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Adopted: 12/15/15
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Class Attendance Policy
Class Attendance
Regular class attendance is a key determinant of student success. It also is an important factor in
a student’s commitment to the transfer of knowledge. For that reason, each student should
recognize the benefits of regular class attendance, and embrace such as a personal charge. It is a
student’s responsibility to complete all coursework, including tests, and written assignments of
all class meetings. University faculty are expected but not required to set appropriate class
attendance policies for their classes. If a faculty member has set such a requirement students will
be notified of the requirements in syllabi at the beginning of each semester.
Student’s Responsibility
To understand and adhere to an instructor’s attendance policy, if such a policy has been set.
Students must also monitor their absences throughout the term.
The Instructor’s Responsibility
1. To determine if class attendance policies are reasonable and appropriate for class content,
and scope.
2. Publish, if identified, course attendance policies in course syllabi at the beginning of each