Perioperative Medicine MSc / Diploma / Certificate Degree summary

Perioperative Medicine
MSc / Diploma / Certificate
The first distance learning
programme of its kind - the
entire programme is online with
no requirement to come to UCL.
Aims to improve the quality
of care for patients and
develop the understanding of
a multidisciplinary approach.
Course content designed to
reflect the needs of the evolving
health systems in the UK and
across the world.
Developed to involve reviewing
and understanding current
literature and appraising the
evidence and questioning
current practices.
Degree summary
Accessible full or part-time, this
programme is ideally suited to those
working ‘at the coalface’ in the care
of patients considering, preparing for,
having and recovering from surgery.
With a faculty from the leading
lights at UCL, UK and abroad, this
Perioperative Medicine MSc will help
you develop the professional skills
and aptitude that you can take back
to the bedside and clinic to improve
the care of high risk surgical patients.
Distance learning - accessible full or
part-time between 1- 5 years.
Perioperative Medicine
MSc / Diploma / Certificate
Who will benefit from
this programme?
Why study this programme
at UCL?
The programme is mainly aimed
at doctors specialising in
anaesthesia, surgery and
medicine, but will also suit:
UCL is one of the world’s very
best universities, consistently
placed in the global top 10 in
world rankings. This programme
is a new and innovative distance
learning course taught by
a faculty of leading lights in
Perioperative medicine at UCL,
UK and abroad. The MSc in
Perioperative Medicine will help
develop knowledge and skills
to allow students to lead and
develop Perioperative care of
the future.
» Trainee surgeons.
» Scientists who wish to
specialise in anaesthetics.
» Medical students.
» Healthcare professionals.
» Specialist nurses.
Core Modules
» The Landscape of
Perioperative Medicine
» Towards a New Model in
Perioperative Care
» Using data in Perioperative Care
» Quality, Safety and Leadership
in Perioperative Care
» The evolving paradigm in
Perioperative cardiac disease
» Perioperative Pain and
Cancer disease
» Perioperative issues for an
ageing population
» Special topics in
Perioperative Care
» Dissertation/Research Project
(MSc only)
We encourage potential students
to get in touch and discuss their
requirements. For any questions
about this programme, or for
help with your application,
please contact us:
t: +44(0)20 7679 6248