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Trong Son
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Dr. R&D Engineer
03 87 70 40 39
Training offer
Mission title: Computation and modeling of cold rolling using advanced semi-analytical models
Start date: April 2016 (flexible)
Duration: 6 months
Work location: ArcelorMittal Global R&D, Maizières Process, Voie Romaine, 57280, Maizières-Lès-Metz, France.
Production / Process / Exploitation
Research & Development / Metallurgy Innovation
Commercial / Marketing
Recycling / Process and Product Development
Finance / Audit
Human resources / Health / Safety / Environment
Legal / Communication
Strategy & Business Development
Supply Chain / Logistic
Information System / Industrial Computer Science
RDGL F 046, V0, April 27th, 2012
The purpose of the mission :
During rolling of hard and thin strips, the work-rolls (WRs) undergo significant elastic deformation while the behavior of the strip
is elasto-(visco)plastic. These situations are quite common during cold rolling of High Strength Steels or Advanced High
Strength Steels (AHSS). Such important elastic deformation comes from both normal and shear contact stresses between the
strip and WRs.
Modeling of such complex phenomena requires numerical models which are often based on Finite Element methods. However,
these kinds of models are very time-consuming and might not be the most adapted for industrial applications. For this reason,
simplified analytical and semi-analytical models have been continuously developed for regulations and on-line applications.
The main purpose of this work is to improve two advanced semi-analytical models (RollGap and Metalub) that have been
developed at ArcelorMittal both for numerical and physical aspects.
The mission :
The works will focus on two advanced semi-analytical models: RollGap [1] and Metalub [2]. These models have been
developed through collaboration between ArcelorMittal and academic partners. The RollGap model is based on the slab
method to describe the deformation of the strip as well as the influence function method (IFM) to calculate the work-rolls elastic
deformation. The accuracy of the IFM depends on the discretization method developed for the WRs. The Metalub model is
more advanced rolling model that accounts for influence of oil’s characteristics on friction condition (see [2]). However, in this
model, the elastic deformation caused by the shear contact stress has not been taken into account.
There are thus real needs to improve these two models both in terms of numerical and physical aspects and to perform
comparisons between them.
Detailed works to be carried out are:
1. Improvements of the RollGap model to be able to account for the automatic discretization of WRs;
2. Improvements of the Metalub model to account for the elastic deformation of the WRs coming from the contact shear stress;
3. Carry out the comparative study between the developed models ;
4. Comparisons between numerical models and industrial or pilot trials data;
5. Possible scientific publication in international journals.
[1] T. Dbouk, P. Montmitonnet, N. Suzuki, Y. Takahama, N. Legrand, T. Ngo and H. Matsumoto, Advanced roll bite models for
cold and temper rolling processes, Int. Conf. ROLLING 2013, Venice, 10-12 June 2013
[2] Y. Carretta, R. Boman, A. Stephany, N. Legrand, M. Laugier, and J.-P. Ponthot, MetaLub – a slab method software for the
numerical simulation of mixed lubrication regime in cold strip rolling, Proc. IMechE Vol. 225 Part J: J. Engineering Tribology,
The environment:
This internship will be carried out in the Downstream Process (DP) department of Process center at Maizières-lès-Metz, France.
Inside the DP department, the student will work in an international environment involving around sixty specialists, R&D
engineers and technicians.
Trainee’s profile
Studies level: Baccalaureate +5
Discipline : Mechanical engineering / computational mechanics
School/University : Engineering schools
Required profile and competencies
Mechanical engineer student.
Autonomy and team-working.
A good English level is required and French is recommended for daily use.
Good knowledge in programming (FORTRAN, C++, python).
Knowledge about rolling process and strong background in mathematics will be a plus.
RDGL F 046, V0, April 27th, 2012
RDGL F 046, V0, April 27th, 2012