Document 13804391

8. The land emissivity characteristcs analysis over different
geographical distribution
Lijuan Shi,Yubao Qiu
Affiliation: CEODE
The microwave emissivity over land is significant for describing the microwave
emission characteristics of the land, different land covers have their own emission
behavior, which is related to structure, water content, surface roughness ect..
Emissivity performance of the same land cover in different regional environment
should also be different. In this study, the global land surface emissivities have been
calculated using six month (the summer time from June,2003 to August,2003 and the
winter time from Dec,2003 to Feb,2004) AMSR-E L2A brightness temperature,
MODIS land surface temperature and the layered atmosphere temperature, humidity
and pressure profiles data retrieved from MODIS/Aqua under clear sky conditions.
We analyzed the emissivity changes of the same land cover in diverse regions at
continental scale, and discussed time-series variation regularity of this change at
monthly scale. In the regional climate change and the land parameters retrieval, the
emissivity difference characteristics in different geographical distribution is also
critical, thus we evaluate quantitatively the land covers emissivity changes with
altitude and latitude using the GTOPO30 DEM data.