Library Instruction Y/Our Way: Examining Librarian-Developed Stand-Alone Workshops for Student Learning
Uta Hussong-Christian & Hannah Gascho Rempel
AAAS 2013, Boston
Evidence of Student Learning
In the Future...
Alternative to Traditional Library Instruction
College students require instruction to develop robust information seeking and management skills. Library instruction at Oregon State University has historically been tied to single-session lectures for individual courses, a model
leading to multiple instruction sessions for some students and none for others. OSU teaching librarians, motivated
to meet students’ instruction needs outside of the traditional model, began offering a series of courseindependent, stand-alone, library information skills workshops in AY 2012. The series has reached 304 attendees in
over 25 academic majors. This poster highlights evidence of student learning taken from course feedback and from
a pilot learning assessment tool.
“I recommended this
workshop to a friend.”
60% of responding
Project Outcomes
Learning Badges /
Micro Certification
Meet student learning needs in non-traditional ways
Moving away from liaison model
Incorporate non-teaching librarians in library instruction
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workshop attendees
Develop workshop series into credit or open mini-course
Workshops Address Information Literacy
Gaps to Meet Discipline–Created Standards
Wed, 10/10/2012
9:00am Bibs in a Snap
Flexible Scheduling
10:00 am Work Smarter
11:00am Move Your Research
Our Content
1:00pm Yes! You Can
1:00pm Bibs in a Snap
2:00pm Work Smarter
3:00pm Move Your Research
Wed, 10/31/2012
Thu, 11/1/2013
9:00am Move Your Research
10:00am Work Smarter
Their Schedules
10:00am Bibs in a Snap
11:00am Work Smarter
1:00pm Bibs in a Snap
1:00pm Yes! You Can
2:00pm Move Your Research
Academic Advisors
Bioresources Research Program
International Degree Program
Undergrad Research Director
University Honors College
Writing Center
Promotional Campaign
Recommendations for Success
Develop Partnerships
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Implement Assessment for
F2F Alternatives
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Use a registration system.
Record or build tutorials as F2F alternative. Assess learning outcomes.
Ideas Tried & Discarded...for now