Gavilan College AMT 111 Aircraft Wheel and Tire Project

Gavilan College AMT 111
Aircraft Wheel and Tire Project
Objective: Disassemble and reassemble an aircraft wheel assembly.
Provided Material:
1. Aircraft
2. Hydraulic jack and jack pad
3. Grease and bearing packing tool
1. Find appropriate manuals for aircraft and wheels.
2. Develop a strategy on how you will accomplish this project. Include a plan to insure
that no parts are lost or damaged, to identify missing parts, and to document
airworthy discrepancies. The tasks include wheel and bearing inspection, tube and tire
inspection, and brake disk inspection (if equipped). Explain your strategy to the
3. Deflate tire, remove wheel from aircraft, and disassemble wheel. Record any
discrepancies, including corrosion, and ways to address them. Show to instructor.
4. Reassemble wheel and remount on aircraft.
5. Create a legible document listing discrepancies, necessary replacement parts, and the
sections of the manual that you utilized. Include a description of how you completed
each task.
Instructor signoff:
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