We live in a Mathematical world Leaders of the arithmetic land,

We live in a Mathematical world
Numbers evolve around the four infamous,
Leaders of the arithmetic land,
Addition, subtraction, Multiplication, Division,
Just like the planets evolve around the universe.
What is algebra?
Letters that can’t live without numbers to make a basic equation,
Just like humans can’t live without food or water.
(Example 5x+ 2y+ 2x+ 6y= 7x + 8y, add up all the letters and numbers together).
Geometry, hmm, it is the subject on shapes,
That resembles objects we see everyday.
For example table-rectangle, window-square,
Kite-diamond, dinner plates-circle.
Measurement relies on the help of the ruler and measure tape,
To assess certain units, Centimetres, Millimetres,
For size and quantity of something for example a room.
Probability, taking out the possibilities of something,
For example it is certain that the sun will rise every morning,
It is very likely there will be traffic on roads,
It is unlikely a rainbow will appear everyday for a month,
It is very unlikely a 10ft monster will go on a rampage in the city,
It is impossible when our noses fall off or the sky turns to fire.
Problem solving, when it comes to buying a shopping item,
Figuring out how much something costs and how much change you will get,
Or fill in the missing blanks for a recipe,
How much grams is needed for such and such ingredient to bake a cake,
It is all about investigating, finding clues,
Detective work in the numeracy world to solve the puzzle.