DESIGN FOR INSTRUCTION Motivation for Learning

Motivation for Learning
You need not write an extended plan for motivation. Just describe how you will ‘hook”
your students into the lesson and maintain their attention. Below are some suggested
approaches for attracting the interest of your students. Remember that your plan for
motivating students should be consistent with the purpose of the lesson. Little is
accomplished by getting the students interested in a topic you do not plan to teach. Also
recognize that this is not a complete list. It is intended to help stimulate your thinking—
not to stifle your creativity.
Ask a provocative question
Tell an interesting story
Ask a riddle.
Share some startling information.
Give a demonstration.
Begin with an activity.
Ask their opinion on a controversial topic.
Pose a problem.
Ask for their reaction to a picture, a photo, or a comic.
Ask them to share an experience.
Describe the significance or the importance of what they are going to learn.
Begin with a review discussion of previous material