y c o c k . Cnariea E u i n g e r , Charles Walsh
or' the men and women in this respecr,
'..1 ,<;n .:.,i <:
any suggestions to offer anyone :'. tile ni.jcour,
'o Burtnei*
Aaafetant Btmtne«a Manager.
. Grace Ca.=.-.!gl:oae members.
Assistant Advertising M a n a g e r
- J o a n Byron
Under the direction of Mr Hardy trie tiifiane ieamii
have risen to new heights
The rteOane proirrim -.L;
been intensive and varied M than .'. V-J.AI ~i»er, ;rut
interest of ail groups of
Durvrnj ir-t* ;ii.;.i
Wednesday's Timei-L'nion carried an m o n t h the debate squads ha'i* ronducneii pimet £ a editorial signed by William Randolph cussions before local -rnc jr'j:iraaasn;nu V.-JH- ire
deeply interested tn finding :<.: how icudecuj ;i -„;.;:;
Hearst, which was .so sane and con.structive college feel toward vital aauea
Roearar E. Hiii^wro
Eccix B. O'Hijtt.i
J&or Srfto srs
MacfUD E. Nrmttnaratta W.
Hearst and Hitler
in its view of the recent European turmoil
that the Ntws wishes to reiterate its major
points. In it he analyzes Hitler's aims and
objectives and administers some advice on
how a changed attitude might make Der
P'uehrer great rather than just sensational.
"Greatness is not made by marching
troops nor by howling crowds, but by enduring records of constructive statesrnanH hip.
He has merely attained an opportunity which he may or may not—and probably will no*—embrace."
It is not so evil to break an unfair treaty
unlawfully when there ;s no other method
Hitler'* An.shlu.iu movement had
been refused by the Leajfue several years
ago and economic necessity precipitates
German-Austrian economic jmon .So, .'. . not -o much the seizure of Austria out the
methods used to terrorize the people of certain races and religions 'hat. is distasteful
to the modern world.
"The world is corning to a oasis of liberalism and tolerence a- regards religion, ami
Hitler i- out of step with civilization and
intellectual development througout the
Spreading Nazism through the world,
or rather, forcing it upon unwilling nations
will create a dread and hate for this which
Hitler would make a paramount love of his
Hubjects, He is .-.pending his life working hiin.-vll. lie attempt., to create a
united and self-sufficient Germany and
then pi's race race, creed against
creed, to spread the seed« of disunion and ,
"He should be tolerant . . . Then there !
would be not only racial harmony but intellectual unity throughout the Reich, and
a large- part of the antagonism which prevails i/i countries against the oppressive policies of Ntuliam would be abated."
After the smofce screen is dispelled, we see fewer of the intruders upon the Activities office
hospitality left—but there still
are several unwanted usurpers
here a n d we wish they'd scram.
Or da we have to call names?
W e v e decided to t u r n the
library tnno a n auditorium a n d
use their lights to stage a modern production; tnat's about all
the good the Hawtey hall lights
could do. You go there to study,
w» understand, and are either
blinded by the reflected glare, or
helped to sleep by the d i m Lit
sorority effect. Couldn't the system be changed so t h a t we could
have uiiiiirn-rnar.ior. allowing study
•without runt-Sir :iz: eyea,
Ana bisri; v ; i.-; i;, .^..-State
' W ; - ; !;:r:i;i:r,icir i jig
rrowd mil v ; tn inr» v«'.: « «
;".-i. -.auvt. '~'t; :M;I i inmi) protui
icci.r, ;;~ji. JUT ?nn :r': [Kirn, t e d
V-; topif »:i.'. ,5u it) i rvii. timu
ii.'i.itiiir.g .:; nan.
3ur,-viji;n. >_-,;« :i:av
imi :.u
M«'V W.iiii: u i d iumn iWili u i '"rtmirur. Uiu iophumor'Ki ilitiuiti". i ;er:';i:r; ianili*. 1 tcci; rttu
•:,i.:i- xc;:.- .mi ;,: jinsii din ' :.c:rti:n stxcic' :umi—ifcrivM
ir-» noniu'i; ina.'. ;^.e .r:.c;i.i. ut«
-;j •„: proiiucn s. munutr»i i n c v
Pwtruipii iomu hi:; vi
r'iai.dt. the famn than iliti
ir,7 ? ' i d d m g i.:.d T m i t j utcw
: tner ioileijea intam.
in in
State college is not tooceratmi? WJa. :;.- ieoaters.
The student bod;, has "..." iho-wn lufficwnt mcereur;
which this activny leserves
At i pre-uouu ieciite
there were fourteen spectators
fi-ie if ii'r.<ict v-.:-i
from Deoate council
Wnere a- sur !Chi^:( spirit •>
Where is the courtesy due ;•: vtaitmir ;*i..z^ '• Whan
we go to other colleges •.:..-.;• :.:•.•-. a a r g e i t w n d a n c i i
to meet 'is
Are we slacicer-s -»:.-.•:. .z :civ:es to supporting our various State teiisns' State - t u i e n t s
Tr.<* ~..rsda;.
r.-.i:.: p.ays proved
should fee. it meir iiui> to it'tend :ijUeige iiitintaes and
"articipate :n ihem T i iffer yju greater .-.ducener.t t,: :e a fitting : lima;c t.i i gtiiii season -«:::. twe ertceilentiy ixrected
refreshments are •.ar^yl
Wnj nor. support State i!^- m d well reiteived 'ragediea
^ates as you support the,ic s'aaaeis'
Mr Leese s play had some fine -us;:ense v.: W a l t e r s pantocaine was
effect: - .*
an authentic rtaturalnesa
v.: D i t t m a n was the realeat i i r t -
State's Stage
Book of the WeekPsychology and You
i.«H Yimr Mind .Vl«>n*' t-/ Jam*s Tburhi'er Harper's.
lot.. S:i.»
Of'. >.a}s. ^r r \ e co-op
The ...n'.;,a:iic.--.> : w r . : -.liente of psychology
it Miss Mins:
•..-..'. r.oo.cs a..-, '.Va.ce L'-;: and Li', e
Be Glad You re sne nau
How :o ','i::r
and others tr.aracter
B> means tf " r.oo.c- tne a - t n o r s a t t e m p t to show
tr.e reai-ie: how he t i n ornef:: himself by applying the
fundamentals of ps>c:.t.og;. '.. his . ; -,tr>da;. existence
a..?.". ::;i a e'i'-'i o;t and a c c Let Your Mind in direct opposition to
the message* of these booics
The m a k e - u p and costumes were
Thurber a humorist of »:de renown tn '.lie liter- generally good
Suggestion to next j e a r a Advanced
a.-;, world, appears at his best here
His informal
Dramatic..! class Please buy a new
rambling ,st>le ebullient with .•,;;, witticisms and satirt- dress to replace Miss s cosmakes this w/if. an especially delightful one for the tume which has become all too famperson i»f.o ieeks liKiit reading
In h b bool: T h u r b e r iliar to P.a;, goer
Mr Arthur's production was a
attempt-, to ridicule trie various [joints stressed b;.
authors B r a n d t Mursell, Shelton and others in their thoroughly exc.-i.-nt job
real wor«: on a diff; pia;.
rcsjH-rti'.e treatLses
This lie does most succvs.ifuh:.
Mr We Las's interpretation Was m\>; i MI.Pining v. it.ii his humor sucii convincing argu- t c i i g e n t and he has .t '.er;, pleasant
ri.i-i.'.a'.ioii that one cannot help but agree with him ',oi...- i.r sl.ould w.t'.cn a tfiu!enc>.
In i.e.-,'ra'u.g his point.'-, he u.sually piiirr.-. some laug!.- in pia;. mg m a t u r e parts to use gesprv.OKI:.K -utiiiition wlurh adrLs to the enjoyment of turt-s and stances which .iri' defmthe
A.s its title implies T h u r U u urges you to
Your Mind Alone'
Ah this fuss about v, hat -ls-them a t t e r - w i t h - u s and this K-t s-clo-something-about-itbefore-u s-too-late jjanic i.s trul) u n w a r r a n t e d
g r a n d f a t h e r s didn't ktem to worry about any possible
mental Ills; yet they seemed to do a good Job of living
Therefore, let's relax and let our minds alone
Any consideration of this book should make .some
mention of the a u t h o r ' s cartoons which are go a d v a n lageowsly Intersperned throughout t h e volume
a n d quaint, they reflect the a u t h o r ' s keen sense of
h u m o r and add to the total enjoyment of the book
;•.'•;;. ;.oung
V..- liked Mr FranceUo'a character
bit as the servant
Rut it was Mr Hart who made the
evening a memorable one
1U- was
interesting from the moment he
stepped on the stage, a n d he developed his character to the point
where w« were hanging on to every
word, watching breathlessly as he
took the coins in his h a n d and delivered his c u r t a i n speech
The success of so many of the
plays this year makes us li .>k forward to t h e May production with
high hopes
Lota of luck I
Now t h a t S a i n t Patrick's day Is
over and t h e Harps a r e finished for
a n o t h e r year, maybe something will
be doing around the hallowed halls.
.' Everything was pretty quiet last
weekend with the exception of the
brawl Friday night over in Page.
It seems t h a t J. Edmore prefers to
h a u n t phone booths. He says they
may be small, but they're awfully
: comfortable.
V'e wonder If T a b will h a v e as
•mucn trouble getting a d a t e for the
All-State dance as he seemed to h a v e
last weekend. Can Casanova be losing his grip?
And where aid Appledoorn get
; that watch. Time's awastin,' but we
m a s t remark t h a t there seems to be
gold in them t h a r hills—or was it
New York?
McCreary unofficially Is one of the
M. A. A. heartiest supporters as r e gards the I n t r a m u r a l Boxing or
Wrestling program, but we hazard
she guess t h a t he docs most of it on
the steps of the dormitory.
Is Mullen playing t h a i old game
•f Doctor, Lawyer, etc., etc., or Is it
another version of t h e old Army
game ?
How lonesome one gets in Activities office these days. They
v.':..: don't belong laughed a n d left.
«"; laughed and left when we saw a
iign .-encerning a Joint banquet for
•..!•; Ni'.vs and
U O N board.
,/:..:.'•.: two organiza ions get together,
~ the h a ' c h e t , we won't be
pick on our pal, Leo, a n y
How's '.'tat for a plug, boss?j
. l a n c y received a note from a
o m a n a a m e c Edith who likes his
rpu and wants to meet him. Maybe
ia doesn't understand, or else she
.si hasn't heard.
We wonder what the m u t u a l Inn'r.'iis ::' Squook a n d Bill Silvers
:•-. Dear Ed. this Is slipping one
• er :n you.i
And where was Klssy last S a t u r ay night?
Things arc looking
leeker for someone.
.And then there's the story of how
showed her musical ability by
:.a-. tg a little jam session with a
pan :f cymbals right on tne subway.
=. n together muchly: Alden a n d
Be' ter late t h a n never! Word h a s
ed us of three m a r r i a g e proi to Myskania Muriel during
tmas vacation—how news iravi who are the two mice t h a t
made life miserable lor others In
X'2'h front room?
Crcunse's haircut r e m i n d s us of
;:.!;. one thing—an advestisement
for a lawn-mower company. 1
Who's going to be King t o n i g h t ?
Y i u d better be there early to congratulate him—he may not be able
t.i -tand the strain—in which ease
»->il give you a running account
next week
Vir.ce Oillen has been quite prominent on the dance floors noons,
Are Ku.sak and McDermott having
'.mat is commonly called "an a f f a i r ? "
Lillian will have n o i n m a n any
M. A. A. Plans to Have
Minstrel Show Revival
Association Hopes to Revive
Defunct Troubadors*
Club_of 1935
F r e s h m e n L o s e S t r u g g l e B y Gala Spectacle Will Feature
1 3 - 1 2 in Last M i n u t e o f
Community Singing and
O v e r t i m e Tilt
Gay Specialties
Sophomores Win
Rivalry Contest
T h e sophs bombed t h e Prosli ship
Some night in early May ( p e r h a p s
of S t a t e before it reached port last Wednesday, May 11) one of t h e oldF r i d a y n i g h t w h e n they h u n g a 13-12 est and most imitated types of e n t e r defeat on t h e m in one of the most t a i n m e n t will be presented to the
exciting rivalry games seen in years. students of S t a t e college In t h e a u d i T h e lead changed h a n d s almost as torium of Page hall.
m a n y times as there were points.
In its desperate drive for more
W i t h t h e sophs leading 12-10 and tangible funds, Men's Athletic assocwith less t h a n a m i n u t e lo go, iation under t h e capable h a n d of
Brophy, of the frosh, let fly with a its president, J o h n O'Brien, '38, will
long shot t h a t soared to the roof endeavor lo bring to light t h a t sima n d bounded back into his h a n d s as ilar form of a m u s e m e n t of which the
he followed beautifully. He sank the institution h a s seen n o n e since t h e
follow-up to tie the score.
| bottom dropped out from u n d e r the
Seconds later, the frosh
were Troubadors in 1935.
This colossal spectable Is a m i n a w a r d e d a technical foul as the
s o p h s were called for delaying the strel show which is u n d e r t h e pergame.
IL went into an overtime sonal direction of Ed " R a s t u s " Reyperiod as C a p t a i n Oksala missed the nolds,
Unforgettable are the clog dances,
free throw. With ihe score 12-12
in t h e extra period, Kluge of t h e which were features of the old-fashsophs sank t h e deciding point to win ioned ministrel shows; lrresistable
the game 13-12. F r a m e n t featured were the old Negro p l a n t a t i o n songs,
for the winners with eight points some of which brought gales of sinwhile Saddlemire had t h r e e for the cere, whole-hearted laughter, a n d
some of which drew t e a r s from even
In the preliminary
the the h a r d e s t ; the jokes a n d antics of
Juniors defeated the seniors by a the end men will always be r e m e m score of 25-19. T h e junior s t a r t i n g bered, as will the Incessant questions
t e a m left the game at t h e end of t h e of t h a t loquacious person, t h e i n t e r first q u a r t e r with the score G-2 locutor. But to you of S t a t e college,
a g a i n s t them, Murphy scoring the M. A. A. brings in addition to these
only field for the juniors. In the sec- a t t r a c t i o n s , new jokes, new songs,
ond half, the junior team, led by an unequaled exhibition of group
Htu'd, Amyot, a n d Ken Doran's fine singing, solos, a n d duets by various
h a n d l i n g , bombarded the basket for crooners a n d singers who are lurking
the m a r g i n of victory. Ryan h a d ten In your midst. C o m m u n i t y singing
points for the seniors while H u r d will ensue; dancing will be conducted
afterwards in the Commons, but the
had seven for the winners,
chief event of this unrivaled n i g h t
Box Score
of a m u s e m e n t will be t h e pretentious
coronation of King Charcoal. ( C a n llllilelirniiill, r I
didates for this position will be n o m Hi'dlulev, r I'
I lnated in student assembly.)
I. I'
iLnwluli. c
Itiiili'iii'vs. r
Il.VMH. I. K
Mil l l i i i . - . M I . I. tt
.1 u n i m - s
T o I. II. r
Si runner
A in j u l
Riv airy
Ilropli v
Mel '
l hi
I ' l e 111*
I ' l l 11 Is
We wonder If Klngsley has accepted any of her three bids to Soiree
It seems to us that P a i r b a n k a n d
Zak dance together quite frequently.
Is Ethel Cohen fluster ted) over
We wonder what has happened to
the little affair between and
Be careful until then, and don't
forget the dance loiuorrow night
Hell enics
The Greeks have a word tor it
So does everyone else, "lis s p r i n g .
ii.> friends
And iluiiK.s lire happening AKI'lu
announces ihe marriage of Edith
Sunders, no to Professor i'elgeii
ballin oi Ihe H. ]'. 1 faculty.
With the desire "to be on t h e go,"
guests are arriving
[ n u n Kuehn.
:)7, weekended at Sigma
while Phyllis Vermllvc. '37, was ul
Alpha Kho. EBPlii said "howdy" to
Elinor Lltchel, aiul I\M CUunina dittoed to Elizabeth O'Donnell, formerly of the class of '38.
Incidentally, the t'si ciams a n nounce the recent e n g a g e m e n t of
Norma Dixon, '38
I'l'il i i i . n l
1 h'I I I H
I ' l l I I Is
I'.i 1 r l I I I I 1.
I I I I r.-M
S l r O II-.
M i m e
W . A . A . Chooses Captains
Of N e w Sports Program
Plans for Women's Athletic association's spring season are already
under way. Al a recent meeting, the
members ol Council voted lo Include
two new spring spoils in ihe program, namely golf ami bowling. II
was also agreed lo i ponsor the usual
swimming, and tennis
l«'roui the
various names submitted by applications by suggestions' from members
of council a n d
from previous ciipluins, Ihe following
people were chosen us captains of
the spring s p o i l s : Virginia Bison, '40,
a r c h e r y ; Louisa llesney, '•!(), baseball, Olive Hairil, '41, and J e a n Mitchell, 'lo, howling; Murgnrel Horn,
'30, golf; Harriot Green, "ill, a n d
Dorothy North, '41, swimming; Dorothy Orell'clds, '40, tenuis,
assistant c a p t a i n s were also selected:
Marion Keables, '41, a r c h e r y ; Lucy
King, '40, baseball: Helen Miller, '41,
Page 3
W.A.A. and Have
Annual Sports Day Mar. 26
Kay Conklin, Dot MacLean,
Bernice Mosbey to H e a d
Various Committees
Winter Season
Plan Basketball, Badminton,
Fencing, Ping Pong Games
Contests and Skit
W. A. A. a n d M. A. A. have a r r a n g e d plans which promise to m a k e
S a t u r d a y , M a r c h 26, a big day in
State's athletic circles, for this is t h e
d a t e of W. A. A.'s A n n u a l A l u m n a e
Day, a n d of the second a n n u a l Sport
Night sponsored jointly by W. A. A.
a n d M A. A.
T h e women's events begin a t 10:00
J o h n O'Brien, '38, president of o'clock S a t u r d a y morning, w h e n t h e
Men's Athletic association, which is a l u m n a e guests who r e t u r n for t h e
sponsoring a minstrel.
day will " r e t r e a t from civilization"
lo h a v e lunch a n d p e r h a p s a s h o r t
hike a t C a m p J o h n s t o n . Kay C o n klin, '38, c h a i r m a n of t h e lunch h a s
promised to provide a good outdoor
meal. A few women of the college
will journey to C h a t h a m with t h e
guests to help e n t e r t a i n t h e m .
Teams to Enter
Playoff Rounds
In the afternoon, from 2:00 to 5:00
B. C.
T h e r e ivill be a week end a t C a m p
J o h n s t o n M a r c h 18, 19, a n d 20.
C h a i r m e n have already been a p pointed, so there absolutely h a s to
be one! More comforts a n d c o n v e n iences for c a m p - m a t t r e s s covers, a
kitchen cabinet, AND L O C K S . M a y be next time the thieves won't be
so petty—they'll probably get big
ideas a n d carry the whole c a m p
away bodily.
T a k e h e a r t , fencers—you won't
have to wait your t u r n for mask a n d
foil any longer—six new articles of
each variety are being purchased.
Cheer up, b a d m i n t o n enthusiasts—
you c a n s t a r t playing double p r a c tically now—because you're going to
get six new racquets.
I n t r a m u r a l P r o g r a m S h o w s o'clock, a program of Informal recreation h a s been scheduled. As
Previews of spring season—golf
P r o g r e s s With Chess
planned, this program will consist instructions from J e r r y Dwyer of the
Holding Limelight
of basketball, b a d m i n t o n , volleyball, Municipal Golf Course—golfing a t
With t h e end of t h e regular schedule of the I n t r a m u r a l basketball
league here, the first four teams will
s t a r t the playoffs In the battle for
top honors s t a r t i n g Monday when
Albany Uppers will meet the Albany
Lowers a n d K a p p a Delta R h o meets
Potter Club.
On T h u r s d a y n i g h t
the two victors will meet to decide
who wall be the basketball c h a m p i o n s
of the league. Also, on the s a m e
night, the losers will play for the
consolation prize.
Chess T o u r n a m e n t Advances
In the chess t o u r n a m e n t , Lee D u r llng, '41, a n n o u n c e d t h a t t h e I n d e p e n d e n t s in the t o u r n a m e n t a r e :
Doug Murphy, '40, J o h n n y Hoose
and Bob P a t t o n , freshmen. T h e m e n
representing the group houses a r e :
College house, Hob Deckor, '38; K a p pa Beta, H e r b F r a n k e l , '39; Poller
Club, Norman Arnold, 'id; and Iota
Club, Walt Russ, "19. T h e representative of Avalon Hall is yet lo be
decided. Steve Shaw, '40, and J o h n n y
C a n n u l a , '39, are fighting it out for
t h a t honor, each m a n having one
game lo his credit.
So far, Doug M u r p h y leads the
chessmen, having won three a n d
lost none, Herb F r a n k e l won one
and lost one, while Arnold has one
out of three lo his credit.
M. A. A. realizes t h a t you need no
urging to a t t e n d w h a t promises to be
. t h e most delightful a n d diverting
I affair S t a t e s t u d e n t s have been
offered in years. LoLle Goslar c a n ' t
i hold a candle to w h a t will be a t your
convenience very soon In the future.
Due lo the extensive i n t r a m u r a l
program which M. A. A. Instigated
| this year, the funds m a d e available
to this organization have r u n quite
low. T h e activities consisting of basketball, bowling, boxing, swimming,
tennis, golf, chess, ping pong, a n d
fifty point pool have reached more
t h a n two-thirds of the m e n of the
Attention Bowlers
J college.
Entering the third week we find
In presenting the greatest i n t r a mural program ever prepared here, the Poller club boys in a lie with
j Men's Athletic association h a s ac- Iota club for first place, each t e a m
quired a slogan "The greatest, good having won live out of six games
for the greatest number," which has played.
Schenectady, who h a s defaulted by
been its by-law.
Since tangible funds Is the aim ol not furnishing a learn, has been
[this show, ii price h a s been desig- dropped from t h e league, leaving
nated, which, it Is felt, will be fair twelve learns lo carry on in the
Also slarliiu-'
lo every member oi S t a t e college. For spirited competition
unsurpassable e n t e r t a i n m e n t which with today's matches, any t e a m t h a t
iw111 fill a memorable night, all Dial docs not show u p will forfeit lis
I Is asked l.s twenty-five cents; or, lo match, while Ihe t e a m present will
bowl It out for pinnage.
, be brief, a mere two-bits.
Congratulations I Bill Steele and
To every major affair, (here are
with Cliff T o m p k i n s of the All-SLars!
functions ol vilal Importance. Head Steele broke J o h n Edge's triple of
of Ihe business end of this ostouncl- 504 by 57 pins for a total of 581.
jing production is George "Snow- T o m p k i n s not. only had the high
IFluke" Amyot, a junior upon whose triple of 520, but set a new high
|Ingenious ability has been ihrusi the singles lor t h e other bowlers lo break
fate ol Ihe enterprise.
Upon hi.s a I 230.
Today, Avalon hall slacks up
shoulders and In his mind rests Ihe
success or failure of Ihe biggest against Albany; Sigma Lambda Sigthing which h a s ever come to Slide. ma will check Iota club, while Poller
On I lie
Paul "Coal-Dust" Dlitiiiun's quaint club will meet, Ihe Grails
Individual cupaelly as a "barker" has fourth match, Troy will meet Kappa
earned lor him the position oi pub- Uelil.
Swimming A n n o u n c e m e n t s
licity m a n a g e r . S t a n S m i t h will be
in charge of Ihe door while Gordon
Continuing with his five point
Tabner will be e n t r u s t e d with Ihe program for the aquatic enthusiasts,
tickets, T h e committee for lucidly Louis Friiiicello, m a n a g e r , has a n a n d guests l.s under ihe guidance ol nounced ihe mimes of the men who
Olio ,). Howe.
will captain Ihe group house teams,
Men of S t a l e since this is an all- They are Kappa Beta, Harry liergm a n program lake heed. I f y o u h a v i stein; Sigma L a m b d a Sigma, Bill
talent, li you w a n t lo p a r t i c i p a t e In Williams; Potter club, Will Valley;
Hits sillier collossal theatrical pro- K a p p a Delia Rho, Ray Carrol; Iota
duction, do not write do not call club, Tony Del Popolo; Spencer, Dick
Murray Hill II-DD33; ' but present Loucks; Avalon, Del Muncuso; a n d
yourselves In the auditorium this the Independents, Art Phibbs a n d
afternoon, March HI, al, 4:00 o'clock Eugene McNully.
for Iryouls. If t h e r e Is something
T h e plug pong t o u r n a m e n t has
special you can do, then let, M. A. A. been progressing rapidly with Doug
know a n d If you can't do a n y t h i n g , Murphy, '40, reaching the finals after
just lend your moral a n d finanelul a little tussle with Mux Edelslein,
'38, in the semi-finals.
fencing, ping-pong, paddle tennis
a n d a foul-shooting contest. T h i s
period is not limited to a l u m n a e only,
for all women of t h e college are i n vited a n d urged
to p a r t i c i p a t e .
Competitive t e a m s of u n d e r g r a d u a t e s
will be m a t c h e d against t h e a l u m n a e .
Dorothy MacLean, '39, general
c h a i r m a n of W. A. A.'s t w e n t y - s i x t h
a n n u a l W i n t e r Banquet, h a s set t h e
time of t h a t event for 5:00 o'clock,
a n d the price a t fifty cents. Two
features of the d i n n e r will be a
speech by Betty Morrow, last year's
president, and a skit—the wedding
of Nettie T e n n i s a n d Archie Archery.
T h e theme of the decorations will be
blue a n d while, the senior class
colors. T h e food committee, Bernice
Mosbey, '39, c h a i r m a n , a n d Mildred
King, '39, h a s a r r a n g e d for a r a t h e r
unusual meal. T h e o t h e r banquet
committees include p r o g r a m s , M a r jorie Balrd, '40, c h a i r m a n , Betty Elson, Louisa C h a p m a n ,
guests, Betty Allen, '39, c h a i r m a n ,
Anna Norberg, '41, e n t e r t a i n m e n t ,
skit, Chris Ades, '39; song, Marlon
Klngsley, '40; decorations, Lillian
Gallimore, '40, c h a i r m a n , R u p e r t a
Simmons, Hatlle Conklin, Madeline
H u n t , Beatrice Dower, B e r t h a Pellt,
Dorothy Johnson, freshmen; door,
J c a n n c l l e Barlow, '39.
Immediately after the banquet,
everyone will go lo the gym, where
he Sport Night, under t h e "Big
Top," will begin. W. A, A. and M.
A. A. members will present exhibition games of badminton, volleyball
a n d basketball. T h e r e will also be
square dancing, tumbling, fencing,
boxing and pyramiding.
Badminton Tournament
Enters Second Round
the course for fifty cents on weekdays a n d seventy-five on S a t u r d a y s
a n d Sundays—bowling a t the Rice
Alleys, with refunds for credit completers—a r e t u r n meet with O n eonta's swimming t e a m a n d lots of
practice so we'll come out on top—
maybe a n o t h e r play-day a t Skidmore, or a n archery t o u r n a m e n t with
Russell Sage—the future looks p r e t t y
bright, doesn't it?
We're "happy
about t h e whole thing."
T h e balmy weather should encourage less venturesome riders to t r e k
out to Ainsbach's for c a n t e r s t h r o u g h
the backwoods. B u t actually it was
much more thrilling w h e n the patlw
were icy a n d slippery!
Could we urge t h e Lotta Bunkers
captain to project a hike along the
Normanskill Creek, sometime soon?
R e c o m m e n d a t i o n : signposts about
every two feet so t h a t t h e hikers
don't have to bother busy farmers
by asking directions.
Advice lo all tennis players: P r a y
for weather as unlike t h a t of last fall
as possible, or you'll be left with
about five games to finish when the
season ends.
Spring Is gomb 11
VC I ,
i, P u i i e r
d u l l
All lit hers
Slgiuii L a m b d a
,-i Ton
('.illi'tfe Ileus,•
A v;i I o n H u l l
All Slurs
Kll|l|lll llelll
I ' f l t . 1'Sf*.
n -i ,nrsB
„ ,(K)
mi - .
At the beginning of the Mid-sea- i ' l i l i i k l i m , A l l S l u r s
son, M. A. A. a n d W. A. A, h a d won- SVl.el le' ll el i.r l lAel,l (S' O iIrIs .
derful plans for a b a d m i n t o n tour- I ' M * . " ' . ( ' I I
n a m e n t between the m e m b e r s of Ittirnieii, lulu .
Wl.lll. c.
both organizations. T h e t o u r n a m e n l T1,11
is still with us, and well underway, I I , . h u e s , A l l
but for Inexplicable reasons, ihe men V i l l i I'll l e u , P u l l e r
have faded out of the picture.
All but two of the plays of the L u n e l l e , P u l l e r
first round have been completed, I I I K I I T r l l i l t ' H !
leaving Virginia Elson, B e r t h a Petit, S
le, A . S. . .
Thelmii Miller, Hatlle Conklin and T u i n k l i i s . A S
Vliriuelle, I ' l l
Dorothy Crelfelds In line for the I l i ' l l ' l ' i n , U r i e l s
second round plays.
Wiley, Aviilun
T h e tournament, will be completed M i ' A u l l l ' l ' . A I I I I I I I V
I'liuniiis. S
1, S
by the end of Ihe season a n d the S l u i l ' e r , A V I I I m i
winner and r u n n e r - u p will play an I I . . 1 H, A l l
exhibition game as part of the Sport iCilife, r II
Villi I l l l e l l ,
Night program.
Wulel'lllilll, A l l .
4 7ft
1 ,'il l
1 17
I). ,1 coney, Prop
Mini 5-1913
' * *
STATE COLLEGE N E W S , M A R C H 18, 1938
Page 4
As the first of the reports Myskania will submit to Dr. Brubacher on
the revisions for a five-year curriculum, the following deals with the classification of the different extra-curricular groups in State college.
Robert W. Frederick, professor of
Myskania wishes to inform the education; April 5, Diagnostic Tests
NBWS and other publications of for the Program of IndividualizaState college as to the consistency tion in the Junior-Senior High
of form that should be adopted in
the future in reference to the societies on the State college campus.
In a report submitted to Dr. Brubacher, Myskania classified the local
societies according to the definitions
as worded by the National Committee on College Societies.
The following are the interpretations of these divisions on our
I. Honor societies (where there is
a scholarship requirement).
A. Signum Laudis—scholastic
honor society.
B. Pi Gamma Mu — social
science honor society.
II. Professional societies
A. Kappa Phi Kappa—educational professional society.
Ill Campus leadership
A. Myskania — senior campus
leadership society.
IV. Interest groups
A. Student Council.
B. Class officers.
C. Athletic associations.
D. Religious clubs.
E. Departmental clubs.
P. Peace Club and International Relations Club.
G. Press Bureau.
Social groups
A. Sororities.
B. Fraternities.
School, Dr. Earl B. South, assistant German Club to Entertain
professor of education; April 26, InThe German club will conduct a
dividual Procedures in Social Studies, kaffeeklatsch on Friday, March 25,
Helen Halter, assistant professor and in the Lounge of Richardson hall at
director of social studies, and Carl- 7:30 o'clock, according to an anton A. Moose, supervisor of science; nouncement by Carl Schoeffler, '39,
May 3, Contribution of the Library president of the club. Games, ento the Individualized Prorram, Miss tertainment, and refreshments will
Thelma Eaton, instructor in library be a part of the evening.
science; May 10, Differences in Personality and Emotional Adjustment Dr. C. Currien Smith,'assistant proin the Junior-Senior High School, fessor of education; and a Life CurDr. Elizabeth H. Morris, professor of riculum as the Individualized Proeducation; May 17, Curriculum Pro- gram, Dr. J. Allen Hicks, professor
visions for Individual Differences, of guidance; May 24, the History of
Pedagogue Sets Deadline
Do you want a Pedagogue? Hurry
before it is too late. The deadline
for the Pedagogue is Friday, March
25. All those of you who want a
Pcd must be sure to sign for It
before this date, either in the Activities office or with any member of
the Ped staff.
Individualization, Dr. William M.
French, professor of education; May
31, Individualization and the Democratic Ideal, Dr. Arthur K. Beik, professor of education.
-Hu&e -ftunaui hooki
Here's the reason so many smokers
ike Chesterfields . . .
Thousands of casks of mild ripe
Chesterfield tobacco are kept in storage all the time—every pound of it
aged - years or more to give Chesterfield smokers more pleasure.
*2<L° Z 40«
that's the watchword for
Chesterfield tobaccos
. G O ! * ' Betel**
All-State dances are a success,
as the results of the two experiments with them show. The one
last Friday night was certainly
proof of the fact that students
will turn out to an informal, inexpensive dance, and give it
their whole - hearted support.
Ticket sales totaled 298; the
sophs lead the list with 81; the
juniors rank second with 61,
then come the frosh with 55, the
seniors with 42, the grads with
18, and outsiders bought 41. High
ticket-sellers were Virginia McDermott and Arnold Ellerin,
freshmen, who lead with sales of
54 and 41 respectively.
The net profit on the dance
was $26.31, of which $25.00 went
to the victrola committee; the
remaining $1.31 was divided
among the four classes.
The College Pharmacy
Phone :i-»:i<)7
7 No. Lake Ave. at Western Ave
The mild ripe tobaccos — home-grown
and aromatic Turkish —and the pure
cigarette paper used in Chesterfields
are the best ingredients a cigarette
can have. They Satisfy,
6S Columbia JJifidbareio* kad
tOMPlfTt OPflCAL 5fcRVlC€
Copyright I'JK,
Liuiiirr & M Y V U
ToitAi ( a Ct>
$2.00 P E R YEAR, 32 W E E K L Y ISSUES.
W. A. A. and M.A.A. to Entertain College
At Social and Athletic Sports Night
Hershkowitz A n d Hessney
Will Act A s Chairmen
Of Annual Event
Virginia Hall, '39, will direct a
comedy which will be presented in
Scene of Activity Will B e
this morning's assembly, according
In Page Hall; Program
to an announcement by Warren
Offers Novelties
Densmore, '38, president of Student
M. A. A. will don skirts tomorrow
night, and the women will adopt
The cast consists of Garfield
pants for the second annual change
Arthur, '38, and Ruth Sinovoy, Cathof views, known as Sports Night.
erine Lynch, Dee Jesse, Charles
Committees from both councils have
Walsh and Joseph Leese, juniors.
been working under the leadership
Committees for the play are: sets,
of M. A. A.'s Duke Hershkowitz, '39,
Marion Minst, '39; props, Garfield
and his assistant, Louise Hessney,
Arthur, '38; costumes and make-up,
'40, of the girls' faction.
Jeanne Chrisler and Charles Walsh,
Not only the two sexes will join
hands, but also the old and new
Additional business today will congyms. Page hall court will see the
sist of revotes for N. S. P. A. dele- Lewis, Smith and Bergstcin to be
beginning of the activities at 8:00
gates to the Mid-Atlantic district
Representatives to Group
o'clock when the athletic program
meeting at Vassar college. The canwill be started. At 9:30 o'clock, the
didates are: Chrisdne Ades, John
Kappa Beta fraternity is now a
athletic program will be concluded,
Edge, Betty Hayford and Dunton probationary member of Interfraand the carnival will hold sway in
ternity council, according to the anthe Commons.
The committee which was appoint nouncement of Alfred Trehanon, '38,
The Bills, Hopke and Torrens, are
ed by the president of Student! president of the council. Nahum
Thelma Miller, 38, president of Women's Athletic association. and
conniving to show some of the old
Council to consider the feasibility Lewis, David Smith, seniors, and
tumbling spirit that's been missing
of an honor system at State college Harry Bergstein, '39, will serve as John O'Brien, '38, president of Men's Athletic association.
since the between-the-half acts of
feels that its report must have the representatives of Kappa Beta on
last year's basketball games. Their
approval of the student body, if any the council.
programs will be carried out with the
degree of accuracy is to be attained.
According to the regulations of the
aid of Bill Thomas and Al Weiss, and
Therefore, a questionnaire will be council, a fraternity applying for
will consist of group work, double
presented to the student body in entrance must serve a probationary
acts, a "three in a bed" skit, and inassembly, which will attempt to period of one year. Kappa Beta, on
dividual work. As an additional featguage student opinion on the matter. probation since last fall, will thereure, a rope-climbing contest will be
The feeling current among some fore automatically become a fullFaculty Committee Approves Change conducted with two teams of five
students that the absence of an fledged member next September.
men each competing. The ten men
honor system in a teacher's college
After Easter Recess
Kappa Beta, the third fraternity
participating will be the four men
is a disgrace to the profession, added to organize at State college, was
to the realization of an acute need formed early in the spring of last Head of the Federal Bureau
Following the submission of a in the tumbling act, and six men
for some new system, gave rise to year with the purpose of establishreport by Myskania, senior campus chosen from the gym classes.
a motion in assembly calling for the ing a group house for men. After
leadership society, to Dr. A. R. BruThe fellows will not have to suffer
On Organization
appointment of a committee to in- obtaining a house last September,
bacher, president of the college, the a straight defeat this year at the
vestigate the possibility of introduc- it has expanded as a fraternity into
faculty committee on student activi- hands of the women basketballers.
ing such a system. This committee its present size of 44 members.
ties has approved the suggestions of
According to the method of attack
has been working with faculty memMyskania for increased hour privi- planned by Ed Melanson and Betty
organbers, while at the same time an inY. W. C. A. and the Syracuse leges for weekends after the Easter Allen, the hoops will be bargained for
quiry has been sent to individuals ized in the spring of 1936 by Gamma ium,
by two mixed teams, each one conAlumnae
association will sponsor a vacation.
at other schools regarding the relalecture
open forum by Reed E. The new hours include an exten- sisting of three men and three girls.
tive success of the honor system In
Vetterli, head of the Federal Bureau sion of time from the present week- The fellows who have accepted the
these colleges. Now the committee means of securing a greater amount of
Investigation of the New York city end hour of 12 o'clock to 1:00 o'clock challenge to play under girls' rules
of co-operation among the fraternidesires to turn to the student body : ties of State college. It also lias as its area. The topic for discussion will for members of the senior, junior are Len Friedlander, Walt Simas a whole for an expression of opin- purpose the regulation and promo- be on the organization and the work and sophomore classes, but the mons, Wheeze Lehman, Arnold Ellion, since this question affects each | tion of more activities between the of the F. B. I.
houses will be closed to guefts after erin, George Amyot, Mike Walko,
Tom Ryan, Bill Hopke, and Herb
and every student individually.
various fraternities at State.
Vetterli is a man of w ide and j12:00 o'clock.
Oksala. They outnumber the hostvaried experience. After receiving 1 The regulations on hours to go into esses of the event, Grace Yorkey,
his L. L. B. degree from George effect after spring vacation entail an Ethel Little, Betty Allen, Delia
Washington college in Washington, added amount of discretion on the /Continued on page .',, column V
D. C he went directly into police part of the student body, for the
service for the Federal government. reputation of the college must be the
In 1926 he was put in charge of the prime consideration of those who
F. B. I. office in the western part of fake advantage of the added time
4by Saul Grcenwald
Willi the coming of spring, a i through elevator shafts, chimneys, the country. From there he was Residence council submitted to the
transferred to the Philadelphia office organized women's houses the quesyoung man's fancy <or woman's) and garrets.
There are certain restrictions set and in 1933, lie was placed in charge tion of accepting the responsibility
turns to the spring cleaning of the
school property, to the wide open up by Student council governing the of the New York city office. He was of complying strictly with the impliThe fourteenth annual round table
spaces, and of course, Love. There size and placement of the mascot. the key man in the recent break-up cations of the new rules. The voting Conference will be conducted at
is, however, no love lost between the The mascot shall be a small statute
returns indicated an overwhelming State college on April 9. The conmembers of the soph and frosh of about six inches high and not
ferences will be conducted for the
According to recent statistics on majority acquiescing.
classes. The rivalry spirit has grip- more than eight pounds in weight. crime, Vetterli pointed out that of
The main points and reasons given benefit of school teachers and adped botli classes so that they are A sealed report of the hiding place the 392,251 arrests, 75
ol tlie crim-1 u v Myskania in its report on housing ministrators in the capital district.
running "neck and neck," not neck- will be handed in to the president of inn Is escape
Dr. J. M. Sayles, professor of edudue to insuffl- I regulations include:
ing, competing for the remaining Student council at least three days cienl, interest irrest
cation and director of training, and
on the part of the
before the hunt begins. The mascot public. He further
rivalry points.
1. Since most of the State college Dr. William M. French, instructor
showed that
The sophomore class is officially cannot be hidden in the Administra- about 50$ of the population of the students are self-supporting finan- in education, will be co-chairmen.
ahead with a score of 11'- to 5 ' i ; tive offices, Milne high, Library, Co- prisons have men and women under cially, they possess, naturally, a
There will be nine round table
strong sense of responsibility.
unofficially the freshman class has op, Janitors offices, on roofs of 21 years of age.
conferences during the morning. The
to its credit five more points which buildings, locked up or barricaded
At the meeting Mrs. Gilbert L. 2. Rules were faithfully adhered to. chairmen of the different sections
is due them for finding the sopho- or in anything that must be taken
3. It is difficult to attend functions will be: administration, Dr. C. C.
Auken, a Syracuse Alumnae, will
more banner. Before getting offiof nearby colleges because of the Smith, assistant professor of edupresent
presicial rivalry points for finding the
The rivalry program for the retime element involved in transporta- cation; commerce, Mr. George M.
banner, they must present it lo the mainder of the year has been set dent of tlie college, who will intro- tion.
York, professor of commerce; eleduce
evenpresident of Student council the day up.
The men's pushball contest, ing.
mentary principals and teachers, Mr.
proceeding moving-up day.
counting three points, will be conWalter Le Baron; home economics,
Helen Burgher, Syracuse Alumnae, in a college town, is dependent upon Miss Anna K. Barsam, assistant
Tlie sophomore class won the ducted the day preceding moving-up
rivalry sing in the first semester, 2'^ day. The class stunts, counting is the general chairman and Marion an urban schedule of recreational professor In home economics; lanpoints; women's sports, ,'i points; three points, will take place in the Rockefeller, '39, is student chairman activities.
guage and library, Dr. Harry W.
5. Most of the houses of residence Hastings, professor of English;
men's pushball, 3 points; and men's afternoon of moving-up day while lor the event. They will be assisted
are from one lo three miles from mathematics, Mr. H a r r y Birchbasketball. 3 points, Tin- freshmen the rivalry sing, counting three
won the debate in tlie second semest- points, will be conducted in the and students: R. Christine Dersh- the entertainment section, making a enough, professor of mathematics,
er, 2V4 points; girl's basketball, 3 evening. The announcement of the imer, '38, chairman of publicity In trip of at least twenty minutes each and Miss Ann L. dishing, assistant
points; and they found the sopli winner of the rivalry will follow the I lie college; Fay Scheer, '40, chair- way a necessity.
supervisor in mathematics; science
man for publicity in tlie community;
banner, 5 points, unofficially.
and industrial arts, Dr. Carleton
Moose, assistant professor of science
Under the direction of Student and Roland Waterman, '39, chairman
The next event in rivalry which
will be the week following Easter council and at the suggestion of the for newspaper publicity.
The Canterbury club will conduct and Dr. Harlan B. Raymond; social
recess, is the search for the sopli president of the college, rivalry has
Dick Lonsdale, '39, is chairman of a social meeting at the home of studies, Miss Helen Halter, assistant
mascot, which counts five points for been organized. In the past, there tlie ushers who Include: Warren Dean Moreland on Wednesday night, supervisor and professor in social
the winning class. The sophomore has been unorganized hunts con- Densmore, Herbert Drooz, Muriel from 7:30 to 10:00 o'clock, according studies; tests and measurements, Dr.
class is determined that the frosh ducted in a "slipshod" manner dur- Goldberg, seniors; John Edge, Betty to an announcement by Marjorie Earl B. South, assistant professor
will not find its precious mascot as ing the period of rivalry. The un- Hayford, June Palmer, Juniors; and Jobson, '38, president. There will be of education,
easily as it found its banner. They organized rivalry has resulted in the Rita Sullivan, '40, Several Syracuse entertainment and refreshments, and
All conferences will be at 10
expect to chuckle up their sleeve as destruction of school property and Alumnae will also act as ushers for all Canterbury club members and o'clock. The students of State colthe poor begrimed frosh climb injury of some of the students.
Episcopal students are invited.
the lecture.
lege are invited to attend.
Sophomore Class Has Small Lead
Over Spirited Freshmen Rivals
All-State Dance Ends
As Financial Success
M A R C H 25, 1938
Reed E. Vetterli
To Give Lecture
Dramatic Class
To Present Play
During Assembly
Kappa Beta Becomes
Member of Council
Meetings for practice teachers will
be conducted every Tuesday in room
20 of Richardson hall at 4:30 o'clock,
according to the announcement of
Paul Bulger, secretary of the appointment bureau.
Following appears a schedule of
the meetings including a list of the
topics and speakers who will address '
the teachers: March 15, The New
High School Population, Dr. John
M. Sayles, professor of education and
director of guidance; March 22,
Pacts about the Milne High Group,
Mrs. Prances Crellln; March 29, Alternatives to the Recitation, Dr.
VOL. XXII, No. 20
Committee Will Distribute
Student Questionnaire
On Honor System
Practice Teachers
Will Have Meetings
S t a t e Cdllege News
they'll give uou
Women to Receive
Extension of Rules
Faculty To Conduct
Annual Discussions
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