Deal with It…Address the Stress!



Deal with It…Address the Stress!

Mann (2011)

Stress Awareness:

Name your feelings

Name your stressors

Use a Stress Test Form

Identify your negative self-talk or negative thinking

Stress Reduction and Stress Management Strategies:

Take two or three deep Calming Breaths (Deep, Slow Breathing)

Try a visual imagery relaxation strategy (‘Calm Place’; ‘Visualize a Successful Outcome’; ‘Cas

 off the Chains’)

Take a brief exercise or movement break (safe, but physical)

Draw a ZenTangle (see

Use positive self-talk or positive thinking

Look at your positive thinking journal

Look at the Positive Thoughts Wall (area)

Read something positive, inspirational, or funny

Call your ‘Positive Thinking Partner’

Write about your stress and feelings

Draw about your stress and feelings

Talk about your stress and feelings to a trusted person (friend, teacher, counselor, parent)

Resolve or deal with the person you are frustrated with, angry with, or concerned about

Make a plan:

Take care of unfinished business (make a plan to handle the issue that is on your mind)

Set an achievable goal and make a step by step plan to achieve it

Make an organizational plan to get caught up on your work