Disaster Relief Program Inventory to support Storm Recovery efforts!

Disaster Relief
Inventory to support Storm Recovery efforts!
At Cooper Crouse-Hinds, we have the products you need to get your customers back to full speed.
We also know our customers want product available quickly and locally.
With special outbound shipments from our comprehensive distribution center in Roanoke, VA, we are able to
provide rapid delivery of some of the most popular and most needed Cooper Crouse-Hinds materials.
Important Contact Information
Direct Telephone Support & Email Support
• 8:00am (EST) thru 8:00pm (EST), Monday – Friday
- 866-764-5454
- crouse.customerctr@cooperindustries.com
• Emergency Support: Outside normal operating hours 315-254-0641
• Supporting questions about price, availability, order status, product application
• Processing emergency verbal orders
Processing of Emergency Orders
1. Email orders 24 hours/day to orders@cooperindustries.com
Label email header with “DISASTER RELIEF – EMERGENCY ORDER” in order to receive priority processing
2. Call-in orders during hours listed above, notify the operator that it’s for disaster relief for priority processing
3. Emergency Support: Outside normal operating hours 315-254-0641
Daily Cut-offs
• Most orders received by 5:00 PM (EST) will ship via normal transportation routes by the next day
• Air orders received by 2:30 PM (EST) will ship the same day (limited by weights & dimensions)
Important Information Required
• Contact information (phone, email, etc) of the person ordering in case something is unclear
• Account information to be charged (account number, authorized person name)
• Shipping instructions
- Method (ground/air/other)
- Ship to address
Special daily outbound shipments serving the New England & Mid-Atlantic Regions!
Cooper Crouse-Hinds
1700 Blue Hills Drive, Roanoke, VA 24012
Cooper Crouse-Hinds Customer Service:
Toll Free: (866) 764-5454 • crouse.customerctr@cooperindustries.com
Printed in USA
Comprehensive offering of products from inventory to meet market needs
Service Entrance
• Service Entrance Heads
• Service Entrance Watertight
• Service Entrance Straps
Temporary Power
• Arktite Plugs & Receptacles
• Portable Power Carts
• Cable Assemblies and GFCI Devices
Commercial Construction
• MSB Bracketed Boxes
• Commercial Straps & Clamps
• PRE-formance™ Assemblies
• HomeRunner™ Boxes
• Solar Combiner Boxes
• Cord Grips
• Pass Through Boxes
• Ties & Wraps
Transit - Hot Dip Galvanized
• Conduit Outlet Bodies & Covers
• FD Boxes & Covers
• Three Piece Couplings, Clamps & Clampbacks
• Expansion
• Conduit Hubs
Oil & Gas
• Hubs
• 3-piece Couplings
• Conduit Outlet
• Luminaires
• Sealing Fittings