Name: Chae Sub LEE Nationality: Korea (Rep. of) Affiliation: ETRI

Name: Chae Sub LEE
Nationality: Korea (Rep. of)
Affiliation: ETRI
Chae Sub LEE has been working in the telecoms standardisation field for over 20 years. He
actively involved in regional standards in ASTAP, APT, TTA and CJK in the area of
network standards.
He has been involved in ITU-T standards development for the ISDN, GII, IP-based networks,
NGN and IPTV. He was mainly involved in ITU-T Study Group 13 as a rapporteur and working
party chairman on Architecture and Interworking areas since 1988.
He served ITU-T activity as a vice-chairman of SG13 from 2001 till 2008. He shared his role as
a Vice-Chairman of ITU-T IPTV Focus Group since July 2006 and as a Chairman of NGN Focus
Group from June 2004 till November 2005.
He is now Chairman of ITU-T SG13 which is a lead group of standard development on NGN,
IPTV, FMC and Future Networks for the study period 2009~ 2012.
After a career of twenty years with KT as a senior researching engineer, he has been an
invited researching staff to ETRI.
He contributed IEEE Com Magazine work several times as a reviewer and guest editor mainly
NGN, QoS and IPTV related issues.