Gerry Lawrence ETSI Activities Related to IP and Multimedia Marconi plc

ETSI Activities Related to IP
and Multimedia
Gerry Lawrence
Marconi plc
ETSI Representative on ICANN PSO
ETSI Board Vice Chairman
Chairman of ETSI Operational Co-ordination Group
• 660 Full Members from 35 European Countries
• 174 Associate Members from 19 other Countries
• 55 Observers
• 889 members from 54 countries
About ETSI
• 50 Administrations
• 331 Manufacturers
• 106 Network Operators
• 151 Service Providers
• 22 User Groups
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• 100 Manufacturers
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Composition of ETSI
“ETSI shall, through international collaboration,
including Partnership Projects, pursue the
objective of developing globally applicable
deliverables meeting the needs of the
telecommunication / electronic communications
community while still fulfilling its duty to support
EU and EFTA regulation and initiatives.”
ETSI Mission Statement
General Assembly
Director General
& Secretariat
ETSI Technical
ETSI Projects
ETSI Structure
ETSI Partnership Projects
ETSI Technical Committees with IP/MM-related Work Items
• SPAN (Services & Protocols for Advanced Networks)
ISDN/IP impact on SS7, DSS1 over IP, Charging over IP, V5.2
internet access, Convergence IP/Telecommunications, IP over
• AT (Access & Terminals)
IP and Multimedia Terminals, IP over Cable access & protocols
• STQ (Speech Processing, Transmission & Quality)
PBXs connected to IP gateway, support QoS work
• SEC (Security)
Trusted Third Party, Electronic Signatures, Lawful Interception
over IP
• JTC BROADCAST (joint with EBU)
IP Datagram tunnelling, Multimedia Object Transfer
• TM (Transmission & Multiplexing)
xDSL systems, radio interface to IP network
Examples of TCs
ETSI Projects with IP/MM-related Work Items
• TIPHON (Telecommunications & Internet Protocol
Harmonisation Over Networks)
Many Work Items related to a multimedia call passing
between conventional telecommunications networks and IP
• DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)
DECT access to IP networks, Multimedia Access Profile
• TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio)
Voice + Data interworking with IP networks
Examples of EPs
ETSI Partnership Projects with IP/MM-related Work Items
• 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project)
Many Work Items relating to all IP Core Network and
Multimedia Services
• MESA (Mobility for Emergency and Safety Applications)
No Work Items yet, but can be expected to use an all IP Core
Network and offer Multimedia Services since this is a future
broadband Public Safety network
Examples of EPPs
5 April 2001 ETSI Strategic Workshop on NGN
7 April 2001 GA agreed to set up an NGN Starter Group
with the following specific tasks:
 Review current NGN related standardisation
environment both inside and outside ETSI
 Identify new NGN related technical areas requiring
internationally agreed standards
 Propose an appropriate strategy and role for ETSI in
the domain of NGN related standardisation
 Discuss with potential partners what role one or
more "Partnership Projects" could play within the
NGN environment
Next Generation Networks