Continue Your Job Search after Graduation

Continue Your Job Search after Graduation
Updated 4/10
Use these Job-Related Databases on Westlaw®
For one year after your graduation date, you may continue to use Westlaw to conduct job-search-related
research on your Westlaw student password. All the following databases are available to you:
Almanac of the Federal Judiciary (AFJ)
Directory of Corporate Counsel (CORP-DIR)
Legal Newspapers (LEGALNP)
Profiler–Profiles of Attorneys, Judges, and Expert Witnesses (PROFILER-ALL)
United States Government Manual (US-GOVMAN)
West Legal Directory (WLD) and all 122 component databases, including:
o State West Legal Directories (WLD-XX), where xx stands for the state's two-letter postal
abbreviation. Example: WLD-NY is the identifier for the New York WLD database.
o International West Legal Directories include:
ƒ Canada (WLD-CANADA)
ƒ Europe (WLD-SIMONS)
o Professional West Legal Directories include:
ƒ AALS Directory of Law Teachers (WLD-AALS)
ƒ ADR Professionals (WLD-ADRP)
ƒ Corporate Counsel (WLD-CORPCO)
ƒ Experts and Consultants (WLD-EXPERTS)
ƒ Government Counsel (WLD-GOV)
ƒ Judges (WLD-JUDGE)
ƒ Law Firm Articles (WLD-ARTICLES)
ƒ Legal Investigators (WLD-LI)
ƒ Private Practice (WLD-PRI)
o Practice Areas West Legal Directories include:
Administrative (WLD-ADMIN)
Admiralty (WLD-ADMIR)
Agriculture (WLD-AGR)
Alternative Dispute Resolution (WLD-ADR)
Antitrust and Trade Regulation (WLD-ATR)
Banking and Finance (WLD-FIN)
Bankruptcy (WLD-BKR)
Civil Rights (WLD-CIV)
Commercial (WLD-CML)
Communications (WLD-COM)
Constitutional Law (WLD-CON)
Construction (WLD-CST)
Corporations and Business Orgs (WLD-BUS)
Criminal (WLD-CJ)
Education (WLD-ED)
Election, Campaign, and Political Law (WLD-ECP)
Employment Law/Employee (WLD-EMPLE)
Employment Law/Employer (WLD-EMPLR)
Energy (WLD-EN)
Entertainment and Sports (WLD-ENT)
Environmental (WLD-ENV)
Estate Planning (WLD-EP)
Family (WLD-FAM)
Gaming Law (WLD-GAM)
Government Agencies and Programs (WLD-GVT)
Government Contracts (WLD-GC)
Health (WLD-HTH)
Immigration (WLD-IM)
Insurance (WLD-INSUR)
Intellectual Property (WLD-IP)
International (WLD-INT)
Labor Law (WLD-LAB)
Legal Ethics and Professional Resp (WLD-ETH)
Litigation (WLD-LIT)
Military (WLD-MIL)
Native Peoples Law (WLD-NPL)
Natural Resources Law (WLD-NR)
Personal Injury/Defense (WLD-PID)
Personal Injury/Plaintiff (WLD-PIP)
Probate and Estate Admin (WLD-PEA)
Products Liability (WLD-PL)
Professional Malpractice (WLD-MAL)
Real Estate Law (WLD-REL)
Science and Technology (WLD-STE)
Securities (WLD-SEC)
Software and Technology (WLD-TECH)
State, Local, and Municipal Law (WLD-SLM)
Taxation (WLD-TAX)
Toxic Torts (WLD-TOX)
Transportation (WLD-TRAN)
Workers’ Compensation (WLD-WC)