Overview of the CrIMSS (CrIS/ATMS) retrieval algorithm AER, Inc

Overview of the CrIMSS (CrIS/ATMS) retrieval algorithm
Xu Liu and Jean-Luc Moncet,
AER, Inc
AER is the retrieval algorithm developer for the Cross Track Infrared and Microwave Sounder
Suite (CrIMSS), which will fly onboard of NPP and NPOESS platforms. The infrared component
of the CrIMSS is an interferometer-based Cross-Track Infrared Sounder (CrIS). The microwave
component is an Advance Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS). The radiative transfer
forward model uses an innovative parameterization, which models both radiances and weighting
functions accurately and efficiently. The inversion algorithm uses a physical retrieval method to
retrieve atmospheric and surface properties from both microwave and infrared sensors. Different
strategies for dealing with clouds will be discussed. Some results of applying the CrIMSS
algorithm to real data will be presented.