University Requirements Curriculum Committee Minutes October 12, 2012 Present

University Requirements Curriculum Committee
Minutes October 12, 2012
Present: J. Arhar, R. Duncan, R. Faley, H. Fry, F. Haldar, M. Haley, L. Hanson, L. Hoeptner-Poling,
R. Lorenz, D. Palmer, E. Robison, C. Uher, C. Wunderlin
Not Present:, , T. Brewer, P. Buntin, K. Burhanna, N. Cain-Bish, J. Carduner, C. DuBois, P. Evans, M. Fisch,
A. Jacobson, T. Kandakai, P. Lieske, T. Motter, I. R. Nettey, J. VanGeest, R. Walker, D. Warren, B. Yonkof
Meeting called to order at 2:36 pm by D. Palmer
Introduction of members and sign-in sheet circulated.
Minutes from September, 2012 meeting approved with corrections
Curricular Proposals:
Kent Core:
T. Tillett discussed need to make adjustments in the Basic Sciences category of the Kent Core. Kent
State has a unique situation of offering four different set of courses that cover anatomy and physiology
(A&P) which were created for different programs (Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and various healthrelated majors). When students transfer in from other universities, they are given credit for Biological
Structure and Function which is part of the Kent Core. Once students advance to the major, they are not
given credit for A&P. It is not possible to make A&P courses equal because Biological Structure and
Function is part of the Kent Core and the other A&P courses are not. To correct this issue, Tillett is
requesting the URCC consider granting the Basic Sciences designation to ATTR 25057/25058 Anatomy
and Physiology I/II and EXSC 25057/25058 Anatomy and Physiology I/II. It should be noted that all
courses in the Transfer Module is in the Kent Core; but not all courses in the Kent Core is in the Transfer
Module. Motion carried.
M. Haley introduced a motion to accept Kent Core Assessment plans for AS as follows:
HIST 11050 US History of Civilization I
HIST 11051 US History of Civilization II
HIST 12070 US History: The Formative Period
HIST 12071 US History: The Modern Period
JUS 26704 Issues in Law and Society
Discussion regarding the determination of quality work in above courses because of the multiple
sections was held; plan is for a representative sample of essays from each section to be assessed using a
pre-determined rubric.
AS Kent Core assessment plans approved. Motion carried
R. Lorenz introduced a motion to accept Kent Core Assessment plans for COTA as follows:
ARTH 12001 Art as a World Phenomenon
ARTH 22006 Art History I
ARTH 22007 Art History II
ARTH 22020 Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas
THEA 11000 The Art of the Theatre
Discussion held about assessing the course not instructors or individual students. Recommendation that
the assessment be done in the aggregate, agreement should be made ahead of time as to what
constitutes quality work. Instrument needs to include more behavior based language; a common rubric
should be used. How work will be assessed rather than what the student will do needs to be agreed
upon. Theatre’s assessment is the same as Art.
COTA Kent Core assessment plans approved with recommendations. Motion carried
AS proposed the inactivation of:
PHY 11660 Physical Science (Kent Core) – course has not been taught for some time with no intent to
teach in the future.
Motion carried
Inactivate the entire Portuguese sequence by large scale change; including
PORT 37330 Early Brazilian Literature (WIC)
PORT 37331 Recent Brazilian Literature (WIC)
Motion carried
No Diversity
AS introduced a motion for ELR status for:
POL 30991 Columbus Program in Intergovernmental Issues
POL 40991 Washington Program in National Issues
Motion carried
Inactivate course:
JUS 25092 Field Placement (ELR) – all Justice Studies majors are required to do a senior level internship,
course is duplicative
Motion carried
Revise courses:
JUS 46792 Internship (ELR) – require 9 credit of justice studies coursework, junior standing, and special
approval as the pre-requisites; revise credit hours from 3 to 12 credits to 3 to 6 credits.
JUS 46798 Research in Justice Studies (ELR) – revise pre-requisites
Motion carried
EHHS introduced a motion for ELR status for:
EXSC 45096 Individual Investigation in Exercise Science
Motion carried
Sub-committee Reports:
ELR – R. Lorenz
Sub-committee will meet next week; currently revising the routing of the form.
WIC – I.R. Nettey
No report
Diversity –
Names added to the sub-committee list; tabled selection of chair until membership can be confirmed.
Kent Core – N. Cain-Bish
Requested further direction
Next meeting Friday November 9, 2012 at 2:30 pm.
There being no other business before the committee, meeting adjourned at 3:43 pm.