Mr. C. Ito’s Biography

Mr. C. Ito’s Biography
A member of the board, Vice Chairman
Fujitsu Ltd.
Chiaki Ito is a member of the board, Vice Chairman of Fujitsu Limited.
Mr. Ito has nearly forty years of business experience in IT platform and global business in Fujitsu. He
made a special contribution to Fujitsu PC business from early stage to build up and expand the business.
As for global business, he spent two years as Chairman & CEO of Fujitsu PC Corporation in the U.S.
during 1998 through 2000, to rapidly expand Fujitsu personal computer business there. He also had
principal responsibility for all global business from 2006 to 2007 as Corporate Senior Executive Vice
President and Representative Director of Fujitsu.
Mr. Ito is a member of several important external organizations such as, The EU-Japan Business Round
Table, Japan Business Federation, etc., which contribute to the growth of Japan and world economy,
improvement of science and technology.
Mr. Ito joined Fujitsu in 1970. He received a Bachelor of Electronics degree in engineering from the
University of Tokyo.
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