AAAI–05 Robot Team Registration

AAAI–05 Robot Team Registration
Twentieth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence
July 9 - 13, 2005 ■ Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh
Robot Team Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Robot Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Contact Name: _______________________________________________ Company/Univ.: _______________________________________
Address:_____________________________________________________ Dept./MS: __________________________________________________
City: ________________________________________________________ State: ______________________________ Zip: ____________________
Country: ____________________________________________________ Team is:
■ Exhibitor
■ Competitor
■ Both
Daytime Phone_______________________________________________ Fax: _______________________________________________________
E-mail Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Robot Team Agreement
The Robot Team agrees to comply with any applicable laws, regulations, or ordinances of AAAI–05, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the Westin
Convention Center Pittsburgh. This contract shall not be binding unless and until it is accepted in writing by AAAI.
Read and accepted by:
(print name):
________________________________________________________. 2005
Amount Enclosed
The robot registration cost is $250.00 USD per team. Payment is due on or before 2 May 2005 (if you want to include an abstract in the
proceedings) or 31 May 2005 (no abstract will be published). All payments are nonrefundable. A one time fee of $250.00 will be charged for
teams from the same institution and working on the same robot in the case of multiple entries.
Method of Payment (Check One):
■ MC
■ Visa
■ Amex
■ Check (payable to AAAI and drawn on a US Bank)
■ US Govt. PO
Card Number ________________________________________________________________________ Exp. Date ________________________________
Name (as it appears on card) ________________________________________________ Signature ___________________________________________
Send with payment to Robot Team Registration, American Association for Artificial Intelligence,
445 Burgess Drive, Suite 100, Menlo Park, CA 94025-3442 650 / 328-3123;
Fax: 650 / 321-4457
Early Registration Deadline: 2 May 2005
Late Registration Deadline: 31 May 2005