Book Sharing Questions for Reading At Home

Book Sharing Questions for
Reading At Home
When reading with your child, you can
select one or two of these questions to
use to discuss a book together.
If you were in the story, how would you
How could you change the ending of the
If you were the main character, what
would you do at the end of the book?
Tell me something you liked or disliked
about the book.
How would the story be different if it
took place in another setting?
How would you act toward the main
character if he/she was one of your
Did the book make you laugh? Cry?
Cheer? Explain?
What parts of the book seem most
believable? Why? What parts seem
unbelievable? Why?
How are you like one of the characters?
Is there anything in the book that
surprised you? Confused you? Why?
Can you show me where the author tells