BIOGRAPHY Mr. Patrick Masambu is the ... Communications Commission (UCC), the regulatory agency for

Mr. Patrick Masambu is the Chief Executive of Uganda
Communications Commission (UCC), the regulatory agency for
communications in Uganda. He is the pioneer Chief Executive
of UCC and has been in this role for slightly more than 9
years. Prior to his present employment, Mr. Masambu served
as Managing Director of Uganda Telecom for the period of two
years that commenced with the company incorporation
following telecommunications sector reform in 1998 and
included the critical preparatory phase for privatization of the
company that took place in mid 2000. His other national and
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, based in
London, Member of the Presidential Investor’s Roundtable on
ICT, Member of Makerere University Business School Council
and Member of the International Advisory Committee of
University of Florida’s Public Utility Research Centre.
immediate past responsibilities included serving as ITU’s
Standards Study Group 19, that was charged with mobility,
for a period of 8 years. Mr. Masambu holds B.Sc(Eng)(Hons)
and MBA Degrees as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in
Telecom Systems Management.
July 2009